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Nathan Hale
                  Nathan Hale
• Total Idiot
• May have been the worst spy ever
• All his family is in the British Army
  – Was a school teacher
     • Used that as his cover
     • Got Caught, arrest, put on trial, sentenced to being
        – Ask for a bible, REJECTED
        – Asked for paper, Got it, wrote letter home.
        – “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my
          country. “
John Honeyman Capture
                Phoebe Fraunces
Ways to hide messages
Culper Spy Ring

   Setauket, NY
Robert Townsend = Samuel Culper Jr.

     Wrote for a pro-British Newspaper
Townshends/Culper Jr. sent his
  information to Austin Roe

Austin Roe owed a Tavern that
       the British visited
 Roe would go to the supply store to get supplies for his
bar… would give information to Abraham Woodhull a.k.a.
                     Samuel Culper

          He would tell Anna Strong, when he would go to the
                 shipyard to get more of his supplies
Anna Strong would then hang out different color panties on the
clothesline, depending on if she had information and what color
         would say where the information was located.
   Caleb Brewster, would read the underwear, get the
information, and go tell Major Ben Tallmadge, who would
                 tell George Washington
James Lafayette Armistead
Double spy
        - Spied on Lord Cornwallis
        - Relayed information from British camp to Washington at
 Edward Bancroft
Spied as Ben Franklin
 secretary in France.
         Daniel Bissell
Posed as a deserter in New York from 1781-
  1782. Got information that Washington
needed. Then deserted the British army and
got caught by the Americas, so he could give
               up information.
           Margaret Gage
   Mrs. Gage allegedly provided Joseph Warren with
information regarding General Gage's raid at Lexington
and Concord. The speculation of her being a spy for the
  patriots remained due to her familial ties to America.
        Thomas Hickey
   Arrested for passing counterfeit money.
While in prison he told Isaac Ketcham (hmm)
   that there was a plot to poison and then
kidnap Washington, and Hickey was involved
  in this plot. He was put on trial and found
guilty of mutiny and sedition. Hung in front of
                 20,000 people.
Ways to hide messages

  Likes this…
 Maybe not…
Messages could be cut into slivers and stored in a
            hallow stem of a quill
In a hollow tree or under a park
In hollow bullets
Secret Message in a pill….
The Turtle
 David Bushnell

From Connecticut 1775
Fox Fire
Aug. 3, 2007
  A man hunkered inside a replica of a Revolutionary War submarine was arrested Friday, 3 August 2009after police
         found the strange-looking vessel partly submerged in a security zone near the docked Queen Mary 2.
The vessel and an inflatable boat were spotted by police near the luxury ocean liner docked at the cruise ship terminal
                                   in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Police arrested three men.
    New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the submarine did not represent a terror threat, but was "the
                                    creative craft of three adventuresome individuals."
  The brown, egg-shaped wooden vessel, known as a "turtle submarine," is a replica of a submarine American Turtle
used during the American Revolution, said Coast Guard Petty Officer Angelia Rorison. It looks like a diving bell, with a
           hatch on top, and is about 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. It is propelled by a pedal-operated paddle.
    The Coast Guard issued two citations to Philip Riley, 35, of Brooklyn, who was inside the vessel, Rorison said.
"Basically, the vessel was not safe to sail. It had no lights, no flares. It was not registered," she said. "Instead of safet y
                              violations, this could have turned into a search and rescue."
The investigation began after a New York police detective noticed the sub and the raft and summoned the Harbor Unit.
                         Rorison said all three men were taken in for questioning by the NYPD.
   "While our ongoing investigation has so far yielded no suspicious devices or materials other than the vessel itself,
  A man hunkered inside a replica of a Revolutionary War submarine American Turtle was arrested Friday, 3 August
2009 after police found the strange-looking vessel partly submerged in a security zone near the docked Queen Mary 2.

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