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                         Minutes from PTSO meeting, September 21, 2011

I. Welcome and Introductions from Alison Hess and Liz Scheines, PTSO Co-Presidents

II. School Administration Report from Principal Omowanile (Dan Rubenstein had a death in the family
       and was unable to be present)


       a. Returning students will receive state test results in the mail.
       b. Teachers do not yet have working phones so the best way for parents to contact teachers is
          through email.
       c. 7th and 8th grade students will receive lockers next week.
       d. New Administrative Assistant Mira Cruz
       e. New Facility Based requests and changes:
               i. Bishop Ford requires all guests to be escorted upstairs and so please try to limit
                  unscheduled visits. For this reason, please do not bring in forgotten uniforms and
              ii. For scheduled visits or early pick-ups, please send a note with student that states the
                  time of the pick-up. The student should then give that note to the teacher at the
                  prescribed time. Mira will then bring the student down to the lobby.
       f. Uniform report: 97% of students are now in uniform. Students will be pulled aside if not in
          uniform. However, if student does not yet have uniforms, should receive a pass explaining
          that. Flynn and O-Hara are fully stocked. Parent requested that uniforms be bought at school
          – but Principal Omowanile explained that this would be extremely burdensome for the staff.
          Flynn and O-Hara came highly recommended and the service should be more streamlined in
          the future now that we are established. Parent asked whether we can have name stitched
          rather than screened – which was difficult this first year due to the quick turn-around but
          should be the same price going forward.
       g. Clubs: these will begin in October. A list will be available shortly. The clubs will be
          teacher-led and continue throughout the year. Encourage your child to be involved in at least
          one before or after school club. One option is study buddies – this is a collaborative study
          session, which students can engage in on any day. Students may also stay after school to do
          homework without participating in study-buddies.
       h. Lost metro-cards: students should request a replacement in the office.
       i. Schedules: the administration is still attempting to correct each schedule. If your student has
          any confusion, speak to his/her advisor.
       j. Bike parking: will hopefully be available soon.
       k. School lunch forms: we need 100% of families to fill out – even if you are not entitled to
          free or reduced lunch.
       General school news: even with the challenges of moving facilities with very short notice, the year
       has begun well. The students are engaged and excited

   III. Parent questions:

       Double study halls: Initially, there had been a plan to eliminate the regular study halls, but parents
       were against the idea, as was Principal Omowanile. To allow for study halls, the schedules had to be
       altered and the result has been that twice a week, some students have double study halls. The
       administration is working to create supplementary curriculum for those periods, including
       organizational skills, enrichment, and small group tutorials.

       Road safety: The administration is also concerned and has spoken to the City Council members.
       Our most likely option is for speed bumps to be installed. Mr. Hendricks is stationed outside the
       school and does his best. Parents should encourage their children to go to 20th street or 18th street to

       Student conduct: The school is having conversations with students about behavior and encourages
       parents to do the same. Any concerns should be brought to Mr. Griffin or Principal Omowanile.

       No Home-work Wednesday eliminated? There is still a night every week in which students don’t
       have homework, but with the new 6 day a week schedule, it is not always Wednesday.

       Recess: students have recess daily for at least 20 minutes.

       Penny Marzuilli, the Director of Development and Communications, was introduced to families.

       Liz: Welcome to all new parents. Invites new 6th grade parents to nominate themselves to be 6th
       grade Vice President. John Adler, the PTSO member in charge of elections is introduced. Liz
       explains that the PTSO board meets monthly in addition to the monthly full meeting. Parents who
       would like to nominate themselves should email John Adler and the election will be held next

       Annual Fund: Adine Schuman-Pusey reported on the success of last year’s fundraising through the
       annual fund and the gala. She invited families to contribute either with a single donation or monthly
       – which can be done easily from the website.

Sept 29-30 (Thurs & Fri) – Rosh Hashanah – NO SCHOOL
Oct 10 (Monday) – Columbus Day – NO SCHOOL
Oct 13 (Thursday) – Parent Curriculum Night
Oct 25 (Tuesday) – PTSO Meeting & Elections
Nov 8 (Tuesday) – Students have early dismissal at 12:15 pm; Parent/Advisor conferences 1-7 pm
Nov.17 (Thursday) – International Pot Luck Dinner

MEET YOUR 2011-2012 PTSO OFFICERS                                     
Co-Presidents: Alison Hess & Liz Scheines
Co-Vice Presidents, 8 Grade: Carla Lino & Adine Schuman-Pusey
Co-Vice Presidents, 7 Grade: Vanessa Belli & Janise Loreto
Co-Vice Presidents, 6 Grade: [two open positions]
Co-Treasurers:           John Prince & Anthony Olavarria
Co-Secretaries:          Rachel Godsil & Cynthia Williams

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