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					            Elementary Lesson Seed
Grade Level         Subject         Lesson Name
4-5                                 Digital Citizenship

Technology Standard
Standard 2 – Digital Citizenship – practice ethical, legal and responsible use of technology to
ensure safety

VSC Objective
TSW understand the basic concept of netiquette, or digital etiquette, and give ways that they can
appropriately be part of the digital community
Resources/Materials Needed
 Computer, internet access, brainpop
for additional activities~whiteboard or pad
Brief Description of the Activity
Ask students to define what they think the word etiquette means, and discuss how this is a code
of conduct for having good manners and behaving appropriately. Digital etiquette, or netiquette,
is how we need to act in emails, instant messages, social networking sites. Sometimes when
people are using technology they will respond in ways that are different than what they normally
would. It is often times easier to type something than it is to say something out loud. (If you
have access to the cyberbullying talent show, this is a good clip to show at this time in the

Tell students you are going to watch in the classroom (or go to the lab) a short clip from about digital etiquette. You can always have students add the close caption
on the video so that they can read along with the video. Also depending on time, you can have
them take notes as they go or watch a second time for comprehension. After watching, select the
activity page and then the graphic organizer. Located here is a T-Chart that can be projected on
to the screen while being filled in, this will provide direct instruction that meets the objective of
behaving appropriately in the online community by rendering ways that are not appropriate and
generate discussion of what is appropriate. Have students pair up and discuss each category and
come up with things to add to the chart, the teacher can type them in, the chart can then be
printed and kept in the classroom, or you can preprint the chart and have them fill it in
independently. After completion using the site select the activity and there is a matching activity
here that would be great to use with an interactive pad (Interwrite / Promethean) and have
students draw the lines from one side to the other to create the matches. At the bottom is a great
discussion question that can be used to conclude the lesson.

think~pair~share activity
print chart or class activity
whiteboard for activity
The quiz can be printed and given, student responses to the activities, repsonses to filling in the
chart (printed or group activity) responses to the discussion questions about digital etiquette.

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