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Welcome to Peterson Air Force Base.

Welcome to Peterson Air Force Base          Post to the south, and Schriever AFB to    “purple mountain majesties” inspired
and the 21st Space Wing, the Air            the east.                                  Katharine Lee Bates to write “America
Force's only organization providing            When it comes to magnificent            the Beautiful” a century ago.
missile warning and space control to        scenery and natural beauty, Colorado           The city’s altitude is 6,035 feet, and
unified commanders and combat               Springs has it all. It’s the home of       some newcomers experience slight
forces worldwide.                           America’s fabulous mountains, the          fatigue at first. New arrivals should
   As the Air Force's most widespread       Rockies, nestled at the foot of the        allow time for their bodies to adjust to
and diverse wing, Team Pete members         famous 14,110-foot Pike’s Peak. These      the elevation. Peterson is obviously in
can be found in 44 units at 26 locations                                               the Rocky Mountain region. Summers
in 4 countries.                                                                        can be hot and winters cold in Col-
   In addition to our operational mis-                                                 orado, but the dry climate is generally
sions, the 21st also serves as host unit                                               quite agreeable, whatever the season.
of Peterson AFB for four major mili-                                                       The Colorado Springs Airport, which
tary headquarters-North American                                                       shares runways with Peterson AFB,
Aerospace Defense Command, U.S.                                                        serves 10 airlines with more than 100
Northern Command, Air Force Space                                                      flights daily, offering non-stop service
Command and SMDC/Army Strategic                                                        to 15 U.S. cities and easy connections
Command as well as the 302nd Airlift                                                   to almost any city in the world.
Wing (Reserve) and many tenant units                                                       Our unique combination of geog-
from other major commands.                                                             raphy and climate make Peterson a
   Peterson AFB is located adjacent to                                                 true national asset. But the real
and east of Colorado Springs off U.S.                                                  strength of Peterson AFB is the men and
Highway 24. Colorado Springs is the                                                    women who work here, their energy,
second largest city in the state, and has                                              commitment, and professionalism.
a population of approximately 500,000                                                      Once again, welcome to Team Pete
people. Colorado Springs also hosts the                                                and best wishes from all of us for a
United States Air Force Academy to the                                                 rewarding and enjoyable stay.
north, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force          Peterson AFB welcomed many distinguished
                                                                                                             Col. Jay G. Santee
Station to the west, Fort Carson Army       visitors in 2005.                                 Commander, 21st Space Wing


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      Peterson AFB traces its roots to the Col-        The legacy of Peterson Field and the           On April 1, 1975, the Air Force re-
      orado Springs Army Air Base, estab-          military presence in Colorado Springs           designated the wing the 46th Aero-
      lished on May 6, 1942, at the Colorado       took a significant turn in September            space Defense Wing.
      Springs Municipal Airport which had          1947, following the establishment of               One year later, on March 1, 1976,
      been in operation since 1926.                the United States Air Force. Soon after         Peterson Field was renamed Peterson
          The base carried out photo recon-        its inception, the fledgling service twice      Air Force Base.
      naissance training under the auspices        reactivated the base, from Sept. 29,               Strategic Air Command assumed
      of the Photo Reconnaissance Opera-           1947, to Jan. 15, 1948, and again from          control of the base on Oct. 1, 1979.
      tional Training Unit. On June 22,            Sept. 28, 1948, into 1949. During the           Then, on Sept. 1, 1982, USAF officials
      1942, Colorado Springs Army Air              latter period, the base served as an air-       activated Air Force Space Command at
      Base was assigned to the 2nd Air             field for Headquarters, 15th Air Force,         Peterson, followed by the activation of
      Force, headquartered at Fort George          which had been temporarily located in           the 1st Space Wing on Jan. 1, 1983.
      Wright, Wash.                                Colorado Springs.                                  Peterson AFB became the hub of
          On Dec. 13, 1942, the base was               Peterson Field was inactivated again        the Air Force’s space activity when the
      renamed Peterson Army Air Base in            when 15th Air Force moved to March              1st Space Wing assumed host unit
      honor of 1st Lt. Edward J. Peterson, who     Air Force Base in 1949.                         responsibility following the inactiva-
      was killed during takeoff in his F-4 here.       The Air Force activated Peterson            tion of the 46th Aerospace Defense
          The base assumed a new mission in        Field once more, following the January          Wing on April 1, 1983.
      the spring of 1943, that of heavy            1951, establishment of Air Defense                 The 1st Space Wing then transferred
      bomber combat crew training. The             Command at Ent AFB, located in down-            host unit responsibility to the 3rd
      214th Combat Crew Training School            town Colorado Springs at the current            Space Support Wing, which activated
      conducted the training, using the B-24       site of the U.S. Olympic Training Center.       on Oct. 15, 1986.
      Liberator. From March 5 to Oct. 1,               The 4600th Air Base Group activated            Finally, on May 15, 1992, these
      1943, “Peterson Field,” as the base was      simultaneously on Jan. 1, 1951, and pro-        two wings inactivated and their per-
      commonly called, was assigned to the         vided support for the newly established         sonnel and equipment transferred to
      3rd Air Force, headquartered at              command. In 1958, the 4600th ABG was            the 21st Space Wing, which activated
      Greenville Army Air Base, S.C.               designated as the 4600th Air Base Wing.         on May 15, 1992.
          Control of Peterson Field then
                                                   Edward J. Peterson was born in 1917 in Englewood, Colo., and
      reverted to the 2nd Air Force. In June       attended public schools there. He graduated from Denver Uni-
      1944, the mission at the base once           versity with a Master of Arts degree.
      again changed, this time to fighter pilot        Upon completion of flying training in October 1941, he was
      training. The 72nd Fighter Wing              commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Army Air Force. He
      assigned to the base employed P-40           was promoted to first lieutenant in February 1942 and was assigned
      Warhawks to carry out this mission.          as the operations officer of the 14th Photo Reconnaissance
                                                   Squadron, Colorado Springs Army Air Base, Colo., in July 1942.
          In April 1945, Peterson Field was
                                                       As he was taking off on a flight to Lowry Field in Denver
      assigned to Continental Air Forces.          on Aug. 8, 1942, the left engine on his Lockheed F-4 failed and
      The location of the Army Air Forces          he crashed.
      Instructors School at the base sig-              Upon impact, the plane burst into flames. A base fire truck
      naled another mission change. A              and crew were nearby, and Peterson was dragged out of the
      short time later, on Dec. 31, 1945, the      wreckage and taken to Glockner Hospital, now known as
      Army inactivated the base, turning           Memorial Hospital.
                                                       With extensive burns on his head, chest, and lower body,
      the property over to the City of Col-
                                                   Peterson died a few hours later, becoming the first Coloradoan
      orado Springs.                               to lose his life in the line of duty at the base.                    Lt. Edward J. Peterson


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                                                                                                  People assigned to Schriever must
                                                                                              report to their unit orderly room, which
                                                                                              will schedule them for in-processing.
                                                                                                  The base INTRO manager, at (719)
                                                                                              556-7377/DSN 834-7377, can provide
                                                                                              orderly room numbers and can contact
                                                                                              sponsors if necessary.
                                                                                                  The base dorm manager can be
                                                                                              called at 556-4027. The number for the
                                                                                              billeting office, located in Building
                                                                                              1042, is 556-6293.

                                                                                              TELEPHONE AND DSN
    Peterson’s North Gate entrance.
                                                                                              The Colorado Springs and vicinity area
    GETTING HERE                                 SPONSOR INFORMATION                          code is (719). Peterson’s DSN prefix is
    DIRECTIONS FROM AIRPORT: The                 Your sponsor can help make your arrival
                                                                                              692 for numbers with a 554 commer-
    Colorado Springs Airport is located          and in-processing procedure smooth.
                                                                                              cial prefix. For numbers with a 556
    south of Peterson AFB. Following the         Talk with your sponsor about your
                                                                                              prefix, the DSN prefix is 834.
    road exiting the airport, turn right on      needs, and ask for assistance with trans-
                                                                                                 Schriever’s DSN prefix is 560. To
    Powers Boulevard. Stay on Powers             portation, maps and base procedures.
                                                                                              reach Schriever from a commercial
    approximately six miles. Turn right at          The Air Force established the
                                                                                              line, use a 567 prefix.
    the Airport Road intersection. Turn right    sponsor program to make reassign-
                                                                                                 Cheyenne Mountain’s DSN prefix is
    at the next light. This is the access road   ment easier. Your sponsor has expe-
                                                                                              268. To reach Cheyenne Mountain from
    to the Peterson AFB West Gate. If you        rienced the relocation you are about
                                                                                              a commercial line, use a 474 prefix.
    wish to enter Peterson AFB through the       to make and has answers to many of
    North Gate, stay on Powers Boulevard         your questions.
    until you reach Platte Avenue (U.S.             If you don’t hear from your sponsor       LOCATOR
    Highway 24). Exit right; the exit for the    within 60 days of your reporting date,       Some of the following telephone
    North Gate is approximately one mile         call your new unit’s orderly room.           numbers may be helpful:
    east of Powers Boulevard.                                                                   Peterson operator
                                                                                                   (719) 556-7321 or DSN 834-7321
    DIRECTIONS IF DRIVING: Entering              ARRIVAL AND SIGNING IN                         Schriever operator
    Colorado Springs on Interstate 25 from       Peterson AFB has three visitor control
                                                                                                   (719) 567-1110 or DSN 560-1110
    south or north, exit on Academy Blvd.        gates. The West Gate is open 24 hours a
                                                                                                Cheyenne Mountain operator
    Proceed towards the center of the city,      day. The North Gate hours of operation
                                                                                                   (719) 474-1110 or DSN 268-1110
    turn east on Platte Avenue (U.S. High-       are from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day and
    way 24). The Peterson AFB North Gate         the East Gate hours of operations are        The Visitors Center is a good place to
    will be on the right, approximately          from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. and from 3 p.m.        meet sponsors. It is located at the
    one mile east of Powers Boulevard. If        to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. The         North Gate on Peterson Boulevard.
    coming from the east on Highway 24,          East Gate is closed on weekends.
    the Peterson AFB North Gate will be             To sign in at Peterson or Cheyenne        POST OFFICE
    on your left, on the eastern edge of         Mountain Air Force Station, report to the    Peterson’s post office, located in
    Colorado Springs.                            Military Personnel Flight in Building 350.   building 1466, offers complete postal


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      services, including money orders,            high as 7.5 percent. If you purchased a      a booster seat. Step 4—Seat belts for
      stamps, parcel post, express mail,           vehicle overseas within last six months,     older children large enough to fit cor-
      international mail service, and regis-       it is subject to Colorado State sales tax    rectly. Children under 12 years of age
      tered, certified and insured mailing,        when registered. All others are exempt.      should not sit in a position where
      and limited service for people who                                                        there is an air bag unless it has been
      collect stamps. The post office also         EMISSION INSPECTIONS: Colorado’s             deactivated.
      rents lock boxes. A stamp vending            Front Range cities AIR Program (Auto-           AFI 91-207, The United States Air
      machine is available 24 hours a day in       mobile Inspection and Readjustment           Force Traffic Safety Program requires
      the lobby.                                   Program) requires an AIR emissions test      operators of motorcycles, motor
                                                   for all vehicles registered or operated in   scooters or mopeds to wear an
                                                   the AIR Program area, which includes         approved motorcycle helmet, eye
      POSTAL SERVICE CENTER                        all bases in Colorado Springs. Vehicles      protection, long pants, long sleeved
      To ensure uninterrupted mail service,        of temporary residents such as military      shirt or jacket, full-fingered gloves
      send your sponsor a copy of your             personnel, students and “other non-pro-      and over-the-ankle boots.
      orders, and your sponsor can have            gram area residents” which include              Motorcycle operators must wear a
      your mail held at the Postal Center          employees who are operating vehicles         Department of Transportation approved
      until your arrival. Use:                     within the AIR program area are              helmet (or better); impact resistant gog-
         Your rank/name                            required to comply with all inspection       gles or full-face shield covering the
         PSC Box 70000                             requirements. Test renewals are based        eyes; long sleeves and long pants; full
         Peterson AFB, CO 80914                    on the age of your vehicle. You must         fingered motorcycle gloves; sturdy
                                                   have a valid emissions test to register      footwear (over-the-ankle shoes or
      as a forwarding address.                     your vehicle on base.                        boots are highly recommended);
                                                       For additional information, call (719)   brightly colored or contrasting vest or
      IDENTIFICATION CARDS                         633-2333.                                    jacket; and reflective materials at night.
      Identification card applications for         INSURANCE: Vehicle insurance cover-          “Beanie” helmets are not authorized.
      DEERS-eligible people and civilian           age is mandatory in the state of Col-           Although Colorado is a no-helmet
      contractors are issued at the Military       orado. It must be verified at the time of    law state, active-duty riders and their
      Personnel Flight customer service cen-       vehicle registration. The mandatory lia-     passengers must wear the protective
      ter in Building 350. For more informa-       bility minimum in Colorado is $25,000        equipment outlined in AFI 91-207
      tion, call (719) 556-7377.                   bodily injury, $50,000 per accident and      whether riding on or off base.
                                                   $15,000 property damage.                        Riders who operate their motor-
      VEHICLE REGISTRATION                                                                      cycles on base must have attended a
                                                   DRIVING REGULATIONS: The speed               Motorcycle Safety Foundation-approved
      All active-duty people assigned to
                                                   limit on Peterson is 30 mph, unless          course. Proof of this training must be
      Peterson are required to register their
                                                   posted otherwise.                            provided when registering the vehicle
      vehicles within the first 72 hours of
                                                       In the family housing areas, the limit   on base.
      arrival at the Visitors Center, located at
                                                   is 15 mph. Colorado state law and base
      Building 1820, next to the North Gate.
                                                   regulations require the use of seat belts    FIREARMS REGISTRATION
         Proof of current insurance, dri-
                                                   at all times while riding in a car.          People living in base dormitories or
      ver’s license, and registration must
                                                       Child Restraints—Four Steps For          temporary lodging facilities must regis-
      be provided.
                                                   Life. Step 1—Rear facing child seats for     ter and store privately owned weapons
      AUTOMOBILE TITLES: In order to               children from birth to at least 1 year       in the armory in Building 1376.
      title your vehicle, you must show proof      old and at least 20 pounds. Step 2—             You can check out your weapons
      of purchase with sales tax paid in a         Forward facing child seat for children       temporarily, but they must be returned
      previous state, or you will be subject to    over 20 pounds and one year old to at        for storage within 72 hours unless
      Colorado sales tax. You will be              least 40 pounds and four years old.          you’re going on temporary duty or
      assessed state tax of 3 percent, plus        Step 3—Belt-positioning booster seats        have written permission from the first
      county and city tax at your home             for children from over 40 pounds and         sergeant or commander.
      address. City and county tax varies and      four years to about 80 pounds and 4             Base housing residents may keep
      can amount to as much as an addi-            feet 9 inches. If the child cannot sit all   their privately owned weapons in their
      tional 1.5 percent of the purchase           the way back in the seat and still bend      quarters and don’t have to register
      price. The total sales tax can be as         his or her knees, then he or she needs       them at the armory.

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        Concealed weapons permits issued
    by civil authorities are not valid on
    Peterson without written approval from
    the 21st Space Wing commander.
        Don’t transport weapons on Peter-
    son unless driving directly to and from
    the Rod and Gun Club, security forces
    armory for storage or your residence in
    base family housing.
        Tell the gate guards if you have a
    weapon and where you intend to take
    it. Weapons must be unloaded and
    transported in a vehicle’s trunk.
        Don’t leave weapons unattended at
    any time. They must be under the con-
    trol of a person 21 years old or older.

    In addition to broadcasting Reveille
    and Retreat, the Giant Voice system
    plays a critical role in notifying base
    members of severe weather warnings        CUSTOMS AND COURTESIES                     proceed about your business. However,
    and operational notifications such as     The 21st Space Wing Operations Cen-        when the national anthem is played, it
    force protection condition changes.       ter plays Reveille, Taps, and the          is appropriate to face in the direction of
       For example, if a tornado is spotted   national anthem every day Monday           the flag and salute (when in uniform) or
    in Colorado Springs, a tornado siren      through Friday.                            to place your hand over your heart if in
    warning would be a steady three-to           Each weekday, Team Pete mem-            civilian attire. When driving, stop, and
    five-minute tone.                         bers observe customs and courtesies        sit quietly until the music ends.
       There is a weekly base siren system    when they hear the national anthem
    test every Friday at noon. An             at 5:30 p.m. over the Giant Voice          INCLEMENT WEATHER
    announcement is made prior to, and        public address system.                     PROCEDURES
    immediately after the test, informing        Since Reveille and Taps, are not part   To meet mission requirements and still
    base personnel to disregard the sirens.   of official ceremonies, it is proper to    take the best possible care of people
                                                                                         during inclement weather, delayed
                                                                                         reporting, early release, and base closure
                                                                                         procedures are in place for all military
                                                                                         and civilian people assigned to Peterson.
                                                                                            For purposes of reporting during
                                                                                         inclement weather, base members will
                                                                                         be designated as either essential or
                                                                                            Everyone should check with their
                                                                                         supervisor to see which category
                                                                                         applies to them.
                                                                                         Essential—The minimum number of
                                                                                         people needed to keep critical opera-
                                                                                         tions functioning until additional sup-
                                                                                         port arrives.
                                                                                            These people include, but are not
                                                                                         limited to, firefighters, security forces,
                                                                                         command and control, snow removal,

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      medical personnel, dining facility              Delayed Reporting—This authorizes            For example, in a two-hour delay,
      workers, designated child care work-            non-essential members additional         all non-essential members should plan
      ers, shift workers, and employees               time to safely report to work. The       to arrive at 9:30 a.m. and not earlier
      scheduled to telework.                          21st Space Wing commander initiates      than 9 a.m.
      Non-essential—People who could be               delayed reporting when off-base              Phased Early Release – Non-essen-
      delayed for short periods of time (hours        driving conditions require additional    tial people may depart their duty location
      to days) without serious mission impact.        time to arrive safely and gives on-      at a specified time before the end of the
                                                      base snow removal teams time to          duty day. Phased early release notifi-
      Notification—The Peterson Snow                  prepare the base for normal activity     cation will be passed through unit
      Information line (719) 556-SNOW (719-           following a major winter storm.          commanders and will be completed
      556-7669) will be updated by 5:30 a.m.             People should not plan to arrive      in 30-minute intervals by zip code.
      Inclement weather decisions will also           earlier than 30 minutes prior to the         The 30-minute interval reduces traffic
      be relayed to selected radio and televi-        delayed reporting time to minimize       congestion leaving the base and helps
      sion stations for broadcast. Severe             interference with snow removal           ensure everyone makes it home safely.
      weather alerts automatically update on          operations. Base housing residents       Based on mission requirements, supervi-
      the Peterson local data set located at          should consider walking to work to       sors should use their judgment in devi-         minimize traffic on streets and in the   ating from the phased early release plan.
         Military members assigned to                 parking lots.                                Base Closure – This means only
      Schriever should call (719) 567-SNOW               Delayed reporting is based on nor-    essential personnel must report to duty
      (719-567-7669) and members assigned             mal duty hours, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.   (or remain on duty) if weather is severe
      to Cheyenne Mountain should call                and is mandatory for non-essential       enough to prevent replacements from
      (719) 474-3333.                                 members to comply.                       safely reporting.

     Inclement weather can cause problems in Colorado Springs.

