Matrox VID _MXO2 Max with Thunderbolt ADP _MXO2MAX_T_

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 Matrox VID :MXO2 Max with Thunderbolt ADP

                                                                          Price details:                                                           PDF generated on: 2 January, 2012

                                                                              Price excl. VAT: 1,544.03 €
                                                                              Eco fees: 0.00 €
                                                                              VAT 21 %: 324.25 €
                                                                          Product details:
                                                                              Product code: MXO2MAX/T
                                                                              Manufacturer: Matrox

                                                                                                        1,868.28 €
                                                                                                        * VAT included


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