16 October 2011

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					                            GB2RS NEWS
                               Sunday 16th October 2011
The news headlines:
       RSGB pre-releases RadCom pages
       2012 Bath Buildathon announced
       Talks on possible 5MHz extension

In advance of the Extraordinary General Meeting announced last week, the RSGB has pre-released the
RSGB Matters section of the November RadCom. The pages set out the background to the EGM and are
being sent by email to all affiliated clubs. The Society encourages all Members to read the information and
help shape the future of the RSGB. RadCom is being printed this weekend and is due to be delivered to UK
members by next Monday, 24 October.

The date of the 5th Bath Buildathon has been confirmed as Saturday, 7 January 2012. For those that are not
familiar with the concept, the basic idea is for a group of radio enthusiasts to lock themselves in a room for a
day and build a radio project under the watchful eye of a few experienced mentors. These events are ideal
for intermediate students or other licensed amateurs who have never raised solder smoke in anger before.
This year the event will cost £60 to include a 20m SSB superhet receiver kit, room hire, tea and coffee, etc.
The Bath Buildathon Crew will be providing all tools and test equipment required and no previous experience
is needed, just a bucket load of enthusiasm! Booking forms for the Buildathon are available by email from
G0FUW@tiscali.co.uk or by post from G0FUW, who is QTHR in the Yearbook and on QRZ.com.

Following their meeting with the Ministry of Defence earlier in the month, Ofcom has been in touch with the
RSGB to discuss harmonisation improvements to the 5MHz Experiment. Whilst MoD is not in a position to
release a continuous tuning band like that available to some other countries, they have agreed to consider
some additional bandwidth for access by UK NoV holders. We will bring you any further news as it develops.

Amateur satellites SRMSAT and Jugnu were successfully launched by an Indian rocket from Sriharikota in
the early hours of Wednesday 12 October. The satellites are in near-equatorial orbit and cannot be received
in the UK, but will be providing useful science for the Indian university teams that built the CubeSats. The
SRMSAT web page is at http://srmsat.in.

The RSGB Convention that took place in Milton Keynes over the weekend of the 7-9 October was the largest
in the event's history. The five streams of lectures were well attended and there was standing room only in
some lecture rooms.

Following the creation of a Youth Co-ordinator portfolio during the Region 1 General Conference at Sun City
in August, the Region 1 Executive Committee has appointed Lisa Leenders, PA2LS, to the role. Lisa will be
working with the Youth Co-ordinators from the various member societies to promote amateur radio amongst
young people in Region 1. Lisa’s contact details will be made available under the Youth section of the IARY
Region 1 web site, www.iaru-r1.org.
Lilford District Scouts in Leigh, near Wigan, are looking for a volunteer Foundation tutor who could run a
course sometime between mid-November and February. Whilst the Scouts cannot offer any payment beyond
limited assistance with transport costs, they do have a well-equipped venue and plenty of enthusiasm.
Ideally, they would like to have some new Foundation licensees in time for the next JOTA. If you can help,
please contact Carl Thorp, 2E0LVO, via email to carl.thorp@1stastleyscouts.org.uk.

Long-standing software developer George Murphy, VE3ERP, has hung up his keyboard and is retiring from
further development on HAMCALC. For those who are unfamiliar with the software, HAMCALC is a collection
of useful calculators for amateur radio use, widely used throughout the amateur community. The latest
version of HAMCALC can be downloaded at www.cq-amateur-radio.com.

And now for the details of rallies and events for the coming week

Today, Sunday 16 October, the Blackwood and District ARS Rally takes place at Coleg Gwent, Risca Road,
Cross Keys NP11 7ZA. There are trade stands, a Bring and Buy and special interest groups. The rally opens
at 10.30 and costs £2. Talk in is on S22. Contact Dave, GW4HBK, on 01495 228 516.

Also Today, Sunday 16 October, the Hornsea Amateur Radio Club rally is at Floral Hall, 7 The Esplanade,
Hornsea, East Yorks HU18 1NQ. Opening at 10.30, there are trade stands, a Bring and Buy, RSGB
bookstall and special interest groups including RAFARS. Details from Rick, M0CZR, by email to

The Galashiels and District ARS radio rally takes place on Sunday 23 October at The Volunteer Hall, St
Johns Street, Galashiels, Scottish Borders TD1 3JX. Opening time is 11.30, admission is £2.50 and there
are trade stands, a Bring and Buy and other attractions. Details from Jim, GM7LUN on 01896 850 245.

The Callington Amateur Radio Society Rally is on Sunday 23 October at Callington Community College,
Launceston Road,Callington, Cornwall PL17 7DR. The opening time is 10am, admission is £2 10am, £2, and
there are trade stands, a Bring and Buy and other attractions. Contact John, G4PBN, on 01822 835 834.