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                                                                                                  Manitoba; and Tyndall AFB, Florida,
                                                                                                  receive direction from the commander
                                                                                                  and control air operations within their
                                                                                                  respective areas of responsibility.
                                                                                                      To accomplish the aerospace warn-
                                                                                                  ing mission, the commander of
                                                                                                  NORAD is responsible for providing
                                                                                                  integrated tactical warning and attack
                                                                                                  assessment (ITW/AA) of an aerospace
                                                                                                  attack on North America to the gov-
                                                                                                  ernments of Canada and the United
                                                                                                  States. This is done using information
                                                                                                  made available by the ITW/AA system.
                                                                                                  Portions of that system are under the
                                                                                                  operational control of the commander
                                                                                                  NORAD and other portions are operated
                                                                                                  by commands supporting NORAD.
                                                                                                      NORAD’s aerospace control mission
                                                                                                  includes detecting and responding to
                                                                                                  any air-breathing threat to North
                                                                                                  America. To accomplish this mission,
                                                                                                  NORAD utilizes a network of ground-
    NORAD is responsible for aerospace warning and aerospace control for North America.           based radars and fighters to detect,
                                                                                                  intercept and if necessary engage any
    NORAD                                            adjusted its structure to meet the           air-breathing threat to the continent.
    The North American Aerospace                     demands of a changing world. The             These fighters consist of U.S. F-15s and
    Defense Command (NORAD) is a bi-                 commander is appointed by, and is            F-16s and Canadian CF-18s. As a part of
    national United States and Canadian              responsible to, both the President of the    its aerospace control mission, NORAD
    organization charged with the missions           United States and the Prime Minister of      assists in the detection and monitoring
    of aerospace warning and aerospace               Canada. The commander maintains his          of aircraft suspected of illegal drug traf-
    control for North America. Aerospace             headquarters at Peterson Air Force           ficking. This information is passed to
    warning includes the monitoring of               Base, Colo., and a command and con-          civilian law enforcement agencies to
    man-made objects in space, and the               trol center a short distance away at         help combat the flow of illegal drugs
    detection, validation, and warning of            Cheyenne Mountain Air Station.               into North America.
    attack against North America whether             Cheyenne Mountain serves as a central            Through outstanding cooperation
    by aircraft, missiles, or space vehicles,        collection and coordination facility for a   and cohesiveness, NORAD has proven
    utilizing mutual support arrangements            worldwide system of sensors designed         itself effective in its roles of watching,
    with other commands. Aerospace con-              to provide the commander and the             warning, and responding. By adapting
    trol includes ensuring air sovereignty           leadership of Canada and the U.S. with       to the changing world, NORAD will
    and air defense of the airspace of               an accurate picture of any aerospace         continue to play an important role in
    Canada and the United States.                    threat. Three subordinate region head-       the defense of Canada and the U.S. The
       To accomplish these critically impor-         quarters at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska;           events of September 11, 2001 provide
    tant missions, NORAD continually                 Canadian Forces Base, Winnipeg,              evidence of NORAD’s responsiveness


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                                                                                                      USNORTHCOM consolidates under
                                                                                                   a single unified command existing mis-
                                                                                                   sions that were previously executed by
                                                                                                   other DoD organizations. This provides
                                                                                                   unity of command, which is so impor-
                                                                                                   tant to mission accomplishment.
                                                                                                      USNORTHCOM plans, organizes
                                                                                                   and executes homeland defense and
                                                                                                   civil support missions, but has few
                                                                                                   permanently assigned forces. The
                                                                                                   command will be assigned forces
                                                                                                   whenever necessary to execute mis-
                                                                                                   sions, as ordered by the president and
                                                                                                   secretary of defense.
                                                                                                      Civil service employees and uni-
                                                                                                   formed members representing all service
      USNORTHCOM/NORAD Headquarters Building.
                                                                                                   branches comprise USNORTHCOM’s
                                                                                                   headquarters located at Peterson Air
      and continued relevance to North                U.S. Northern Command’s AOR                  Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colo.
      American security. By quickly adapting       includes air, land and sea approaches           The commander of USNORTHCOM also
      its traditionally outward-looking focus      and encompasses the continental United          commands the North American Aero-
      to meet new threats posed by terrorists      States, Alaska, Canada, Mexico and the          space Defense Command (NORAD), a
      to the interior of the continent, NORAD      surrounding water out to approximately          bi-national command responsible for
      provides a potent military response          500 nautical miles. It also includes the        aerospace warning and aerospace
      capability to civil authorities to counter   Gulf of Mexico, Puerto Rico and the U.S.        control for Canada, Alaska and the
      domestic airspace threats.                   Virgin Islands. The defense of Hawaii           continental United States.
          Though future homeland defense/          and our territories and possessions in             USNORTHCOM’s civil support mis-
      security organizations are still being       the Pacific remain the responsibility of        sion includes domestic disaster relief
      formulated by the national leadership        U.S. Pacific Command. U.S. Northern             operations that occur during fires, hurri-
      of both Canada and the U.S., NORAD’s         Command is also responsible for                 canes, floods and earthquakes. Support
      proven abilities and unique capabili-        security cooperation and coordination           also includes counter-drug operations
      ties will be a vital part of homeland        with Canada and Mexico.                         and managing the consequences of a
      security and defense.

      U.S. Northern Command (USNORTH-
      COM) was established in 2002 to
      provide command and control of
      Department of Defense (DoD) home-
      land defense efforts and to coordinate
      defense support of civil authorities.
      USNORTHCOM’s specific mission:
      • Conduct operations to deter, prevent,
        and defeat threats and aggression
        aimed at the United States, its territo-
        ries and interests within the assigned
        area of responsibility (AOR);
      • As directed by the president or sec-
        retary of defense, provide defense
        support of civil authorities including
        consequence management operations.         USNORTHCOM’s mission includes domestic disaster relief.

     2006 Base Guide                                                                                                         Missions     11

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                                                                                           mission areas: Space Force Enhance-
                                                                                           ment; Counterspace; Space Force
                                                                                           Application; Space Support; and Mis-
                                                                                           sion Support. Counterspace ensures
                                                                                           friendly use of space through the con-
                                                                                           duct of operations encompassing sur-
                                                                                           veillance of space, protection of U.S.
                                                                                           and friendly space systems, prevention
                                                                                           of an adversary’s ability to use space
                                                                                           systems and services for purposes hos-
                                                                                           tile to U.S. national security interests,
                                                                                           and negation of space systems and serv-
    Air Force Space Command Headquarters.
                                                                                           ices used for purposes hostile to U.S.
                                                                                           national security interests. Space Support
    terrorist event employing a weapon of       and space surveillance as its primary      involves launching satellites and other
    mass destruction. The command pro-          missions. Since its establishment, the     high-value payloads into space using a
    vides assistance to a primary federal       command has continued to grow,             variety of expendable launch vehicles
    agency when tasked by DoD. Per the          adding responsibilities for command        and operating those satellites once in
    Posse Comitatus Act, military forces can    and control for the national leadership,   the medium of space, as well as, deor-
    provide civil support, but cannot           space launch and on-orbit control of       biting and recovering space vehicles if
    become directly involved in law             satellites. In 1993, AFSPC added ICBM      required. Space Force Enhancement
    enforcement.                                force to its mission and in 2001 gained    provides weather, communications,
       In     providing     civil   support,    responsibility for acquisition of space    surveillance, missile warning, and nav-
    USNORTHCOM generally operates               and missile systems with the addition      igation capabilities to our military
    through established Joint Task Forces       of the Space and Missile Systems Cen-      forces around the world. Space Force
    subordinate to the command. An emer-        ter. As space systems have matured,        Application involves maintaining and
    gency must exceed the capabilities of       space support to the warfighter has        operating a rapid response, land-
    local, state and federal agencies before    grown significantly as evidenced in        based ICBM force as the Air Force’s
    USNORTHCOM becomes involved. In             operations Desert Storm, Allied Force,     only on-alert strategic deterrent.
    most cases, support will be limited,        Enduring Freedom and most recently
    localized and specific. When the scope      Operation Iraqi Freedom.                   PEOPLE
    of the disaster is reduced to the point                                                Approximately 39,000 people, includ-
    that the primary federal agency can                                                    ing military, civilian and contractor
    again assume full control and manage-
                                                AFSPC is a major command and the Air       employees combine to perform
    ment without military assistance,                                                      AFSPC missions.
                                                Force component providing space and
    USNORTHCOM will exit, leaving the
                                                ICBM forces for USSTRATCOM. AFSPC
    on-scene experts to finish the job.
                                                also supports NORAD with ballistic         ORGANIZATION
                                                missile warning information, operates      Air Force Space Command has four
    AIR FORCE SPACE                             the Space Warfare Center to develop        Direct Reporting Units; two numbered
    COMMAND                                     space applications for direct warfighter   air forces and two centers. Fourteenth
    Air Force Space Command defends             support, and is responsible for DOD’s      Air Force provides space warfighting
    America through control and exploita-       ICBM force development evaluation          forces to U.S. Strategic Command and
    tion of space. These functions are per-     program. Air Force Space Command           is located at Vandenberg AFB, Calif.
    formed by space and intercontinental        makes space reliable for the warfighter    Fourteenth Air Force manages the gen-
    ballistic missile operations which are      by continuously improving the com-         eration and employment of space
    vital force elements in projecting global   mand’s ability to provide support to       forces to support U.S. Strategic Com-
    reach and global power.                     combat forces—assuring their access to     mand and North American Aerospace
                                                space. In addition, the command’s          Defense Command operational plans
    HISTORY                                     ICBM force deters any adversary con-       and missions. Located at F.E. Warren
    Air Force Space Command was                 templating the use of weapons of mass      AFB, Wyo., 20th Air Force provides
    established Sept. 1, 1982 with missile      destruction. AFSPC has five primary        continuous nuclear deterrence and

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      combat-ready missile forces. Twentieth       SPACE CAPABILITIES                          RESOURCES
      Air Force operates and maintains             Spacelift operations at the East and        AFSPC operates and supports the
      AFSPC’s ICBM weapon systems in               West Coast launch bases provide serv-       Global Positioning System, Defense
      support of USSTRATCOM war plans.             ices, facilities and range safety control   Satellite Communications Systems
      Space and Missile Systems Center at          for the conduct of DOD, National            Phase II and III, Defense Meteorologi-
      Los Angeles AFB, Calif., Designs,            Aeronautics and Space Administration        cal Support Program, Defense Support
      develops, and acquires all Air Force         and commercial launches. Through the        Program, and MILSTAR satellites. AFSPC
      and most DoD space systems. SMC              command and control of all DOD              currently operates the, Atlas V, Delta II,
      oversees launches, completes on-orbit        satellites, satellite operators provide     and Delta IV launch vehicles. Eastern
      checkouts, and then turns systems            force-multiplying effects—continuous        and Western Ranges provide radar,
      over to operational users. It supports       global coverage, low vulnerability, and     telemetry, communications and safety
      the Program Executive Office for Space       autonomous operations. Satellites pro-      support for all launch operations,
      on the NAVSTAR Global Positioning,           vide essential in-theater secure com-       including shuttle operations. AFSPC
      Defense Satellite Communications and         munications, weather, and navigational      operates the nation’s primary source of
      MILSTAR systems and the Air Force            data for ground, air, and fleet opera-      continuous, real-time solar flare warnings.
      Satellite Control Network. SMC also          tions, and threat warning.                  The command also operates worldwide
      supports the Evolved Expendable              Ground-based radar and Defense Sup-         networks of ground stations to provide
      Launch Vehicle, Defense Meteorolog-          port Program satellites monitor ballistic   communications links to satellites. These
      ical Satellite and Defense Support           missile launches around the world to        include the GPS Ground Network, the
      Programs, Advanced EHF, Wideband             guard against a surprise attack on          DSP Ground Network and the AFSCN.
      Gapfiller, and Space Based Infrared          North America.        Space surveillance    Ground-based radars used primarily for
      Programs. In addition, it supports           radars provide vital information on the     ballistic missile warning include the
      development and acquisition of land-         location of satellites and space debris     Ballistic Missile Early Warning System,
      based intercontinental ballistic missiles    for the nation and the world. With a        PAVE PAWS, and PARCS radars. The
      for the Air Force Program Executive          readiness rate above 99 percent, Amer-      Maui Optical Tracking Identification
      Office for Strategic Systems.                ica’s ICBM team plays a critical role in    Facility, Ground- based Electro-Optical
         Schriever AFB, Colo., plays a major       maintaining world peace and ensuring        Deep Space Surveillance System, and
      role in fully integrating space systems      the nation’s safety and security.           Eglin phased-array radar provide pri-
      into air, land and sea operations. Its                                                   mary space surveillance coverage. The
      force enhancement mission looks at                                                       ICBM force consists of Minuteman III
      ways to use space systems to support                                                     missiles that provide the critical com-
      warfighters in the areas of navigation,                                                  ponent of America’s on-alert strategic
      weather, intelligence, communications,                                                   forces. As the nation’s silent sentinels,
      and theater ballistic missile warning, and                                               ICBMs and the people who operate
      how these apply to theater operations.                                                   them have remained on continuous,
      The Space Warfare Center also develops                                                   around-the-clock alert since 1959—
      tactics, techniques and procedures for all                                               longer than any other U.S. strategic
      AFSPC current operations as well as for                                                  force. Approximately 500 ICBMs are
      future developmental programs.                                                           currently on alert in reinforced concrete
         AFSPC bases and stations include:                                                     launch facilities beneath the Great
      Cheyenne Mountain, Schriever, Peter-                                                     Plains. AFSPC is the Air Force’s lead
      son, and Buckley in Colorado; Los                                                        command for and largest operator of
      Angeles, Onizuka, and Vandenberg in                                                      UH-1N Huey helicopters. AFSPC uses
      California; Cape Canaveral and Patrick                                                   helicopters to support ICBM opera-
      in Florida; Minot and Cavalier in North                                                  tions at F.E. Warren, Malmstrom, and
      Dakota; F.E. Warren in Wyoming; Malm-                                                    Minot AFBs, as well as space and mis-
      strom, in Montana; Clear in Alaska; Cape                                                 sile launch operations at Vandenberg
      Cod in Massachusetts; New Boston in                                                      AFB. AFSPC is the Air Force lead
      New Hampshire; and Thule in Green-                                                       agent for a new mission area and
      land. Additionally, AFSPC conducts a                                                     exploitation of Joint Warfighting
      variety of missions from operational                                                     Space, specifically focused on Near-
      detachments around the globe.                Atlas V lifts off.                          Space (65,000-325,000ft). AFSPC is
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                                                                                                      provides assured communications for
                                                                                                      command and control, critical intelli-
                                                                                                      gence, video teleconferences, and
                                                                                                      logistics to U.S. warfighting forces—
                                                                                                      anywhere, anytime.
                                                                                                         The battalion manages, plans, and
                                                                                                      controls payloads to assure the reliability
                                                                                                      of the communications they provide to
                                                                                                      tactical and strategic warfighters. The
                                                                                                      battalion also operates and maintains
                                                                                                      five companies that operate DSCS con-
                                                                                                      trol facilities located around the world.
    Army Strategic Command Headquarters.                                                              1ST SPACE BATTALION’S support to
    rapidly fielding new capabilities in                   SPACE OPERATIONS                           the Army, joint, and coalition warfighter
    direct support of Operation Iraqi Free-                Since the first Gulf War, space Soldiers   spans the globe.
    dom and tactical commanders.                           have supported every major contin-         • The Army Space Support Company
                                                           gency operation with long haul com-          fields Army Space Support Teams to
    SMDC/ARMY FORCES                                       munications, satellite imagery, and          provide capabilities, expertise, and
                                                           early warning of missile launches.           products as the warfighter plans and
    STRATEGIC COMMAND                                                                                   executes the full spectrum of military
    The U.S. Army Space and Missile                        Space Soldiers are spread around the
                                                           globe providing flexible, reliable,          operations. The teams work closely
    Defense Command provides command                                                                    with the Army’s space operations
    and control to the 1st Space Brigade                   and pinpoint support to warfighters
                                                           and homeland defense against mis-            officers assigned to supported units.
    and the 100th Missile Defense Brigade                                                               This partnership provides the
    (Ground-based Midcourse Defense).                      sile attack.
                                                                                                        warfighter with the best possible
    SMDC also provides secure, space-                                                                   space support.
    based Blue Force Tracking and com-                     SPACE                                      • The Theater Missile Warning Com-
    munications planning through Regional                  1ST SPACE BRIGADE’S 1ST SATELLITE
                                                                                                        pany operates Joint Tactical Ground
    Satellite Communications Support Cen-                  CONTROL (SATCON) BATTALION
                                                                                                        Stations providing early warning of
    ters and the Spectral Operations                       operates and manages the Defense
                                                                                                        missile launches worldwide to
    Resource Center to Army forces and,                    Satellite Communications System
                                                                                                        deployed U.S. forces. The five
    upon request, to joint warfighters.                    Operations Centers. This system
                                                                                                        JTAGS systems are operated by joint
                                                                                                        Army/Navy crews and are a part of
                                                                                                        U.S. Strategic Command’s Tactical
                                                                                                        Event System.
                                                                                                      193RD SPACE BATTLION: This Col-
                                                                                                      orado Army National Guard battalion
                                                                                                      provides space-based support to des-
                                                                                                      ignated ground forces commanders
                                                                                                      in support of Army operations. This
                                                                                                      battalion demonstrates that citizen-
                                                                                                      Soldiers can bring space capabilities
                                                                                                      to the Army and leverages the
                                                                                                      expertise and experience in space
                                                                                                      that these citizen-Soldiers gain in
                                                                                                      their civilian jobs.

                                                                                                      MISSILE DEFENSE
                                                                                                      The 100th Missile Defense Brigade
                                                                                                      (Ground-based Midcourse Defense),
    JTAGS systems are operated by joint Army/Navy crews.                                              Colorado Army National Guard,

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      provides oversight of the Soldiers               In addition, CMOC also provides                On Sept. 11, 2001, Cheyenne
      trained to operate the nation’s limited       theater ballistic missile warning for          Mountain added another mission to its
      missile defense capability. The brigade       U.S. and allied forces.                        historic legacy in the defense of North
      comes under the overall direction of             In support of USSTRATCOM, CMOC              America. The terrorist attacks against
      the responsible combatant commander           provides a day-to-day picture of pre-          the United States marked the beginning
      during an operational mission.                cisely what is in space and where it is        of Operation Noble Eagle. Operation
         The 49th Missile Defense Battalion,        located. Space control operations              Noble Eagle is a homeland defense
      Alaska Army National Guard, pro-              include protection, prevention, and            mission incorporating NORAD’s mis-
      vides physical security and defense of        negation functions supported by the            sion of Aerospace Warning and Con-
      the interceptor site as well as opera-        surveillance of space.                         trol to include the monitoring of the
      tors who are trained to fire the mis-            CMOC is truly one of the most unique        interior airspace of Canada and the
      siles. The Soldiers who operate and           installations in the world. Apart from the     United States.
      maintain the missiles all undergo a           fact that it is housed 2,000 feet under-          Today, NORAD and CMOC stand
      strenuous course of education and             ground, CMOC is also different from            ready to assist the Federal Aviation
      training before being available for           most military units because it’s a joint and   Administration and Navigation Canada
      assignment to the missile site at Fort        bi-national military organization com-         in responding to any threatening or
      Greely, Alaska.                               prised of more than 200 professional men       hostile domestic aircraft.
         Working with USSTRATCOM, the               and women from the Army, Navy,                    Oct. 1, 2002, marked the welcoming
      Missile Defense Agency, the Army              Marine, Air Force, and Canadian Forces.        of two new commands, U.S. Northern
      National Guard, and many others,                 Operations are conducted in seven           Command and U.S. Strategic Com-
      SMDC is helping to develop a missile          centers manned 24 hours a day, 365             mand, to Cheyenne Mountain.
      defense capability. As the user and           days a year.                                      CMOC is responsible for providing
      operator of the Ground-based Mid-                The centers are the Space Control           support to USNORTHCOM’s mission
      course Defense capability, SMDC is            Center, Air Warning Center, Missile            of homeland defense and USSTRAT-
      contributing to ongoing developmental         Warning Center, Operational Intelli-           COM’s mission of space and missile
      efforts in planning and user refine-          gence Watch, Systems Center, Weather           warning, associated with the former
      ments and establishing the tactics,           Center, and the Command Center.                U.S. Space Command.
      techniques, and procedures with
      which it will be operated.

      The 21st Space Wing’s Cheyenne
      Mountain Air Force Station is host to
      four commands: NORAD-USNORTH-
          The Cheyenne Mountain Operations
      Center serves as the command center
      for NORAD-USNORTHCOM. It is the
      central collection and coordination
      center for a worldwide system of satel-
      lites, radars, and sensors that provide
      early warning of any missile, air or
      space threat to North America.
          Supporting the NORAD mission,
      CMOC provides warning of ballistic mis-
      sile or air attacks against North America,
      assists the air sovereignty mission for the
      United States and Canada, and, if neces-
      sary, serves as the focal point for air
      defense operations to counter enemy
      bombers or cruise missiles.                   Entrance to Cheyenne Mountain.

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              21 Space Wing
    21ST SPACE WING                               Force Base (AFB) MA, Beale AFB CA,         radar can electronically change its
    The 21st Space Wing is the Air Force’s        Cavalier Air Force Station (AFS) ND,       point of focus in milliseconds, while
    only organization providing missile           Thule Air Base (AB) Greenland, and         conventional dish-shaped radar may
    warning and space control to unified          Clear AFS AK. The wing has a liaison       take up to a minute to mechanically
    commanders and combat forces world-           at the missile warning site at Royal Air   swing from one area to another.
    wide. The 21st SW provides missile            Force (RAF) Fylingdales, UK as well.       Raytheon builds the PAVE PAWS radars,
    warning and space control to NORAD            All these sites provide continual space    and deployed the first AN/FPS-115
    and U.S. Strategic Command through a          control information as part of an inte-    model during the early 1980s. These
    network of command and control units          grated global network of missile warn-     roughly ninety-foot diameter circular-
    and ground and space-based sensors            ing systems. Missile warning data from     panel radars are mounted on two or
    operated by geographically separated          these sites are sent to U.S. Strategic     more walls of a triangular-shaped
    units around the world.                       Command’s (USSTRATCOM) Missile             pyramid structure. The antennas are
        Members of the 21st SW operate and        Correlation Center (MCC) at Cheyenne       designed to operate at a frequency of
    maintain a complex system of U.S. and         Mountain Air Station, CO. Data are also    420 to 450 MHz. PAVE PAWS radars can
    foreign-based radars. These space war-        sent to the National Military Command      detect and track targets at ranges
    riors detect and track ballistic missile      Center and USSTRATCOM’s Global             approaching 3,000 miles. There were
    launches; deployments of new space            Operations Center.                         originally four continental United
    systems; and provide data on foreign             Five of the missile warning sites       States (CONUS) sites. Two of the orig-
    ballistic missile events.                     employ a specific type of phased-array     inal CONUS sites, the 6th SWS at Cape
        Today, ballistic missile warning is       radar called the PAVE Phased-Array         Cod AFS, and the 7th SWS at Beale
    critically important to U.S. military         Warning System (PAVE PAWS). The            AFB, are still in operation, and their
    forces. At least 20 nations currently have    radar works by sending out a beam          radars were recently upgraded to the
    nuclear, biological, or chemical              formed from several transmitters           higher-power, more-capable AN/FPS-
    weapons, and the technology to deliver        eliminating the need to move or            123 model. The other two CONUS sites
    them over long distances. According to        rotate the radar. The PAVE PAWS            at Robins AFB, GA and Eldorado AFS,
    intelligence estimates, during the next
    10 years, several Third World countries
    will develop the technology and capa-
    bility to launch intercontinental ballistic
    missiles at the United States.                  21st SW
    Missile Warning                                 Mission
    The 21st SW’s ground-based missile
    warning sites all employ solid state            Provide combat
    phased-array radar systems. Their mis-          capabilities
    sion is to detect sea-launched ballistic
    missile (SLBM) and intercontinental bal-        through missile
    listic missile (ICBM) attacks against the       warning, space
    continental United States and Canada,
    and determine the potential number              control, and
    and probable destination of these mis-          expeditionary forces
    siles. The wing has Space Warning
    Squadrons (SWS) at Cape Cod Air                 of globally based units.


