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									       University of Pittsburgh
       School of Pharmacy                   Pharmacy
                                              Fall 1998

                                              A        L       U      M        N         I          N       E       W             S

Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy
Holds Grand Opening
October 1, 1878

The Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy was officially inaugurated      charter from the Commonwealth to incorporate the Pittsburgh
during a gala event held in the Western University of Pennsyl-     College of Pharmacy “for the purpose of cultivating, improv-
vania building on Diamond Street. The opening night event in-      ing and disseminating the knowledge of pharmacy and its col-
cluded addresses by George A. Kelly, Esq. president of the         lateral branches of science.”
College; W.D. Moore, Esq.; and Western University of Penn-           President Kelly, owner of George A. Kelly Co., the promi-
sylvania Chancellor George Woods. The evening also included        nent Pittsburgh drug wholesale house, said the college will of-
several selections performed by the Robinson Band, directed        fer a two-year course of study resulting in the awarding of the
by T. F. Kirk, and several songs performed by a quartette com-     Ph.G. degree. The only prerequisite for attendance is a desire
posed of Messrs. Cain, Ross, Rinehart, and Balph.                  to gain additional knowledge to advance one’s self in a chosen
  The College was organized by the druggists and apothecaries      profession. Courses include “Materia Medica and Botany Chem-
of Pittsburgh and Allegheny to improve their ability to meet the   istry,” “Pharmacy Chemistry,” and “Materia Medica and Botany
health needs of their respective communities. They received a      Pharmacy.” Twenty students have enrolled for the first class.

                                                                                A Brief History                  Alumnus Creates
                                                                                of the School                    E-business
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                                                                                                                      Fall 1998       1
Contents                                       President’s Message:
Corrections                               2
                                               Meeting the Challenge!
President’s Message                       2

A Snapshot from Pharmacy’s Past           3

                                                        he mission of a professional society       the guiding light that will lead pharmacy into
Preceptor Profile                         4
                                                        is to support, promote, and advance        the 21st century.
Celebrating 120 Years of Advancing                      the goals of the profession it serves.        Our lifeline is our members and their com-
Pharmacy: A Brief History                 6    Goals must expand as the environment                mitment to education. Through involvement in
Distinguished Alumni Awards               8    changes. Our challenge in the University of         the University, alumni are a part of the process
                                               Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy Alumni Soci-          that offers a promising future in pharmacy to
Alumni Board Retreat                    10
                                               ety is to grow with changes and mold our own        all pharmacists. We invite you to be an active
CVS Presents Scholarship                10     future. As we approach the next century, the        participant in our mission!
Wal-Mart Foundation Scholarship         10     Alumni Society will expand its presence
                                               through increased committee activity and
Small Neighborhood Pharmacy
                                               alumni involvement.
Goes Global Via Internet                11                                                         William Crossey ’76, KGSB ’91
                                                  During the coming year, the Executive Board
Alumni Weekend                          12     will be discussing various new ideas to promote
                                                                                                   Pharmacy Alumni Association
Student News                            14     the profession of pharmacy to students and
                                               alumni. In addition to rewarding excellence,
                                                                                                   To volunteer for the Pharmacy Alumni Society
Pharmacy Gift Shop                      14     ideas will be explored to reward students for
                                                                                                   Board, contact Richard A. Lithgow, special
Faculty News                            16     outstanding efforts in organizational endeavors.
                                                                                                   assistant to the Dean for Alumni Affairs,
                                               New avenues for networking within the profes-
Siuda Retires                           16                                                         at (412) 242-4525 E-mail: Lithgow+@pitt.edu
                                               sion will be offered, in addition to educational
                                                                                                   by Jan. 15, 1999.
Venkataramanan Receives                        programs meeting the needs of our practitio-
Foundation Award                        17     ners. Efforts to increase funding to students and
                                               the University for scholarships and special
Transcripts                             17                                                            Board Establishes
                                               projects will be pursued through new channels.
Honor Roll of Donors                    18     A project to preserve memorabilia for the future
School of Pharmacy Brick Walkway        22                                                            Past and current members of the Phar-
                                                                                                      macy Alumni Society Board have estab-
In Memoriam                             23
                                                                                                      lished an endowed scholarship for
                                                                                                      School of Pharmacy students. Leading
                                                                                                      the effort to establish the scholarship
                                                                                                      was 1997-1998 Alumni Board President
Corrections                                                                                           Kathleen Bartony ’76. Criteria for the
                                                                                                      scholarship are currently under discus-
In the last issue of the School of Pharmacy                                                           sion, and the first scholarship will be
Alumni News, we mistakenly reported that                                                              awarded for the 2000-2001 academic
Maria Croyle, BS ’92, PhD, received a                                                                 year. The School of Pharmacy and all its
PharmD from Pitt. Croyle received her BS                                                              students sincerely thank the Board for
from Pitt and her PhD in pharmaceutics         will accompany other activities which promote          establishing the scholarship.
from the University of Michigan in October     the participation of alumni. Communication                If you are a past Board member and
1997.                                          between the Board and students will improve            would like to make a contribution to the
   We also mistakenly stated that Robert       through our involvement in student programs            scholarship, please mail your gift to:
Alan Heiser, MS ’58, PhD ’63, received his     and activities.                                        University of Pittsburgh Pharmacy
PhD in 1964 from Pitt instead of the correct      The Alumni Society is dedicated to serving          Alumni Board Scholarship, attn: Renée
date of 1963.                                  the needs of students and alumni. Our service          Pekor, School of Pharmacy Development
   We sincerely apologize for the errors.      and experience provide guidance and direction          Office, 1104 Salk Hall, University of
                                               to the pharmacists of tomorrow and help the            Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15261; phone:
                                               pharmacists of today adapt to change. Profes-          (412) 383-7434; fax: (412) 648-1086.
                                               sionals who offer service to the School will be

 2            Pharmacy Alumni News
A Snapshot from Pharmacy’s Past

         he Elmer H. Grimm Sr. Pharmacy           at http://www.pitt.edu/~rxschool and then       typical of many ornaments found in old-time
         Museum offers School of Pharmacy         clicking on The Elmer H. Grimm Sr. Phar-        pharmacies. “Often, you would find these
         students, faculty, and alumni a chance   macy Museum.                                    over the door or partition that separated the
to step back to a bygone era in pharmacy. “A         Pictured here are two hand-carved finials,   main part of the pharmacy from the back
Snapshot from Pharmacy’s Past” is an ongo-        or crowning ornaments, dating back to the       room where the pharmacist did most of his
ing newsletter feature that provides alumni       1920s. The winged serpents curving out of the   ‘mysterious’ work,” says Dick Lithgow ’50,
who cannot visit the museum (located on the       bowl of Hygeia are based on the legend of the   special assistant to the dean for alumni af-
fourth floor of Salk Hall) an opportunity to      Greek goddess of health, Hygeia, who is         fairs.
see some of the valuable and historic items on    typically depicted carrying a serpent and a
display there. Alumni and friends of the          bowl. Donated by Harry Bonchosky ’40 from
school can also view the museum on line by        Blumenschein’s Pharmacy in Hopwood,
visiting the School of Pharmacy’s Web page        Pennsylvania, near Uniontown, the finials are

                                                                                                                              Fall 1998           3
                                         PRECEPTOR PROFILE

                                                   McConnell and Faigen:
                                                   Providing Students with
                                                   Valuable Real-World Insights

         red W. McConnell ’80 can attest to the    According to Scott Drab                                               Married and the father of
         profound effects of hearing a simple      ’89, experiential learning                                         four, McConnell says he loves
         message presented by the right person     coordinator for the                                                teaching. “Whether I’m coach-
at the right place and right time. Expecting a     school, preceptors today                                           ing little league or precepting
straightforward talk about the postgraduate        must be more than teach-                                           students, my goal is to teach
educational needs of pharmacists, McConnell        ers who provide a practi-                                          something new and to have
says he felt a chill as he learned the secret of   cal experience. They                                               people learn how to do it well.”
success...not only in pharmacy, but in any         should also motivate                                                  For Susan Faigen ’81, being a
endeavor.                                          students, stimulate                                                preceptor also means stressing
   “It was a speech many years ago by the          thought and creativity,                                            the positive aspects of phar-
President of the Philadelphia College of           and instill professional                                           macy while allowing the stu-
Pharmacy and Science, Dr. Philip Gerbino,”         values.                                                            dents to see for themselves the
recalls McConnell, who was recently elected           As director of phar-                                            pros and cons. A community
Preceptor of the Year by Pitt School of Phar-      macy at Nason Hospital         Fred W. McConnell                   pharmacist in the Squirrel Hill
macy students. “In a ten word sentence, with       in Roaring Springs,                                                CVS Pharmacy, Faigen says one
no word being more than two letters, he really     Pennsylvania, McConnell provides students           of the real positives is the trust you build with
hit home. He said, ‘If it is to be, it is up to    with their first look at hospital pharmacy. But     customers. “Some customers will come to see
me.’ He also told us to learn something every      with a background that also entails commu-          you before they go to their doctor,” says
day. I try to pass these simple but important      nity, clinical, and long-term care pharmacy, as     Faigen. “But community pharmacy isn’t for
messages on to our students.”                      well as running a pharmacy consultant firm          everyone. I had one student who eventually
                                                   with his brother James M. McConnell ’87, he         realized that she wanted to specialize in phar-
                                                   also knows what it takes to establish a suc-        macology research.”
                                                   cessful career in many pharmacy arenas.                A single mother of three, Faigen keeps a
    …preceptors today                                 “One of the primary lessons is that it’s         hectic schedule that includes working 12
    must be more than                              important to learn how to manage people and         hours a day for four days a week and volun-
                                                   work as a team,” says McConnell, pointing           teering at the Jewish Community Center.
    teachers who provide                           out that students who do a rotation at Nason        Previously having taught English as a second
    a practical experience.                        Hospital gain a wide range of inter-
                                                   departmental experience, from hu-
    They should also                               man resources and finance to surgery
                                                   and lab work. “I also stress the need
    motivate thought and                           to continuously keep up with the
    creativity, and instill                        explosion of information in the field.
                                                   One way I do this is by having stu-
    professional values.                           dents go to the library to do research.
                                                   For example, student research helped
                                                   develop and update our ‘chemo
  With the advent of the entry level Doctor of     cards,’ which highlight many aspects
Pharmacy program at the School of Pharmacy         of chemotherapy administration. Our
and its emphasis on experiential learning,         nurses utilize these as a quick refer-
preceptors have become an even more valu-          ence before they administer all che-
able part of the students’ learning experience.    motherapy.”                                 Susan Faigen

