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					NY Recycles and America Recycles Day
By Debbie Jackson

        As part of the national event, America Recycles Day (ARD), New York Recycles
is our way of promoting recycling and buying recycled in New York State. Various
educational waste reduction, reuse, recycling, composting and buy recycled events will
take place in 2010 which will lead to a culmination celebration of New York Recycles on
November 15.
        Our goal for New York Recycles is to have at least one recycling or buy recycled
activity or event in every county. We are also encouraging waste reduction, reuse and
composting in this endeavor! Help us by sponsoring and encouraging others to host a
recycling or buy recycled (or waste reduction, reuse or composting) event. In the past
few years, we have had great programs sponsored by recycling coordinators, schools,
businesses and state agencies.
        Keep America Beautiful (KAB), which hosts ARD will be providing the
participating States with posters, pencils and banners! If you are interested in hosting
an event and would like to request materials, including pledge cards or need ideas for
an event, email Debbie Jackson at dajackso@gw.dec.state.ny.us
        In addition, we are again promoting our NY Recycles Poster Contest. If you
have schools or youth groups that may be interested, please encourage them to
participate. Information is available on the DEC website
http://www.dec.ny.gov/education/32506.html The winners of the poster contest are
used in our 2012 NY Recycles Calendar.
        Please note – the 2011 NY Recycles Calendar will be available at the
NYSAR3 Conference in November.
        For more information on New York Recycles! Check this website -

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