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					                                                    QR CODE CHRISTMAS CARD
                                                                   Presented by Chica and Jo

                                            For full assembly instructions and many more project ideas,
                                                       please visit us at:

 1: Click on the “Merry Christmas” text on the front of the card if you want to edit it.
 2: Click on the “Scan the QR code…” text on the back of the card if you want to edit it.
 3: Decide on the digital media you want to share with family and friends through the QR code. For example, you could choose:
        A photo of the family that you’ve uploaded to Flickr
           A video of the kids that you’ve uploaded to YouTube
           Your personal blog
           Your business’ website
           …or anything online!
 4:   Find the URL of the media in step 3 above.
 5:   Create a QR code with your URL, using a service like QRStuff at
 6:   Save your new QR code on your computer
 7:   Click on our sample QR code in our template, then right-click on the very EDGE of the white QR code box (not in the middle)
 8:   Choose “Format Shape…” from the pop-up menu
 9:   Go to the “Fill” tab
10:   Click on the “File…” box and select your saved QR code image from your computer
11:   Close the pop-up and your new code should appear on the gift box.
12:   Use your smartphone to test that the QR code works before you print!
13:   Print your cards, fold them in half, sign the inside, and put them in a standard 5¾” x 8 ¾” envelope, and mail.

  Scan the QR code
with your smart phone
for a special greeting!

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