4         Pharmacy Alumni News
                                                  Experiential Learning

                                                             ver the past several years, the pharmacist’s role has undergone many changes.
                                                             The new entry-level Doctor of Pharmacy program trains students to meet
                                                             those challenges. The program is configured in a course of study that requires
                                                  two years of pre-professional credits and four years of professional credits. The experi-
                                                  ential learning course is carried throughout the four professional years and consists of a
                                                  progressive set of practice-based experiences that prepare students as generalists, compe-
                                                  tent to provide primary pharmaceutical care. This integration allows constant interplay
                                                  between theoretical and practical knowledge, affording students the opportunity to gen-
language to older Russian immigrants, Faigen
                                                  erate insights and questions about pharmacy practice to take back to the classroom. The
has moved on to working with younger indi-
                                                  specific focus of experiential learning changes each year based on a combination of
viduals. She assists in the leadership of her
son’s Cub Scout pack and is just beginning to
teach a seventh grade Judaic Studies class at
                                                  Year       Emphasis
Temple David in Monroeville.
   “If you want something done, ask a busy
                                                  P1         SERVICE LEARNING
person,” says Faigen, laughing. “But I think
                                                             *  Foster a sense of community involvement
it’s important to give something back, and for
                                                             *  Enhance social awareness of unmet medical needs
me that involves both pharmacy and my
                                                             *  Develop communication skills
   Faigen says that as a preceptor she has
                                                  P2         COMMUNITY PHARMACY PRACTICE
focused primarily on helping first- and sec-
                                                             *  Acclimate to the role of community pharmacist
ond-year students learn the importance of
                                                             *  Develop dispensing and counseling skills
service to patients within the community and
                                                             *  Emphasize practicing pharmaceutical care
on the many resources available to help them
answer their questions. “The students are all
                                                  P3         HOSPITAL/INSTITUTIONAL PHARMACY PRACTICE
hard working and willing to do whatever it
                                                             *  Acclimate to the role of hospital pharmacist
takes,” says Faigen. “Sometimes they get
frustrated, so it’s important to remind them
                                                  P4         CLINICAL ROTATIONS
that we were all there once and that it takes
                                                             Seven full-time rotations of four weeks each
time to gain knowledge.”
                                                             *   Provide intensive practice of the pharmaceutical care process at the
   Through the increased emphasis on experi-
                                                                 generalist level with increasingly complex pharmacotherapeutic problems
ential learning, students in the PharmD pro-
                                                             *   Proposed Rotations
gram not only gain hands-on experience in
                                                                 1 Ambulatory Care
the practice of pharmacy, but also a broader
                                                                 2 Electives (e.g., nursing home consulting, FDA)
perspective which helps them make decisions
                                                                 2 Acute Care
about their careers. “If you really enjoy what
                                                                 1 Advanced Institutional Pharmacy Practice
you’re doing, you’re successful,” says
                                                                 1 Advanced Community Pharmacy Practice
McConnell, who chose hospital pharmacy
partly so he could have more time with his
                                                             For more information on experiential learning at the School of Pharmacy
family. “I was making a lot more money in
                                                             or on how to become a preceptor, please contact:
pharmaceutical marketing in long-term care,
but I have to say I’m equally fulfilled as a                      Scott R. Drab
hospital pharmacist.”                                             908 Salk Hall
   According to experiential learning coordi-                     Pittsburgh, PA 15261
nator Drab, preceptors are valuable assets to                     (412) 383-7340
the School and its students. “All of this expe-                   Fax: (412) 624-1850
riential learning would not be possible with-                     E-mail: drabsr@msx.upmc.edu
out their exemplary efforts,” says Drab.
                                                                  Or visit our Web site at: http://www.pitt.edu/~rxschool.

                                                                                                                              Fall 1998        5
Celebrating 120 Years of Advancing
Pharmacy: A Brief History

“From a single room
 to the house on the
 Bluff, to historic
 Salk Hall located in
 the midst of a world
 class medical cen-
 ter, the University
 of Pittsburgh School
 of Pharmacy has
 followed a long
 and steady path
 to national promi-
 nence.”—From                              Students study in the School’s library at its
                                           former home on Bluff Street.
 “Visions Beyond the
 Bluff,” a video his-
                                                      n September 23, 1878, the Com-
 tory of the School.                                  monwealth of Pennsylvania granted
                                                      a charter to the pharmacists of
                                           Pittsburgh and Allegheny to establish the
                                           Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy. Beginning as
                                                                                           Edward C. Reif (left), dean of the School
                                           a one-room school, the College not only ful-
                                                                                           of Pharmacy from 1945-1958, watches as
                                           filled the dreams of the founders to increase   a student prepares a prescription.
                                           the ability of local pharmacists to the
                                           community’s health needs, it went on to be-
                                                                                           become the School of Pharmacy. Ten years
                                           come instrumental in establishing national
                                                                                           later, Joseph A. Bianculli, PHA ’35, was ap-
                                           standards for pharmacy education and made
                                                                                                    pointed dean, a position he held until
                                           substantial contributions to the
                                                                                                    his retirement in 1976. During “Dr.
                                           profession’s scientific base. In
                                                                                                    B’s” tenure as dean, the School of
                                           1930, the College’s pharmacy
                                           degree was changed to a bach-                           Julius A. Koch, dean of the School of
                                           elor of science and the curricu-                        Pharmacy from 1891-1932, oversaw
                                           lum was extended from three to                          many changes in the Pittsburgh Col-
                                           four years. The College for-                            lege of Pharmacy, including its formal
                                                                                                   affiliation with the Western University
Robert Rutter ’41 and Thelma Coleman ’41   mally merged with the Univer-
                                                                                                   of Pennsylvania (which later became
in a School laboratory circa 1940.         sity of Pittsburgh in 1948 to                           the University of Pittsburgh) in 1896.

6       Pharmacy Alumni News
                                                                                                      Pharmacy College
                                                                                                      Celebrates 50th
                                                                                                      May 29, 1928