Now for the news of special events

As this is JOTA weekend, there are numerous Scout special event stations on the air. The October RadCom
contains a list of over 20 special event stations that have issued for the event.

And now the HF DX news compiled from 425 DX News and other sources

The T32C DXpedition is going strong from Christmas Island. On 10 October the team announced they had
broken the 100,000 QSO barrier. The team hopes to set a few new records before the end of the event.
There is still time to work the DXpedition, which is covering as many band and mode slots as it can with the
limited equipment at its disposal.

Now the contest news

Today, Sunday 16 October, the Second 50MHz Contest takes place from 0900-1200. Operation is all mode
on the 50MHz band and the exchange is RST, serial number and locator.
Tuesday 18 October sees the UHF UKAC from 1900-2130. Operation is all mode on 23cm; RST, serial
number and locator form the exchange.

And now the solar factual data for the period from the 3rd to the 9th of October, compiled by Neil
Clarke, G0CAS on the 10th of October.

Several sunspot groups were visible every day with up to eight on the 4th and the 5th. Most groups were
small and inactive but several produced C class solar flares every day. Solar activity was low every day.
Most flares were small and were not associated with sudden ionospheric disturbances or coronal mass
ejections. Solar flux levels declined from 130 units on the 4th to 118 by the 8th. The average was 124. The
90 day solar flux average on the 9th was 114 units, that’s two units up on the previous week. X-ray flux
levels varied little and the average was B4.1 units. Geomagnetic activity was quiet every day except for the
5th which increased to an Ap index of 20 units in response to a glancing blow from a coronal mass ejection
that departed the Sun on the 2nd. A small coronal hole disturbance arrived on the 9th when the Ap index
was 13 units. The average was Ap 8 units. Solar wind data from the ACE spacecraft saw solar wind speeds
decline from 480 kilometres per second to 290 by the end of the period. Particle densities were around the
20 particles per cubic centimetre for a three day period starting from the 5th. Bz varied between minus 5 and
plus 3 nanoTeslas on the quietest day and between minus 10 and plus 11 nanoTeslas on the 5th. On the
20th several UK operators and a number of continental stations, enjoyed an unexpected opening to West
Africa on 50MHz. 28MHz was also in excellent shape on a couple of afternoons, with MUFs at times well
over 30MHz and low-power beacons as far as the West Coast of North America being copied across much
of Europe.

And now the solar forecast. This week the more activity side of the Sun is expected to return into view. Solar
activity may not be as high as the last rotation but moderate levels could take place on some days. Solar flux
levels are expected to be in the 120’s for most of the week. With no coronal holes expected during the
coming week, geomagnetic activity is expected to be at quiet levels. Only a coronal mass ejection heading
our way will increase activity and there maybe a slight chance for this to happen. MUFs during daylight hours
at equal latitudes should be around 30MHz for the south and 27MHz for the north. Darkness hour lows
should be about 10MHz. Paths this week to Australia should have a maximum usable frequency with a 50
per cent success rate of around 28MHz. The optimum working frequency with a 90 per cent success rate will
be about 21MHz. The best time to try this path will be between 0800 and 1300 hours. The long path should
be open around 0800 and again at 2100 hours, but the MUFs will be around 21MHz.

And that’s all for this week from the propagation team.
                                       Next, the Local News:

            Please note that details of all RSGB-affiliated clubs and societies
             can be found on the RSGB website, including email addresses
                                   and website links where known.

      [Note to Newsreaders: Please read the local news items appropriate to the service area of your

                             NEWS FOR THE MIDLANDS
On Monday 17 October Gloucester Amateur Radio & Electronics Society is having a VHF operating and
workshop evening. Contact Anne, 2E1GKY, on 01452 548 478, daytime.

On Monday 17 October South Birmingham Radio Society is holding a committee meting. Contact Don, on
01214 581 603.

On Monday 17 October Welland Valley Amateur Radio Society is having a beginners guide to working
satellites and data modes such as PSK31. For more information contact Peter D Rivers, G4XEX, on 01858
432 105.

On Tuesday 18 October Derby & District Amateur Radio Society is discussing technical topics. Contact
Richard Buckby, by email to radio@dadars.org.uk.

On Tuesday 18 October Loughborough & District Amateur Radio Club is having a talk on power supplies by
Andrew, G7SEG. More information from Chris, G1ETZ, on 01509 504 319.

On Wednesday 19 October Midland Amateur Radio Society Club is holding its AGM and presenting awards.
Details from Norman, G8BHE, on 07808 078 003.

On Wednesday 19 October South Kesteven Amateur Radio Society is having an informal evening. Contact
Nigel, M0CVO, on 01476 402 550.

