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					                                   SAMPLE JOB POSTING
                      Consider using, County Job Centers,
                     local colleges and universities,and other free websites

                              DISTRICT / DEPARTMENT NAME
                    is looking for instructors for our Winter - Spring Classes
                      that serve preschool children through senior citizens.

Do you have a talent and expertise to share with others? The Community Education team has
offered a variety of courses each year in and around XXX, WI. Course and workshop topics have
included arts/crafts (jewelry, photography, knitting, etc.), fitness (yoga, dance, boot camp),
languages, environmental issues, financial planning, college planning, parenting classes, first aid,
etc. We also offer numerous special events such as plays, dances, plant swaps, etc.

Classes for adults and youth typically run late afternoon or early evening, and occasionally during
the day or on Saturdays. Some classes are more formal, with planned curriculum (languages, for
example). Other classes are focused on simply creating an evening of fun for community members.

To discuss the program or propose courses please contact XXXX. New courses with a variety of
topics are always welcome! We will help organize the class, manage registrations and schedule
classroom space so that you can focus on sharing your talent.

Qualifications: Talent, expertise and passion for a specific topic; flexibility; strong
communication, customer service and community building skills; etc. The Community Education
philosophy stresses community building and sharing talents, so various levels of training/experience
are considered. A degree or license is not required.

Requirements: Develop a course with activities and outcomes; plan for materials and supplies; etc.
Community Education will help develop the class content (if necessary), schedule facilities,
promote programs, and manage registrations.

How to apply: To apply please contact XXXXXXX . You may view current and past classes and
download forms at . Once we receive your information, someone will follow
up to discuss the course and to begin planning.

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