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      TX have now ceased operations. The          vitally important in supporting future      weighing several tons to pieces of
      radar from Eldorado AFS was relocated       theater missile operations and assuring     spent rocket bodies weighing only 10
      to the 13th SWS at Clear AFS, replacing     availability of U.S. space forces. Oper-    pounds. Only about seven percent of
      the older Ballistic Missile Early Warning   ation Iraqi Freedom proved once again       the space objects are operational satel-
      System (BMEWS) mechanical radar             that whoever controls the high ground       lites; the rest are debris. USSTRATCOM
      there. The Clear AFS PAVE PAWS radar        has definite military advantage. Space      is primarily interested in the active
      also has been upgraded to the               surveillance involves detecting, track-     satellites, but also tracks space debris
      AN/FPS-123 model. Similar PAVE PAWS         ing, cataloging, and identifying man-       to avoid collisions with operational
      radars replaced the BMEWS mechani-          made objects orbiting Earth, i.e.           satellites. The SSN tracks space objects
      cal radars at the 12th SWS at Thule AB,     active/inactive satellites, spent rocket    which are 10 centimeters in diameter
      and at Fylingdales. Thule AB received       bodies, or fragmentation debris. Space      (baseball size) or larger.
      an AN/FPS-120 model, while RAF              surveillance accomplishes the following:        The SSN uses a “predictive” tech-
      Fylingdales received an AN/FPS-126          • Predicts when and where a decaying        nique to monitor space objects; it spot
      model. The AN/FPS-126 is unique,               space object will re-enter the Earth’s   checks them rather than tracking them
      having three radar faces covering 360          atmosphere;                              continually. This technique is used
      degrees in azimuth, while the AN/           • Prevents a returning space object,        because of the limits of the SSN
      FPS-120 and AN/FPS-123 models each             which to radar looks like a missile,     (number of sensors, geographic dis-
      have two radar faces covering 240              from triggering a false alarm in mis-    tribution, capability, and availability).
      degrees in azimuth. Even though none           sile-attack warning sensors of the       Below is a brief description of each
      of the BMEWS radars are still in opera-        U.S. and other countries;                type of sensor in the network.
      tion, for programmatic reasons Thule        • Charts the present position of space          Phased-array radars can maintain
      AB is still referred to as BMEWS Site I,       objects and plots their anticipated      tracks on multiple satellites simultane-
      Clear AFS is referred to at BMEWS Site         orbital paths;                           ously and scan large areas of space in
      II, and Fylingdales is referred to as       • Detects new man-made objects in           a fraction of a second. These radars
      BMEWS Site III.                                space;                                   have no moving mechanical parts to
          The 10th SWS at Cavalier AFS ND,        • Produces a running catalog of man-        limit the speed of the radar scan; the
      uses a slightly different type of phased-      made space objects;                      radar energy is steered electronically.
      array radar called a Perimeter Attack       • Determines which country owns a               Conventional radars use mobile
      Radar Characterization System, or              re-entering space object;                detection and tracking antennas. The
      PARCS. Its single face points north-        • Informs NASA whether or not objects       detection antenna transmits radar
      ward over the Hudson Bay, covering             may interfere with the Space Shuttle     energy into space in the shape of a
      120 degrees in azimuth. It provides            and International Space Station.         large fan. When a satellite intersects
      tactical warning, and attack characteri-    These tasks are accomplished using the      the fan the energy is reflected back to
      zation and assessment of SLBMs and          Space Surveillance Network (SSN),           the antenna, triggering the tracking
      ICBMs. This includes the number and         which consists of U.S. Army, Navy and       antenna. The tracking antenna then
      types of missiles in a raid, and the        Air Force-operated, ground-based radars     locks its narrow beam of energy on the
      earliest and next impact times for          and optical sensors at roughly 20 sites     target and follows it in order to estab-
      locations in the continental U.S. It is     worldwide. The 21st SW operates and/or      lish orbital data.
      the only missile warning sensor that        has a presence at 12 of these sites.            The Ground-Based Electro-Optical
      reports this type of information.               The SSN has been tracking space         Deep Space Surveillance System
                                                  objects since 1957 when the Soviets         (GEODSS) consists of three telescope
      Space Control                               opened the space age with the launch        sensors linked to a video camera.
      Space control is defined as the combat,     of Sputnik I. Since then, the SSN has       The video cameras feed their space
      combat support, and combat service          tracked more than 24,500 space objects      pictures into a nearby computer
      support operations necessary to             orbiting Earth. Of that number, the SSN     which drives a display scope. The
      ensure freedom of action in space for       currently tracks more than 9,500 orbit-     image is transposed into electrical
      the United States and its allies and,       ing objects. The rest have re-entered       impulses and recorded on magnetic
      when directed, to deny an adversary         Earth’s turbulent atmosphere and dis-       tape. This is the same process used
      freedom of action in space. Space sur-      integrated, or survived re-entry and        by video cameras. Thus, the image
      veillance is a critical part of the 21st    impacted the Earth. The space objects       can be recorded and analyzed in
      SW’s space control mission and will be      now orbiting Earth range from satellites    real-time.

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        Combined, these types of sensors          forces. The Commander, Joint Space                 AN/FPS-85 was the first phased-array
    make up to 80,000 satellite observations      Operations, who is also the 14th AF                radar developed to perform all-
    each day; the observations consist of         CC, leads the JSpOC and in this role               weather, day-night detection and
    metric data and Space Object Identifica-      reports to the JFCC SGS/CC. This struc-            tracking of man-made objects in
    tion (SOI) data. Metric data are posi-        ture enables AFSPC to present all space            space. The AN/FPS-85 covers 120
    tional data on Earth orbiting objects.        C2 capabilities to USSTRATCOM                      degrees in azimuth and more than
    Photometric SOI is the analysis of the        through a more integrated organiza-                22,000 nautical miles in range.
    total intensity of the reflected light from   tional structure and achieve operational               The 20th SPCS’s DET 1 in Dahlgren
    the observed satellite. The SOI data are      synergies through a single operations              VA, operates another dedicated sensor
    sent to the USTRATCOM Joint Intelli-          center focused on joint space com-                 called the Air Force Surveillance Sys-
    gence Center (JIC) at Offut AFB, NE.          mand and control. The 21 OG still                  tem, also known as “the Fence.” The
    The metric data are transmitted directly      operates the Alternate Space Control               Navy, the original operators of the
    to the Joint Space Operations Center          Center at Dahlgren, VA.                            Fence, transferred operations to the Air
    (JSpOC), formerly the Space Control               The 21st SW’s radar sites at Beale,            Force in October 2004. Designed and
    Center (SCC), at Cheyenne Mountain            Cape Cod, Clear, Thule, Fylingdales,               constructed in 1958, the Fence is the
    AFS, CO via satellite, ground wire,           and Cavalier support the SSN by pro-               nation’s oldest sensor built to track
    microwave and phone. The JSpOC                viding surveillance, tracking, and SOI             satellites and debris in orbit. The sys-
    uses metric data for all the space situ-      data on near-earth objects at a range of           tem has nine field stations along the
    ational awareness purposes listed in          nearly 3000 nautical miles. Since space            33rd parallel with three transmitter sites
    bullets above, one of which is shuttle        surveillance is their secondary mission,           at Lake Kickapoo, TX, Jordan Lake, AL,
    conjunction assessment. The JSpOC             these sites are called collateral sites.           and Gila River, AZ, and six receiver
    also maintains an extensive satellite         The 21st SW also operates six dedicated            sites at Fort Stewart, GA, Hawkinsville,
    catalog that is used by U.S. civilian         sites in the SSN whose primary mission             GA, Silver Lake, MS, Red River, AR,
    and military agencies, as well as by          is space surveillance. These sites are the         Elephant Butte, NM, and San Diego,
    U.S. allies, when launching new satel-        20th Space Control Squadron (SPCS) at              CA. The field stations comprise a bi-
    lites into space.                             Eglin AFB, FL, the 20th SPCS Detach-               static radar that points straight up into
        Until recently, the 1 Space Control       ment (DET) 1 at Dahlgren, VA, and the              space and produces a “fence” of elec-
    Squadron (SPCS) operated the SCC,             four 21st OG detachments: DET 1 at                 tromagnetic energy. The system can
    the Cheyenne Mountain AFS center              Socorro, NM, DET 2 at Diego Garcia,                detect basketball-sized objects in orbit
    that provides daily tasking to the SSN        British Indian Ocean Territories, DET 3            around the Earth out to an effective
    sensors for USSTRATCOM’s space sur-           at Maui, HI, and DET 4 at Moron, Spain.            range of 15,000 nautical miles. Over 5
    veillance and space defense mission.              The 20th SPCS provides space sur-              million satellite detections, or observa-
    On 1 May 05, 1 SPCS was transferred           veillance using the only active                    tions, are collected by the Fence sensor
    from the 21 Operations Group (OG) to          phased-array radar system dedicated                each month. Data are transmitted to a
    the 614 Space Operations Group                to tracking over 8,300 near-earth and              computer center at Dahlgren, where
    (SOPG). This aligned the space sur-           deep-space objects. Commencing                     they are used to constantly update a
    veillance C2 capability with the 614          operation in December 1968, the                    database of spacecraft orbital elements.
    SOPG’s broader operational level C2
    responsibilities in the 14 AF Air and
    Space Operations Center (Space
    AOC). The 614 SOPG provides the 14
    AF Space AOC command and control
    of assigned and attached AFSPC space
    forces in support of USSTRATCOM’s
    global and theater space missions.
    The Space AOC has now become the
    Joint Space Operations Center
    (JSpOC), the USSTRATCOM/Joint
    Functional Component Commander
    Space and Global Strike (JFCC SGS)
    operations center that will exercise
    command and control of joint space            Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., is home to the 20th Space Control Squadron.

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      20th SPCS, DET 1 also operates the
      Alternate Space Control Center (ASCC),
      which serves as the backup computa-
      tional and command and control node
      for the JSpOC at Cheyenne Mountain.
         The 21st SW also controls and
      operates four dedicated optical space
      tracking sites as well. Three of the
      sites are part of the Ground-Based
      Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveil-
      lance system, or GEODSS: DET 1,
      Socorro, NM; DET 2, Diego Garcia,
      British Indian Ocean Territories; and
      DET 3 at Maui, HI. Like the other sen-
      sors in the SSN, GEODSS provides
      metric data to the JSpOC at Cheyenne
      Mountain and ASCC, and photometric
      SOI data to the JIC.                          21st SW Headquarters Building.
         GEODSS is an optical system that
      uses a low-light level TV cameras,            While resources for the space surveil-        deployable space surveillance systems
      computers and large telescopes.               lance piece of the space control mis-         supporting theater commanders. It also
      GEODSS tracks objects in deep space,          sion have been around for over forty          conducts world-wide operations pro-
      or from about 2600 nautical miles out,        years, the DoD is still in the early stages   viding critical space surveillance
      to beyond geosynchronous altitudes,           of developing counterspace measures.          capabilities and data to the National
      more than 19,000 nautical miles out.          Counterspace operations are critical to       Command Authorities, 14th Air Force,
      GEODSS requires nighttime and clear           success in modern warfare. Combatant          and squadron elements.
      weather tracking because of the inher-        commanders leverage space capabili-              The 76th SPCS at Peterson AFB, CO.,
      ent limitations of an optical system.         ties such as communication, position,         is Air Force Space Command’s first
      Each site has three telescopes. The tel-      navigation, timing, missile warning,          counterspace operations squadron
      escopes have a 40-inch aperture and a         environmental sensing, and reconnais-         responsible for operating space control
      two-degree field of view. The tele-           sance to maintain a combat advantage          capabilities to rapidly achieve flexible
      scopes are able to “see” objects 10,000       over their adversaries. As demonstrated       and versatile space superiority in support
      times dimmer than the human eye can           by the Iraqi deployment of Global Posi-       of theater campaigns. The unit employs
      detect. This sensitivity, and the fact        tioning System (GPS) jammers during           the world-wide deployable Counter-
      that the daytime sky background               Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, adver-               Communications System (CCS) to tem-
      masks satellites’ reflected light, dictates   saries will target space capabilities in      porarily disrupt and deny an enemy’s
      that the system operate at night. As          an attempt to deny that combat advan-         satellite communications capability.
      with any ground-based optical system,         tage. The U.S. must also be prepared
      cloud cover and local weather condi-          to deprive an adversary of the benefits       WING OPERATIONS CENTER
      tions directly influence its effective-       of space capabilities when American           The 21st Space Wing’s Operations Cen-
      ness. GEODSS employs Sidereal and             interests and lives are at stake. The         ter is the Air Force’s only Missile Warn-
      Rate track to perform its Space Surveil-      space superiority mission ensures the         ing Sensor Management/Command
      lance Mission. In Sidereal track the tel-     freedom to operate in the space medium        and Control organization, responsible
      escopes scan the sky at the same rate         while denying the same to an adversary        for space weapons systems in 44 units
      as the stars appear to move. In Rate          and, like air superiority, cannot be taken    at 26 locations in four countries. The
      Track telescopes follow the path of the       for granted. The 4th SPCS at Holloman         center provides immediate global and
      satellite as it passes overhead.              AFB, NM, and the 76th SPCS at Peterson        theater missile warning sensor manage-
         DET 4 operates the $5M state-of-the-       AFB, CO are vital to guaranteeing U.S.        ment to NORAD, the Joint Chiefs of
      art Morón Optical Space Surveillance          space superiority.                            Staff, unified commanders, and combat
      System (MOSS), another optical tele-             The 4th SPCS, Holloman AFB NM,             forces worldwide.
      scope that detects and tracks earth-          controls, employs, and maintains sev-            The center also provides the wing
      orbiting objects in deep space.               eral mission-ready and next generation        commander command and control of

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    assigned missile warning units and           Japanese aircraft destroyed in the air,                  a maintenance support team to North
    space assets, as well as real-time config-   46 on the ground and 62 damaged air-                     Field, S.C., where they flew for more
    urations and contingencies to maintain       craft. The group also produced two                       than a month.
    operational and system capabilities and      aces: Maj. Harry C. Crimp Jr. and Capt.                     In November 1954, the 21st FBW
    required peacetime and wartime tasking.      Willis Mathews.                                          moved to Chamblee AB, France,
                                                    In December 1945, the 21st Fighter                    where it stayed until it inactivated in
                                                 Group moved to Isle Field, Sampan,                       February 1958. Its people and equip-
    21ST SPACE WING                              then to Northwest Field, Guam. In                        ment were transferred to other Air
    HERITAGE                                     Guam, it switched to the P-47N Thun-                     Force units in Europe.
    The 21st Space Wing’s heritage dates to      derbolt. The group inactivated there in
    World War II when the 21st Bombard-          October 1946.                                            KOREAN WAR ERA
    ment Group activated in February 1942                                                                 The 21st FBW was re-designated as the
    at Bowman Field, Ky. Thereafter, the                                                                  21st Tactical Fighter Wing, activated at
    group relocated successively to Jackson
                                                 POST-WORLD WAR II
                                                 The establishment of the Air Force in                    Misawa AB, Japan, and assigned to 5th
    Army Air Base, Miss.; Columbia Army                                                                   Air Force in July 1958.
                                                 1947 brought about many changes.
    Air Base, S.C.; Key Field, Miss.; and                                                                    Its new mission involved the aerial
                                                 The new standard organizational unit
    MacDill Field, Fla.                                                                                   defense of northern Japan and strategic
                                                 became the wing instead of the previ-
        The 21st Bombardment Group first                                                                  bombardment in support of 5th Air
                                                 ous organizational standard, the group.
    trained on B-25 bombers, then converted                                                               Force contingency plans in Korea.
                                                    The Air Force wanted to preserve
    to B-26s. The group largely served as an                                                              They flew F-84G Thunder jets and T-33
                                                 the lineage and honors of distinguished
    operational training unit assigned to 3rd                                                             Shooting Stars. Later that year, the wing
                                                 Air Groups of World War II, thus the
    Air Force; however, while at MacDill,                                                                 converted to F-100 Super Sabres.
                                                 21st numerical designation was granted
    from June 1942 to October 1943, the
                                                 to the newly formed 21st Fighter-
    21st Bombardment Group also carried                                                                   VIETNAM WAR ERA
                                                 Bomber Wing activated at George AFB,
    out anti-submarine patrols over the                                                                   The wing was inactivated in June 1960.
                                                 Calif., in January 1953, flying P-51 Mus-
    Caribbean Sea. The 21st Bombardment                                                                   All people and equipment were trans-
                                                 tangs for six months before transition-
    Group inactivated Oct. 10, 1943.                                                                      ferred to the 39th Air Division at Mis-
                                                 ing to F-86 Sabres.
        The lineage of the 21st continued                                                                 awa AB, Japan.
                                                    While at George, they tested a new
    with the 21st Fighter-Bomber Group                                                                       Six years later, in July the 21st Com-
                                                 concept of tactical air deployment
    activated in April 1944. Initially, the                                                               posite Wing activated at Elmendorf
                                                 involving moving three squadrons and
    group had three squadrons: the 46th,
    72nd and 531st Fighter Squadrons, all
    flying the P-39Q Air Cobras. Two
    months later, the group converted to
    P-38J/L Lightning’s and was attached
    to the 7th Fighter Wing to defend the
    Hawaiian Islands. It was re-designated
    the 21st Fighter Group in December
    1944 and converted to P-51D Mus-
    tangs shortly before moving to Iwo
    Jima in March 1945.
        Four months later, the 21st flew its
    first combat mission, escorting a forma-
    tion of Bomber Command B-29s to
    attack the heavily defended Nakajima
    aircraft factory near Tokyo. The group
    flew 48 sorties and claimed eight
    enemy aircraft kills. From then until
    August 1945, the group flew 33 long-
    range missions against Japan.
        During 816 combat sorties, the 21st
    Fighter Group’s pilots scored 58             B - 25s parked at Peterson’s airfield during World War II.

