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									NYSASCD               NYSASCD
                      COMMITTEE CHARGE
                      MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE

The Membership Committee’s purpose is to uphold the mission and vision of NYSASCD, and to
provide for the accomplishment of the strategic plan goal number two:

NYSASCD membership will reflect the diversity of the State’s educational community by
broadening both its membership and Board representation. In guiding the recruitment of Board
members as well as general membership, considering such factors as gender, ethnicity, age,
role, geography, and school/district type, NYSASCD will work to build the capacity and influence
of the statewide organization.


      Assist in developing strategies for recruiting diverse members for the state association.
       Report on recruitment efforts at each Executive Board meeting.
      Work with the Executive Director and the NYSASCD office to monitor membership.
      Analyze the attendee data from every NYSASCD program offered throughout the state,
       and provide recommendations to the Executive Board based on the data.

Relationship to other NYSASCD Committees/structures:

      Provide information to the program committee regarding members and professional
       development activity participants to assist in its decision making regarding program
      Provide information to the Vice President for Communications and Affiliate Relations
       regarding members and recruiting efforts, so that the information may be shared with
       affiliate leaders.
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Membership Committee

Job Description
        The responsibilities of each member of the NYSASCD Membership Committee
are to:

(1) Support and promote the Goal and the annual priorities of the Membership

(2) Take every opportunity to promote NYSASCD and to encourage others to become
    members of NYSASCD.

(3) Identify from the membership of NYSASCD those individuals who have the interest
    and potential to serve its leadership positions at either the state or local level and
    encourage them to consider such positions.

(4) Complete and return a short questionnaire that asks for “best guess” information on
    the emerging instructional, curricular and administrative priorities of local school

(5) Assist in identifying possible programs and services that will entice educators to join
    NYSASCD and to participate in the professional learning opportunities.

(6) Analyze NYSASCD membership data to evaluate the achievement of the
    Membership Committee’s annual priorities and long range goal and to establish its
    annual priorities and measures of success.

(7) While attending NYSASCD workshops, conferences, and seminars:

         -assist in gathering information from the participants via the
         Membership/Survey and
         -serve as an unofficial NYSASCD ambassador, promoting membership in
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Membership/Diversity Committee
July 2010

Committee Members

       Position Vacant

     Stacey Adams                 Erin Paschetta
     White Plains, NY             Setauket, NY
     Roger Bowley
                                  Margaret Poggi      New York, NY
         Franklin Caesar
         Brooklyn, NY             Brian Sherman
         Tanya Davis              bsherman001@nycap,rr,con
          Middletown, NY
         Clive Earle
         Uniondale, NY       Margaret Poggi
         Aosta Edelman            New York, NY
         Castleton, NY  
         David Evans
         Highland, NY             Brian Sherman       Schoharie, NY
         Jeanette Ford-Luween
         Rosedale, NY
         Julia Guttman
         Rochester, NY
         Roger Lidney
         Dix Hills, NY   Deborah Wilson-Allam
                                  Utica, NY

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