2012 Frost Valley Permission Form by keralaguest


									Frost Valley Permission Form 2012
I hereby grant permission for my child, ___________________________________, to participate in
an educational field trip to Frost Valley in Claryville, New York. Participants will depart on the
morning of February 1, 2012 at approximately 5:30 am and return on the afternoon of February 3,
2012 at approximately 5:00 pm. To be eligible to participate in this trip your child must be in good
standing academically, behaviorally, and have a good attendance record.

In addition to granting permission, I will require that my child abide by the following rules:

       1. Arrive at the Middle School at 5:00 am on the morning of February 1, 2012
          (Check-In and Breakfast)
       2. Dress and pack appropriately for the trip.
       3. Use school provided transportation to and from Frost Valley.
       4. Display exemplary behavior at all times.
       5. Follow the guidelines of the field trip. (To be distributed well before departure)

Parent’s Signature:                                                          Date:

Please include a $50.00 deposit to secure your child’s attendance on this field trip. The deposit is
non-refundable since it is needed to secure our transportation to and from Frost Valley. Payment
must be in the form of a personal check or money order. No cash deposits will be accepted. Make
checks payable to: “WHBMS.” Please write “Frost Valley” and your child’s name in the memo area.
Payment and permission slip must be returned to Ms. Menegio or Ms. Manta by October
28, 2011.

Note: Please contact the Frost Valley coordinators at 288-3800 x247 for assistance if this trip
     presents a financial hardship.

Part II – For those who wish to Chaperone

Your signature below indicates that you wish to chaperone the Frost Valley field trip. Chaperones
must pay the full cost of the field trip. This is estimated to be $295.00. As a chaperone,
you agree to abide by the policies and directives sent forth by the 7 th grade teachers coordinating the
trip. You will also be required to submit a completed medical form (forms will be provided) and
attend a mandatory chaperone meeting scheduled for late January of 2012.

I wish to chaperone the Frost Valley field trip and agree to the terms set forth. In addition, I have
reviewed the Frost Valley Chaperone Checklist (on the back).

Print Name:                                       Signature:
Child’s Name:

Note: Chaperone positions are limited. Submission of this form does not guarantee that you will be
      a chaperone. Do not submit payment at this time. Parents will be notified in December 2011
      of their status as a parent chaperone. Payment will be due upon notification of chaperone
      PARENT                                                      CHAPERONE
Many parents have indicated their interest in chaperoning the three-day, two-night Frost Valley Field
Trip. We now must know for certain if you are interested and able to attend. Please allow us to point
out some concerns and logistics that parents have encountered each year they decide whether they
can commit to chaperoning this trip.

Parents who register are indicating they are aware of, and have considered the
    Parent chaperones must submit complete medical forms.
    Parent chaperones must be in good physical condition. The trip is physically demanding.
    Parent chaperones will be outside the majority of the day. It is chilly!
    Parent chaperones are able to take February 1, 2, and 3, 2012 off from work.
    Parent chaperones will be able to arrange for the care of those who are dependent on them
      such as young children, elderly parents, or pets.
    Parent chaperones must pay the full cost of the trip. (Do not send money at this time.)
    You are with 7th grade students 24 hours a day; you must have patience and a sense of

Parents who register for the Frost Valley Field Trip agree to the following:
    To abide by all school rules and policies.
    To refrain from smoking for the duration of the trip.
    To refrain from the use of alcohol or illicit drugs.
    To act as a supervisor and not a participant.
    To refer all disciplinary decisions to the coordinating teachers.
    To abide by the requests of the coordinating teachers.
    To act fairly and impartially to all students.
    To attend a Frost Valley Chaperone orientation meeting.
    To work cooperatively, in the spirit of Frost Valley, to make the trip a

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