Bullying In Middle School

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					Bullying In Middle School
       AMS takes a stand against
       What is Bullying?

• Bullying- physically, mentally or
  emotionally abusing another person
  for personal satisfaction and to feel
  a sense of empowerment over
  another. It can be in a direct form,
  such as teasing or taunting, or an
  indirect form such as spreading
   First things first!

 Bullying is NOT a
  NORMAL part of
    growing up!
No one deserves it!
   Examples of Bullying

1. Physical
2. Verbal
3. Relationship
       Physical Bullying

•   Hitting, kicking, or pushing
    someone….or just threatening to
    do it
•   Stealing, hiding, or ruining
    someone’s things.
•   Making someone do things he or
    she doesn’t want to do
      Verbal Bullying

• Name-calling
• Teasing
• Insulting
    Relationship Bullying

• Refusing to talk to someone
• Spreading lies or rumors
• Making someone feel left out or
What do they have in common?

 They are all examples of
 ways one person can make
 another person feel hurt,
 afraid, or uncomfortable.
  If you have been
 subjected to any of
    these behaviors
repeatedly, you are a
What to do if you are a victim

• Remove yourself from the situation
• Remember you are NOT the one
  with the problem, it’s the bully who
  has the problem.
• Talk to an adult! It’s not “tattling” or
  “snitching.” It’s asking the people
  who love you to provide help when
  you really need it. (parents,
  teachers, etc.)
• Do not keep it inside.

• Do not plan revenge against
  the bully or take things into
  your own hands.
Are you a bully?
              Signs of a bully
1.    Hot-tempered and quick to anger
2.    Impulsive
3.    Low tolerance for frustration
4.    Difficulty conforming to rules
5.    Needs to dominate others
6.    Brags about his/her superiority over other
7.    Aggressive toward adults
8.    Tries to talk themselves out of situations
9.    Little empathy
10.   Engages in antisocial behavior
11.   Enjoys putting down others
12.   Treats animals cruelly
13.   Disrespects authority
14.   Enjoys fighting
15.   Refuses to admit fear
  Stop the behavior!
If you are a bully, STOP the

Practice self control- remember
you are the only one responsible
for you!
     Bullying could lead to future
For the bully, they have to learn

1. How to cope
2. Manage their emotions
3. Communicate effectively
4. How to have a “real” relationship with
5. How to care for another’s needs

If they cannot learn to conform to society,
they could possibly lead a criminal life.
Today’s bullies can
become tomorrow’s
               For the victim
They have to learn how to deal with

1.   Emotional scars
2.   Physical scars
3.   Depression
4.   Fear
5.   Low self-esteem
6.   Anxiety

     They must realize that they are not the
     one with the problem. People who cannot
     see that experience all of the problems
     listed above and it could lead to suicide.
Columbine High School

School Shooting
 April 20, 1999
Again, if there is trouble,
 see assistance from an
  adult. We are here to
       protect you!
   You are who you are!

• Celebrate differences
• Be tolerant
• Be forgiving
• Respect yourself and

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