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					Dear fellow Brooklyn Prospect parents:

We are writing you as the nominating committee for the new
Brooklyn Prospect PTA. We've been charged with the task of finding
BP parents to stand for election as president or co-president, vice
president, treasurer, recording secretary and assistant secretary of
our PTA this year. The draft by-laws for the PTA are attached.

We are looking to recruit candidates who reflect the wonderful
diversity of our new Brooklyn Prospect student body, who are
creative thinkers, able to commit the time and energy to getting our
PTA off the ground and helping it prosper in its role of fostering a
close collaborative relationship among BP's families,
teachers and administration, and, lastly, who have fundraising,
leadership, and/or organizational experience, either as a volunteer or
through work.

We want to hear from you! If you would like to be considered for a
PTA officer position, or can recommend another BP parent, please
contact Allison Pennell by Tuesday, September 29th, at
alliep@nyc.rr.com, or by phone at 718-399-3882. One of us will also
be calling each of you next week to ask you if you are interested in
serving, or can recommend other parents, as candidates to be a PTA

The PTA elections will be held at the next PTA meeting on
Wednesday, October 21st at 6 pm.
Best wishes,

Brooklyn Prospect PTA Nominating Committee
   Cynthia Williams (mother of Elijah Williams)
   Julie Triedman (mother of Olivia Mace)
   Allison Pennell (mother of Sam Pennell)
   Wendy Chou (mother of Kaya and Tai-yan Chou-Kudu)
   John Adler (father of Hannah Adler-Levine)

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