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      AFB, Alaska. Operational units included      transferring to the 137th Space Warning      2002, as the host unit for Thule Air
      the 17th Troop Carrier Squadron, flying      Squadron of the Colorado Air National        Base—the northernmost U.S. base. In
      C-130s; the 317th Fighter Interceptor        Guard. Further, the 17th Space Surveil-      the fall of 2004, the wing acquired a new
      Squadron, flying the F-102A, TF-102A,        lance Squadron inactivated at RAF            space surveillance system, formerly
      T-33 and EB-57E; and the 21st Oper-          Edzell, part of its system transferring to   known as the Navy Fence.
      ations Squadron, flying the C-118A,          RAF Feltwell.                                   As of fall 2004, the wing is com-
      C-123B, EC-54D and CH-21B. The                  Despite these losses, the 21st            prised of six groups and 44 units at 26
      317th FIS was inactivated in Decem-          remained, in organizational terms, the       locations in four countries, making it
      ber 1969.                                    largest wing in the Air Force. Recog-        the Air Force’s most geographically dis-
          In June 1970, the 43rd Tactical          nizing the need for a second opera-          persed wing.
      Fighter Squadron arrived from MacDill        tional group to handle the prolific
      AFB, Fla. The wing’s newest flying           number of worldwide sites, the Air           21ST OPERATIONS GROUP
      squadron brought 18 F-4E Phantoms,           Force activated the 821st Space Group        The 21st OG commands and controls
      which began alert duties at Elmendorf        on May 31, 1996, at Buckley Air              all of the 21st SW’s 15 operational units
      AFB, King Salmon Airport, Galena Air-        National Guard Base in Denver, Colo.,        and detachments; all but two of the
      port, and Eielson AFB, Alaska.               and assigned the unit to the 21st            21st OG’s units are Geographically
          The 21st Composite Wing again            Space Wing.                                  Separated Units (GSU). The group is
      became known as the 21st Tactical               In 1997, the 21st inactivated the 19th    Air Force Space Command’s largest,
      Fighter Wing in October 1979.                Space Surveillance Squadron, closing a       most weapon-system diverse, and most
          The 21st TFW underwent an                long association with Turkey. Detach-        widespread. Its mission is to provide
      extreme reorganization in March 1982.        ment 1, 3rd Space Surveillance               real-time missile warning, attack
      The Air Force replaced the wing’s F-4s       Squadron, also inactivated in Korea.         assessment, and space control to the
      with F-15s and A-10s.                        However, the wing added a new loca-          President, Secretary of Defense, JCS,
          In January 1982, the 18th Tactical       tion in Europe when Detachment 4,            combatant commands, and foreign
      Fighter Squadron moved to Eielson            18th Space Surveillance Squadron, acti-      allies.      The group also establishes
      assigned to the 343rd Composite Wing,        vated at Moron AB, Spain. This year          operational requirements and manages
      flying the A-10, while the 43rd TFS          saw the end of the wing’s flying mis-        the training, and standardization and
      maintained its air superiority role with     sion when the 84th Airlift Flight trans-     evaluation programs for their weapon
      the F-15 fighter.                            ferred to Air Material Command.              systems. This comprises conducting
          In 1987, the 21st TFW also gained the       Further downsizing transpired in          command-directed evaluations and
      54th TFS, which flew the F-15 as well.       1998. The 21st Medical Group trans-          staff assistance visits. Additionally, the
          In May 1991, the wing received its       ferred to the 10th Medical Group at          21st OG develops and maintains oper-
      first F-15E Strike Eagle and activated its   the United States Air Force Academy,         ational procedures and regulations for
      third flying squadron, the 90th TFS. In      which has subsequently rejoined the          all its field units.
      February 1992, the wing inactivated as       wing. The 2nd Command and Control                The 21st Operations Group
      part of an Air Force-wide restructuring.     Squadron was reassigned to 14th Air          includes:
                                                   Force and the 821st Logistics Squadron
      SPACE MISSION                                inactivated. Given these losses, the         • The 21st Operations Group Standard-
      The wing was activated again in May          21st became only the second largest            ization and Evaluation Division
      1992 at Peterson. At that time, elements     wing in the United States Air Force;         • The 21st Operations Support
      of the 1st Space Wing and 3rd Space          however, remained the most geo-                Squadron
      Support Wing were combined to fulfill        graphically dispersed.                       • Five missile warning squadrons
      AFSPC’s attack warning mission and to           The wing became smaller in 1999           • One Liaison at Royal Air Force (RAF)
      serve as the host unit for Peterson.         when the 3 CACS and 5th Space Warn-            Fylingdales
         In April 1995, the wing assumed the       ing Squadrons inactivated and the            • Five space control detachments
      space control mission and added the          721st Mobile Command and Control             • Three space control squadrons
      former 73rd Space Group, the 721st           Squadron transferred to 20th Air Force.
      Space Group, and Cheyenne Mountain           These losses were partially offset when      Standardization and
      AFS to its mission responsibilities.         the 76th Space Operations Squadron           Evaluation Division
      Reorganization continued into 1996.          joined the wing in 2000.                     The 21st Operations Group Standard-
      The 4th Space Warning Squadron inac-            The 821st Air Base Group, Thule Air       ization and Evaluation Division moni-
      tivated at Holloman AFB, with assets         Base, Greenland, was activated in June       tors the wing’s space operations and

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                                                                                           world-wide operations providing critical
                                                                                           space surveillance capabilities and data
                                                                                           to the National Command Authorities,
                                                                                           14th Air Force, and squadron elements.

                                                                                           6TH SPACE WARNING
                                                                                           The primary mission of the 6th Space
                                                                                           Warning Squadron, Cape Cod AFS,
                                                                                           MA, is to guard the U.S. East Coast
                                                                                           against SLBMs and ICBMs. The unit
                                                                                           is a GSU of the 21st OG operating the
                                                                                           PAVE PAWS radar system. Raytheon
                                                                                           builds PAVE PAWS, and deployed the
                                                                                           first AN/FPS-115 model during the
                                                                                           early 1980s. These ninety-foot diame-
                                                                                           ter circular-panel radars are mounted
                                                                                           on two walls of a triangular-shaped
                                                                                           pyramid structure covering 240
                                                                                           degrees in azimuth. The antennas are
    periodically conducts Operations Stan-       • Manages the 21st SW’s weapons and       designed to operate at a frequency of
    dardization Team visits at its GSUs.           tactics, warfighter education, and      420 to 450 MHz. PAVE PAWS radars
    Operations assessments are provided            combat systems improvement and          can detect and track targets at ranges
    to the GSU, group, and wing com-               integration programs                    approaching 3,000 miles. The radar at
    mander. The division also selects the        • Oversees, standardizes, and provides    Cape Cod AFS was recently upgraded
    21st Space Wing’s Top Operations               guidance for all 21 SW operations       to the higher-power, more-capable
    Crew, Top Instructor and Evaluator of          training programs                       AN/FPS-123 model. The site provides
    the Year, and operations competitors         • Manages Peterson AFB’s airfield         continual space control information
    for Guardian Challenge, AFSPC’s bi-            operations and provides flight          as part of an integrated global net-
    annual competition to determine the            records management services             work of missile warning systems.
    best operators and units in missile          • Provides 24 X 7 solar and aviation      Missile warning data from the 6th
    warning and space control.                     weather support for North American      SWS are sent to the MCC at Cheyenne
                                                   Aerospace       Defense    Command      Mountain Air Station, CO. Data are
    THE 21ST OPERATIONS                            (NORAD), USNORTHCOM, 21st SW,           also sent to the National Military
                                                   and Peterson Complex tenant units       Command Center and USSTATCOM.
    SUPPORT SQUADRON                             • Provides intelligence and administra-
    The 21st Operations Support Squadron                                                   Being a collateral sensor in the SSN,
                                                   tive support to 21st SW, 21st OG, and   6th SWS has a secondary mission of
    provides day-to-day operations support
                                                   operations squadron commanders          space surveillance. The site detects
    for Air Force Space Command’s world-
    wide network of 15 ground-based mis-                                                   and tracks near-earth objects at a
    sile warning, space surveillance, and        4TH SPACE CONTROL                         range of nearly 3000 nautical miles,
    space control units and accomplishes         SQUADRON                                  and sends its observations to the
    the following:                               The 4th SPCS, Holloman AFB NM, pro-       JSpOC at Cheyenne Mountain. The
    • Provides oversight, support, and           vides space surveillance capabilities     site also provides SOI data to the JIC
       guidance for all force structure, test-   for the National Command Authorities      at Offutt AFB, NE.
       ing, and system modification actions      and unified commanders worldwide.
       involving 21st SW operational units       The squadron is a GSU assigned to the     7TH SPACE WARNING
    • Provides real-world and exercise Bat-      21st OG. The 4th SPCS controls,           SQUADRON
       tle Staff support to 21st SW leadership   employs, and maintains several mission-   The 7th SWS at Beale AFB, CA, a GSU
    • Provides Configuration Management          ready and next generation deployable      assigned to the 21st OG, operates the
       for software and hardware changes         space surveillance systems supporting     PAVE PAWS radar and provides 24-
       to 21st SW operational systems            theater commanders. It also conducts      hour coverage over the Pacific Ocean,

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      executing its primary missions of Mis-      Cheyenne Mountain Air Station CO.           contributes to the space control mis-
      sile Warning and Ground-based Mid-          This information is also sent to the        sion by tracking the more than 9,500
      course Defense against SLBM and             National Military Command Center and        man-made objects currently orbiting
      ICBM threats. Raytheon builds the           USSTRATCOM. Being a collateral sensor       the Earth as part of the SSN. The
      PAVE PAWS radars, and deployed the          in the SSN, 10 SWS also has a secondary     squadron provides metric data and SOI
      first AN/FPS-115 model during the early     mission of space surveillance. The site     to the JSpOC and JIC respectively. The
      1980s. These ninety-foot diameter cir-      detects and tracks 9,500 near-earth man-    site operates a specific type of phased-
      cular-panel radars are mounted on two       made objects at a range of nearly 3000      array RADAR called PAVE PAWS.
      walls of a triangular-shaped pyramid        nautical miles for the JSpOC at             Raytheon builds the PAVE PAWS radars,
      structure covering 240 degrees in           Cheyenne Mountain. The site also pro-       and deployed the first AN/FPS-115
      azimuth. The antennas are designed to       vides space object identification data to   model during the early 1980s. These
      operate at a frequency of 420 to 450        the JIC at Offut AFB, NE. The 10th SWS      ninety-foot diameter circular-panel
      MHz. PAVE PAWS radars can detect and        is another GSU of the 21st OG.              radars are mounted on two walls of a
      track targets at ranges approaching                                                     triangular-shaped pyramid structure
      3,000 miles. The radar at Beale AFB                                                     covering 240 degrees in azimuth. The
      was recently upgraded to the higher-        12TH SPACE WARNING                          antennas are designed to operate at a
      power, more-capable AN/FPS-123              SQUADRON                                    frequency of 420 to 450 MHz. PAVE
      model. The site provides continual          The 12th SWS, Thule AB Greenland,           PAWS radars can detect and track tar-
      space control information as part of an     the 21st OG’s northern-most GSU, pro-       gets at ranges approaching 3,000 miles.
      integrated global network of missile        vides tactical detection, warning and       The AN/FPS-120 model, which has two
      warning systems. Missile warning data       tracking of intercontinental and sea-       radar faces covering 240 degrees in
      from the 7th SWS are sent to the MCC        launched ballistic missile attacks and      azimuth, replaced the BMEWS mechan-
      at Cheyenne Mountain Air Station, CO.,      forwards that information to the MCC        ical radar at Thule. However, for pro-
      the National Military Command Center        at Cheyenne Mountain AFS, CO, the           grammatic reasons, Thule AB is still
      and USSTRATCOM. Being a collateral          President, SECDEF, JCS, NORAD,              referred to as BMEWS Site I. Clear AFS
      sensor in the SSN, 7 SWS also has a sec-    National Military Command Center,           is BMEWS Site II, and Fylingdales is
      ondary mission of space surveillance.       and unified commands. The unit also         BMEWS Site III.
      The site detects and tracks near-earth
      objects at a range of nearly 3000 nauti-
      cal miles for the JSpOC at Cheyenne
      Mountain. The site also provides SOI
      data to the JIC at Offutt AFB, NE.

      The 10th SWS at Cavalier AFS ND, uses
      a type of radar called a Perimeter Attack
      RADAR Characterization System, or
      PARCS. Its single-faced phased-array
      radar is pointed northward over the
      Hudson Bay covering 120 degrees in
      azimuth. It provides tactical warning,
      and attack characterization and assess-
      ment of SLBM and ICBM attack against
      the United States and Canada. This
      includes the number and types of mis-
      siles in a raid, and the earliest/next
      impact times for locations in the con-
      tinental U.S. It is the only missile
      warning sensor that reports this type
      of information to the MCC at                Thule AB in Greenland.

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                                                                                                  degrees in azimuth and in excess of
                                                                                                  22,000 nautical miles in range. The
                                                                                                  squadron also supports USSTRATCOM
                                                                                                  and theater warfighter requirements
                                                                                                  through continuous detection, identifi-
                                                                                                  cation, and reporting of orbital satellite
                                                                                                  positional and SOI data.
                                                                                                  20TH SPACE CONTROL SQUADRON
                                                                                                  Det 1, in Dahlgren, Va., operates
                                                                                                  another dedicated sensor of the SSN
                                                                                                  called the Air Force Surveillance Sys-
                                                                                                  tem, also known as “the Fence.” The
                                                                                                  Navy, the original operators of the
                                                                                                  Fence, transferred operations to the Air
                                                                                                  Force in October 2004. Designed and
                                                                                                  constructed in 1958, the Fence is the
                                                                                                  nation’s oldest sensor built to track
    Clear Air Force Base is home to the 13 Space Warning Squadron.
                                                                                                  satellites and debris in orbit. The sys-
                                                                                                  tem has nine field stations located
    13TH SPACE WARNING                               AN/FPS-123 model radar was originally        along the 33rd parallel with three trans-
    SQUADRON                                         located at Eldorado Air Station, TX as       mitter sites at Lake Kickapoo, TX, Jor-
    The primary mission of the 13th Space            part of the PAVE PAWS program and was        dan Lake, AL, and Gila River, AZ, and
    Warning Squadron, located at Clear               transplanted to Alaska in 2001 to replace    six receiver sites at Fort Stewart, GA,
    AFS, is to provide early warning of              the U.S.’s last mechanical missile warning   Hawkinsville, GA, Silver Lake, MS, Red
    ICBMs and SLBMS to the NORAD’s                   radar site. The radar system has two         River, AK, Elephant Butte, NM, and San
    MCC located at Cheyenne Mountain                 faces which together form a coverage         Diego, CA. The field stations comprise
    AFS, CO. Its secondary mission is to             area 240 degrees wide and 3,000 miles        a bi-static radar that points straight up
    provide space surveillance data on               deep into space. The coverage extends        into space and produces a “fence” of
    earth-orbiting objects to the JSpOC also         from the Arctic Ocean all the way to the     electromagnetic energy. The system
    located in the Cheyenne Mountain                 West Coast of the lower 48 states. For       can detect basketball-sized objects in
    Complex. Because of its excellent                programmatic reason, Clear is still          orbit around the Earth out to an effec-
    tracking capabilities, this type of radar        referred to as BMEWS Site II. Thule AB       tive range of 15,000 nautical miles.
    is very useful for tracking near-earth           is BMEWS Site I, and Fylingdales is          Over 5 million satellite detections, or
    satellites. The data they generate               BMEWS Site III. The 13th SWS is              observations, are collected by the sur-
    ensures the JSpOC is able to accurately          another GSU of the 21st OG.                  veillance sensor each month. Data col-
    keep track of more than 9,500 objects                                                         lected by the Fence is transmitted to a
    in orbit. This allows them to keep               20TH SPACE CONTROL                           computer center at Dahlgren, where it
    manned objects, like the Space Shuttle           SQUADRON                                     is used to constantly update a database
    and International Space Station, out of          The 20th SPCS, Eglin AFB, FL, a GSU          of spacecraft orbital elements. 20th
    harm’s way and to closely monitor                assigned to the 21st OG, operates and        SPCS, DET 1 also operates the ASCC,
    objects re-entering the atmosphere,              maintains the Air Forces’ only phased-       which serves as the backup computa-
    which might impact populated areas.              array space surveillance radar system        tional, and command and control node
       The 13th SWS accomplishes these               dedicated to tracking more than 8,300        for JSpOC at Cheyenne Mountain.
    missions using a solid state phased-array        near-earth and deep-space objects as
    radar, which is housed in a triangular-          part of the SSN. Commencing opera-           76th SPACE CONTROL
    shaped 11 story building on site.                tion in December 1968, the AN/FPS-85         SQUADRON
    Raytheon builds the PAVE PAWS radars,            PAVE PAWS model was the first                The 76th SPCS at Peterson AFB, CO, is
    and deployed the first AN/FPS-115                phased-array radar developed to per-         Air Force Space Command’s first
    model during the early 1980s. The                form all-weather, day-night detection        offensive and defensive counterspace
    antennas are designed to operate at a            and tracking of man-made objects in          technology squadron responsible for
    frequency of 420 to 450 MHz. The                 space. The AN/FPS-85 covers 120              operating space control capabilities to

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      rapidly achieve flexible and versatile     GEODSS: DET 1, Socorro, NM; DET 2,            NORAD and HQ AFSPC), Cheyenne
      space superiority in support of theater    Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean            Mountain AFS, Schriever AFB, and 26
      campaigns. The unit participates in        Territories; and DET 3 at Maui, HI.           worldwide locations. The 399 person-
      the evaluation and operation of coun-      Like the other sensors in the SSN,            nel that make up 21 MXG oversee a
      terspace technologies to meet combat-      GEODSS provides metric data to                diverse variety of responsive local pro-
      ant commander requirements, and            JSpOC and ASCC, and photometric SOI           grams like COMSEC accounting, infor-
      deploys counterspace prototypes to         data to the USSTRATCOM JIC.                   mation assurance, hardware/software
      DOD exercises around the world.               GEODSS is an optical system that           configuration control, precision meas-
      The unit employs the world-wide            uses a low-light level TV cameras, com-       urement equipment laboratory support,
      deployable Counter-Communications          puters and large telescopes. GEODSS           and flight line services; as well as world-
      System (CCS) to temporarily disrupt        tracks objects in deep space, or from         wide reach programs like the manage-
      and deny an enemy’s satellite commu-       about 2600 nautical miles out, to             ment for more than 400 contracts valued
      nications capability.                      beyond geosynchronous altitudes,              at over $1.65 billion to space warning,
                                                 more than 19,000 nautical miles out.          communications, and surveillance. The
                                                 GEODSS requires nighttime and clear           group’s mission plays a central role in
                                                 weather tracking because of the inher-        providing unified and theater com-
      OFFICER (USAFLO) AT                        ent limitations of an optical system.         manders with the essential communica-
      RAF FYLINGDALES                            Each site has three telescopes. The tel-      tions needed to fight theater conflicts.
      The missile warning unit at RAF Fyling-    escopes have a 40-inch aperture and a
      dales provides tactical warning of an      two-degree field of view. The tele-           21ST PROGRAM
      ICBM attack against North America, the     scopes are able to “see” objects 10,000       MANAGEMENT DIVISION
      UK and Europe. The unit also sup-          times dimmer than the human eye can           The Program Management Division
      ports the SSN by detecting and tracking    detect. This sensitivity, and the fact that   provides Program Management and
      near-Earth space vehicles. The site is     the daytime sky background masks              Quality Assurance support to 41 pro-
      unique because it operates the only        satellites’ reflected light, dictates that    grams with an approximate total con-
      PAVE PAWS radar covering 360 degrees       the system operate at night. As with any      tract value of $1 billion. This support is
      in azimuth. For programmatic reasons,      ground-based optical system, cloud            provided via three branches: the Pro-
      Fylingdales is still referred to as        cover and local weather conditions            gram Management Operations Branch,
      BMEWS Site III. Thule is BMEWS Site        directly influence its effectiveness.         Program Management Specialized
      I, and Clear is BMEWS Site II.             GEODSS employs Sidereal and Rate              Branch, and the Quality Assurance
          The U.S. Air Force presence at         track to perform its Space Surveillance       Branch. Program managers provide
      Fylingdales is a Liaison Officer who       Mission. In Sidereal track the telescopes     day-to-day support on a continuous
      reports thru the 21st OG. The Liaison      scan the sky at the same rate as the          basis by leading a multifunctional team
      Officer ensures the missile warning        stars appear to move. In Rate Track tel-      to ensure successful program execution
      and space surveillance data for the 21     escopes follow the path of the satellite      within cost, schedule, and technical
      SW. The Liaison Officer is a bridge to     as it passes overhead.                        performance baselines. For programs
      U.S. operations, maintaining mission          DET 4 operates the $5M state-of-the-       in reacquisition, the PM is responsible
      ready status and advising the RAF          art Morón Optical Space Surveillance          for developing the acquisition strategy
      Station Commander on U.S. Air Force        System (MOSS), an optical telescope that      and implementing the reacquisition
      operational issues. The USAFLO also        detects and tracks earth-orbiting objects     process. The Quality Assurance Branch
      serves as a Resource Advisor and the       in deep space. MOSS is another dedi-          provides surveillance planning, per-
      Quality Assurance Evaluator for the        cated sensor in the SSN.                      forms quality systems/performance
      U.S. Communications contractor.                                                          management audits of contractors,
                                                 21ST MAINTENANCE                              quality programs, and provides training
      21ST OPERATIONS                                                                          to all quality assurance evaluators.
      GROUP DETACHMENTS 1-4                      The 21st Maintenance Group is
      The 21st OG also controls and operates                                                   21ST SPACE
                                                 accountable for the maintenance and
      four dedicated optical space tracking      program support of $76 million in com-        COMMUNICATIONS
      sites in the SSN. Three of the sites are   munications/computer systems servic-          SQUADRON
      part of the Ground-Based Electro-Opti-     ing 10,000 users at Peterson AFB              Supporting the Air Force’s commit-
      cal Deep Space Surveillance system, or     (including HQ USNORTHCOM, HQ                  ment to information superiority, the

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    21st Space Communications Squadron         Missile Early Warning Systems, Perime-            contractors, and their families using
    provides responsive communications,        ter Acquisition Radar Attack Characteri-          Peterson AFB. The 21st Mission Sup-
    information, mission systems, postal       zation System, and the AN-FPS 85 deep             port Group is comprised of more than
    support and visual information serv-       space surveillance radar supporting the           1,700 warriors from six squadrons, all
    ices to its customers around the           Integrated Tactical Warning/Attack                dedicated to protecting and caring for
    globe. This includes equipping,            Assessment systems. 21st MOF also                 the Air Force’s most valuable
    training, and providing personnel to       acts as the wing liaison to AFSPC, 14th           resource—you!
    operate and maintain ground com-           Air Force, SMC Detachment 11, and
    munications, electronics, computer         Combatant Commanders Command
                                                                                                 21ST MISSION
    systems and facilities supporting          and Control Systems Group, on all
    NORAD-USNORTHCOM, USSTRAT-                 maintenance issues.                               SUPPORT SQUADRON
    COM, HQ AFSPC, SMDC/ARSTRAT,                                                                 The 21st MSS supports 21st Space Wing
    HQ DISA, the 302d AW, the 21 SW                                                              people and tenant organizations at
                                               21ST MISSION                                      Peterson, Schriever, and Cheyenne
    and its world-wide Geographically
    Separated Units and the numerous           SUPPORT GROUP                                     Mountain. It also indirectly supports all
    other Team Pete organizations. The         The 21st Mission Support Group pro-               21st SW geographically separated units.
    squadron fulfills these responsibilities   vides expeditionary combat support                The 21st MSS handles military and civil-
    through its five flights—Mission Sys-      personnel and equipment to our                    ian personnel functions, education,
    tems, Information Systems, Plans,          nation’s combatant commanders                     human resources, manpower and
    Space Control, and GSU support. In         worldwide. Group members support                  organization, community and family
    addition, the 21 SCS provides meteoro-     the projection of combat power by our             support, the First Term Airmen’s Center,
    logical services to Cheyenne Mountain,     nation’s premier air, ground, maritime            and the Airman Leadership School. The
    the U.S. Air Force Academy and Fort        and special operations forces. In addi-           squadron also provides Commanders
    Carson. The squadron also provides         tion, the group provides world-class              Support Staff functions for NORAD-
    graphics, photo lab, film library, photo   mission and quality-of-life support to            USNORTHCOM, USSTRATCOM, the
    maintenance, presentations, and public     a population of more than 50,000 mil-             21st MSG, 21st SW staff agencies, AND
    address support.                           itary members, civilians, retirees,               21ST LRS.