                                                   The Pitt Capsule                                    The Pittsburgh College of Pha
                                                                                                                                      rmacy held a
                                                                                                       special banquet yesterday for
                                                                                                                                      the college’s
                                                                                                       graduating class and faculty and
                                                                                                                                          for mem-
                                                                                                      bers of the College Corporatio
                                                                                                                                       n. Focusing
Pharmacy initiated it’s five-year                                                                     on the sch ool ’s 50- yea r
                                                                                                                                    his tory, the
bachelor of science degree program                                                                    evening’s program included sev
                                                                                                                                       eral speak-
and became firmly established as                                                                      ers who played a key role in
                                                                                                                                    the College’s
one of the leading schools of phar-                                                                  dev elo pm ent , inc lud ing Dea
                                                                                                                                      n Juli us A.
macy in the country.                                                                                 Koch and University of Pittsbu
                                                                                                                                    rgh Chancel-
    Occupying nearly 42,000                                                                          lor John G. Bowman. With 185
                                                                                                                                        people in
square feet in Salk Hall on the                                                                      attendance, the banquet was suc
                                                                                                                                     h a resound-
University of Pittsburgh campus,                                                                    ing success that Leonard O’C
                                                                                                                                   onnell, chair-
the School of Pharmacy currently                                                                    man of the College’s Board of Dir
                                                                                                                                       ectors, has
offers a six-year PharmD degree                                                                     recommended making the dinn
                                                                                                                                    er an annual
program with more than 250 com-                                                                     affair for the Senior Class.
munity-based practice sites and 20
                                      The School’s current home is Salk Hall, named after
clinical sites. In addition to its    Jonas Salk, who led the discovery of a vaccine for polio
mission of training future pharma-    in the building, formerly the Municipal Hospital.
cists (the placement rate for gradu-
ates is 100 percent), the school
conducts a wide range of programs, including       Aged Adults,” a research program funded
the National Smoking Cessation Certification       through a $1 million grant from the National
Program for Pharmacists and the Pharmaceu-
tical Care for Underserved Populations Pro-
                                                   Institute of Mental Health.
                                                                                                    Diamond Jubilee
gram. The School’s faculty also conduct a             For more detailed information on the          Culminates with
wide range of research programs, from inves-
tigations into immunosuppressants for trans-
                                                   School of Pharmacy’s past, visit the School’s
                                                   Web site (http//:www.pitt.edu/~rxschool),
                                                                                                    Alumni Dinner
plantation to the study of “DHEA and               where “A Contribution to Western Pennsylva-      June 9, 1953
GABA-Receptor Mediated Responses in                nia Pharmacy” by Edward C. and Thelma C.
                                                                                  Reif (Univer-     The University of Pittsburgh School of Phar-
                                                                                  sity of Pitts-    macy capped off its year-long celebration
                                                                                  burgh Press,      of its Diam ond Jubil ee with its Annu al
                                                                                  1959) is avail-   Alumni Dinner and Diamond Jubilee Cel-
                                                                                  able on-line.     ebration. Held at the Hotel Schenley, the
                                                                                  The following     affair was attended by 300 alumni, gradu-
                                                                                  photographs       ating seniors, and friends of the School, who
                                                                                  provide a brief   gathered to mark the School’s 75th anniver-
                                                                                  “snapshot” of      sary. The gala affair featured speeches by
                                                                                  the School’s       several of the School’s past graduates, in-
                                                                                  120-year           cluding Edward C. Nied ’17, past president
                                                                                  history.           of School’s General Alumni Association.
                                                                                                     Graduating students also presented oil por-
                                                                                                      traits of Dean Edward C. Reif ’06 and the
                                                                                                     late Dr. John H. Wurdack ’09.

The class of ’65. Dean Joseph Bianculli is third from right in the front row.

                                                                                                                             Fall 1998         7
1998 Distinguished Alumni Awards

Dick Lithgow: Bridging Generations                macy, eventually came to the realization that      and activity, including the School’s hugely
                                                  times had changed.                                 successful Annual Alumni Weekend (see page

           s a 14-year-old drug store “soda          “I couldn’t compete anymore, especially         12). Despite suffering some medical prob-
           jerk,” Dick Lithgow ’50 earned         with the local chain stores opening up in          lems, including quadruple bypass surgery,
           about 25 cents an hour and wasn’t      nearby neighborhoods,” says Lithgow. “I used       Lithgow continues to maintain a schedule that
paid for the extra hour he spent cleaning up      to work 60 hours a week, but people came to        would put people half his age to shame. He
after the store closed. The money might not       want less of the service an independent drug-      works as a part-time pharmacist at Phil’s
have been great, but the experience was price-    gist could offer, like making personalized         Pharmacy in Pitcairn, volunteers for the
less. “I wanted to be just like ‘Doc,’” he says   visits in the middle of the night, which I was     UPMC Health System Clinics for the
of the store’s owner Donald C. Hartsock. “He      always glad to do.”                                Underserved and the Anticoagulation Clinic
was respected and loved by all his patrons, and      Lithgow closed his store in 1982, refusing      at the VA Hospital, and is a board member of
I thought that was wonderful.”                    to sell it because he knew the store would         the Edgewood Youth Activities Association
   Lithgow went on to graduate from the           never be able to compete. He went on to work       and of the VA Hospital’s Credit Union. As a
School of Pharmacy and then serve as chief        briefly for Stadtlander’s Pharmacy before          58-year member of the St. James Roman
pharmacist for the Army’s Second Division in      joining the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in     Catholic Church, he served on the Parish
Korea from 1951 to 1953. After his discharge,     Oakland, where he worked as a clinical,            Council, coordinates church ushers and greet-
                                                  inpatient, and outpatient pharmacist.              ers, is a pharmacist for the health ministry,
                                                     Relying primarily on on-the-job training,       and lectures senior citizens on medication
                                                  Lithgow followed his new career path with          use. This past year, Lithgow’s peers elected
                                                  equal zest. Active in several VA clinics,          him president of the Allegheny County Phar-
                                                  Lithgow also began to use his years of experi-     macists Association.
                                                  ence as an educator in continuing education           “I consider myself a very lucky person,”
                                                  classes. He also gave presentations to arthritis   says Lithgow. “I’ve had a wonderful marriage
                                                  support groups about their medications and         and four great kids, all Pitt graduates. And
                                                  lectured VA dental residents on dental medi-       when I started working with the School of
                                                  cations. In 1991, Lithgow was nominated for        Pharmacy, with people like Dean Juhl, Renée
                                                  the Joe E. Smith Award, a statewide hospital       Pekor, and Laraine Kuchma, it was like find-
                                                  pharmacy award presented by PSHP.                  ing another home.”
Dick Lithgow and Dean Randy Juhl                     After retiring in 1994, Lithgow served on the
                                                  School of Pharmacy’s Alumni Board and began
he became manager of Pullens Prescription         to work closely with Dean Randy Juhl and           Ralph Progar: Making Every Day
Pharmacy in Turtle Creek. In 1960, like his       others on what would eventually become the         a Good One
mentor “Doc,” Lithgow became a partner, then      Elmer H. Grimm Sr. Pharmacy Museum (see

owner/manager of a community pharmacy.            page 3). “Creating the museum was a lot of hard               espite almost being shot during the
   “I knew everyone, and everyone knew me,”       work, but the layout and design came easily to                Johnstown flood of 1977, Ralph E.
says Lithgow of his 22 years as the proprietor    Jake [Grimm ’50] and me,” says Lithgow. “We                   Progar ’71 realizes that, although a
of Edgewood Pharmacy. “I used to joke that I      knew what the old-time pharmacies looked like      disaster for many, the flood actually had a
could go into ninety percent of the houses in     and what we wanted to put in it.”                  positive effect on his career. “The flood
Edgewood and use their bathrooms with no             In 1995, Lithgow was appointed special          changed area shopping patterns, which
questions asked. The wife of George Anderson,     assistant to the dean for alumni affairs at the    brought more people to my store, resulting in
who was columnist with the Pittsburgh Post-       School of Pharmacy. “Randy asked me to             an increase in sales and profits,” says Progar.
Gazette, even wrote an article about me called    play a game of golf and, during the round, he         As manager of a Thrift Drug store, Progar
‘The Druggie’ for the local paper.”               told me that a new position had been created       was driving home late one night after helping
   For Lithgow, the next 22 years “couldn’t       to work with alumni,” says Lithgow. “He            to staff an extended-hours pharmacy managed
have been any better.” However, the man who       asked me if I’d take the job.”                     by a colleague when he saw someone in the
was born in his grandmother’s home in Derry,         Since joining the School, Lithgow has           road waving a light. Although hesitant, he
and who so admired the old-time era of phar-      played a role in nearly every alumni event         stopped and peered through the darkness to

