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									                                        Auto Locksmith
In almost any city an auto locksmith will be one of the most popular residents, receiving hundreds of
calls each week from stranded motorists. It is such a simple thing, to be distracted and leave the keys in
the ignition or on the seat, noticing them only as you watch in horror as the locked door shuts. In this
kind of emergency, auto locksmiths become somewhat akin to Superman in the mind of the locked out

If you are contemplating a career, or a mid-life career change, and you want to eventually be your own
boss then auto locksmith training may be just what you are looking for.
Auto Locksmith Training
Unlike many other specialized careers, training to be a locksmith takes less than a year, even if you
have no previous experience.

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You may be able to find an ongoing course at your local community college. Community colleges are
often less expensive than trade schools and other types of educational facilities. Taking local classes is
the best way to get your training, especially if you tend to be one of those people who learns best by
demonstration and hands on training. Community colleges generally offer night classes, scholarships,
grants, and other benefits to make it easy for people to continue their educations.

If your time does not allow you to attend classes locally, or they are just not available, there are other
options. There are numerous automotive locksmith training opportunities on the Internet. This
correspondence training is great for people who are visual learners and can learn from reading material,
computer programs, and DVDs. You can work at your own pace, in your own time, and eventually will
have the knowledge that you need to start your own auto locksmithing business.

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Still another way to learn a trade is by the old fashioned way of becoming an apprentice. This is a
popular way for high school students to learn a business. The apprentice is not usually paid a salary. He
is expected to do whatever the boss wants or needs and in return he is taught the various aspects of a
trade. If this seems like an avenue that you would be interested in, call local auto locksmiths and set up
appointments to discuss the matter with them.

In most locations you will need to take a test or two to get your auto locksmith license. This has to be
renewed every few years.
Auto Locksmith Tools
The tools of the locksmith who specializes in automobiles are many. In this age of technology many car
locks are electronic, computerized, or unusual in some way. It is no longer a matter of just picking a
manual lock. In addition to that there are times when the locksmith will need to replace the ignition
key. This means he will need to understand how to take the steering column apart, deal with the airbag,
and handle other items of the high tech, modern auto. Key locksmith tools include:

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