    The 21st Maintenance Operations Flight
    is responsible for managing mainte-
    nance and coordinating depot-level
    maintenance support for 24 geographi-
    cally separated missile warning and
    defense and space control sensor units
    worldwide. The flight also provides
    Core Automated Maintenance System
    support, Joint Computer Aided Acquisi-
    tion and Logistics Support, and Mainte-
    nance Data Analysis. Contract oversight
    is provided for Transient Alert Aircraft
    Maintenance and Aerospace Ground
    Equipment Maintenance. More than
    2,500 transient aircraft are serviced
    each year. The flight also oversees the
    Precision Measurement Equipment
    Laboratory. Maintenance support is
    provided for the Ground Based Electro-
    Optical Deep Space Surveillance, PAVE
    Phased Array Warning Systems, Ballistic    The Mission Support Squadron provides many of its support functions in building 350.

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      The 21st Contracting Squadron negoti-
      ates and manages contracts directly
      supporting missile warning and space
      control for the 21st Space Wing, pro-
      viding support for geographically sepa-
      rated units around the world. The 21st
      CONS also provides contract support in
      a partnering relationship to other mili-
      tary installations, including the U.S. Air
      Force Academy, Schriever AFB and Fort
      Carson Army Post. Annual contract
      expenditures exceed $300 million,
      while on-going contract actions are
      over $1.65 billion. The squadron, one
      of the largest in the Air Force, is spread
      over six locations on base, one location
      in downtown Colorado Springs, and a
      detachment in Copenhagen, Denmark.
      The squadron’s administrative offices
      are located in building 982, next to the
      Peterson Air and Space Museum.
                                                     A security forces member checks ID cards at the gate.

      21ST CIVIL ENGINEER                            • Provide Explosive Ordnance Disposal                 Services events are published weekly
      SQUADRON                                         support to Team Pete and local                   in the Space Observer and a Services
      The 21st Civil Engineer Squadron,                authorities.                                     newsletter is available to club members.
      building 1324, manages and controls
      resources involving about $400 million         21ST SERVICES SQUADRON                             21ST SECURITY FORCES
      in real property and 1,286 acres of land       The 21st Services Squadron’s pro-                  SQUADRON
      at Peterson AFB.                               grams, facilities and services enhance             The 21st Security Forces Squadron
         Unit missions:                              force readiness and esprit de corps.               headquarters and Security Forces Desk
      • Prepare military members for world-          The squadron’s administrative offices              are located in building 1376. The
        wide mobility contingencies.                 are in building 1042.                              squadron’s motto is to “Protect and
      • Maintain, repair and construct essen-           The staff strives to provide the                Serve with Honor, Integrity and
        tial facilities and utility infrastructure   best leisure and recreational services             Courage.” This squadron provides
        systems to include electrical power          ranging from sports and fitness to                 police services for people and property
        systems, water and natural gas distri-       outdoor adventure. The squadron                    at Peterson to include the management
        bution systems, and base roads and           also manages the transient quarters                of the Installation Information and
        pavements.                                   and lodging facilities, and provides               Industrial Security programs.
      • Provide fire protection and prevention.      mortuary affairs services, and honor                  The 21st SFS also provides the only
      • Administer environmental and family          guard teams.                                       military working dog support for the
        housing programs.                               Services keeps people informed of               local Air Force community. The global
      • Run the base self-help center, sup-          upcoming activities through a direct-              mission entails supporting geographi-
        porting “do-it-yourself” work for the        mail program.                                      cally separated units and contingencies
        office or military family housing.              Call the marketing and publicity                worldwide. The security forces desk
      • Provide comprehensive technical              office at (719) 556-4598 or DSN                    can be reached at 556-4000 for routine
        engineering and environmental sup-           834-4598 for a registration form. The              business.
        port including contract management           direct-mail program sends notice                      For emergencies or to report a crime
        and mobile quality assurance to              of programs to your home address                   in progress, call 911 or Crime Stop at
        wing geographically separated units.         each month.                                        556-4357.

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                                                                                                  For current information, call (719)
                                                                                                  556-4775 or DSN 834-4775.

                                                                                                  THE FLIGHT
                                                                                                  TRAINING CENTER
                                                                                                  If the sky’s your limit, the flight train-
                                                                                                  ing center is for you. It offers Federal
                                                                                                  Aviation Administration certification
                                                                                                  flight training for private, commercial,
                                                                                                  instructor, and instrument pilots for
                                                                                                  single-engine, multi-engine, and Air-
                                                                                                  line Transport Pilot certification. All
                                                                                                  courses offered by the club are Fed-
                                                                                                  eral Aviation Regulation Part-141 and
                                                                                                  Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs Administra-
                                                                                                  tion approved.
                                                                                                      The center’s aircraft are for train-
                                                                                                  ing, recreational flights, multi-engine
    The Military Personnel Flight provides service to military members.
                                                                                                  training, and temporary duty assign-
                                                                                                  ments. The Air Force encourages the
    MILITARY PERSONNEL                                 Cheyenne Mountain, and Thule,              use of the center’s aircraft as a means
    FLIGHT                                             Greenland.                                 to get to temporary duty assignments
    The military personnel flight provides                Personnel services provided include     whenever possible to save money
    service to more than 6,400 active-duty Air         the classification of positions and        and time.
    Force, multi-service members, and more             employee and labor management                  Ground schools for all ratings are
    than 50,000 family members and retirees            relations. The staffing of positions and   available and the flight training center’s
    in the greater Colorado Springs area.              employee benefits and entitlements are     training school is FAA approved.
       The MPF is in building 350. The cus-            processed through the Air Force Per-       Ground school tuition assistance is
    tomer service counter is your first stop           sonnel Center, Randolph AFB, Texas.        available for active-duty military mem-
    en route to any MPF office. General                   The CPF is open weekdays from           bers and some colleges accept credit
    information and identification cards for           8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and by appointment.       for aviation courses.
    active duty members, retirees, and
    authorized family members are provid-
    ed at the counter.
       Information and assistance are also
    available on a variety of programs
    including records, awards and decora-
    tions, assignments, promotions, sepa-
    rations and retirements, formal training
    programs, and casualty assistance.
       The MPF is open from 8 a.m. to
    4 p.m. Monday through Friday. To talk
    to a customer service representative,
    call (719) 556-1716 or DSN 834-1716.

    The civilian personnel flight is located
    in building 350, on the first floor. The
    CPF services more than 2,000 civilian
    workers     assigned    to     Peterson,           Customer Service is a top priority.

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         Military aircraft mechanics can take
      classes to transfer their military certifi-
      cate to an FAA certificate. For more
      information, call (719) 556-4310 or
      DSN 834-4310.

      The purpose of the First Term Air-
      men’s Center is to transition airmen
      from the controlled environment of
      Basic Military Training and technical
      school to one of self-discipline after
      they arrive at their first duty station.
      The FTAC also provides a streamlined
      process for base/unit in-processing
      and orientation to the base and local
      area. The center strives to provide new
      airmen with the tools they need to
      make their first enlistments and Air
      Force careers a success.
         For more information on the FTAC,
      call (719) 556-9158.

                                                    Continuing education opportunities are available.
      The Airman Leadership School offers
      professional military education to all
                                                      Level Examination Program; or the                 Force organization structure; orga-
      Team Pete Senior Airmen. The four-
                                                      Air Force Institute for Advanced Dis-             nizational and manpower standards;
      person staff teaches eight, six-week
                                                      tributed Learning (AFIADL).                       manpower       resources,    military
      classes annually with an average class
                                                    • The center also has professional                  grades, manpower planning and
      size of 30 students per class.
                                                      military seminars for Air Command                 execution system, and peacetime
         For more information about the
                                                      and Staff College, and Air War Col-               and wartime manpower require-
      school, call (719) 556-7737 or DSN
                                                      lege. Counseling is available on all              ments and utilization; A-76 commer-
                                                      programs.                                         cial activities and competitive
                                                    For more information or to make an                  sourcing and privatization studies.
      EDUCATION CENTER                              appointment, call (719) 556-4064 or                 MOF also manages process reengi-
      The education center is on the first          DSN 834-4064.                                       neering, continuous improvement
      floor of building 1141. It offers educa-                                                          initiatives, management consulting
      tional opportunities ranging from                                                                 services, and teambuilding. Sup-
      associate’s degrees through master’s          MANPOWER AND                                        porting services include facilitating
      degrees.                                      ORGANIZATION FLIGHT                                 off-sites, workshops, and meetings
          Undergraduate, graduate and post-         The Manpower and Organization Flight                using Group Systems technology.
      graduate opportunities are available on       (MOF) is located in building 845, on                Promotes and is the focal point for
      and off base through several local uni-       the second floor in room 213. The MOF               the Air Force Innovative Develop-
      versities and colleges.                       provides manpower support to all 21st               ment through Employee Awareness
          Test for college credit at the center     SW units, to include geographically                 (IDEA) Program.
      through:                                      separated units.                                       For more information about man-
      • The Defense Activity for Non-Tradi-            MOF manages manpower and                         power and organization support, call
         tional Education Support; College          organization functions including Air                (719) 556-4837 or DSN 834-4837.

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    The library is in building 1171. The
    NAF operation serves about 88,000
    people a year. The library’s 32,000 vol-
    umes cover all subject areas, with
    emphasis on science and technology.
       It also has CD-ROMs such as RAC
    and CD Newsbank. College Level
    Equivalence Program study guides and
    videos are available. The library also
    offers books on tape.
       It maintains a collection of 105 peri-
    odicals, 12 daily and Sunday newspa-
    pers, and back issues of periodicals on
    microfilm. Library computers can
    deliver full-text periodical articles.
      For more information, call (719)            Professional Military Education enhances leadership abilities.
    556-7462 or DSN 834-7462.
                                                  NCO ACADEMY                                            level of the enlisted corps. This
                                                  The Forrest L. Vosler NCO Academy is                   course is a requirement for promotion
    BASE HOUSING                                  one of nine NCO academies in the con-                  to master sergeant.
    People may apply for on-base quarters         tinental United States assigned to the                    Class sizes average 87 NCOs from
    at Peterson by submitting an advance          College for Enlisted Professional Mili-                bases located throughout the North-
    application to the family housing man-        tary Education, Air Education and                      western Region. There are seven classes
    agement office. The waiting period            Training Command. The NCO academy                      annually with a formal graduation ban-
    varies according to the applicant’s           educates mid-level NCOs in areas of                    quet upon conclusion.
    grade and family size, but people in all      Profession of Arms, Leadership & Man-                     For more information, call (719)
    grades can expect to wait three to 18         agement, and Communications skills                     556-7592 or DSN 834-7592.
    months for quarters.                          for a total of 220 curriculum hours.
       New arrivals to the base must                 The knowledge student’s gain from                   DINING FACILITIES
    report to the base housing referral           this level of PME enhances their                       The Aragon Dining Facility, the air-
    office before entering into any rental,       supervisory skills and prepares them                   men’s dining hall in building 1160, seats
    lease or purchase agreement for off-          to meet the responsibilities of the next               250 and can serve up to 750 at each
    base housing.
       The office is in building 850 located at
    710 Loring Ave and is open from 7 a.m.
    to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.
       Low-cost housing is limited in
    Colorado Springs. Utility costs vary,
    and natural gas is the most common
    heating fuel.
       In Colorado Springs, three-bedroom
    homes rent from $1050 and up. Four-
    bedroom homes rent for $1200 and up.
    These prices do not include utilities or
    security deposits. Apartments range
    from $595 and up for a one-bedroom
    and $645 and up for a two-bedroom
    and $795 and up for a three-bedroom.
    Some apartments include utility costs as
    part of the rent. Furnished apartments
    are limited in the Colorado Springs area.     The Aragon Dining Facility is located in building 1160.

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      meal. The dining hall operates seven                  track; outdoor tennis courts; handball      Sunday that is open to all ranks. Dinner
      days a week on an a-la-carte system.                  and racquetball courts; men’s and           is served Tuesday through Saturday
      Call 556-4782 for the menu recording.                 women’s saunas; weight room; the            with various dining specials.
         Monday through Sunday hours are                    Colorado Room with cardiovascular              Take advantage of professional
      5:30 to 8 a.m. for breakfast, 11 a.m. to              workout equipment; a football/soccer        party planning and catering services.
      1 p.m. for lunch, 4 to 6 p.m. for dinner,             field with a quarter-mile track; softball   The club offers a casual lounge, main
      and 7 to 9 p.m. for carry-out service.                fields; and a 20-station fitness trail.     lounge with fireplace, several party
         Holiday hours are 6 to 10 a.m. for                     The fitness center offers intramural    rooms, and a spacious ballroom.
      brunch, 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. for dinner,              sports, aerobics and physical condi-           Club membership is offered to all
      and 7 to 9 p.m. for carry-out service.                tioning, monthly fun runs, massage          officers and DOD members in grades
         The Granite Inn Dining Facility is at              therapy, cardiovascular training, and       GS-07 or higher and non-appropriated
      Cheyenne Mountain AFS. It seats 112                   special tournaments and competitions.       fund equivalents. For more information,
      people. The facility is open seven days               For more information, call 556-4462 or      call (719) 556-4181 or DSN 834-4181.
      a week and is on an a-la-carte system.                DSN 834-4462.
         Monday through Friday hours are                        Cheyenne Mountain AFS has three         ENLISTED CLUB
      5:30 to 7:30 a.m. for breakfast, 10:45 a.m.           fitness facilities. The room inside the     The club, in building 725, features a
      to 1 p.m. for lunch, 4 to 5:30 p.m. for               mountain has cardiovascular equip-          300-seat ballroom, a sports lounge,
      dinner and 11 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. for                  ment, free weights, and a men’s and         and the Buffalo Grill restaurant. Enjoy
      night meal. Weekend and holiday hours                 women’s sauna. The second area, in          the club’s wide-screen TV, game
      are 6 to 10 a.m. for breakfast, 11 a.m. to            the Technical Support Facility, has         room with pool tables and video
      5:30 p.m. for dinner, and 11 p.m. to                  weightlifting and exercise equipment,       games, party room, and food and
      12:30 a.m. for night meals.                           and a co-ed sauna. All areas have           beverage service.
                                                            cycling and rowing equipment. The              The Buffalo Grill serves up tempting
      FITNESS AND                                           racquetball facility has a men’s and        deli sandwiches, a lunch buffet, and is
                                                            women’s locker room. Cheyenne               open to all ranks. The club’s catering
                                                            Mountain also has a softball field and      service can help plan the ideal gathering.
      The fitness and sports center offers
                                                            picnic pavilions. For more information,        Club membership brings complete
      year-round physical conditioning pro-
                                                            call (719) 474-2286 or DSN 268-2286.        charging privileges at all Services
      grams for groups and individuals.
         The fitness center, buildings 560                                                              facilities and, for qualifying members,
      and 570, features indoor and outdoor                  OFFICERS’ CLUB                              universal charging privileges off-base.
      basketball courts; a multi-purpose                    The Peterson Officers’ Club is located      Membership benefits include: Check
      room; a three-stage indoor climbing                   in building 1013 on Stewart Avenue.         cashing privileges, coupons, and
      wall for novice, intermediate and                     Breakfast and lunch are served Monday       weekday bar bingo.
      expert climbers; an indoor running                    through Friday, as well as brunch each         Members under 21 years old qualify
                                                                                                        for reduced membership rates. Call
                                                                                                        (719) 556-4194 or DSN 834-4194 for
                                                                                                        more information.

                                                                                                        AQUATICS CENTER
                                                                                                        The aquatics center is a year-round
                                                                                                        indoor facility with a wading pool fea-
                                                                                                        turing the following:
                                                                                                        • Recreational swimming
                                                                                                        • Lap swimming
                                                                                                        • Youth swim team
                                                                                                        • Adult, seniors, children’s and tod-
                                                                                                          dler’s group and private swimming
                                                                                                        • Lifeguard courses
                                                                                                        • Aerobics and physical therapy classes
     Year-round physical conditioning programs are available at the Fitness and Sports Center.          • Special activities

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    During the winter, the indoor water           lifts, a specialized stall for recreational
    temperature hovers at a pleasant 84           vehicles with a drive-up lift, a sanding/
    degrees. Taking a dip in the pool is          body work stall and a steam clean-
    refreshing at any time.                       ing stall.
       Also available is a water slide; a small       The 12-stall facility also offers a
    physical conditioning area; lifecycle and     coin-operated car wash facility, in
    cardio training equipment; two eight-         building 1361, adjacent to the base post
    person therapeutic spas; a dry co-ed          office. For more information, call (719)
    sauna; and a handicapped swim lift for        556-4481 or DSN 834-4481.
    the pool. Rent the pool after hours for
    private parties or schedule a birthday
    party during open swim. Annual passes         SILVER SPRUCE
    for frequent users are available giving       GOLF COURSE
    discounts on group swim lessons.              The 18-hole Silver Spruce Golf Course
       Call (719) 556-4608 or DSN 834-4608        comes complete with driving range,
    for more information.                         practice greens, chipping green and
                                                  clubhouse with snack bar (19th Hole
                                                  Grill), pro shop, locker rooms and a
    BOWLING CENTER                                golf club storage area. Golf course
    The Bowling Center is located in
                                                  membership is offered to all DOD ID
    building 406. The bowling center
                                                  card holders. If you would like more
    offers year-round bowling leagues, a                                                        The Silver Spruce Golf Course is located on
                                                  information about fees or services, call      Peterson AFB.
    snack bar with daily specials, youth
                                                  (719) 556-7414 or DSN 834-7414.
    birthday parties, bowling lessons and a
                                                                                                packages on a daily, weekly, or sea-
    complete pro shop. Check out the state
                                                                                                sonal basis. Snowboards, bib overalls,
    of the art lighting and weekly bowling        OUTDOOR RECREATION                            ski racks, and children’s rental pack-
    specials. For more information, call          PROGRAM                                       ages are all available for rent as well.
    (719) 556-4607 or DSN 834-4607.               With Colorado’s great outdoors right in       The ski shop staff can assist you with
                                                  our backyard, the Peterson outdoor            maintenance services, including bind-
    AUTO SKILLS CENTER                            adventure program is your ticket to a         ing, mounting, waxing, P-texing, and
    The auto skills center lets do-it-your-       world of adventure.                           edging. A full tuning service with stone
    selfers take advantage of four standard           Warm weather programs include             grinding is also available.
                                                  fishing, sailing, camping, rock climbing,        Recreation supply—in the ski shop—
                                                  and whitewater rafting trips. Winter          lets patrons check out recreational,
                                                  brings camping and survival trips, ATV        sporting, and camping equipment. It
                                                  trips, cross-country skiing lessons and       has everything from mountain bikes
                                                  trips, and ice climbing. Hunting and          and sleeping bags to fishing boats and
                                                  fishing licenses are also available.          ice chests.
                                                      The base stocks three fishing ponds          Recreation supply is also the place
                                                  on Silver Spruce Golf Course with rain-       to rent a space to store your recre-
                                                  bow, cutthroat, and brook trout several       ational vehicles in the base RV lot. For
                                                  times each fishing season. To fish, you       more information, call (719) 556-4867
                                                  must have a Colorado license and a            or DSN 834-4867.
                                                  Peterson pond permit, available at the
                                                  Outdoor Recreation center. People can         FAMILY SUPPORT CENTER
                                                  fish mid-March to mid-November. A             The Family Support Center’s mission is
                                                  rules booklet outlines fishing hours and      to support readiness by linking indi-
                                                  catch policies.                               viduals and families with the effective
                                                      The ski shop operates from mid-           resources to meet their professional
                                                  October through April 30 each year. It        and personal needs. The FSC offers
                                                  sells skis and accessories and offers         information and referral, personal and
    The Auto Skills Center lets you work on
    your car.                                     recreational and competition rental           family readiness, transition assistance,

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      relocation assistance, financial man-
      agement, volunteer, and spouse
      employment services.
         The services are available to all
      military ID cardholders. The FSC is
      located in building 350 on the first
      floor. The FSC is open from 8 a.m. to
      4 p.m. Monday through Friday. For
      more information, call (719) 556-6141
      or DSN 834-6141.