8        Pharmacy Alumni News
                                                                done in the regulatory arena.”               change,” says Progar. “Technology must be
                                                                   Progar, who served on the                 allowed to do a lot of what we used to do, but I
                                                                Pennsylvania Board of Pharmacy,              still think the pharmacist’s one-on-one relation-
                                                                is only the second chain pharma-             ship with the customer is vital. Pharmacists are
                                                                cist to be elected president of the          accessible, knowledgeable, and well-thought of
                                                                National Association of Boards of            by the public and should be recognized for
                                                                Pharmacy (1996-1997). “My                    their important contribution to the patient-
                                                                platform included pushing for                doctor-pharmacist triangle of care.”
                                                                regulations that were flexible                  Progar’s commitment to the profession has
                                                                rather than restrictive,” says               included working as a guest lecturer and ad-
                                                                Progar. “Laws should not be                  viser at the School of Pharmacy and as a mem-
                                                                enacted that negatively effect the           ber of the Pharmacy Letter editorial board.
Sherri and Ralph Progar with Dean Juhl
                                                                pharmacists who are doing the job            When asked if there is anything he would like
find himself looking at a rifle pointed in his      right. Through my association with NABP,                 to point out about his career and life, Progar,
direction. “When questioned, the guardsman          every state Board of Pharmacy knows who I                who has impersonated the pop star Elton John
thought I might have been a looter taking           am and what I stand for.”                                at charitable events, smiles and jokingly re-
advantage of the flood and was going to shoot          As a member of the National Association               plies, “Tell everybody that I’m cute.”
if I didn’t stop,” says Progar. Not quite the       of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), Progar                        Progar, who is now married to 1977 School
reward one would expect for supporting the          works diligently to ensure the future of the             of Pharmacy graduate Sherri Fisher Progar,
needs of local customers and a fellow phar-         pharmacy profession. “In my first speech as              pauses, then adds, “I’ve always tried to mix fun
macist.                                             president of NABP, I suggested that pharmacy             with work. I learned after losing my first wife,
   Although Progar initially planned to be-         could suffer the blacksmith’s fate if we didn’t          Barbara, to cancer that it’s important to make
come a physician, he was unable to afford                                                                    every day a good one. If your mental attitude is
college after high school and enlisted in the                                                                right, the day is right.”
Navy. He became a hospital corpsman and
ran a dispensary, where he was able to
write and fill prescriptions. After his dis-            Pharmacy Scho
charge, Progar enrolled at Penn State                                    ol Names Three
University for two years, where he was a                as First Distingu
journalism and psychology major, before
                                                                         ished Alumni
transferring to Pitt’s School of Pharmacy.
   Progar began working for Thrift Drug,
                                                       George D. Beal
Inc., as a student pharmacist in a Crafton                                ’07, PhD; Robert
                                                       ’14; and Freder                         Ralson Gaw
store and was already a store assistant                                  ick J. Blumensc                          ing Drive. Blum
                                                                                            hein ’02, ’04,*                          enschein was bo
                                                      have been named                                             burgh in 1884, se                    rn in Pitts-
manager in Aliquippa by the time he                                         co-recipients of                                         rved as a profes
                                                      sity of Pittsburg                       the Univer-                                             sor at the
finished his graduate internship. Shortly                               h School of Phar                          College of Pharm
                                                                                            macy’s first                             acy, and was ow
                                                      Distinguished A                                            West End Drug                         ner of the
after receiving his pharmacist’s license,                               lumni Awards. Be                                           Store in Unionto
                                                     received the 1941                       al, who                                                 wn, which
he became a store manager in                                                Remington Med                        became Blumen
                                                                                             al, was                               schein’s Pharmac
                                                     recognized for hi                                           Blumenschein w                       y.
Johnstown. Six years later, Thrift ap-                                   s service as a m                                          as Chairman of
                                                     Pittsburgh Colle                      ember of the                                             the State
pointed him district manager for the                                   ge of Pharmacy                           Board of Pharm
                                                                                          Corporation                             acy of Pennsylv
                                                    and then as a mem                                           to 1942.                           ania from 1936
Pittsburgh Area, where he was respon-                                      ber of the College
                                                    of Trustees (193                           ’s Board
sible for the operation of 50 drug                                    2). Born in Pitts                             *(Beal’s father,
                                                                                         burgh in 1893,                               James Hartley Be
                                                    Gaw served his                                             ceived the first th                        al, re-
stores. In 1985 he became manager of                                  apprenticeship w                                             e Remington Med
                                                   professional phar                      ith the first                                                al and was
stores coordination and productivity                                   macy in Pittsburg                       a professor of ap
                                                                                            h,                                   plied pharmacy
                                                   McKennan Phar                                              burgh College of                     at the Pitts-
and, in 1988, vice president of stores                                macy, and later                                             Pharmacy. Gaw
                                                   dent of the firm.                    became presi-                                              ’s son, Robert
administration.                                                       Gaw was a mem                           John Gaw, and da
                                                                                         ber of the                               ughter-in-law, Jo
                                                  Pittsburgh Colle                                            Gaw, are 1957 gr                       yce Gillespie
   Despite his successful, 28-year-plus                              ge of Pharmacy                                              aduates of the Sc
                                                  and in 1937 was                       Corporation                                                 hool of
career at Thrift, Progar admits that he                              elected to the U                        Pharmacy. Freder
                                                                                        niversity of                             ick Blumensche
                                                  Pittsburgh Boar                                            ters, Elsie Cather                   in’s daugh-
didn’t know if he would have a job                                  d of Trustees. H                                            ine ’37 and Gertru
                                                 treasurer of the                     e was also                                                     de ’41
when Eckerd Corporation merged                                     University of Pi                         (Med ’50), son-
                                                                                      ttsburgh                                in-law Harry Bo
                                                 Alumni Associa                                             and grandson Fr                     nchosky ’40,
with Thrift in 1997. Says Progar, now                              tion and Chairm                                            ed Bonchosky ’7
                                                 Pharmacy Divisi                      an of the                                                  4 are also all
vice president of pharmacy relations                                on of the Cathed                        graduates of the
                                                                                       ral of Learn-                          School.)
for Eckerd, “I think Eckerd hired me
for my contacts and ability to get things

                                                                                                                                             Fall 1998         9
Alumni Board

        he School of Pharmacy Alumni Board
        met for a retreat on July 25, 1998, at
        the Lake Arthur Golf Course. Pic-
tured above from left to right are: (front row)
Nicole DiAugustine (student representative),
Renée Pekor, Rae Ann Maxwell, Nikki
Hudak, Dick Lithgow, Dean Randy Juhl;
(back row) Kathleen Bartony, William
Crossey, Robert Monte, Paul Ferraro, Michael
Danek, Associate Dean Gary Stoehr. Not
pictured are Assistant Dean Gary Haberle,
Jacient Bray, Lisa Davinsizer, Timothy
Gregorius, Anne Katz, Monica Martyak,
Randall Novak, Nikki Rebich, Jill Slimick-
Ponzetto, William Thompson III, Janet
Traynor, Marcia Ungerman, Margaret Zak,
Anne Ferri (student representative), and Iny
Decker (student representative).

                                                  CVS Presents
Pharmacy School
Forms Alumni                                      Michael Calli, RPh (right), Pharmacy Human

                                                  Resource Manager at CVS, presents Dean
                                                  Randy Juhl with a $5,000 gift for scholarship
                                                  support in the 1998-1999 academic year.
February 27, 1931
                         Pharmacy gradu-
 Pittsburgh College of
                       sses from 1895 to
 ates representing cla
 1930 have establishe
 Alumni Association.
                        d the Pharmacy
                        Initial plans for
                                                  Wal-Mart Foun-
  organizing the Asso
                       ciation were held
                         rday at Webster
                                                  dation Grants
  during a dinner yeste
  Hall in Oakland. A vig
                           orous campaign
                         nducted to solicit
   is currently being co
   members.                                       Marc Roberson, RPh (left), pharmacy district
                                                  manager, Wal-Mart, presents a $1,000 gift
                                                  from the Wal-Mart Foundation to grant a
                                                  scholarship to a School of Pharmacy student.

10        Pharmacy Alumni News
Small Neighborhood Pharmacy
Goes Global via the Internet

           avid O. Hairhoger ’78 is standing
           outside of his store, Community
           Drug of Greenfield (Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania), explaining how a relatively
small but successful neighborhood pharmacy
created a Web site that has garnered a global
business and international recognition with its
recent designation as a Top 50 Web site by
CIO Magazine (see side bar). He is just start-
ing his story when someone in a passing car
hollers, “Hey, Dave.” Hairhoger stops and
waves, then, a few seconds later, pats a cus-
tomer on the back as he leaves the store.
   “I’ve always enjoyed community phar-
macy,” says Hairhoger, who bought the then
63-year-old pharmacy in 1980. “You get to
know everyone well and you end up doing
much more than just filling prescriptions.
You also provide an open ear and empathy.”
   Located in the small community of                 David O. Hairhoger with his CIO Magazine Top-50 Web Site award. Hairhoger runs Commu-
Greenfield (near Squirrel Hill), Hairhoger’s         nity Drug, in Pittsburgh, from which he operates a thriving business on the World Wide Web.
pharmacy is the only game in town. Still,
Hairhoger was looking for an edge to com-               Although e-mail and the telephone have
pete. He and his pharmacists began making            replaced face-to-face contact with Internet        Community Drug Web Site Voted
custom-made prescriptions to match medi-             customers, the personal touch is still main-       Among Top 50 World Wide
cines prescribed in precise measures by doc-         tained through longer written explanations
tors for individual patients, including              and answering questions via e-mail. A ready-       In addition to the growing business, an
prescriptions for skin disorders and hair loss.      made order form enables customers to use           indicator of the Community Drug of
When one of Hairhoger’s pharmacists, Aaron           certain codes to verify that the prescription      Greenfield Web site’s success is its recent
Kozol, saw the opportunity to do a global            was ordered by a physician. In addition to the     naming as one of the Top 50 Internet Sites
business via the Internet, Community Drug of         specialty compounds, the store also fills          in the world in a poll of on-line sites taken
Greenfield was on the road to becoming a             ready-made prescriptions and offers added          by CIO Magazine for corporate chief infor-
worldwide enterprise.                                privacy for the sale of drugs like Viagra.         mation officers. Among the other top 50
   Kozol set up the store’s Web page several            “We only see this segment of our business       Web sites are Amnesty International, Digi-
months ago, and e-mail requests started to           as expanding,” says Hairhoger. “We’re cur-         tal Equipment Corp., Office Depot,
come in almost immediately. Hairhoger esti-          rently listed on several foreign Web pages.”       Samsung Electronics, Williams and Wilkins
mates that, in addition to the 300 in-store             For other community pharmacies thinking         publishers, and the Weather Channel. Win-
prescriptions per day, his store fills at least 30   of setting up Web pages, Hairhoger cautions        ners were judged on how impressively the
to 40 prescriptions per day via its Web site.        that they must be prepared to devote a lot of      site delivered on its business objectives and
   “We get a lot of physician referrals for our      effort. “It’s a continuously changing task, and    were a source of valuable information, how
specialty compounds, which are meeting a             you have to give it more than just a few hours     the site’s design and attributes contributed
unique demand,” says Hairhoger. “For ex-             a week,” says Hairhoger. “As a matter of fact,     to its success, and how well the blend of
ample, we’re currently working with a local          we’re changing schedules again today. Aaron,       technology and design matched the needs
doctor on mixing a steroid in powder so that         who was doing primarily traditional dispens-       of the site’s target audience. You can surf
when it’s sprayed into the mouth it adheres to       ing will now work 34 hours a week as our           Community Drug on-line at
the area that needs treatment.”                      Web pharmacist.”                                   www.communitydrug.com.

