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									    NEW YORK

Big cities
                New York
• is the biggest city in the USA
• is also called „Big Apple“
• multicultural, cosmopolitan city – „Melting
  pot of nations“
• symbol of America
• Manhattan was originally inhabited by

• They sold it for 24 dollars to the Dutch
  (1626) – called New Amsterdam
          Places of Interest
• 5 most famous boroughs: The Bronx,
  Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island,
• 1. The Bronx
     - Is inhabited by African-Americans,
       Puoerto Ricans and Jamaican
     - It is the city´s most dangerous
       borough, very poor
2. Manhattan

• It is the centre of NY
• It is an island surrounded by rivers
• The large streets are called avenues (run
  south to north, starting with the 1st Avenue)
  and streets run from east to west (1st
  street in Greenwich village)
• Harlem: African - American majority
• Midtown: The Times Square, Rockefeller
New York City map
•Wall Street
•Carnegie Hall
•Central Park
•Brooklyn Bridge
•Manhattan Bridge
•Chrysler Building
•Empire State Building
•Guggenheim Museum
•Times Square
•Madison Avenue
•Rockefeller Center
•Greenwich Village
•China Town
•Fifth Avenue
The Bronx, Brooklyn,
Staten Island, Queens
               Guggenheim Museum

Times Square     Brooklyn Bridge
The Naked Cowboy
The Rockefeller Centre
           • Large business
             and entertainment
           • People come here
             in winter to look at
             the Christmas tree
• Broadway is a famous theater centre
• 5th Avenue is the most famous shopping
  street, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the largest
  Catholic Cathedral situated on the 5th
• Cetral Park is a place where people can
  walk, go jogging, listen to outdoor concerts
  or relax far from the noises of the city
Central Park
St. Patrick´s Cathedral
       Empire State Building
• is the highest
  building in NY
  (after the World
  Trade Centre
  was destroyed)
             Ground Zero
• is an expression used to describe the point
  on the earth's surface where an explosion
  occurs (usually associated with nuclear
• Instead of the Twins : the World Trade
• going to be rebuild to remind people of the
  events of September, 11, 2001
The World Trade Center
Ground Zero of the future
        The Statue of Liberty
• Is situated on the Liberty Island

• It was a gift from the French on the
  occasion of the 100th anniversary of
  American Independence

• It is a woman holding a torch – a symbol of
  freedom – welcoming immigrants to
3. Brooklyn
- the most populated borough
- Coney Island: a popular resort
  because of its amusement parks

4. Staten Island
- the least populated borough, has no
  pedestrian access, you can either
  travel by car or by ferry
5. Queens
- main attraction is a huge steel globe
  standing in the middle of a fountain
 ( symbol of world unity)

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