      The community activities center houses:
      • The Information, Ticket and Tour
        office, which offers discount lift tickets
        for Colorado’s premiere ski areas,
        entertainment, educational, cultural,
        and sporting events. It also offers an
                                                     Skiing is a popular recreation in Colorado.
        exciting array of trips and tours
        throughout the year to places such as        Check in time is 2 p.m. or earlier            Pikes Peak Lodge at (719) 556-7851 or
        Mount Rushmore, S.D., Durango/               depending upon room availability.             DSN 834-7851. You can also fax
        Silverton, Colo., Las Vegas, and Dis-        Check out time is 11 a.m. Pikes Peak          reservations to (719) 556-7852 or
        neyland in California, to name a few.        Lodge has 153 Visiting Quarters,              DSN 834-7852. Reservations may
        ITT handles discount lodging arrange-        including Visiting Airmen Quarters, in        also be e-mailed to:
        ments for Colorado resorts.                  buildings 1026, 1030 and 1143. VQ             Pikes.Peak.Lodge@Peterson.af.mil.
      • A full-service awards shop, which            rates range from $26.50 to $28.50 per
        features custom laser engraving and          day. They also have 67 Temporary
        express printing, silk screening,            Lodging Facilities that primarily serve       R.P. LEE
        embroidery, and a balloon delivery           families in permanent change of sta-          YOUTH CENTER
        service. The awards shop can per-            tion status. TLF rates are $30 per day.       The R.P. Lee Youth Center offers
        sonalize gifts such as mugs, T-shirts,       In addition, they also have 9 Business        before- and after-school programs and
        pen sets, hats, and plaques.                 Suites and 1 General Officer House with       full-day summer camp for children 6 to
      • The custom frame shop, which allows          rates ranging from $36.50 to $44 per          12 years old. A part-day enrichment
        customers to frame their own projects        day. All rooms are equipped with DSL          program is offered for children 3 to 5
        or have the staff do it for them. It         high-speed internet. No pets or smoking       years old. Pre-teen and teen programs
        offers custom framing classes on a           allowed. For more information, call           are ongoing and include such activities
        regular basis throughout the year. The
        frame shop also specializes in shadow
        boxes and flag boxes. Call 556-7671 or
        DSN 834-7671 for information about
        the community activities center pro-
        grams and services.

      Pikes Peak Lodge is located in build-
      ing 1042, 125 E. Stewart Ave. The
      front desk is ready to serve you 24
      hours a day, seven days a week.                R.P. Lee Youth Center.

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    as leadership clubs, special events and     Patients who have emergency or urgent               beginning at 7 a.m., Monday through
    trips, computer lab, homework help          medical conditions should dial 911 or               Friday. For after hours care contact
    and a recreational game room.               report to the nearest emergency room.               your primary care provider at
        Youth sports leagues are recre-            Active duty members have first pri-              (719) 556-CARE.
    ational    and     include    baseball,     ority for same-day appointments and                    For all other clinics, please call (719)
    indoor/outdoor soccer, basketball and       should contact (719) 556-CARE begin-                556-CARE and follow the prompts.
    flag football. Youth sports camps are       ning at 6:30 a.m., Monday through                      Inpatient care and specialty refer-
    available during the summer and             Friday; other Tricare Prime benefici-               rals are provided by the Air Force
    include archery, golf, flag football,       aries requiring a same day appoint-                 Academy Hospital, Evans Army Com-
    baseball, soccer, and tennis.               ment should contact (719) 556-CARE                  munity Hospital at Fort Carson Army
        Volunteers for youth sports are
    always needed. For more information
    on any youth center program, call (719)
    556-7220/8430 or DSN 834-7220/8430.

    The Peterson child development center
    is an enrichment program that adheres
    to the strict guidelines set forth by the
    Department of Defense.
        With two centers, the program
    serves more than 350 children. For
    information about enrolling a child in
    the center, call (719) 556-7460.
        Parents can join in the center’s
    planned activities and attend quarterly
    educational sessions sponsored by the
    center’s staff. Full-time programs are
        The Family Child Care program cer-
    tifies on-base residents who want to
    provide day care in their homes.
    Licensing classes are held periodically
    throughout the year. For more infor-
    mation, call the Family Childcare office
    at (719) 556-4322.

    The 21st Medical Group runs the Peter-
    son Clinic, a modern, well-equipped
    medical and dental facility.

    The 21st Medical Group provides
    outpatient services including family
    practice, aerospace medicine, pedi-
    atrics, women’s health, optometry,
    orthopedics and physical medicine.
       The clinic does not have an emer-
    gency room or an ambulance service.         The Peterson Clinic is a modern, well-equipped medical and dental facility.

    34    21st Space Wing                                                                                                     2006 Base Guide

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                                                     After normal duty hours, patients                • Tricare Prime
                                                  with dental emergencies should report               • Tricare Extra
                                                  to the Air Force Academy’s emergency                • Tricare Standard
                                                  room. Emergency dental care is limited              Active-duty people are automatically
                                                  to treatment to relieve pain, or to treat           enrolled in Prime. All other beneficiar-
                                                  severe infections or injuries to oral               ies must choose their Tricare option.
                                                  structures.                                         Under the Prime option, each enrollee is
                                                     Dental treatment for family mem-                 assigned a primary care manager who
                                                  bers not enrolled in the Tricare Dental             manages their health care. This includes
                                                  Program is extremely limited and avail-             arranging any necessary specialty
                                                  able strictly on a space-available basis.           appointments. In addition to routine
                                                  It is recommended that active-duty                  and specialty care, this program
                                                  family members enroll in the TDP,                   includes health promotions activities
                                                  which covers most dental treatments.                such as cholesterol screening, mam-
                                                     Call the health benefits advisor,                mography, smoking cessation, PAP
                                                  (719) 556-1016, or United Concordia,                smears, and hearing and eye examina-
                                                  the TDP contractor, at 1-800-622-2256,              tions on a regular basis.
                                                  for more information.                                  The program also provides for ready
                                                     Retirees and their family members                access to health care—military treatment
                                                  can obtain emergency care, dental                   facilities must meet access standards of
                                                  examinations, cleanings, and limited                seven days for routine appointments
                                                  restorative care on a space-available               and 24 hours for acute care.
      Medical Services on Peterson AFB include    basis. Retirees and their family mem-                  Direct questions concerning Tricare
                                                  bers should enroll in the Tricare                   to the local Tricare Customer Service
      Post, Memorial Hospital (civilian hos-      Retiree Dental Program, which covers                Center at (719) 264-5000 or contact the
      pital) and the Penrose Health Care Sys-     most dental treatments.                             Beneficiary Counselor and Assistance
      tem (civilian hospital).                       Call Delta Dental, the TRDP con-                 Coordinator at (719) 556-1016.
         Active-duty members should enroll        tractor, at 1-888-838-8737, for more                   If you have problems with debt col-
      family members in the Defense               information.                                        lection agencies over your denied
      Enrollment Eligibility Reporting Sys-                                                           claims, contact the Debt Collection
      tem, or DEERS.                              TRICARE                                             Assistance Officer at (719) 556-1016.
         Refer questions about DEERS to the       Tricare offers military beneficiaries a                You may also visit the Tricare Service
      military personnel flight customer          triple-option approach to health care:              Center located within the Peterson clinic.
      service section at (719) 556-7377.

      The dental clinic is located within the
      main clinic and offers a full range of
      dental care for active-duty personnel.
      Routine examinations for Air Force
      personnel are scheduled through the
      member’s unit dental examination
      appointment monitor.
         Members of other military services
      can contact the dental clinic at (719)
      556-1333 or 1335 to schedule an
      Emergencies will be seen in the dental
      clinic by calling (719) 556-1333 or (719)
      556-1335, Monday through Friday for a
      same day appointment.                       The base dental clinic provides services to military members and retirees.

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    AEROSPACE                                     support unpressurized flight at or above    LIFE SKILLS
    PHYSIOLOGY UNIT                               18,000 feet. These personnel are an         SUPPORT CENTER
    The Carter P. Luna Aerospace Physiol-         integral part of the aircrew and serve      The Life Skills Center is located in
    ogy Training Flight prepares personnel        as in-flight technical experts for the      building 1171 adjacent to the base
    for the human factor challenges inher-        mission commander on the unique             library. The facility houses the Alcohol
    ent to military operations with the goal      oxygen equipment and life-threatening       and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treat-
    of increasing overall readiness and           physiological threats associated with       ment Program, the Family Advocacy
    mission effectiveness. Our mission is         unpressurized, high-altitude flight.        Program and Mental Health Services.
    three-fold:                                      HPTT activities center on helping           The Life Skills Support Center works
                                                  individuals and organizations of Team       to prevent and treat substance abuse
    1) Aerospace physiology training—train        Pete improve their performance by
       Department of Defense aircrew and                                                      problems, family maltreatment (to
                                                  providing education, training, and con-     include emotional, physical and sexual
       high-altitude parachutists, Air Force      sultation on a variety of potential
       Academy cadets, and Federal Avia-                                                      maltreatment), and mental health diffi-
                                                  human performance threats—fatigue           culties, with a focus on helping people
       tion Administration-certified civilian     and shift work, deployment, team com-
       pilots on the human factor and phys-                                                   better handle the stresses of daily life
                                                  munication and management, night            associated with a career in the military.
       iological threats of modern aviation;      vision devices, and operational stress.
    2) High-altitude airdrop mission sup-                                                        The Life Skills Support Center offers
                                                     The Aerospace Physiology Training        classes to help build essential skills,
       port or HAAMS—ensure crew safety           Flight, located in building 425, is open
       and equipment integrity during                                                         sometimes followed with individual or
                                                  from 0630 to 1530 Monday through Fri-       group psychotherapy as needed. When
       high-altitude airdrop missions; and        day. For additional information or to
    3) Human performance training team                                                        requested, the center will send people
                                                  schedule training, call DSN 834-4185 or     to units for briefings or workshops.
       (HPTT)—integrate human perform-            commercial (719) 556-4185.
       ance training and education into                                                          Classes available through the Life
       Team Pete operations.                                                                  Skills Support Center include, but are
                                                  HEALTH AND                                  not limited to:
    Aerospace physiology training consists
                                                  WELLNESS CENTER                             • Stress Management
    of classroom instruction, hands-on
                                                  The HAWC offers classes and individ-        • Parenting
    training, and an altitude (or hypobaric)
                                                  ual counseling in wellness areas such       • Family Abuse Awareness
    chamber flight. The instruction is tai-
                                                  as nutrition, fitness, tobacco cessation,   • Healthy Thinking
    lored to the individual’s specific
                                                  CPR, self-care, cholesterol control, high   • Suicide Prevention
    weapon system and/or operational
                                                  blood pressure, weight management,          • Relationship Enhancement Program
    mission with the intent of maximizing
    crew performance.                             and health-risk assessment. Certain         In Family Advocacy, the Special
       Topics of instruction include:             programs are limited to active-duty         Needs Identification Assignment
                                                  members. Exercise programs are open         Coordination (SNIAC) assists military
    • Altitude-related physiology                 to those over the age of 16.                people with family members needing
    • Situational awareness and attention            Located in the fitness and sports        specialized educational, medical or
      management                                  center, building 560, the HAWC’s hours      emotional care.
    • Mission- and self-imposed stress            are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday             SNIAC also helps the member locate
    • Spatial disorientation, visual illusions,   through Friday.                             and use appropriate services for their
      and airsickness                                Free classes and programs are open       dependents. Enrollment of special
    • G-induced loss of consciousness             to all DOD ID cardholders. The HAWC         needs family members is mandatory.
    During altitude chamber training, stu-        is a member of the “People Helping          The nurse specialist assists full-time
    dents experience the effects of a low-        People Team,” also known as the Inte-       parents as needed.
    pressure environment and the subtle           grated Delivery System.                        Though primarily an active-duty
    effects of hypoxia (oxygen deprivation).         The HAWC is neither equipped nor         clinic, family members are welcome to
    This training also prepares students to       staffed as a medical rehabilitation cen-    use the prevention courses available.
    effectively use aircrew life support          ter and follows exercise guidelines set        For more information, to set up an
    equipment in this austere environment.        forth by the American College of Sports     appointment or sign up for a class, call
       HAAMS operations involve the use of        Medicine. For more information, call        the Life Skills Support Center and
    qualified Aerospace Physiology Techni-        556-4292 or visit their website at          ADAPT at 556-7804 or Family Advocacy
    cians (PT) or Aerospace Physiologists to      www.peterson.af.mil/hawc.                   at 556-8943.

    36    21st Space Wing                                                                                             2006 Base Guide

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                                                                                                      support of missile warning and space
                                                                                                      surveillance operations missions.
                                                                                                         The 821st ABG provides security,
                                                                                                      communications, civil engineering,
                                                                                                      personnel, services, logistics, and med-
                                                                                                      ical support to remote active duty units
                                                                                                      in a combined United States, Canadian,
                                                                                                      Danish, and Greenlandic environment
                                                                                                      of more than 800 military, civilian, and
                                                                                                      contractor personnel.
                                                                                                         The 821st ABG operates DOD’s
                                                                                                      northernmost seaport and provides a
                                                                                                      unique platform for arctic training,
      The 821st Air Base Group is located at Thule Air Base, Greenland.                               international scientific research, and
                                                                                                      environmental programs.
      721ST MISSION                                      services mission manages installation
                                                                                                         Because of its location in the arctic,
                                                         security, pass and registration and
      SUPPORT GROUP                                                                                   the base is completely self-sufficient,
                                                         antiterrorism missions supporting the
      The 721st Mission Support Group                                                                 with its own electric and steam plants,
                                                         Combined Commander and bi-national
      ensures the people at Cheyenne                                                                  and water filtration and pumping sys-
                                                         forces. It also oversees the Department
      Mountain Air Force Station have all the                                                         tem. The unit maintains 65 miles of
                                                         of Defense Information and Industrial
      support they need to carry out                                                                  roads, which connects it to several loca-
                                                         Security programs protecting classified
      NORAD’s many missions.                                                                          tions necessary to support the mission.
                                                         information. The squadron provides
                                                         expertly trained combat support
      721ST                                              forces to Theater Commanders                 HISTORY
      COMMUNICATIONS                                     engaged in the Global War on Ter-            In 1946, a combined Danish-American
                                                         rorism. The 721 SFS is Air Force             radio and weather station was estab-
                                                         Space Command’s “Best Small SF               lished at Dundas, later called Thule.
      The 721st CS operates and maintains
                                                         unit” for 2003 and 2004.                         International tensions prompted
      command, control, computer, commu-
                                                                                                      Denmark and the United States to sign
      nication, and intelligence systems that
                                                                                                      a defense treaty allowing the con-
      process, reduce, and display the air,              821ST AIR BASE GROUP                         struction of a complete air base. Thule
      land and space picture for the Missile             The 821st Air Base Group, Thule Air          was built during the summers of 1951
      Warning Center, Space Control Center,              Base, Greenland—the northernmost             and 1952.
      NORAD Battle Management Center                     U.S. base—is the host unit for Thule Air         The origin of the 821st ABG goes
      and the NORAD-USNORTHCOM Com-                      Base. The group is a geographically          back to the establishment of the Ballistic
      mand Center.                                       separated unit of the 21st SW.               Missile Early Warning Site in 1961.
         The squadron ensures connectivity                  The 821st ABG: Operates a 10,000-             Throughout the years, several
      for more than 4,000 data circuits to               foot runway and associated airfield, the     commands were responsible for the
      sensor sites and forward users around              only airfield in northern Greenland          base, including Northeast Air Com-
      the world. Its command and control                 capable of supporting jet aircraft.          mand, Air Defense Command and
      systems are always available for                      Operates the world’s northernmost         Strategic Air Command.
      NORAD missions.                                    deep-water port.                                 The unit was first designated as
                                                            Provides logistics re-supply opera-       the 12th Missile Warning Squadron
      721ST SECURITY FORCES                              tions support for smaller military sites     and later became the 12th Missile
      SQUADRON                                           both in Greenland and northern Canada,       Warning Group.
      The 721 SFS provides world-class force             as well as support for several arctic sci-       AFSPC took control of Thule in 1983
      protection and security for the conti-             entific studies.                             and the unit was redesignated as the
      nent’s premier Air, Space, and Missile                                                          12th SWS in 1992.
      Warning operation’s centers at                     MISSION                                          In June 2002, the 821st Air Base
      Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station.               The mission of the 821st ABG is to           Group was created as the host unit for
      The unit along with a limited police               operate and maintain Thule Air Base in       Thule Air Base.

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      Community Services

    Ent Federal Credit Union has a branch office on Peterson Air Force Base.

    ENT FEDERAL                                            more information. For emergency               Separation and retirement briefings,
                                                           service please call the 24-hour emer-         4-day TAP seminar, 4-hour TAP class,
                                                           gency line at 1-877-272-7337.                 job search/employment classes.
    People assigned to Peterson Com-
                                                                                                       • Spouse Employment: Military Spouse
    plex can become members of the Ent
                                                                                                         Virtual Assistance (MSVA) program,
    Federal Credit Union, which has a                      FAMILY SUPPORT CENTER                         Computer Based Training (CBT), relo-
    branch office on Peterson AFB in                       The Family Support Center (FSC)               cated spouse grants, career counsel-
    building 1345.                                         enhances quality of life and supports         ing, job search/employment classes.
       For additional information on                       mission readiness by helping active duty    • Relocation and Family Services:
    services the credit union offers, call                 members and military families adapt to        Sponsorship, Smooth Move, Right
    (719) 574-1100.                                        the demands of Air Force life. The Peter-     Start, base information, foreign lan-
                                                           son FSC offers 52 different services          guage tapes, and the loan locker.
    5 STAR AFBA BANK                                       under 9 core program areas. Below is a      • Family Life Education: Key Spouse
    5 Star AFBA Bank branch office is in                   listing of FSC programs, along with a         Program, Single Parent Network,
    building 1485. The bank offers a wide                  sampling of services provided:                Heart Link, adoption forum, counsel-
    range of services, including no-fee                    • Readiness: Deployment briefings,            ing assessments, services for immi-
    gold and standard Visa and Master-                       Welcome Back Peterson, Helping              gration and naturalization issues.
    Card, checking accounts, money market                    Hands, free childcare for returning       • School Liaison Officer
    deposit accounts, certificates of deposit,               deployees, video phones, morale           • Volunteer Program
    student loans, and home mortgages. For                   calls, and phone cards.                   Family Services is the volunteer branch
    more information, call (719) 574-2777.                 • Personal Financial Management:            of the FSC. The valuable volunteers
                                                             Individual financial counseling and       who maintain the Loan Closet also
    AMERICAN RED CROSS                                       financial education classes.              ensure informational brochures and
    The American Red Cross office                          • Air Force Aid: Emergency financial        videos on other military installations,
    serves the Peterson Complex, U.S.                        assistance, Bundles for Babies, Car       and foreign military tapes are available
    Air Force Academy, and other geo-                        Care, Give Parents a Break, Childcare     for loan. Additionally, Family Services
    graphically separated units. Call                        for PCS, Nursing Moms.                    also provides complimentary layettes
    (719) 556-7590 or DSN 834-7590 for                     • Transition Assistance Program:            for newborn infants of E-5s and below.