                                                                                                                                  Fall 1998        11
Alumni Weekend

         he School of Pharmacy’s Fourth
         Annual Alumni Weekend is evidence
         that the saying, “Nothing Succeeds
Like Success” is true. Since the inaugural
Alumni Weekend was held in 1995, the event
has continued to grow, attracting more and
more alumni each year. This year’s Alumni
Weekend, held May 29-31, 1998, was at-
tended by 175 alumni and guests, who took
the opportunity to catch up with former class-
mates and friends in the beautiful and relax-
ing atmosphere of the Seven Springs
Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny
   In addition to featuring class reunions for
years ending in a three or an eight, the week-
end featured the annual Alumni Dinner, five
continuing education hours, and the awarding
of the 1998 Distinguished Alumni Awards to
Ralph E. Progar ’71 and Dick Lithgow ’50
(see profiles on pages 8 and 9). Alumni also
participated in a golf outing and the optional
trips to Fallingwater and Colonial Ligonier. In addition, Dean
Randy Juhl presented his annual “State of the School” address
and Ralph Progar gave an update on the National Association of
Boards of Pharmacy during a “Breakfast with the Dean.”
   The School of Pharmacy thanks all alumni, students, and
faculty who worked so hard to make the Fourth Annual Alumni
Weekend a success. We look forward to seeing even more
alumni at the next Alumni Weekend (see side bar).
   The School of Pharmacy wishes to extend its appreciation
to those alumni who helped organize their class reunions:
Ned Shipley (Class of ’43); Dorothy Kriley
(Class of ’48); William Miller, Betty Ann
                                                      R E U N     I O N   P H O T O S     B Y    C L A S S
and Harry Kerr, and Thelma Gill (Class of
’58); Richard Zoltun (Class of ’63); Gary
Stoehr, Russ Allinson, and James Curcio
(Class of ’73); Dave Hairhoger, Lorraine
Basil Horner, Renée Kubacka Juhl, Robin
Freisleben Kolodziejczyk, Grace Matetich
Popeck, Cheryl Buczkowski-Snyder, Donna
Kuczma Tavoletti, and Bea Ross Venturi
(Class of ’78); Beverly Kroner, Mary
Hayden, and Bernie Pitrone (Class of ’83);
Leona Liepack Fritsch, Nancy Gallo, and
William Thompson III (Class of ’88); and
                                                   Class of ’48                   Class of ’58
Elena Nelson (Class of ’93).

12       Pharmacy Alumni News
                                 Fifth Annual
                                 Alumni Weekend
                                 June 4-6, 1999

                                           et out your calendars, block out the
                                           first weekend in June, and start your
                                           summer by attending the School of
                                 Pharmacy’s Fifth Annual Alumni Weekend.
                                 Held at the Seven Springs Mountain Resort in
                                 Champion, Pennsylvania, June 4-6, 1999, the
                                 Alumni Weekend program will feature class
                                 reunions for the years ending in four or a
                                 nine, continuing education credits, golf, and
                                 loads of fun. For more information about the
                                 weekend or to volunteer to help organize a
                                 class reunion, please contact:

                                 Richard A. Lithgow ’50
                                 Special Assistant to the
                                 Dean for Alumni Affairs
                                 (412) 242-4525
                                 E-mail: Lithgow+@pitt.edu

Class of ’73   Class of ’78   Class of ’88

                                                          Fall 1998       13
Student                                                                                     Pharmacy Gift
                                                                                            Shop Now Open

                                                                                                       ere’s a chance to show your pride in
                                                N        E        W         S
                                                                                                       the School of Pharmacy. The Pitt
                                                                                                       Pharmacy Gift Shop is now open
                                                                                            and fully stocked with items that Pitt alumni
                                                                                            and friends can purchase to show their sup-
                                                                                            port for the School. The “Gift Shop” features
                                                                                                                         “Visions Beyond
Students Receive National Awards                                                                                         the Bluff,” a video
                                                                                                                          history recounting
Sangeeta Agarwala, a PhD student, has received a $15,000 United States Pharmacopoeia                                      the School’s 125-
(USP) fellowship for 1998-1999. According to Jerome Halperin, executive vice president of                                  year history. Also
USP, “The USP fellowships allow post graduate students to conduct research leading to                                      in stock are
safer, higher quality drugs and useful information about drugs, medicine, and health care                                   University of
technologies. Agarwala was awarded this fellowship for her research work on long term                                       Pittsburgh ap-
kidney function in liver transplant patients. She is a student of Raman Venkataramanan,                                     parel and a set
PhD.                                                                                                                         of high-quality

Bernie Komoroski ’00, a third year professional pharmacy student, has received a Merck
Research Scholar program award given by the American Association of Colleges of Phar-
macy for the year 1998-99. The School of Pharmacy will receive $ 7,000 for a stipend and
supplies to support his research project, “Effect of cytokines on phase II metabolism of
mycophenolic acid in primary cultures of human hepatocytes,” which he is conducting with
Raman Venkataramanan, PhD. Komoroski, along with nine others from all over the United
States, was selected for this award from among 50 applicants.

                                                                                                Canter Establishes
                                                                                                Student Scholarship
                                                                                               May 29, 1943

                                                                                                Mr. Abraham R. Canter, an alumnus
                                                                                                                                     of the
                                                                                               Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy, has
                                                                                               lished a $25 yearly prize to be awa
                                                                                                                                   rded to
                                                                                               the student who achieves the highest
                                                                                               ing in the Dep artm ent of Pha
                                                                                                                                  rma cy
                                                                                              throughout the course. According
                                                                                                                                   to Mr.
                                                                                              Canter, he established the scholarsh
                                                                                                                                    ip be-
                                                                                              cause he wanted to create a keen
                                                                                                                                 er com-
                                                                                              petition among the students in the
                                                                                              and art of pharmacy.

Melissa Somma, PharmD (front center) claps her hands in celebration with fellow School of
Pharmacy students on graduation day.

14       Pharmacy Alumni News
note cards with full-color photographs of the
Elmer H. Grimm Sr. Pharmacy Museum.
Each package contains eight cards (two each
of four photos of some of the museum’s most
distinctive artifacts) and envelopes.

                                                                                (left) Clockwise from top are Creighton Moorehead,
                                                                                modeling the navy, men’s golf shirt; Richard Lithgow, in the
                                                                                gray sweatshirt and white and navy ball cap; Erin Kirby in
                                                                                the light gray T-shirt; and Rae Ann Maxwell in the women’s,
                                                                                white golf shirt.

PITT Pharmacy Gift Shop order form
                                               (Pharmacy proceeds benefit Pharmacy Alumni Society student programs.)
To order, please fill out this form and mail
with check payable to the University of Pitts-                 Item                                                    Quantity Cost Per          Total
  School of Pharmacy Alumni Society
                                                               Video                                                                 $14
  Attn: Laraine Kuchma
  University of Pittsburgh                                     Note Cards                                                            $8
  1104 Salk Hall                                               T-shirt (light gray): S s M s L s XL s XXL s                          $13
  Pittsburgh, PA 15261
                                                               Men’s Golf (navy): S s M s L s XL s                                   $50
Name                                                           Ladies’ Golf (white): S s M s L s XL s                                $45

Address                                                        Sweat Shirt (light gray): S s M s L s XL s XXL s                      $45
                                                               Cap                                                                   $18

                                                                                                                     Shipping and Handling:
                                                                                                              $1.50 for videos and notecards;
Phone (Home)
                                                                                                                           $3.95 for apparel.
Phone (Work)

Please allow four to six weeks for delivery.                                                                                           Total
*Or, for apparel only, order via credit card, call
1-800-833-7488 and mention the School of Pharmacy.

