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					                  AHCA/NCAL 2011 Congressional Briefing July 13 & 14, 2011
                                   Talking Points

   Based on incomplete data, CMS proposed an immediate Medicare cut of 11.3% to SNFs in its annual
    rule, which would cause significant instability to the system.
   AHCA suggests that CMS implement a 3% reduction, withhold the market basket update now, and
    reevaluate the data over the next year.
   If budget neutrality is not met, CMS could make another reduction up to 3% and withhold the market
    basket update until budget neutrality is met.
   We would be committed to prospectively returning any money above the baseline during this
    transition period.
   I urge you to carry this more balanced approach to your leadership.
   As 64% of our residents rely on Medicaid, debt ceiling talks cannot include Medicaid block grants or
    the elimination of provider taxes.
   Reducing funds will put state programs in financial jeopardy.
   I ask you to protect nursing home care as an entitlement for our greatest generation.
   Recent proposed rules regarding home-and-community-based settings issued by CMS have the
    potential to disqualify many assisted living facilities and group homes from Medicaid.
   Senators – please sign on to a Dear Colleague Letter regarding these rules.
   House Members – please send an individual letter to CMS expressing your concern.

                                            Key Facts
       The LTC profession is the 10th largest employer in the nation, contributing 5.4 million
        jobs, supporting $529 billion in economic activity, and generating $60.9 billion in taxes.

       1.7 million individuals rely on Medicare for nursing facility care each year. Medicaid
        covers nursing facility services for 1.6 million individuals.

       70% of skilled nursing facility costs are labor related.

       When combined with the Medicaid cuts already happening in many states, the SNF
        proposed rule in its current form puts more than 100,000 jobs in jeopardy.

       Data suggest that nursing facilities represent the lowest-cost institutional setting for
        skilled nursing and rehabilitative care.

       Long term care directly contributes 3.1 million jobs.

       Medicaid and private pay patients have long lengths of stay – nearly 11 months on

       In 2010, Medicaid underfunded nursing facility care nationally by $5.6 billion, an
        average of $17 per patient, per day.
   Medicare patients have short rehabilitative stays – 27.3 days on average.

   In these tough economic times, it is important to remember that long term care directly
    contributes 1.3% of the GDP, and supports an additional 2.4% of the GDP.

   There are nearly 1 million residents in assisted living communities, 13% of whom rely
    on Medicaid.

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