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					                                   Great Basin College
                             Student Government Association
                              12:30 P.M. November 4th, 2011
                               Battle Mountain – GBC BM 4
                              Elko – SGA Meeting Room CSL
                                      Ely – GBC 114
                                    Pahrump – PVC 124
                                  Winnemucca- GBC 115

I. Call to Order: 12:32 P.M.
II. Roll Call
     Executive Board
     Alex Porter, President                   Present
     Shay Pawelek, Vice President             Present
     Janae Johnson, Secretary                 Present
     Adriana Mendez, Student Advocate         Present
     Battle Mountain Senator
     Danielle Powell                          Present
     Elko Senators
     Derek Alger                              Present
     Brandon Fields                           Resigned
     Ashlee Harp                              Present
     Khatlyn Micheli-Gordon                   Present
     Jake Stepic                              Excused
     Ely Senator
     Peggy Drain                              Present
     Pahrump Senators
     Shannon Hadfield                         Arrived at 12:45 P.M.
     Monique Stepka                           Present
     Winnemucca Senators
     Esmeralda Aguilar                        Present
     Lacy Villarreal                          Present
III. Introduction of Guests                                                   Information
     Elko: Pat Anderson (Security) Interim President Lynn Mahlberg, Chief Business Officer
     Sonja Sibert, and Grace Bair
     Winnemucca: Jessica Villarreal
IV. Approval of Agenda                                                   Information / Action
     A. Senator Harp moved to approve the November 4 , 2011 agenda. Senator Alger seconded.
       DISCUSSION: Correction in Item C: Siebert missed spelled should be Sibert. Motion
       passes unanimously.
V. Approval of Minutes                                                    Information / Action
    A. Senator Alger moved to approve the October 21 , 2011 minutes. Senator Harp seconded.
       DISCUSSION: None. Motion passes unanimously.
VI.    President’s Report                                                 Information/ Action
    President Porter reported on the following:
            President Porter will administer the Oath to the newly elected SGA Officer.
               Monique Stepka is now a Senator in Pahrump.
            Introduced Pat Anderson who will be discussing policies in public comment.
            There is no meeting on November 11, 2011. Observing Veterans Day.
VII. Vice President’s Report                                                      Information
    Vice President Pawelek reported on the following:
        Red Ribbon Week activities went well. Monday held a BBQ event feed about 150
           students. Tuesday was the Survive Halloween, did not have a very good turn out
           about 7 people attended. Wednesday was the Halloween Dance and about 150 people
           showed up. Thursday was movie night with 45 people for this event.
VIII. Treasury Report                                                     Information/ Action
IX.    Student Advocate’s Report                                                  Information
    Advocate Mendez reported on the following:
        Red Ribbon Week was very successful.
        Next week is the Northern Nevada College Career Fair.
           Monday November 7, 2011 in White Pine starts at 8:15 AM.
           Tuesday November 8, 2011 in Elko starts at 8:00 AM.
           Wednesday November 9, 2011 in Battle Mountain starts at 8:15 AM.
           Thursday November 10, 2011 in Winnemucca starts at 9:00 AM and at 1:00 PM.
           We are encouraged to attend the career fair to represent GBC. Please contact
           Advocate Mendez if you are able to attend.
X. Center Reports                                                                 Information
    A. Battle Mountain:
                Halloween activities went over well. Hanging up information for Veterans
    B. Ely:
                Pumpkin contest was wrapped up with winners, posted pictures on face book.
                   Activities were fun and everything went over good.
    C. Pahrump:
                Red Ribbon Week went very well. Halloween dance was fun and a big
    D. Winnemucca:
                 Handed out prizes for the pumpkin contest.
XI. Committee Reports                                                         Information/ Action
    A. Facilities: October 24, 2011 collected $4.75 and on October 31 collected $2.00 from the
        pool table.
    B. Elko Senator Report: Senator Alger reported that Red Ribbon Week was fun and they
        received good publication from the newspaper and television station.
XII. Unfinished Business                                                      Information/ Action
XIII. New Business                                                            Information/ Action
    A. Hunt for the Hungry                                                    Information/ Action
    Senator Harp moved to approve Vice President Pawelek requests a cap of $700.00 to
    purchase supplies and prizes for a “Hunt for the Hungry” activity to be held in Elko on
    November 14th, 2011. Senator Micheli-Gordon seconded.
    DISCUSSION: Cost will cover food, prizes, and went off of last year’s amount. Motion
    passes unanimously.
    B. Teddy Bear Week                                                        Information/ Action
    Senator Alger moved to approve Senator Powell requests a cap of $70.00 to purchase treats
    and prizes for “Teddy Bear Week” to be held on the Battle Mountain Center from November
    14th-18th, 2011. Senator Harp seconded.
    DISCUSSION: This is a weeklong event with pajama day; bring your teddy bear to school.
    All food and theme with have teddy bears used. This will end the coat drive. Motion passes
    C. Student Fees                                                           Information/ Action
    President Porter informed us that is information only item: The Interim President, Lynn
    Mahlberg, and Chief Business Officer, Sonja Sibert, will be discussing student fees. They
    will also discuss the revised Mission Statement for GBC for approval.
    DISCUSSION: Mission statement needs to be shortened and this statement will be presented
    to the Board of Regrets in December. See Attachment for mission statement. 4 point plan
    was discussed from the Chancellor with 5%, 8%, and 13% increases. If there is a fee it will
    go to the students. See Attachment for the breakdown of increases.
    SGA voted on the new mission statement: Abstained Secretary Johnson, Senator Hadfield,
    and Senator Aguilar. Motion passes with quorum.
XIV. Public Comment                                                                 Information
                 Pat Anderson explained the Drug and Alcohol testing policy. See attachment
                    for policy. Pat Anderson wanted to make sure that we were informed of the
                    rules being students and employees of Great Basin College. She said if we had
                    any questions to call her or let President Porter know. She encouraged us to
                    read through the policies. See Attachment for policy.
                 Friday Follies will be Zumba and Dodge Ball.
        Senator Hadfield congratulated Interim President Lynn Mahlberg for getting
         put in the position.
        Senator Powell mentioned that she would like to have all the centers involved
         in the IAV Bingo idea, this will be presented on the next agenda.
        Secretary Johnson mentioned that Senators need to check their emails and
         help make corrections to the minutes.


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