                                                                                                                                           Fall 1998      15
                                                N        E        W         S

Jill Brufsky, PharmD, assistant professor of    ric Institute and Clinic Investigational Drug
pharmacy and therapeutics, was awarded a
one-year contract with the new UPMC Health
                                                Services.                                       Siuda Retires
Plan for managed care pharmacy services.        Richard Ptachcinski, PharmD, associate

                                                                                                              hen Jerome Siuda, PhD,
Brufsky and Jennifer Stoffel, PharmD,           professor of pharmacy and therapeutics, was
                                                                                                              attended his retirement party
assistant professor of pharmacy and therapeu-   chosen as the United Way Community Cham-
                                                                                                              at the School of Pharmacy
tics, have passed the pharmacotherapy boards    pion for his work with the Rx Council of
                                                                                                on August 21, he received the customary
and were awarded Specialty Certification in     Western Pennsylvania.
                                                                                                gift of appreciation. In this case, a brass
                                                                                                lamp. But Dr. Siuda had a gift of his own
                                                Michael Romano, assistant professor of
                                                                                                                      for the school.
Stanford Cohen, BS ’57, was chosen by           pharmacy and therapeutics, is the faculty
                                                                                                                         “About 25 years
students as School of Pharmacy teacher of the   adviser for the school’s Academy of Stu-
                                                                                                                      ago, somebody threw
year for 1997-1998 academic year. Mr. Cohen     dents of Pharmacy (ASP) chapter, which was
                                                                                                                      a photo of Victor
passed away on March 2, 1998.                   runner-up for pharmacy chapter achievement
                                                                                                                      Grignard, who won
                                                                                                                      the 1912 Nobel Prize
Joseph Knapp, PhD, professor of pharma-
                                                                                                                      for Chemistry, into
ceutical sciences, and Pat Kroboth, MS ’80,     Meredith Rose, PharmD ’91, assistant
                                                                                                                      the trash,” explains
PhD ’83, professor and chairperson of phar-     professor of pharmacy and therapeutics, has
                                                                                                                      Siuda. “It was signed
maceutical sciences, were inducted as Ameri-    received a UPMC Health System exemplary
                                                                                                                      by Grignard and
can Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists    award for patient care.
                                                                                                given to his cousin, who later gave it to
(AAPS) fellows.
                                                                                                former Dean O’Connell. When I saw it, I
                                                Susan Skledar, MPH ’91, BS ’88, has been
                                                                                                knew it was important. I kept it in my
Beverly Kroner, PharmD, BS ’83, assistant       promoted to assistant professor of pharmacy
                                                                                                office all these years and decided that it
professor of pharmacy and therapeutics, was     and therapeutics.
                                                                                                should go to the School.”
primary coordinator and moderator at the
                                                                                                   A chemist by training, Siuda taught
12th Annual Invitational Conference on Anti-    Gordon Vanscoy, PharmD, MBA ’91, BS
                                                                                                pharmacy students about drug interac-
coagulation Therapy held in Atlanta in De-      ’84, assistant dean, managed care and execu-
                                                                                                tions at the molecular and biochemical
cember 1997.                                    tive vice president, Managed Health Care,
                                                                                                level. His 30-year career at the School
                                                Stadtlanders Managed Pharmacy Services,
                                                                                                of Pharmacy also encompassed a wide
Mary Beth Lang, BS ’89, instructor in phar-     was elected to the Board of Directors of the
                                                                                                range of research projects, including a
macy and therapeutics, has received the         International Society of Pharmaceutical Out-
                                                                                                study of octopus ink as a model for mela-
UPMC Health System President’s Perfor-          comes and Research.
                                                                                                nin and melanoma.
mance Improvement Award.
                                                                                                   “During my time here, I truly enjoyed
                                                Michael Zemaitis, PhD, BS ’69, has been
                                                                                                teaching and research, as well as the
Dexi Liu, PhD, has been promoted to associ-     named vice chair of the Department of Phar-
                                                                                                camaraderie,” says Siuda. “Actually I had
ate professor of pharmaceutical sciences with   maceutical Sciences.
                                                                                                four different parties for my retirement,
                                                                                                and I was considering postponing it
                                                                                                because I enjoyed them so much.”
Rae Ann Maxwell, PhD ’97, BS ’87, has
                                                                 (above) Jerome Siuda, right,      The School of Pharmacy’s faculty,
been promoted to assistant professor of phar-
                                                               presents Dean Randy Juhl with    staff, and students extend their best
macy and therapeutics and appointed director
                                                               an autographed photo of Nobel    wishes for Dr. Siuda in his retirement.
of UPMC-Presbyterian and Western Psychiat-
                                                                    laureate Victor Grignard.

16       Pharmacy Alumni News
                                              1940s                                               I. Glenn Sipes, PhD ’69, professor and head
Venkataramanan                                Alex Bigman, BS ’49, MS (Pharmacology),             of the Department of Pharmacology (College
                                              PhD, has retired. Bigman, who owned two phar-
Receives                                      macies (one in Pittsburgh and one in Annandale,
                                                                                                  of Medicine) and Department of Pharmacol-
                                                                                                  ogy and Toxicology (College of Pharmacy) at
Foundation                                    Virginia), studied pharmacology at the University
                                              of Maryland and holistic medicine at La Salle
                                                                                                  the University of Arizona, received the Robert
                                                                                                  J. DeSalvo Distinguished Alumni Award from
Award                                         University. He worked in holistic and homeo-
                                              pathic medicine for 25 years.
                                                                                                  the University of Cincinnati College of Phar-
                                                                                                  macy this past June. In July, 1998, he was
                                                                                                  elected president of the International Union

          aman Venkataramanan, PhD,           1950s
                                                                                                  of Toxicology, which represents over 40
          professor of pharmaceutical         R. Paul Baumgartner, BS ’56, writes that
                                                                                                  countries and 22,000 toxicologists.
          sciences and pathology, has         “the time arrived last August to jump to full-
received a Ranbaxy Research Award.            time retirement.” During his long career,           1980s
Presented by the Ranbaxy Science Foun-        Baumgartner was special consultant to the           Edward C. Seidl,
dation, which represents Ranbaxy, India’s     Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science        BS ’89, PharmD,
largest indigenous pharmaceutical com-        (1993-1997), manager of pharmacy affairs            has received the
pany, the award goes to an Indian scientist   for Merck Human Health Division (formerly           Joe E. Smith
in recognition of excellence in original      Merck Sharp and Dohme) (1980-1993); assis-          Award, presented
work in medical and pharmaceutical sci-       tant dean and associate professor at the            by the Pennsylva-
ences. Venkataramanan received the award      University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy          nia Society of         Edward Seidl (center) poses
for his work with Indian kidney transplant    (1976-1980); and director of pharmacy services      Health System          with the Joe E. Smith Award
patients during a sabbatical. He made the     for the Appalachian Regional Hospital (1964-        Pharmacists and        with his wife, Cheryl Seidl,
observation that the average                  1976). Baumgartner, who received the School         sponsored by the       and Ron Schulte, RPh,
bioavailability of cyclosporine in Indian     of Pharmacy Distinguished Alumnus Award in          Bayer Corporation.     scientific affairs liaison for
transplant patients is twice that in          1974, also served as president of the American                             the Bayer Corporation.
caucasian patients. According to              Society of Hospital Pharmacists (1974). He          1990s
Venkataramanan, this finding is likely due    and his wife, Sandy, are currently “satisfying      Roberta Skoronski, PharmD ’97, has been
to differences in gut metabolism and/or p-    the travel bug,” including a trip to Alaska.        appointed assistant professor of pharmacy
glycoprotein efflux that may be modified                                                          practice at the St. Louis College of Pharmacy.
due to dietary factors. Venkataramanan        1960s
hopes the award will help him extend his      Anthony N. Civello, BS ’67, chairman, presi-
clinical research in Indian transplant        dent, and CEO of Kerr Drug, Inc., headquar-
patients.                                     tered in Durham, North Carolina, has been
                                              elected to the National Association of Chain
                                              Drug Stores Board of Directors.

                                              John M. Fris, BS ’68, has successfully
                                              completed the exam for board certification
                                              in psychiatric pharmacy (BCPP). Director
                                              of Pharmacy at the Ebensburg Center in
                                              Ebensburg, Pennsylvania, Fris is one of three
                                              pharmacists to receive BCPP certification
                                              in Pennsylvania.

                                                                                                                               Fall 1998       17
   Honor Roll of Donors
                                                                1 9 9 7 - 1 9 9 8

                                          Donors 1997-1998*                                                           Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Leroy Cohen,
                                                                                                                         CAS’49; MED’53
                                          We deeply appreciate the generous contributions from alumni, friends,       Pamela Jean Cohen, EDU’72

College of Phar-                          faculty, and staff. *These gifts totaled $535,980 and were received         Mrs. Ethel Blumenfeld Feldman,
                                          during fiscal year 1998 (July 1, 1997 – June 30, 1998). In addition
macy Receives                             to a significant number of gifts designated for scholarships, the Brick
                                          Walkway (renovation), the Elmer H. Grimm Sr. Pharmacy Museum,
                                                                                                                      William J. Gatti, PHA’66
                                                                                                                      Mrs. Helen B. Katz

Donation for                              and unrestricted use, the School received a generous bequest from the
                                                                                                                      Gary Robert Kincel, PHA’72
                                                                                                                      Judith R. Lehnowsky
Building                                  estate of Doris Jean Koslow (more on this gift in future issues).
                                             Special thanks to fund-raising volunteers Ralph Progar, PHA ’71,
                                                                                                                      Janet Lynn Misko, PHA’84

