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March 24_ 2011 Intel's Light Peak _ Thunderbolt


United States local time February 24, 2011, Intel has officially released a few months of publicity laboratory products, code-named Intel ThunderBolt high-speed interface technology "Light Peak" technology, and named "Thunderbolt (thunder and lightning)." Thunderbolt technology from Intel designed to be completed in 2009, and its named "Light Peak" (the codename for Thunderbolt), Thunderbolt's original intention was to develop alternative and unified range of current computer performance on the uneven expansion of the number of interfaces, such as SCSI, SATA, USB, FireWire, and PCI Express. Thunderbolt is Apple and Intel (Intel) co-product, developed by Intel, and Apple's technical cooperation through the market. The technology used to connect PC and other devices, combines two mature technologies prior to data transmission technology PCI Express and DisplayPort display technology, two-channel simultaneous transmission of data of these two protocols, each channel provides bi-directional bandwidth of 10Gbps . To reduce costs, the current Thunderbolt uses copper connections instead of the earlier demonstration mode fiber-optic link, the maximum theoretical transfer rate of up to 50Gbps, now only set 10Gbps, the development of larger space.

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