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					                                                         PIA Life Box Project

Instructions from PIA:
   o   3 flights a week leaving from either Chicago or NY
   o   Previously PIA was only going to accept food packages until Sept 12th, they have changed this to be till the end of
       the year.
   o   Food is the first priority right now. Clothing and other used items are not being accepted.
   o   Please complete the “ PIA Free Airlift of Relief Goods Acknowledgement” form and fax it to PIA. Also, indicate
       how many boxes you will be delivering, contents of the boxes, weight of the boxes. Once they receive the fax,
       they will call you and give you approval to make the delivery. Please include your contact information on the
       fax. The fax number is 718-656-4703 (Attn: Cargo Manager).
            o Here’s the link for the PIA form:

Box Dimension:
  o Smaller or bigger boxes than the 15x15x12” will be acceptable, so long as all the boxes are the same size.     Make
       sure each box is clearly labeled with the items it contains.
   o   Tape the bottom of the box really well
   o   16 x 12 x 12” boxes can be found at Home Depot

Box Contents/Other details:
   o   $1.26 - (7) 16.5 oz each water bottles
       $1.50 - (3) 10 oz each orange juice
       $1.32 - (3) 10 oz each apple juice
       $2.82 - (3) energy powder tubes (yielding 60 oz of drinks)
       $1.39 - (6) 1 oz each potato chips (not Doritos or others)
       $0.33 - (10) 10 oz each plastic cups
       $1.58 - (2) bars of soap
       $1.60 - (32) dates
       $1.00 - (9) 2.3 oz each cookies/biscuits
       $1.07 - (1) 0.5 oz each hard candy
       $ 1.96 - (1) 1 quart each milk
       $ 1.17 - packing (masking tape, ziplocs, gas, etc.)
       $17.00 – total (all items are bought at bulk)

Other suggested items to include in Life Box:
  o Unfitted/Flat Bedsheet: You can find $4 sheets at Walmart.
  o Water purification tablets

Don’t send these items:
   o   Insect Repellent: Don’t pack these because Pakistani unfamiliar with them and are spraying in their mouths.
   o   Scented Soap: Please use scent-free soap. Suggested brand – Detol Soap Bar (not liquid). Cost is $0.99 - $1.49
   o   Uncooked foods: People don’t have stoves and so will not be able to cook items, like rice, lentils, etc.
   o   Canned foods: DO NOT send canned foods as they don’t have can openers. We want to make sure the food
       packages are ready-made.
   o   Energy bars: People in Pakistan don’t eat the energy bars. While people are starving, we want to be sure we
       send them foods they like to eat.
   o   Powdered milk: Don’t send powdered milk. Send milk packaged in tetra packs (such as brands Parmalat or
       Borden). Call Parmalat at 888-279-9642.
Food Life Box Drop-off Locations in the East Coast:
In addition to Long Island and North Jersey, we were able to secure drop off locations in Philadelphia and Central Jersey.
If you want to drop off at any of these locations, please email me.

               LOCATION 1 - BROOKLYN, NY:                     LOCATION 2 - HILLSIDE AVE, NY:
               King's Grocery and Halal Meat                  New Sunshine Restaurant
               675 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218       185-10 Hillside Ave, Jamaica NY 11432
               Between Ave C and Courtelyou Rd                718-739-0500 Saba Bhai
               Right next to Shandaar Restaurant              [Call Afshan (post drop-off) 212-961-7647]
               [Call Afshan (post drop-off) 212-961-7647]

               LOCATION 3 - HICKSVILLE, NY:                   LOCATION 4 - JACKSON HEIGHTS, NY:
               Lahori Grill                                   Gourmet Restaurant
               55A Broadway, Hicksville, NY 11801             72-08 Broadway, Jackson Heights, NY
               (516) 827-5858                                 718-533-8700 Yasir or Kashif
               Sohail Bhai: 516-451-3454 (cell)               Call Afshan (post drop-off) 212-961-7647
               Call Afshan (post drop-off) 212-961-7647

               NJ:                                            224 Quinnipiac Avenue
               Taj Palace (Banquet Hall)                      North Haven, CT 06473-3626
               220 Saint Georges Ave, Rahway, NJ              PH: 203-785-9390
               (732) 680-0553                                 ASK FOR MOHAMMAD HANIF
               Mateen Abbas: 732-642-9879 (cell)              Call Afshan OR Sammi (post drop-off)
               (2 Miles from Oak Tree Road's Market,          AFSHAN 212-961-7647
               Corner of Route 27 & St. Georges Ave)          SAMMI 646-217-9954
               [Call Afshan (post drop-off) 212-961-7647]

               LOCATION 11 - WASHINGTON DC:                   LOCATION 12 - VIRGINIA:
               Call Afshan 212-961-7647                       Call Afshan 212-961-7647
               LOCATION 13 - MARYLAND:
               Call Afshan 212-961-7647

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