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									Tips and mistakes to be avoided while writing a dissertation paper
Writing a dissertation paper is not that easy. While writing a paper, students should follow certain steps. You can make a small group, in which you can have three members, with whom you can meet periodically and discuss your work and get feedback. While meeting, you can discuss with them about your current progress, address areas of difficulty and discuss objectives that you will accomplish by next meeting. Meet alumni, who have completed their dissertation writing process successfully. They will solve all your questions, research methods to be followed, and areas that you have to work on. By taking help of alumni, you can show a level of respect for his or her schedule and most certainly express your gratitude for the support. Do work on your dissertation everyday. You can work on your paper for nearly 15 minutes everyday or can’t due to family responsibilities, you can work for at least half an hour for a couple of days in a week. As you reach your final phase in the doctorate education, it is important to remain consistent in order to attain your graduation goal. Therefore, identifying ways that may help you stay focused can be extremely beneficial. Mistakes to be avoided while writing a dissertation paper: If you’re first step is correct you can end up writing a proper dissertation paper. For writing a proper paper, it is important that you work more on thought process and development of a topic and research design. Take your time to think over the topic and do research before writing the paper. Fast writing often shows up in hastily written dissertation proposals, and most dissertation committee members value their time. Turning in work that is not done well will possibly delay moving forward in the dissertation process. Choosing an unfamiliar topic can lead to delays and a lack of expertise in the subject area will show in how the dissertation is written. Students should take out time to research topics that may interest them. One major mistake that all doctoral students do is they are overly ambitious when choosing a research project for dissertation. Most students want the dissertation to be a groundbreaking research event, yet in reality, few are. Many advisors discourage students from embarking on complicated research projects for the dissertation. If students want a proper dissertation paper, they should work with professors who will read critique and support student dissertation efforts.

Procrastination is another factor that can lead to distractions to put off starting or continuing their dissertations. Many times, procrastination occurs due to other life demands that graduate students may have, as well as the sense of being overwhelmed by the academic standards of completing a dissertation. To avoid undue stress, it is important that students work on small segments.

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