                                                                                                                      Irvin K. Poust, PHA’39
                                          Sherri Progar, PHA ’77, Kathleen Bartony, PHA ’76, Anne Katz PHA            Ralph E. Progar, PHA’71 *
                                          ’81, members of the School of Pharmacy Alumni Society Board, and            Sherri Zamiska Progar, PHA’77
February 12, 1895                         to those donors who enhanced their gifts with matching gift support         Virginia Daugherty Schmith PhD,
                                          from their employers.                                                          PHA’84; PHA’89 *
Tha nks to the gene rosit y of the           We apologize for any omissions or errors in the list of donors. Please
Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy’s          contact Renée M. Pekor, director of development, at (412) 383-7434          SCHENLEY CIRCLE
alumni and friends, the College is        regarding corrections to the donor honor roll.                              William Pitt Associates
purchasing a new home on the cor-         Thank you.                                                                  $500 to $999
                                                                                                                      Robert E. L. Burkholder, PHA’62
ner of Pride and Bluff Streets. In
                                          July 1, 1997-June 30, 1998            Hugh Henry Brackenridge               Karen Susan Fisher, PHA’86;
addition to many individual donors,
                                          Categorized by Gift Allocation        Society                                 LAW’89
the W. J. Gilmore Drug Co. has                                                                                        George Brenner Handelsman,
                                          Unrestricted        $404,160          $5,000 to $9,999
 donated a sum of $1,000 to help                                                                                        KGSB’82
                                          Scholarship         $ 63,547          Gary Paul Stoehr, PharmD, PHA’73
 purchase the new building. Accord-       Brick Walkway and                                                           Gail A. Klingensmith
 ing to Dean Julius Koch, increas-         Renovation         $ 49,477          CHANCELLOR’S CIRCLE                   Wayne C. Miller, PHA’56
 ing enrollment necessitates the need     Other               $ 11,796          George Woods Society                  Marilyn J. Miller *
 for more space and modern facili-        Research            $ 7,000           $2,500 to $4,999                      Lawrence A. Rehanek, PHA’28†
                                                                                                                      David Paul Rotella, PHA’81 *
  ties. The College will sign its lease   Total Gifts         $535,980          Frederick Josef Bonchosky, RPh,
                                                                                                                      Terrence L. Schwinghammer
  for a building on Pride and Buff                                                PHA’74
                                                                                                                      David M. Smith, PHA’76
                                          Cathedral of Learning Society         Randy P. Juhl, PhD
  Streets this coming April and ex-                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. James David Steck,
                                          Donors of $1,000,000+                 Renée T. Juhl, PharmD, PHA’78 *
   pects to move into its new building    Cummulative Lifetime                  William Clyde Kennedy, Sr., PHA’61      PHA’72 *
   at the same location by 1905.          Doris Joan† and Joseph Koslow,        Vincent S. Venturella, PhD,           Laurence Dale Sykes, PHA’59
                                            PHA ’38†                              PHA’54; PHA’56; PHA’61 *
                                                                                                                      SCHENLEY CIRCLE
                                          CHANCELLOR’S CIRCLE                   CHANCELLOR’S CIRCLE                   Robert Bruce Associates
                                          Lantern Society                       William Jacob Holland Society         $300 to $499
                                          $25,000 to $49,999                    $1,000 to $2,499                      Richard Domenick Biava, PHA’73
                                          Kathryn and Donald William Grimm,     Kathleen Diane Bartony, PHA’76        Kent Earle Davis, PHA’86 *
                                          PHA ’63; KGSB ’70*                    Francis Lawrence Bianco, PHA’63       Dorothy Marjorie Dewyer, PHA’72
                                                                                Betty Howard Brenneman, PHA’42        William C. Dickie, PHA’43 *
                                          CHANCELLOR’S CIRCLE                   Ronald G. Cameron, CEO, PHA’57        Antonio Oreste DiFilippo, PHA’75
                                          John Bowman Society                   Enzo Cerra, PHA’73                    Ralph A. Dimuccio, Jr., PHA’62
                                          $10,000 to $24,999                    Margaret Siudyla Cerra, PHA’74        Scott Richard Drab, PHA’89
                                          Anonymous                             Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Cippel, Sr.,   Albert James Gardill, PHA’59
                                                                                   PHA’56                             Apryl Gartland, PHA’98
                                                                                Jennifer Cohen                        Paul Quay Herwick, PHA’60
                                                                                Rise Cohen                            Patricia Macdougall Jarvis, PHA’78
                                                                                                                      James Mace Kirkwood, PHA’65
                                          CHANCELLOR’S CIRCLE
    18        Pharmacy Alumni News
Dr. Allan Edward Koff, PHA’64          Walter Joseph Bieleski, PHA’72          William M. Fraser, PHA’32                 Denise Neilson Jones, FAS’74; PHA’91
William S. Liepack, PHA’52             Joseph Carlton Biery, Jr., PHA’94       Edward J. Freeauf, Jr., PHA’53            Arthur Kameshka, PHA’67
Richard Allen Lithgow, PHA’50          Mr. Joseph E. Birmingham, Jr.,          Deborah Kay Freeborough, PHA’85           Miss Young Hee Kang, PHA’96
Nicholas Kuhns Long, DEN’65;              PHA’44; GSPH’68                      Gary John Paul Garofoli, PHA’84           Mr. and Mrs. Allan I. Kart
   GSPH’69; EDU’75                     Richard William Blaha, PHA’85 *         Karen Lynn Gathagan, PHA’86               Anne S. Katz, PHA’81
John Craig Lowe, KGSB’84               R. Lee Bloom, PHA’61                    Joseph A. Gatto, PHA’75                   James N. Kellogg, PHA’52
Rae Ann Maxwell, PHA’87; PHA’97        Harry J. Bonchosky, PHA’40              Frederick Eugene Gaunt, PHA’50            Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Watters Kerr,
Nicholas J. Novak, PHA’78              Donald F. Bondi, PHA’53                 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lane Gelsthorpe,           PHA’58
Kathleen O’Lenic, PHA’74               Mr. and Mrs. James A. Brown                 PHA’65                                Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Kerr, Jr.,
Renée Pekor                            Michael Joseph Bulger, PHA’76           Anthony R. Geraci, PHA’58;                   PHA’58
Robert J. Raible, PHA’57               Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Nyle Bush,          MED’64                                    Vivian Kanemaru Kimura, PHA’69
Paul L. Schiff, Jr.                       PHA’77; PHA’81                       Anna Lynn Giordano Lucas, PHA’89          Edward H. Klein, Jr., PHA’57
Dr. Robert John Sepelyak, PHA’79 *     Christie J. Castner, PHA’96             Susan Sturdevant Gogol, PHA’84 *          Edward L. Klein, PHA’43
Frederick R. Shaffer, PHA’55           Dr. Joseph Andrew Cippel, Jr., PHA’88   Mr. and Mrs. Luis Suarez Gonzalez,        Raymond C. Knorr, PHA’54
Joseph Nathaniel Slavoski, PHA’85      Anthony N. Civello, PHA’67                  III, PHA’81                           Kristen Ann Kociban, PHA’94
Dr. Robert Duane Sofia, PHA’71 *       Lisa Oleksak Conboy, PHA’77             Margaret C. Gourash                       James Donald Koll, PHA’80
Lawrence A. Swanson, PHA’84            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Milton Corfield,    Albert R. Gretz, PHA’55                   Francis A. Koslow, KGSB’51; PHA’58
Norman Joseph Talkowski, PHA’73           Jr., HRP’74                          Elmer Hubbs Grimm, III, CAS’67            Chester W. Krause, PHA’37
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Thompson,      Ms. Lorraine Francine Corsi, PHA’69     Charles Lewis Guenther, PHA’79            Daniel Krause, PHA’40
   III, PHA’88                         Mr. John Rossman Crone, PHA’55          Francis G. Haberle, CGS’66                Karen L. Krey, PHA’76
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Wajert,         Norbert S. Cronin, PHA’59               Ronald Glenn Haines, PHA’61               Dorothy Defoggi Kriley, PHA’48
   PHA’58                              William Joseph Crossey, Jr., PHA’76;    Mrs. Patricia Watters Hammarstrom,        Dr. Frank J. Kroboth
Andrew J. Yurick, PHA’98                  KGSB’91                                  PHA’63                                Patricia Dowley Kroboth, PHA’80;
                                       Karen Ruth Cruze, PHA’75                Hara Rose Hartman, PHA’83                    PHA’83
CENTURY CIRCLE                         Kathleen McCoy Cummings, PHA’77         James Adam Harvey, Jr., PHA’63            Beverly Anne Kroner, PharmD,
Century Associates                     Holly Susan Cundieff, KGSB’96           Fred C. Hausler, Jr., PHA’53                 PHA’83
$100 to $299                           Leon Jay Darling, PHA’67                Mary Aleta Hayden, PHA’83                 Carol Cramer Larson, PHA’69
Kimberly Denise K. Adkison, PHA’88 *   Harry Murray Davis, PHA’72              Joanne Gizienski Healey, PHA’81           Mary E. Lauterbach, PHA’87
William Aigner                         Thomas Porter Davis, PHA’62             Dr. Joseph Paul Hensley, PHA’81           Mrs. Michele Pici Law, PHA’80
Judith Rosage Allison, PHA’83          John Alan Demar, PHA’76                 Dr. Richard Alan Hill, PHA’72             Sylvia Mattie Lawer, PHA’79
John Michael Ambrose, CAS’73;          Anne-Marie Lithgow Depp, PHA’86         Dr. Donald Allen Holloway, PHA’60         Mr. Zolen Lazer, PHA’49
   PHA’76                              David L. Diamond, PHA’57                Lorraine B. Horner, PHA’78; KGSB’84       Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lebow
Jennifer Patsy Andrews, PHA’88         Kim Dickinson, PHA’82                   Dr. and Mrs. Zola Phillip Horovitz,       Fatima Chi-Fung Lee, PHA’75
William C. Anschuetz, PHA’44           Mr. and Mrs. James D. Doyle, Jr.,           PHA’55; PHA’58; PHA’60                Maurice D. Levenson, PHA’35
James Alan Augustine, PHA’93              PHA’59                               Margaret Ann Hrinya, PHA’66;              Mrs. Karen Balis Leventhal, PHA’95
Mr. Christopher G. Baldini, PHA’88     James Richard Drumm, PHA’72                 KGSB’92                               Betty Levy, PHA’45
Mary Frances Barbato, CAS’86;          Colonel Bernard John Dunlevy, Sr.,      John Joseph Hromyak, PHA’62               Paula Jean Ligus, PHA’93 *
   PHA’91                                 PHA’63                               Lawrence George Hruska, PHA’73            Norris Lee Lipman, PHA’55
Mrs. Kristen Williams Barger, PHA’76   Professor Kenneth Lester Euler,         Nikki Hudak, PHA’95                       Erin M. Love, PHA’96
Dr. Herbert Barry, III                    PHA’59; PHA’63                       William George Hungiville, III,           Richard L. Lucarotti, PHA’71
Stanley Joseph Belinda, PHA’62         Fred Wilson Evans, Jr., PHA’60              PHA’84 *                              Robert Thomas Lucas, PHA’80;
Richard J. Bender, PHA’59; MED’64      Ms. Megan Ferrara Farachi, PHA’97       Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Hurley, PHA’74         GSPH’86 *
Edward Reo Bennett, Jr., PHA’64        George Thomas Fee, PHA’54               Casmer C. Iannuzzi, PHA’48                Kenneth Michael Lukis, PHA’74
Dr. Richard Frampton Bergstrom,        William T. Ferri                        Nancy Dehaven Imgrund, PHA’91             Edythe L. Lydon, PHA’76
   PHA’73                              Raymond F. Feura, PHA’55                Arthur Gershon Isack, PHA’57;             Franklin R. Manios, PHA’57
Richard J. Bertz, PHA’95               Roger John Feura, PHA’86                    GSPH’63                               George Emanuel Manolakakis, PHA’57
J. Eugene Bianco, PHA’54               M. Maurice Fierman, PHA’36              Illiana R. Janeshek, PHA’80               Steve J. Marbich, PHA’53
Dr. Joseph A. Bianculli, CAS’32;       Vincent James Fiorenzo, PHA’75          Bruce Dalton Johnston, PHA’63;            Jennifer Marchegiani, PHA’96
   PHA’35; FAS’41                      Jennifer Lynne Fitch, PHA’95                GSPH’71                               Mary Ellen Doran Marchi, PHA’79
Thomas Joseph Bianculli, PHA’64        Donald F. Floyd, PHA’70                 Dr. Craig Tyrrell Johnston, Sr., PHA’71   Michael George Marcus, PHA’74

