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Flagg Spring Ranch


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									                                                   TOUR STOP # 14

                                                 Flagg Spring Ranch
                                    J & D Co., Randy Haas (managing partner)
                                           3339 Schababerle Hill Road
                                                California, KY 41007
          Flagg Spring Ranch originally started as J&D Company as a family-owned business. The Haas family started buying
plots of land in the early 60’s on the location that Jim Haas went fishing on at a pay lake when he was growing up. The
majority of the farm sat idle until the 70’s when Randy was finishing college and started buying and selling horses. Over
the years Randy expanded the infrastructure and has been active in many different areas of agriculture such as llamas,
cattle, horses, and buffalo.

         Randy got more involved in farming by working with local groups and organizations like the Kentucky
Department of Fish & Wildlife, Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Campbell County Cattle Association, Campbell
County Extension Office, Campbell County Conservation District and the Kentucky Department of Forestry. Through
assistance from these organizations, the Haas Family was able to construct ideas in 4-5 years which would have otherwise
taken 20, such as working facilities, corrals, and high tensile fences to improve the farm. They were also able to build
water systems by fencing off ponds and using gravity to run the water to the cattle; fence off the woods to preserve the
natural habitat; and allow an environment to grow white oaks, red oaks, ash trees, maples, and walnuts to be logged.

          Flagg Spring Ranch also buys and sells feeder calves depending on the market. Randy buys lightweight calves
from 300-500 lbs from stockyards in Maysville, Lexington, and places in Ohio. He improves these cattle by vaccinating and
feeding, and sells them at 700-800 lbs. Typically 150-200 head of cattle are bought and sold every year on this farm, but
they are in the process of expanding to 200-250 head a year (2 semi-loads). Buffalo was previously a commodity grown
on this farm and will be brought back in the future as a new aspect of agritourism and the agriculture industry.

         Other commodities grown on the farm include warm season grasses, forages, cattle, and horses. Two plots of
switchgrass are planted on Flagg Spring Ranch, which is being raised to bale and eventually used as a biofuel and a cleaner
energy source. In the meantime, to help growth and development, the switchgrass is being grazed by the cattle to meet
the dual needs of the farm.

          Randy Haas chooses to farm because “it beats the heck out of working in the city!” The freedom of the job gets
in your blood and it’s where your heart is. After working for a civil engineering company in an office, Randy chose to farm
full-time. Although it is a big investment with limited profitability, he would never give it up. Some of the challenges that
make it such a big investment are dealing with the weather, changes in the market, health of animals and animal rights

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