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      A limited emergency food pantry also
      exists to provide temporary food aid to
      families in need of assistance.
          The Transition Assistance Program
      (TAP) assists separating or retiring Air
      Force members identify legal, financial,
      and educational benefits. An extensive
      job search program, including one-on-
      one counseling and skill-development
      seminars, are also provided.
          The Spouse Employment Program
      provides career counseling, job search
      techniques, computer instruction to
      upgrade skills, as well as job referrals
      and networking opportunities. An
      employment resource center has com-              The commissary provides a wide variety of groceries.

      puter software accessible to help indi-
                                                          For more information            about the           major appliances, magazines, luggage,
      viduals complete resumes, write cover
                                                       Family Support Center              programs,           and many other convenience items.
      letters, and access local job listings.
                                                       please contact the Center         at 556-6141          There is also a Colorado souvenir shop.
          The volunteer program recognizes
                                                       or DSN 834-6141 or visit          the staff in            Other services include pizza and hot
      the contributions of volunteers and
                                                       building 350, room 1015.                               dog stands, beauty and barber shops,
      strives to link individuals with agencies
                                                                                                              optical center, and a watch repair shop.
      that will enhance personal and profes-
                                                       COMMISSARY                                                All stores accept major national
      sional development.
                                                       The commissary is near the Base                        credit cards.
          The Personal Financial Management
                                                       Exchange and is located in building                       The main exchange hours are from
      Program provides individual and family
                                                       1435. It is open Monday-Friday from                    8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Sat-
      budget counseling, debt education
                                                       9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday from 8 a.m.                 urday, and 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday.
      plans, and transition planning. Classes
                                                       to 6 p.m., and Sunday from 9 a.m. to                      The Military Clothing Sales Store,
      are available on checkbook manage-
                                                       5 p.m. The commissary is also open 30                  building 1465, has military clothing
      ment, credit, investments and budgeting
                                                       minutes prior to posted hours to                       items and an alterations shop.
      for a baby.
                                                       accommodate handicapped customers.                        There are two service stations on
          The Air Force Aid Society offers
                                                       Call (719) 556-7765 or DSN 834-7765                    Peterson. One is a self-service facility in
      emergency financial assistance through
                                                       for more information.                                  building 1360. It provides repair and
      interest-free loans or grants. The AFAS
                                                                                                              vehicle maintenance service. The other
      also sponsors community programs for
                                                                                                              service station is at the Shoppette, adja-
      military families such as Car Care               BASE EXCHANGE                                          cent to family housing.
      Because We Care, Child Care for PCS,             The Base Exchange sells compact disks
                                                                                                                 The service station and the Shop-
      Parents Night Out, Bundles for Babies,           and tapes, jewelry, clothing, camera,
                                                                                                              pette are open 24 hours a day. The
      and deployment phone cards.                      radio, television and stereo equipment,
                                                                                                              Shoppette carries beverages, food,
                                                                                                              magazines, health and beauty aids, and
                                                                                                              pet supplies. The Shoppette’s package
                                                                                                              store offers non-alcoholic and alcoholic
                                                                                                              beverages, and limited party supplies.

                                                                                                              PETERSON SPOUSES CLUB
                                                                                                              The Peterson Spouses Club provides
                                                                                                              support to all spouses. Membership is
                                                                                                              open to all spouses, regardless of spon-
                                                                                                              sor’s rank. Peterson’s Officers’ Wives
                                                                                                              Club and the Enlisted Spouses Club
      Peterson’s commissary is open six days a week.                                                          combined to provide support to all

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    spouses. Club members look forward to         Contemporary Praise band meets                   JOINT PERSONAL
    meeting new spouses, and increasing           Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m.
                                                                                                   PROPERTY SHIPPING
    the availability to one another through
    this organization. The club also supports
                                                  Catholic: Saturday reconciliation, 4 p.m.        OFFICE
                                                  Saturday Mass 5 p.m. Sunday Mass                 The main office is located at 121 South
    a variety of charities. For more informa-
                                                  9 a.m. Sunday Family Religious Educa-            Tejon St, Suite 800, Colorado Springs.
    tion, go to:
                                                  tion pre-kindergarten through grade 12           The primary phone number is (719)
                                                  and adults.                                      554-9298, and core hours are 7:30 a.m.
                                                  Jewish: On base, currently none. Off             to 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday.
    THRIFT SHOP                                                                                       The JPPSO’s area of responsibility
    The Peterson Spouses Club operates a          base, Temple Shalom. 1523 E. Monu-
                                                  ment. 7:30 p.m. Fridays and 9:30 a.m.            has grown recently to include 22 mili-
    thrift shop. You’ll come for the selection
                                                  Saturday. Call (719) 634-5311. U.S. Air          tary bases in 16 surrounding states.
    and stay for bargain prices. The thrift
                                                  Force Academy Cadet Chapel 7 a.m.                The JPPSO’s hours of operation are
    shop is in building 615 and is open
                                                  Thursdays and 8 p.m. Fridays. Call               7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through
    from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through
                                                  (719) 333-2636. Schriever Air Force              Friday. The JPPSO is closed on holi-
    Friday, and the first and third Saturday
                                                  Base call (719) 567-3705.                        days. All inbound customers will call
    of each month from 10 a.m. to noon.
                                                                                                   the IVR number (719) 554-9298 to
    The thrift shop is closed in July. For        Eastern Orthodox: On base, currently             check on inbound status, once your
    more information, call (719) 596-4463.        none. Off base, Saints Constantine and           shipment has arrived call (719) 554-
                                                  Helen Orthodox at 2770 N. Chestnut.              9291 to schedule delivery.
    BASE CHAPEL                                   Sunday Divine Liturgy 9:30 a.m. and                 There are processing offices at
    The base chapel in building 1410 offers       Saturday Vespers 6 p.m.; call (719)              Peterson AFB, U.S. Air Force Academy
    daily and weekly services. Spiritual,         473-9238. U.S. Air Force Academy                 and Fort Carson to provide counseling
    social, educational, humanitarian and         Cadet Chapel Sundays at 10 a.m. Call             on shipping entitlements and assistance
    cultural organizations and activities are     (719) 333-2636.                                  in completing required documentation.
    available.                                                                                        They are located at the following:
       Protestant and Catholic choirs
                                                                                                      Peterson office, Building 350
    enhance the atmosphere of worship.
                                                                                                      room 510, 719-554-4196
    Jewish faith members attend services at
                                                                                                      USAFA office
    Temple Shalom in Colorado Springs or
    the Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel.                                                               Community Center, Building 5160
       A chaplain is available 24 hours a                                                             719-333-3007
    day. Call (719) 556-4442 during duty                                                              Fort Carson office, Building
    hours or (719) 556-4805 evenings,                                                                 1220, 719-526-3757
    weekends, and holidays.                                                                        Outbound customers should call any of
                                                                                                   the appropriate processing offices to
    CHAPEL SCHEDULE                                                                                make an appointment for assistance
    Protestant: 11 a.m. traditional, 12:30 p.m.                                                    with your shipping needs.
    Inspirational, and 5 p.m. Contemporary
    Services.                                                                                      LEGAL SERVICES
       Communion is celebrated regularly                                                           Legal assistance for personal civil
    in all three services. Sunday School,                                                          matters is available at the base legal
    ages 3 to adult, is at 9:35 a.m.                                                               office in building 350. Legal advice
       Wednesday Family Night (meal and                                                            will not be provided on criminal or
    education) is each Wednesday at 6 p.m.                                                         business matters.
       Protestant Music ministries: Bell                                                              Legal assistance is available on a
    Choir meets Thursday at 5:30 p.m.                                                              walk-in basis Tuesdays from 7:30 a.m.
    Children’s Choir meets each Wednes-                                                            to 8:30 a.m., Thursdays from 1:00 p.m.
    day at 5:15 p.m.                                                                               to 2:00 p.m. for active duty only, or by
       Traditional Service Choir meets each                                                        appointment.
    Wednesday at 6 p.m. Inspirational Ser-                                                            Notary service and Powers of Attor-
    vice Choir meets Thursdays at 6:30 p.m.       Peterson’s Chapel serves many spiritual needs.   ney are available daily from 1:00 p.m.

    40    Community Services                                                                                               2006 Base Guide

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      to 3:00 p.m. All services are available         Call the Action Line at DSN 834-              food specials at the clubs, and noti-
      free of charge to eligible clients. Call    7777 or (719) 556-7777 and your call              fication of commander’s calls, to
      DSN 834-4871 or (719) 556-4871 for          will be recorded.                                 name a few. Information that plays
      more information.                               If publishing the item will help a            on air is submitted by different units
                                                  number of people, the question and                and can be submitted to the public
      CLAIMS OFFICE                               response are published in the base                affairs office at:
      File claims for damage to household         newspaper.                                        access.channel @peterson.af.mil.
      goods and personal property at the              If you want to leave your name and               The public affairs office is respon-
      base legal office in building 350.          telephone number when you call, you               sible for managing overall program
      Appointments are available Monday-          will receive a personal answer even if            content and will review inputs and
      Wednesday. For more information, call       it isn’t printed in the paper. Internal           schedule them into the system.
      DSN 834-7861 or (719) 556-7861.             information also publishes the base
                                                  guide and base map.                               MUSEUM
                                                      The media relations section is the            The Peterson Air and Space Museum,
      AREA DEFENSE COUNSEL                        liaison between the base and local
      The Area Defense Counsel, located                                                             building 981, displays exhibits depict-
                                                  media outlets, releasing information              ing Peterson AFB history and missions
      in building 350, provides legal serv-
                                                  about Air Force activities and people to          from World War II to the present. The
      ices for military members facing
                                                  newspapers, radio, and television sta-            museum building was once the Col-
      military criminal matters or adverse
                                                  tions. Media relations also coordinate            orado Springs Municipal Airport termi-
      military actions.
                                                  answers to queries received from the              nal, and today is part of the 8.5 acre
          Defense functions include repre-
                                                  media, and escorts media representa-              Colorado Springs Municipal Airport
      senting clients regarding a LOC, LOA,
                                                  tives onto Peterson.                              Historic District.
      LOR, or discharges and in court-mar-
                                                      The community relations section pro-             The museum is open Tuesday-Sat-
      tial and Article 15 proceedings. Call
                                                  vides base tours, speaking programs,              urday from 0830-1630; and is closed
      (719) 556-7611 or DSN 834-7611 for
                                                  and information to public groups.                 Sunday, Monday, and holidays.
                                                                                                       Volunteers are always needed to
                                                  COMMANDER’S                                       support the museum’s many restora-
      Public Affairs advises and assists
                                                  ACCESS CHANNEL                                    tion and exhibit projects. Volunteers
                                                  The Commander’s Access Channel, base              are part of the Peterson Air and Space
      commanders in communicating Air
                                                  cable channel 3, is designed to inform            Museum Foundation, a 501(c) (3) non-
      Force messages to Air Force people
                                                  people on base about upcoming events              profit corporation that operates on
      and the American public. PA also
                                                  and announce events through a dedi-               donations and memberships. For infor-
      identifies and manages communica-
                                                  cated cable channel broadcast directly            mation on volunteer opportunities or
      tion issues impacting the Air Force’s
                                                  to work centers and base housing.                 for joining the Peterson Museum Foun-
      ability to conduct its peacetime and
                                                     Typical announcements include                  dation, contact the museum staff at
      wartime missions.
                                                  force protection changes, Service’s               (719) 556-4915 or visit the Foundation
         The base newspaper, the Space
                                                  operating hours, special events,                  website at www.petemuseum.org.
      Observer, is part of the internal infor-
      mation section. It keeps people
      informed about base-level news and
      activities, and Air Force issues and
      policies. More than 7,000 copies are
      distributed each Thursday. An elec-
      tronic version is available at:
         In addition to the base newspaper,
      the commander’s action line column
      answers complaints, suggestions, or
      comments. All callers should first try to
      solve the problem or complaint by
      using their chain of command and the
      affected agency.                            Peterson’s museum was the original home of the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport Terminal.

     2006 Base Guide                                                                                                Community Services          41

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     Tenant Organizations
                                                                                                   Aero medical Staging Squadron, Aerial
                                                                                                   Port Squadron, Security Forces, Trans-
                                                                                                   portation, Services, Intelligence and
                                                                                                   Personnel have been mobilized and
                                                                                                   deployed in support of Operation
                                                                                                   Iraqi Freedom.

                                                                                                   ABOUT THE AIRCRAFT
                                                                                                   The C-130H has a crew of five: pilot,
                                                                                                   co-pilot, navigator, flight engineer, and
                                                                                                   loadmaster. The aircraft has a maxi-
                                                                                                   mum allowable payload of 43,550
                                                                                                   pounds and carries 92 combat troops,
                                                                                                   64 paratroopers or 74 patients and a
                                                                                                   medical crew of one flight nurse and
                                                                                                   two medical technicians when config-
                                                                                                   ured for aero medical evacuation.
                                                                                                      Using its aft loading ramp and
    The 302nd is Colorado’s only Reserve flying unit.                                              door, the C-130 can accommodate a
                                                                                                   wide variety of oversized cargo,
    302ND AIRLIFT WING                                  Systems. These systems are owned by        including everything from utility heli-
    The 302nd Airlift Wing, Colorado’s                  the U.S.D.A. Forest Service and can be     copters and six-wheeled armored
    only Air Force Reserve flying unit, is              activated and installed on the aircraft    vehicles to standard palletized cargo
    the largest tenant organization on                  within hours. The wing is the only Air     and military personnel. In an aerial
    Peterson. It has approximately 1,200                Force Reserve unit trained and             delivery role, it can air drop loads up to
    Reservists and 275 full-time employees              equipped for the MAFFS mission,            42,000 pounds or use its high-floatation
    assigned. The wing is one of 12 C-130               which involves air-dropping fire-retar-    landing gear to land and deliver cargo
    Air Force Reserve units located                     dant chemicals from a height of 150        on rough, dirt strips.
    throughout the nation.                              feet above the ground. The wing has           The Lockheed aircraft boasts state-
       The wing is assigned 15 C-130H3                  flown firefighting missions throughout     of-the-art avionics and powerful
    Hercules aircraft, which are flown by               the western United States since the        engines, which increase its allowable
    the 731st Airlift Squadron.                         302nd took on the Reserve portion of       cargo load, range and altitude capa-
       The mission of the 302nd AW is to                the MAFFS mission in 1993.                 bility. On-board sensors warn of
    train, equip, and employ airlift forces                In December 2001, the 302nd AW          oncoming aircraft or incoming mis-
    in worldwide support of our nation’s                became the first Air Force Reserve C-130   siles. The aircraft is also equipped
    vital interest.                                     unit to mobilize and deploy in support     with dispensers that release chaff and
       A 302nd AW unit can be activated                 of Operation Noble Eagle and Opera-        flares to decoy enemy missiles away
    and deployed from the United States                 tion Enduring Freedom. During that         from the aircraft.
    to any location in the world within                 period, members of the 302nd Security         Other enhancements include Global
    72 hours.                                           Force Squadron were mobilized and          Positioning System equipment, low-
       When called upon, the 302nd AW                   deployed to various locations around       power color radar and night-vision
    also performs fire suppression missions             the globe. Since 2003, more than 80        interior lighting that allows aircrews to
    with two Modular Airborne Firefighting              members of the Airlift Control Flight,     use night-vision goggles.


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      A 302nd AW C-130 over the Royal Gorge Bridge.

      ORGANIZATION                                    “health” into early orbit and handle rou-   cargo, medical and maintenance person-
                                                      tine operations, satellite emergencies      nel—deployed to the Persian Gulf, Eng-
      The 302nd AW comes under the oper-              and satellite disposal.                     land, and stateside locations to support
      ational control of the Air Force Reserve                                                    active-duty operations.
      Command, headquartered at Robins                HISTORY                                        At the end of the Gulf War, the
      AFB, Ga. When called to active duty             Established as the 302nd Troop Carrier      302nd AW supported Operation Pro-
      through presidential order, the wing            Wing on May 16, 1949, the 302nd AW          vide Comfort, air-dropping food and
      would be gained by 15th Air Force and           was first activated by the Reserve on       supplies to the Kurdish refugees.
      would become an active-duty unit                June 27, 1949. In the mid-1950s, the           The wing supported operations
      under Air Mobility Command, Scott               wing flew airlift operations in the         Provide Relief and Restore Hope in
      AFB, Ill.                                       United States and overseas.                 Somalia, Coronet Oak in Panama,
         The 302nd also provides support to              The 302nd AW was called to active        Provide Promise’s humanitarian airlift
      the 310th Space Group, Air Force                duty during the Cuban missile crisis of     to Bosnia, and hurricane relief to
      Reserve’s only space operations group.          1962. During the 1960s, wing aircraft       Homestead AFB, Fla.
      The 310th Space Group’s units at                and crews performed worldwide airlift       In 1999, the wing also assisted in
      Schriever AFB, Colo., currently operate         missions and participated in numerous       humanitarian relief to refugees from
      three different satellite systems for the       tactical exercises. The unit was deacti-    Kosovo and Operation Allied Force.
      Department of Defense and the Depart-           vated on April 1, 1981. In mid-1983, the       The wing was most recently acti-
      ment of Commerce, including the Navs-           unit, then designated the 91st Tactical     vated in support of Operations Endur-
      tar Global Positioning System. The 7th          Airlift Group, moved to newly con-          ing Freedom and Noble Eagle in 2001,
      Operations Squadron operates the                structed facilities on Peterson AFB and     flying airlift missions out of Europe.
      Defense Meteorological Satellite Pro-           reactivated April 1, 1985.                  The wing’s security forces squadron
      gram in support of the Department of               The wing received one of its most        provided aircraft security and air base
      Commerce and the National Oceanic               challenging tests in 1990-91 with Opera-    defense throughout the United States
      and Atmospheric Administration. They            tions Desert Shield and Storm. More than    and in the Southwest Asia theater
      track satellite launches and their              600 wing members—including flying, air      during the war.

     2006 Base Guide                                                                                            Tenant Organizations   43

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                                                                                              intelligence missions, the core-focus of
                                                                                              intelligence professionals for years, to
                                                                                              the latest IO technologies.

                                                                                              311TH AIRLIFT SQUADRON
                                                                                              The 311th Airlift Squadron operates 10
                                                                                              C-21A aircraft, providing operational
                                                                                              support airlift throughout North Amer-
                                                                                              ica. The unit supports top U.S. and
                                                                                              Canadian commanders, the Superin-
                                                                                              tendent of the Air Force Academy, key
                                                                                              federal officials, members of Congress
                                                                                              and senior-ranking military leaders.
    Peterson is home to Det 4, AFOTEC.                                                        The unit also provides a 24-hour alert
                                                                                              for time-sensitive airlift missions which
    200TH AIRLIFT                                officer candidates for the Air Force         could be required to go anywhere in
                                                 Reserve Officer Training Corps and           the United States.
                                                 Officer Training School.                         Staffing for the 311th is primarily by
    The 200th Airlift Squadron is the only
                                                     The 367th Recruiting Squadron cov-       first assignment pilots who acquire valu-
    C-21A (Lear 35) unit in the Air National
                                                 ers more than 550,000 square miles in        able flying experience operating C-21A
    Guard, and flies the newest C-21 model
                                                 the Western and Southwestern regions         aircraft. In wartime, the C-21A provides
    aircraft in the Air Force.
                                                 of the United States. The 367th RS is        worldwide, time-sensitive movement of
       In November 1997, the 200th ALS
                                                 divided into eight enlisted, non-prior       people and cargo.
    took delivery of the first of two C-21A
                                                 service flights, each responsible for dif-
    aircraft and in April 1998 begin flying
    missions assigned by the Joint Opera-
                                                 ferent parts of the squadron’s zone. The     Det 4. AFOTEC
                                                 squadron has one officer accessions          The Air Force Operational Test and
    tional Support Aircraft Center.
                                                 flight that has five offices located         Evaluation Center was established in
       The unit moved from Buckley Air
                                                 throughout our area, and four military       1974, as a direct reporting unit to the
    National Guard Base to Peterson in April
                                                 entrance processing stations.                Air Force Chief of Staff, responsible for
    1999. Current manning includes 19 full
                                                                                              identifying operational deficiencies on
    time and traditional guardsmen, 15 rated     544TH INFORMATION                            weapons systems before designated
    pilots and four enlisted support people,
    plus contract maintenance that are           OPERATIONS GROUP                             production and acquisition decisions.
                                                 The 544th Information Operations                 Detachment 4 was originally estab-
    shared with an active-duty C-21 flight.
                                                 Group provides space-related informa-        lished in 1980 to support mobile MX
                                                 tion operations expertise throughout         missile development at Kirtland AFB,
    367th RECRUITING                             the space arena.                             N.M. In 1984, Det. 4 became an oper-
    SQUADRON                                        It is the only Air Combat Command         ating location here, in support of
    The mission of the Air Force Recruiting      unit under the 67th Information’s Oper-      space-related testing and to serve as a
    Service is to recruit a high-quality vol-    ations Wing that performs this mission       liaison to AFSPC.
    unteer force from a cross-section of         in support of Air Force Space Com-               Today the fine men and women of
    America. Emphasis is on recruiting           mand, 14th Air Force (SPACEAF), and          Det. 4 continue in this proud tradition
    intelligent young men and women with         USSTRATCOM.                                  as the primary operational testers of
    no prior military service who can be            The group is the Air Force leader in      space, missile systems and missile
    trained to handle the sophisticated sys-     gaining, exploiting, and applying            defense whose procurement costs
    tems and equipment of today’s highly         global space-derived and space-related       approach $80 billion.
    technical aerospace force.                   intelligence to achieve information              These professional testers have
       The Air Force Recruiting Service is       dominance.                                   become the first line of defense, ensur-
    also responsible for recruiting chaplains,      The group’s focus is to the final         ing present and future space systems
    physicians, dentists, nurses, health care    frontier of space and information            continue to defend our borders and
    administrators, and Biomedical Science       operations.                                  troops worldwide, and helping to
    Corps officers in a variety of specialties      The mission includes all aspects of       ensure we are never again at a disad-
    from civilian sources and for obtaining      information operations, from traditional     vantage in the space arena.

    44     Tenant Organizations                                                                                        2006 Base Guide

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       Local Communities & Attractions

      Proceeds from the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo go to local area military installations MWR programs.

