Why You Need Personal Checks by ska311


									Why You Need Personal Checks
When we first moved in together, my brother didn't have any personal
checks. He worked at a restaurant as a waiter and made good
money, often bringing home two hundred dollars a night. When our
landlord came to collect the rent, my cousin and I wrote personal
checks, and my brother came out with a big wad of hundreds, fifties
and twenties, singles, and sixty-seven cents, which was how the rent
broke down three ways.

Sometimes, he wasn't home and I would have to go look under his
bed for cash when our landlord arrived. Often there was only three
quarters of the rent, so I'd have to cover the rest, until he came home
and would take a couple of hundred dollars out of his sock drawer,
hidden away. I'd tell him, "I had to take the cash from under your

"Why'd you do that?" he asked hostilely.

"Because the landlord was here and Julie and I both had our
personal checks signed and ready. If you bought cheap checks online
I wouldn't have to scour your room for money. And why do you hide it
in different places anyway?"

"If a robber comes in and finds some of it, he won't find all of it."

"Well if you had a blank check stock no one would find your money
even if they did break into our apartment, nor would anything happen
to it if our apartment burned down."

He was reluctant to order checks online since he made all his money
in cash, and didn't want to have to pay for checks, despite what I told
him and showed him about it being so much more convenient and
how he could order checks online for such a low price.
One morning he came to me and asked if I'd seen five hundred
dollars. It was toward the end of the month so I hadn't given it to the
landlord recently. He said he'd balled it up in a sock and couldn't find
it. "Too bad," I said, "If you had personal checks you wouldn't have
this problem." He looked everywhere, to no avail. It was seemingly
gone. And since he didn't have it, he really had to live thriftily until the
end of the month in order to make rent. A week after the rent was
due, he finally found the money sock, behind his bookshelf.

After that he finally decided to get personal checks.

By Mark Etinger

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