On Wednesday 19 October Telford & District Amateur Radio Society is working on its winter projects.
Contact Mike, G3JKX, on 01952 299 677.

On Thursday 20 October Cheltenham Amateur Radio Association is holding a silent key sale. Contact Derek
Thom, G3NKS, on 01242 241 099.

On Thursday 20 October Salop Amateur Radio Society is holding its pre-AGM meeting. Details on the club
website at www.salop-ars.org.uk.

On Thursday 20 October Solihull Amateur Radio Society is holding its AGM. Details from P T Gaskin,
G8AYY, on 01216 287 383.

On Thursday 20 October South Birmingham Radio Society is having training classes with Dave Murphy,
G8OWL. Contact Don, on 01214 581 603.
On Friday 21 October Coventry Amateur Radio Society is having a quiz night. Contact John, G8SEQ, on
07958 777 363.

On Friday 21 October South Birmingham Radio Society is having a construction evening. Contact Don, on
01214 581 603.

                     NEWS FOR THE NORTH OF ENGLAND
On Monday 17 October Angel of the North Amateur Radio Club is having a talk. Contact Nancy Bone,
G7UUR, on 01914 770 036.

On Monday 17 October Sheffield Amateur Radio Club is having an awards and trophies presentation
evening. More information from Peter Day, G3PHO, by email to sarc@g3pho.org.uk.

On Monday 17 October Thornton Cleveleys Amateur Radio Society is having an address by the new
chairman. Details on the web at www.tcars.org.uk.

On Tuesday 18 October Chester & District Amateur Radio Society is having a talk on vintage radio by
GW8N. Details from Barbara Green on 07957 870 770.

On Tuesday 18 October Halifax & District Amateur Radio Society is finalising its programme of events for the
next year, continuing its Intermediate and Foundation training courses and testing the new aerial. Contact
Martin, M0GQB, on 01422 341 317.

On Tuesday 18 October Stockport Radio Society is having a presentation on stereo players by John
Shufflebotham. More information from Nigel Roscoe, on 07973 312 699.

On Wednesday 19 October Denby Dale Radio Club is holding its AGM. Details from Richard, M0RBG, on
07976 220 126.

On Wednesday 19 October Hornsea Amateur Radio Club is having a washup meeting after the rally. Contact
Gordon MacNaught, G3WOV, on 01377 240 573.

On Thursday 20 October Ripon & District Amateur Radio Society is on the air and having a club night.
Details from Rob Hall, M0RBY, on 07876 085 631.

On Thursday 20 October South Manchester Radio and Computer Club is having a talk on The Great Train
Robbery by Doug, G8ILW. Details from Ron, G3SVW, on 01619 693 999.

On Friday 21 October East Cleveland Amateur Radio Club is on the air. For more information contact
Alistair, G4OLK, on 01642 475 671.

                         NEWS FOR NORTHERN IRELAND
No news items have been received for Northern Ireland this week.
                                 NEWS FOR SCOTLAND
On Tuesday 18 October Livingston & District Amateur Radio Society is having a club evening. Details from
Norman, on 07740 946 192.

On Wednesday 19 October Lothians Radio Society is having a surplus equipment sale at St Fillan's Church
Hall, Buckstone Drive, Edinburgh EH10 6PH, from 7.30PM onwards. Contact Andy Sinclair, by email to

On Thursday 20 October Aberdeen Amateur Radio Society is on the air. More information from Lewis,
GM4AJR, on 01224 575 663.

On Friday 21 October Cockenzie & Port Seton Amateur Radio Club is having a DVD night. More information
from Bob, GM4UYZ, on 01875 811 723.

On Monday 17 October Burnham Beeches Radio Club starts its construction project. Contact Dave, G4XDU,
on 01628 625 720.

On Monday 17 October East Kent Radio Society is having a holiday photos evening. Details from Karl
Davies, M1DFM, on 01227 710 120.

On Monday 17 October Felixstowe & District Amateur Radio Society is having a talk on amateur radio use of
the Clansman radio system by Iain, G0OZS. More information from Paul, G4YQC, by email to

On Monday 17 October Surrey Radio Contact Club is having a fix it, advice, chin wag and move it on
evening. Contact John, G3MCX, on 02086 883 322.

On Tuesday 18 October Bromley & District Amateur Radio Society is holding its construction contest. Details
from Andy, G4WGZ, on 01689 878 089.

On Tuesday 18 October Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society is having a club net night. Contact Martyn,
G1EFL, on 01245 469 008.

On Tuesday 18 October Verulam Amateur Radio Club is having a talk on antennas and VSWR by David,
G4HHJ. Details from Tony, 2EOWAP, on 01727 853 087.