      A GOOD NEIGHBOR                                   occurs in November and is called the             wing also sponsors the Mitchell High
      The diversity of Peterson doesn’t stop at         “Harvest of Love.”                               School Junior ROTC program.
      the gate. It resides in the surrounding              Peterson has supported the food
                                                        drive by providing volunteers and vehi-
      strong communities where our military                                                              PIKES PEAK OR
      members live.                                     cles to pick up donations from area
                                                        schools, unload them at the warehouse,           BUST RODEO
         Peterson has always been a strong
                                                        and package them into sensible units.            One of the biggest annual events sup-
      supporter of organizations outside of
                                                                                                         ported by Team Pete is the Pikes Peak
      the gate for many years. Some of the
                                                                                                         or Bust Rodeo.
      annual events supported by the base               COLORADO SPRINGS                                    The rodeo has been a Colorado
                                                        SCHOOL DISTRICT 11                               Springs, tradition since 1937 and has
                                                        The 21st Space Wing also is a proud              always showcased the pinnacle of
      CARE AND SHARE                                    partner with Colorado Springs School             rodeo talent and action, providing
      “HARVEST OF LOVE”                                 District 11. Activities supported by             wholesome entertainment for the Pikes
      Care and Share of Southern Colorado is            wing members include supporting                  Peak community.
      a non-profit organization that collects           classes with volunteers for school                  Held every August, proceeds from
      food for distribution to area food                events—science fairs, career days,               the rodeo go to area military installa-
      banks. Their largest annual food drive            tours, guest lecturers, and mentors. The         tions MWR programs.


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                                                                                                           cavalry regiment, and an area support
                                                                                                           group. Many other smaller units also
                                                                                                           call Fort Carson home.
                                                                                                              Peterson people are often referred
                                                                                                           to Evans Army Community Hospital
                                                                                                           located in building 7500 on Titus
                                                                                                           Boulevard. The five-story medical
                                                                                                           complex has a 76-bed capacity. The
                                                                                                           two-story clinic building contains 400
                                                                                                           examination and treatment rooms. A
                                                                                                           common area connects the clinic
                                                                                                           building and the main hospital. This
                                                                                                           area includes the main entrance, med-
                                                                                                           ical library, chapel and pharmacy.
                                                                                                              Fort Carson is proud of its 18-hole
                                                                                                           championship golf course, Thunder Alley
                                                                                                           Bowling Center, Mountain Post Sports
    Colorado Springs is nestled below Pikes Peak.                                                          Complex, Outdoor Recreation Complex,
                                                                                                           and auto and woodworking shops.
    SILVER KEY                                         LOCAL INSTALLATIONS
    SENIOR SERVICES                                    Colorado Springs’ reputation as a prime             AIR FORCE ACADEMY
    Silver Key Senior Services is an organi-           location for important military installa-           The military’s presence expanded with
    zation dedicated to the elderly. This              tions got its start in the 1940s when               the Air Force Academy in the 1950s. It
    non-profit organization, founded in                Fort Carson was established on 137,000              occupies more than 18,000 acres of
    1971, annually assists more than 15,000            acres a few miles south of the city.                land just northwest of Colorado
    elderly in the Pikes Peak region.                                                                      Springs. Just over 4,200 cadets attend
       Their goals are to promote inde-                FORT CARSON                                         the Academy. More than 1,000 men
    pendent living for our elders; help fulfill        Fort Carson is located south of Colorado            and women enter the academy each
    their basic and social needs; strengthen           Springs in the shadow of Cheyenne                   year to begin a four-year program that
    their self-sufficiency; increase their self-       Mountain. Approximately 15,000 active-              leads to a commission in the Air Force.
    reliance; and provide meaningful                   duty soldiers and 1,300 civilians are sta-          In addition to serving the health care
    replacements for those losses associated           tioned at “The Mountain Post.”                      needs of all the cadets and active-duty
    with advancing age. Team Pete mem-                    The major units assigned to the post             people at the academy, its hospital pro-
    bers supported a paint-a-thon, just one            include a mechanized infantry brigade,              vides inpatient medical care for people
    of many volunteer projects.                        a Special Forces group, an armored                  assigned to Peterson AFB.

    United States Air Force Academy, located in northwestern Colorado Springs, lays the Air Force foundation for thousands of officers each year.

    46     Local Communities & Attractions                                                                                             2006 Base Guide

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         The academy is one of the most                       centers at Schriever AFB, and remote         COLORADO SPRINGS
      popular tourist attractions in Col-                     tracking stations and other command          Colorado Springs is located on the
      orado. Nearly 1 million people visit                    and control facilities around the            eastern boundary of the Rocky Moun-
      the facility each year. People also                     world. These facilities monitor satel-       tains. To the east are rolling plains. To
      come to see the Air Force Falcons                       lites during launch, put the satellites in   the west rises the majestic 14,110-foot
      compete in Mountain West Athletic                       their proper orbits following launch,        Pikes Peak, one of many high, scenic
      Conference athletic events. For ticket                  operate the satellites while they are in     peaks of the Rockies.
      information, call (719) 472-1895.                       orbit, and fix satellite anomalies when         To the south is the Arkansas River
                                                              they occur.                                  valley with its agricultural lands and
                                                                  Also located at Schriever is the Joint   the town of Pueblo. To the north lies
      SCHRIEVER                                               National Integration Center. JNIC pro-       the Denver metropolitan area.
      AIR FORCE BASE                                          vides a state-of-the-art capability for         Much of the city occupies gently
      Schriever Air Force Base, located                       Ballistic Missile and Theater Air            rolling hills which slope westward,
      approximately 10 miles east of Peterson                 Defense testing, modeling and simula-        offering unobstructed views of Pikes
      AFB, was established in the mid-1980s.                  tion, and analysis.                          Peak and the Front Range from most
         It is home to the Air Force’s 50th                       The facility also houses several ten-    sections of town.
      Space Wing, a component of AFSPC.                       ants, including the Space Warfare Center        From the very beginning, Colorado
         The mission of the 50th Space                        and the Cheyenne Mountain Training           Springs and the Pikes Peak region have
      Wing is to command and control                          System, which supports strategic space       been developed as a community with
      operational Department of Defense                       systems and missile defense programs.        quality of life in mind. Today they offer
      satellites and manage the worldwide                         Schriever is also home to the 310th      residents a blend of business opportu-
      Air Force Satellite Control Network.                    Space Group, the Air Force Reserve’s         nities, culture, and unparalleled out-
      The wing operates satellite operation                   only Space Operations Group.                 door recreation.

      Colorado Springs is home to more than 500,000 people.

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    Colorado Springs began as one man’s
    dream. When Gen. William Jackson
    Palmer first saw the scenic attraction of
    the Pikes Peak region, he immediately
    knew it was a location that could attract
    his wealthy European and East Coast
    friends. The city’s first stake was driven
    in 1871. Colorado Springs became
    especially popular with the British and
    acquired the nickname Little London.
    Riding the rails, visitors came to see the
    area’s beauty and were inspired to stay
    by a mild climate and the region’s
    growing resort accommodations.
        In the 1890s, Colorado Springs
    found it was surrounded by more
    than scenic wealth. Gold was discov-
    ered in nearby Cripple Creek in 1891,
    and Colorado Springs found itself a
    thriving financial center. The golden
    years lasted until 1917, when the Unit-
    ed States went to silver for its coinage
    and the local economy once again
    emphasized tourism.
        Looking to expand its economic
    base, the city offered land to the military
    in 1942. With the start of World War II,
    Fort Carson was established on 137,000
    acres to the south of Colorado Springs.
        The military’s presence grew in the
    1950s with the opening of the Air Force
    Academy. Over the next 30 years,
    Peterson AFB, Cheyenne Mountain
    AFS, and Schriever AFB helped create
    Colorado Springs’ reputation as the
    nation’s military space capital.
        Manufacturing expanded tremen-
    dously when the area’s quality of life
    and cost advantages were recognized in
    the 1960s and 1970s. Today, computers,
    electronic equipment, semiconductors,
                                                  Winfield Scott Stratton was an astute businessman and one of the visionary leaders in the planning and
    precision parts, plastics, heavy equip-       building of Colorado Springs.
    ment, and countless other high-quality
    products are manufactured in the Pikes        Training Center, the world’s finest                  extremes are rare. Despite a moder-
    Peak region and shipped to national           multi-sport training facility.                       ately high-altitude location near the
    and international markets.                                                                         Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs
        The amateur sports segment is one         CLIMATE                                              on average gets less snow than Den-
    of several service industries expanding       Colorado Springs’ pleasant climate is a              ver, Salt Lake City, or Minneapolis.
    in the region. Colorado Springs is            key element in the area’s high quality of               The mountains capture most of the
    home to the headquarters of the U.S.          life. Weather in the Pikes Peak region               precipitation from easterly-moving
    Olympic Committee and Olympic                 is surprisingly mild; uncomfortable                  systems, giving the Pikes Peak region
    48    Local Communities & Attractions                                                                                            2006 Base Guide

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     Public use parks, such as Garden of the Gods in western Colorado Springs, can be found in nearly every neighborhood.

      dry and sunny weather during most of             reminding residents that the Indian                systems in the nation with more than
      the year.                                        meaning of Chinook is “snoweater.”                 8,000 acres of park area. Major public-
         At an elevation of 6,035 feet, resi-          Mild, sunny weather in the middle of               use facilities can be found in nearly
      dents enjoy a number of climatic                 the winter is typical, allowing residents          every neighborhood.
      advantages.                                      to golf, bike, hike, play tennis, and                 Leading the list of more than 124
         Long and lingering Indian autumns             enjoy all types of outdoor activities in           parks are five major recreation areas:
      are common, while spring is a mild               the sunshine.                                      The Garden of the Gods, Memorial
      precursor to summer. Colorado                                                                       Park, North Slope Recreation Area,
      Springs’ meteorological classification is        SPORTS, RECREATION                                 Palmer Park, and Cheyenne Canyon.
      an alpine desert with about 250 days of
                                                       AND PARKS
      sunshine and only 15 to 16 inches of
                                                       Sports enthusiasts will find many
                                                                                                          GARDEN OF THE GODS
      precipitation per year. Humidity                                                                    Nothing says “Colorado Springs” quite
                                                       opportunities to run, hike, ski, golf,
      remains comfortably low.                                                                            like these towering red rock formations
                                                       cycle, fish, camp, and hunt in the Pikes
         While snow is not uncommon,                                                                      at the base of Pikes Peak. Hike, bike or
                                                       Peak region. There are many amateur
      snowfalls do not remain on the ground                                                               drive through the 1,400-acre park and
                                                       and professional competitions avail-
      long. Sunny days are abundant during                                                                watch for big horn sheep, deer and a
                                                       able for less active sports fans.
      the winter and the sun’s intensity at this                                                          variety of birds. Start your visit at the
      elevation quickly melts snow from                                                                   Garden of the Gods Visitor Center with
      streets and sidewalks. Warm Chinook              COLORADO                                           its hands-on exhibits explaining the
      winds also help moderate the winter              SPRINGS PARKS                                      geology, ecology, plants, and history of
      climate. These northwesterly winds can           Colorado Springs has one of the most               the area. For more information, call
      cause rapid increases in temperatures,           extensive municipal and regional park              (719) 634-6666.
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    TRAILS FOR HIKING AND                                                                        face of Pikes Peak, accessible via the
                                                       FISHING, RAFTING AND
                                                                                                 Pikes Peak Highway, are open for
    BIKING INFORMATION                                 OTHER WATER SPORTS                        fishing and small boats.
    A growing network of urban and rural               Reservoirs, natural lakes, rivers, and
    trails makes many scenic areas in the              streams, many in nearby state parks       SPECTATOR SPORTS
    Pikes Peak region more accessible to               or national forest lands, provide a lot   The Pikes Peak region is a sports
    hikers and bicyclists. Hiking and                  of opportunities for water-related        fan’s heaven. Local competitions and
    walking opportunities abound in                    recreation.                               exhibitions abound, such as world-
    nearby city, county and state parks.                  Colorado Springs’ Prospect Lake,       class athletics at the Olympic Training
    Barr Trail, which ascends the east side            within Memorial Park, welcomes wind-      Center, authentic rodeo. Professional
    of Pikes Peak from Manitou Springs, is             surfers, sailboats and water-skiers.      golfing, auto racing, and countless
    among several local hikes in nearby                Rampart Range reservoir, a few miles      other sports events.
    National Forest land.                              northwest of Colorado Springs near           Colorado Springs is home to the Sky
        The area’s growing ranks of mountain           Woodland Park and Pueblo Reservoir, a     Sox, the AAA affiliate for the Colorado
    bikers have discovered and developed               one-hour drive south, are larger bodies   Rockies. Security Service Field, built in
    hundreds of miles of enjoyable trails for          of water for fishing and water sports.    1988, seats up to 10,200 fans for 72
    all skill levels.                                     Three small reservoirs on the north    home games each season.

    The Sky Sox are an affiliate of Major League baseball’s Colorado Rockies.

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     Cripple Creek hosts an annual Salute to American Veterans Rally and Festival attended by motorcycle groups from around the country.

          The International, a major PGA               visit the Colorado Springs Convention             narrow gauge train rides, museum
      competition, is held each August at              & Visitors Bureau website at:                     exhibits, and a melodrama theater.
      Castle Pines Golf Club, about a                  www.ColoradoSprings-travel.com, or
      30-minute drive north of Colorado                write the Colorado Springs Convention
      Springs.                                         & Visitors Bureau, 104 South Cascade,             SEVEN FALLS
          Rodeo competitions have a large              Suite 104, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.            View the “Grandest Mile of Scenery in
      following in the Pikes Peak region.                                                                Colorado.” Spectacularly illuminated at
      Two major rodeos take place in Col-                                                                night, the canyon offers hiking trails
      orado Springs each August. The Pikes             CRIPPLE CREEK                                     and an elevator that takes you to
      Peak or Bust Rodeo and the National              The famous gold mining town of Crip-              Eagles Nest, a point on top of the falls
      Little Britches Rodeo are held here              ple Creek is nestled in a volcanic bowl           allowing you to view its splendor from
      each summer. Many smaller rodeos are             on the west side of Pikes Peak. Cripple           the air. Seven Falls is only six miles
      held in other communities in the Pikes           Creek was the center of politics,                 from downtown Colorado Springs.
      Peak region yearly.                              finance, and entertainment for the min-
                                                       ing district, and at the turn of the cen-
                                                       tury it boasted two opera houses, eight           OLYMPIC TRAINING
      LOCAL ATTRACTIONS                                newspapers, a stock exchange, and                 CENTER
      The Colorado Springs area is a haven             many other attractions.                           The headquarters for the U.S. Olympic
      for sightseers. For detailed information,           Now, the former mining town offers             Committee facility is located on the site
      call 1-800-888-4748 or (719) 635-7506,           limited-stakes gambling, mine tours,              of the former Ent Air Force Base at

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    1750 E. Boulder. Tour guides take you             each year on July 4, the Race to the       room, a theater, an extensive art library
    through several training areas, including         Clouds is 12.4 miles of gravel road with   and a comprehensive studio art and
    the gymnastics area, indoor shooting              156 turns and an elevation gain of         humanities program.
    range and pool. For more information,             4,700 feet to the summit of Pikes Peak.       The center also offers more than 70
    call (719) 866-4618.                                                                         special and ongoing activities every
                                                      FINE ARTS CENTER                           year. For more information, call (719)
    PIKES PEAK                                        Founded in 1936, the Colorado              634-5581.
    AUTO HILL CLIMB                                   Springs Fine Arts Center, 30 W. Dale,
    The second-oldest auto race in the                was the nation’s first facility designed   PIONEERS MUSEUM
    nation, the annual Pikes Peak Auto Hill           to cultivate both the visual and per-      Colorado Springs’ history comes to life
    Climb, attracts international competi-            forming arts. It houses two unique         as Indian relics and Western pioneer
    tors and thousands of spectators. Held            museum collections, a music and lecture    antiques tell the area’s story from the

    There are many opportunities for amateur and professional sports competition fans.

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      beginning to today. It is located at 215
      S. Tejon St. in Colorado Springs.

      The Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun and
      Cheyenne Mountain Zoo are both on
      Cheyenne Mountain Scenic Highway.
      The Shrine of the Sun, hewn out of
      granite, was built in memory of and
      presents mementos of Will Rogers. Vis-
      itors may climb to the top of the tower
      for a spectacular view of the Pikes
      Peak region. For more information, call
      (719) 633-9218.

      The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, the
      highest zoo in the country at 6,800
      feet, is world famous for its diverse
      and exotic collection of more than
      700 animals.
         The zoo, opened in 1926, features
      natural settings for many animals
      including Wolf Woods, home to two of
      the 75 Mexican wolves alive today; and
      Primate World-an indoor/outdoor com-
      plex for apes and monkeys. Admission
      includes a visit to the Will Rogers
      Shrine featuring stunning murals by
      Randall Davey, breathtaking views and
      a granite tower.                             The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a popular attraction.
         The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo,
      open 365 days a year, is at 4250             PIKES PEAK COG                                       Visitors can explore the dwellings
      Cheyenne Mountain Road just west of                                                               room by room. Open year-round
      Colorado Springs.                                                                                 seven days a week, museum hours
                                                   Take an unforgettable panoramic trip
         For more information, call (719)                                                               are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. October-April
                                                   that leads you to the 14,110-foot sum-
      633-9925.                                                                                         and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in May and Sep-
                                                   mit of America’s most famous peak.
                                                                                                        tember. The hours in June, July and
                                                   Modern Swiss trains operate daily dur-
                                                                                                        August are 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. The
      CAVE OF THE WINDS                            ing the summer, departing from the
                                                                                                        museum is five miles west of Col-
      Be sure to bring your camera for this        depot at 515 Ruxton Ave. in Manitou
                                                                                                        orado Springs on U.S. 24 at exit 141
      fascinating 40-minute guided tour            Springs. Round trip is three hours and
                                                                                                        near Manitou Springs. For more infor-
      through caverns formed millions of           10 minutes. For more information, call
                                                                                                        mation call (719) 685-5242.
      years ago. Tours leave about every 15        (719) 685-5401.
      minutes. Bring a light jacket and com-
      fortable shoes. The cave is just six miles   CLIFF DWELLINGS MUSEUM                               GREAT SAND DUNES
      west of Colorado Springs on U.S. High-       The Cliff Dwellings Museum has                       NATIONAL MONUMENT
      way 24 above Manitou Springs. For            some of the finest artifacts and cliff               The San Luis Valley—7,500 feet above
      more information, call (719) 685-5444.       dwelling homes of the Southwest.                     sea level—is a desert. Three times

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    larger than Delaware, it receives less      Fontaine qui Bouille, “the springs that            Museum of National History, Gastes
    than 8 inches of moisture a year. This      boil.” Security was established by                 Planetarium, Denver Mint, governor’s
    area houses the world’s tallest sand        American builders in 1953 and was                  mansion, Pioneer Museum, National
    dunes, piled to heights of more than        named to reassure prospective home                 Western Stock Show, and Red Rocks
    700 feet.                                   buyers. Developer Jules Watson devel-              Amphitheater are other attractions.
                                                oped the connecting Widefield area in
    ROYAL GORGE                                 1965 and chose the name to express                 PUEBLO
    On the Royal Gorge Scenic Railway           the concept of open space.                         Pueblo, 40 miles south of Colorado
    you can take a 30-minute, three-mile                                                           Springs on I-25, offers the Pueblo
    train ride to the rim of Point Alta Vista   DENVER                                             Civic Symphony, city park band con-
    and the Royal Gorge Canyon. You also        Denver, the state capital, is about an             certs, the Broadway Theater League
    can ride the white water of the             hour’s drive north of Colorado Springs             and University of Southern Colorado
    Arkansas River. Half-day, one- and          on I-25. It is a center for music, art,            concerts.
    two-hour rides are available.               education, sports, outdoor recreation                 For more than 100 years, Pueblo has
       Two-hour rides extend to the bot-        and entertainment in Colorado.                     been the home of the Colorado State
    tom of the gorge with a rest stop along        Denver supports professional basket-            Fair. The event attracts more than a
    the Arkansas River.                         ball, football, baseball and soccer teams.         million visitors each year. Top national
       Rocky Mountain National Park is          The Denver Art Museum, Denver                      entertainers, a rodeo, and a military
    located about two hours north of            Botanic Gardens, Children’s Museum,                appreciation day are highlights.
    Colorado Springs. For more informa-
    tion, call (719) 275-7507 or 1-888-

    Nearby communities offer many attrac-
    tions - from professional sports in Den-
    ver to the colleges and universities in
    Pueblo and Colorado Springs, to the
    hiking trails and mountains in the area.

    Manitou Springs, just west of Colorado
    Springs, takes its name from the many
    mineral springs in the area. The area
    once was marked off as a sanctuary by
    the local Indian tribes who attributed
    supernatural powers to the springs’
    waters. Today, Manitou Springs thrives
    as a tourist resort.

    Fountain Valley includes the communi-
    ties of Fountain, Widefield, and Securi-
    ty, Colorado. These communities are
    located approximately 10 miles south
    of Colorado Springs and 30 miles north
    of Pueblo along Interstate 25 at 5,546
    feet above sea level. The city of Foun-
    tain was established in 1859 and got its
    name from nearby Fountain Creek,
    named by early French explorers La          The Arkansas River runs through the Royal Gorge.

    54    Local Communities & Attractions                                                                                 2006 Base Guide

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