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Foreign Cultures _ World Travel


									Foreign Cultures & World Travel
BONJOUR                                       SALAM


                                             CIAO               こんにちは
   NI HAO                      ஹல   ோ
                    γειά σου
                                            ‫שלום‬                  હેલ્લો
                                 xin chào                          ‫ہیلو‬
হ্যাল া               dia duit
What is “culture”?
• The almighty, unreliable WIKIPEDIA
• Merriam-Webster:
  – a particular stage, form, or kind of
    civilization <ancient Greek culture>
  – the beliefs, social practices, and
    characteristics of a racial, religious, or
    social group
  – the characteristic features of everyday life
    shared by people in a particular place or
    time <southern culture>
 The customs, beliefs,
   social institutions,
   achievements and
   characteristics of a
particular nation, people,
 or other social group.
What do you want out of this
   Discover some areas in the world that I
    might like to visit
   Learn how the United States compares to
    other countries
   Learn more about “hot”, “developing”
   Learn fun facts about other countries
 Course Syllabus



Miscellaneous items
How well do you know the U.S.?
• Grab a white board, marker and eraser.

• Keep track of your correct responses.

• “Why do I need to know this?”
1. Christopher Columbus
  discovered the land that
  we know of as America in
     1492, but who gave
     America its name?
    Amerigo Vespucci

Italian merchant, seafarer and
    cartographer (1454 – 1512)

   Bonus Question: What is a
 2. Why were America’s
original inhabitants called
 Columbus   started his journey in
 order to find a sea route to
 India. When he arrived in
 America, he was convinced that
 it was actually India.

 Bonus  Question: What is the
 politically correct term for
 Columbus’ “Indians” today?
 3. How many people live in the
        United States?
 12 billion
 304 million
 794 million
 50 billion

 Bonus Question: Where does the U.S.
 rank in population in the world today?
4. What is/are the official
language (s) of the U.S.?
 NONE   !!!
 US English is considered the
  national language
 Individual states do have official
  languages and in some cases have
  more than one (i.e. English &
 5. Which 3 assassinations
shook the U.S. in the 1960s?
   President John F. Kennedy (JFK) – 1963

   Martin Luther King – black, civil rights
    leader – 1968

   Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) – Democratic
    presidential candidate; JFK’s younger
    brother – 1968
     6. Which of the following
        statements is true?
 18 is the age for sexual consent in the
 18 is the age for marriage with parental
  consent in the U.S.
 18 is the age for marriage without parental
  consent in the U.S.
7. What is the life expectancy
         in the U.S.?
   77.7 years of age

 Bonus Question: Which country has
  the highest life expectancy with 82.1
  years of age?
 Also higher than the U.S.: Japan,
  Switzerland, Iceland, Australia,
  Spain, Sweden, Italy, France,
  Canada, UK, and Germany
8. The English language has the
most words. How many, exactly?
 1 million
 100,000
 500,000
 250,000
 Less than all of these!

Bonus Question: How many languages exist in
the world today? Hint: By 2020, there could
be only 700 left.
“Why do I need to
  know this?”
So, what are you gonna learn?

                                   Languages
                                   Populations
                                   Religions
                                   Holidays
                                   Customs
                                   Arts
                                   People
                                   Places
                                   Travel
                                   Geography
                                   Food
                                   Technology
                                   Facts & Figures
                                   Weird things
• Websites:
  – CNN, Yahoo, Google, MSN, MSNBC, New
    York Times, ABC News, NPR
  – Newspapers, Magazines, etc.
• What information is GOOD?
• Oral presentation
  – How many? How long?
• Written reflection
  – Summary & Personal Reflection (2 well-
    written paragraphs)
• What countries are you interested in
  learning more about?
• What cultural concepts do you want to
  know more about?
• What languages are you interested in
  learning basic expressions for?
• What kinds of work/assignments do
  you want to incorporate into the class?
• The word vuvuzela appeared in
  the English-language dictionaries
  for the first time in 2010.
• What is it???
 France, not the U.S., is
the most visited country
      in the world.
   2011 was a big year for space
• Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was the
  first human in space 50 year ago.
• A U.S. space shuttle flew around the Earth
  for the first time 30 years ago.
The guy who discovered
  Uranus was a music
 teacher and organist
Southern Sudan is the world’s
       newest nation.
The top album for 2010 was I
Dreamed a Dream by Susan
  The first U.S. Air Force combat
   mission in which all flight crew
personnel were women took place
in Afghanistan on March 30, 2011.
  Tablet computers like the
iPad rely on technology from
The smallest bones in the human
   body are found in the ear.
• From RECYCLED PAPER, we get newspapers,
  cereal boxes, wrapping paper, cardboard
  containers, and insulation.
• From RECYCLED PLASTIC, we get soda
  bottles, benches, bike racks, cameras,
  backpacks, carpeting, and clothing.
• From RECYCLED ALUMINUM, we get cans,
  cars, bicycles, computers, and pots/pans.
• From RECYCLED GLASS, we get glass jars and
• From RECYCLED RUBBER, we get mouse
  pads, shoe soles, floor tiles, and playground
Dalmations are born without
   McDonalds is almost
  everywhere, except for
 about 50 countries in the
world, including Cuba, Iraq,
 Vietnam and the Vatican
 The U.S. has the highest
obesity rates: 2 of 3 people
are considered overweight
    and ½ of those are
    considered obese.
 16% of Catholics, 10% of
 Protestants, 36% of Jews,
  and 3.5% of born-again
  Christians either believe
 there is no God or are not
sure whether or not there is
           a God.
The literacy rate for Afghan
       women is 12%.
  Cigarette companies are
now going to have to include
federally-mandated pictures
on their labels, in addition to
  written health warnings.
   There are 300 million
131 million voted in the last
  98 million voted in the
 highest record American
          Idol vote.
Number of vacation days/year
•   United States: 13
•   Japan, South Korea: 25
•   Canada: 26
•   United Kingdom: 28
•   Brazil: 34
•   Germany: 35
•   France: 37
•   Italy: 42
The NEW 7 Wonders of the World:

•   Colosseum, Italy
•   Taj Mahal, India
•   Great Wall of China
•   Christ the Redeemer, Brazil
•   Chichen Itza, Mexico
•   Machu Picchu, Peru
•   Petra, Jordan
• Bangladesh                  • Indonesia
• 2 million employed in the   • A living monthly wage is
  garment industry              $244
• Garments account for        • The actual monthly wage
  67% of the nation’s           in the garment industry is
  exports                       $102
• 80 hour avg. work week      • David Beckham’s
  w/two days off per month:     sponsorship income from
  monthly pay $34               Adidas is $24 million,
• A living monthly wage in      equivalent to the living
  Bangladesh is $40             wages of 100,000
Did you know?

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