On Wednesday 19 October Chesham & District Amateur Radio Society is having a talk on aerial design
principles by Roger, G3MEH. More details from Terry, G0VFW, on 01442 831 491.

On Wednesday 19 October Worthing & District Amateur Radio Club is having a talk on the history of light
bulbs John Narborough. Contact Phil, G4UDU, on 01903 816 684.

On Thursday 20 October Colchester Radio Amateurs is holding its AGM. More information from Kevan,
2E0WMG, on 07766 543 784.
On Thursday 20 October Cray Valley Radio Society Club is hosting a Buildathon, run by Richard, G8ITB.
This meeting will be a hands-on building session comprising of two categories, simple and experimental,
where members will begin to construct a project from one of the categories. Details from Malcolm Bryan,
G8MCA, on 07906 433 965.

On Thursday 20 October Horndean & District Amateur Radio Club is holding its AGM. Contact Stuart,
G0FYX, on 02392 472 846.

On Thursday 20 October Horsham Amateur Radio Club is having a social evening at The White Horse,
Maplehurst. Details are on the web at www.harc.org.uk.

On Thursday 20 October Lowestoft & District PYE Amateur Radio Club is having a club night at the shack.
Details from Lee, 2E1LJL, on 01502 564 242.

On Thursday 20 October Sutton & Cheam Radio Society is having a talk on noise eliminating products by
Graham Somerville of bhi. More information from John, G0BWV, on 02086 449 945.

On Friday 21 October Loughton & Epping Forest Amateur Radio Society is having a Fish-'n'-chips night.
Contact Marc Litchman, G0TOC, on 02085 021 645.

On Friday 21 October Mid-Sussex Amateur Radio Society is holding its AGM. Contact Peter, G4AKG, on
01444 239 371.

On Friday 21 October Wey Valley Amateur Radio Group is having a talk by Roger Western, G3SXW on the
Balkans Bonanza. Details on the web at www.weyvalleyarg.org.uk.

On Saturday 22 October Crystal Palace Radio and Electronics Club is holding a Foundation exam. Contact
Bob, G3OOU, on 01737 552 170.

On Saturday 22 October Hastings Electronics and Radio Club is having an auction of used & surplus
equipment at Holy Redeemer Church Hall, Upper Church Road. Doors open 9am for the auction at 10.15.
Details from Gordon, on 01424 431 909.

                           NEWS FOR THE SOUTH WEST
On Monday 17 October Appledore & District Amateur Radio Club is having a talk on QSLing by Don,
G0RQL. Contact Brian Jewell, M0BRB, on 01237 473 251 for more information.

On Tuesday 18 October West Devon Radio Club is looking at constructing and testing homebrew wire
antennas and baluns. Further information from Jules Cuddy, M1AGY, on 01752 291 588.

On Wednesday 19 October Thornbury & South Gloucestershire Amateur Radio Club is having a video night.
Contact Tony, G0WMB, on 01454 417 048.

On Wednesday 19 October Trowbridge & District Amateur Radio Club is having a natter night. Details from
Ian, G0GRI, on 01225 864 698, evenings and weekends.
On Thursday 20 October Cornish Radio Amateur Club is holding an workshop evening at Gweal an Top
school. Details from Steve, G7VOH, on 01209 844 939.

On Thursday 20 October South Bristol Amateur Radio Club is planning for 2012. Details from Andrew
Jenner, G7KNA, on 07838 695 471.

On Thursday 20 October Swindon & District Amateur Radio Club is having a talk on the British Forces
Broadcasting Service by Phil, M0PBZ. Contact Den, M0ACM, on 07810 317 750.

On Thursday 20 October Yeovil Amateur Radio Club is having a talk on life after the Foundation Licence by
G3ICO. Contact Steve Crask, G7AHP, by email to steve@g7ahp.co.uk.

On Friday 21 October North Bristol Amateur Radio Club is holding a skittles night. More information from
Dick on 01454 218 362.

On Friday 21 October Torbay Amateur Radio Society is having a natter night. For more information contact
Dave, G6FSP, by email to g6fsp@tars.org.uk.

On Saturday 22 October Isle of Wight Radio Society will be celebrating its 53rd birthday. It will also be
opening its new radio shacks at the club premises, Haylands farm, Salters Road, Haylands, Ryde, PO33
3HU. The shack opening will take place at 3pm. Contact Peter, 2E1PHW on 07515 155 214.

                                      NEWS FOR WALES
On Monday 17 October Dragon Amateur Radio Club is visiting Moelfre Lifeboat Station. More information
from Stewart Rolfe, GW0ETF, on 07833 620 733.

On Tuesday 18 October Wrexham Amateur Radio Society is having a talk by a guest speaker. More
information from Patrick, 2W0HUU, on 07947 701 927.

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