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									WANT to be the best employee in the office? The key is not only doing all the work that the daily
responsibilities well, also noticed a few other points.

Many of the workers to do routine jobs just to support his life. With passion, the work seemed to be a
necessity acted.

Fulfillment time is also only meet working hours imposed. Much like a robot, your body is forced to work
the hours that have been determined without accompanied with a passion.

In fact, if it works with the heart and not just focus on meeting the needs of life, you can develop the
skills of your profession field. As a bonus, the title as the best employees went up. Interested? EHow
gives the following trick.

Telling the truth

In doing anything, do everything on the label honesty. If you make a mistake, do not hesitate to admit
later memerbaikinya. Familiarize being honest is one of the biggest favors you can do better for yourself
and your kareir sustainability.


Also appreciate the work your boss can be done with the present time. Timeliness into a form of
consistency to the boss that you are serious about undergoing such work.

Keep your workspace tidiness

Do not leave a messy desk when you leave. Conversely, by keeping the desk neatness, you prove
yourself a working man to be reckoned.
Follow office policy

If you think that there is a rule that is not fair to you, then use the proper channels to change it. In the
meantime, follow all the rules that apply in your workplace.

Working hard

This may sound cliche. But by working diligently and vigorously, the workplace will appreciate your

Be polite

Remember what is being taught to your parents to always be polite and friendly. Therefore, run attitude
when you are at work. This is a criterion of excellence of a good employee.

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