                                                                                                                                          Fall 1998       19
Honor Roll (continued)
                                                              1 9 9 7 - 1 9 9 8

Brian L. Marien, PHA’79                 Thomas B. Sanders, PHA’41            Charles W. Wellhausen, Jr., PHA’56       KGSB’78
Carl Martin, PHA’88                     John W. Sapida, Jr., PHA’49          Gretchen Schenle Wellhausen, PHA’63   Ellen Lee Morgan Curran, PHA’61
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Martino          Marion Woomer Sauers, PHA’74;        John Edward Wells, PHA’74             Brian M. Curry, PHA’76
Donald Leroy Matson, PHA’90                PHA’81                            David N. Whysong, PHA’94              Bernard A. D’Aloisio, PHA’53
Joseph John Mazur, PHA’59               Anna Germana Scholes, PHA’87         Edward S. Wilcox, PHA’74              Daniel Alfred David, PHA’75
Larry Steele McCahan, PHA’63            Mary Louise Sedlock, CAS’67;         David Arthur Willome, PHA’77          Stephen A. Denis, PHA’89
Gary Dean McClean, PHA’76                  CGS’79; PHA’85 *                  Mrs. Tina Marie Wise, PHA’92          Debra Mowry Diehl, PHA’78
James Paul McKay, PHA’45                Richard H. Segal, PHA’70             Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Robert Young,    James Paul Diprimio, PHA’61
Robert Woodring McKenzie, PHA’60        Geraldine L. Seidel                    PHA’62                              Donald Kevin Duda, PHA’89
Glenn E. McNees, PHA’79                 Suzanne Seidl                        William Christopher Zamboni,          Mrs. Virginia Madden Dunst,
Harold B. Means, Jr., PHA’59            Robert O. Sherman, PHA’79              PHA’92; PHA’94                         PHA’58
George Emory Meckley, PHA’73            Mr. Donald Ray Shoenthal, PHA’52 *   Mr. Myron Zimmerman, PHA’60           Jayne Santora Duty, PHA’81
Mrs. Lee Ann Lloyd Merlo, CAS’77        Ronald R. Shollenberger, PHA’82                                            Dale R. Ealy, PHA’51
Andrea Salek Mesaros, PHA’91            Michael Shord, PHA’95                Donors                                Mr. Jeffrey W. Eshelman, PHA’75
Richard Boileau Miller, Jr., PHA’70     Pamela Hanlin Siefert, PHA’87        $50 to $99                            David Albert Evancho, PHA’78
William Francis Miller, PHA’68          Robert P. Simala, PHA’82 *           Mr. and Mrs. James Ackeret            Mrs. Jennifer Fabregas, PHA’92
Edward Thomas Millward, Jr., PHA’72     Robert Joseph Simonelli, PHA’80      Milford S. Adams, Jr., PHA’57         Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Paul Fenello,
Christine Novak Modery, PHA’92          Marjorie Klein Simos, PHA’72         Michelle Ambler, PHA’92                  PHA’54; MED’59
Loyal D. Moore, PHA’53                  F. Robert Simpson, PHA’58            Ellen Graebner Antal, PHA’73          Joanne Fiamma, PHA’94 *
Mr. and Mrs. David Morris, PHA’54       David J. Slatkin                     Sheri L. Baker, PHA’88                Susan Murphy Filo, PHA’87
Dr. Catherine Ndaalu Mpi, GSPH’81       Rick F. Smith, PHA’61                Mrs. Anita Speranzo Barchetti,        William Gerald Fisher, PHA’53
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Mucklow          Sharon Petrow Snee, PHA’75              PHA’84                             Ronald Fordyce, PHA’77
Mr. and Mrs. Rodger William Myer,       Richard Paul Sotak, PHA’72           Marvin Barent, PHA’53                 Jacqueline E. Frank, PHA’49
   PHA’54                               Mrs. Jean M. Starvaggi, PHA’92       Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Bigler,       Reginald F. Frye, Jr., PHA’95
Donald Newton Myers, PHA’55             Ralph Frederick Stevens, PHA’51         PHA’59                             Carolyn Brophy Gasarch, CAS’73;
John Nawrocki, PHA’95                   Dwight Dean Stiff, PHA’81; PHA’89    David Albert Biricocchi, PHA’73 *        PHA’76
David Anthony Nedzinski, PHA’70         Frank J. Stroker, Jr., PHA’58        Frank James Boston, PHA’59            Dr. Bradley Allen George, PHA’80
Mrs. Elena Melocchi Nelson, PHA’93 *    Chele Diane Stuber, PHA’82           Richard Lee Boston, PHA’90            William Harry Gerdes, PHA’51
Alberta L. Novak                        Bernard L. Sussman, PHA’58           Irving Botton, PHA’65                 George Myron Geregach, PHA’66
Linda Clare O’Brien, PHA’73             Dan Edward Swain, PHA’81             James Nelson Bowen, PHA’86            Mrs. Lucretia Faye Germick, PHA’88
L. Robert Oberfield, PHA’61             Douglas J. Swanson                   Thomas J. Bowen, Jr., PHA’53          Sandra Getz
Elyse Ockner                            Felix Joseph Szymkowiak, PHA’70      Carolyn Mytrysak Brennan, PHA’76      Paul Giannetto, PHA’53
James Orlando Pessolano, PHA’61 *       Theresa Bennardi Tarquinio, PHA’76   Dennis Michael Bubar, PHA’77          Donald R. Gnagey, PHA’51
Dominic A. Peters, PHA’55               Janet Grant Traynor, PHA’87;         Dr. Gilbert John Burckart, PHA’72     Earl Gene Grantz, PHA’58
Dr. Maria Eugenia Piantanida, CAS’67;      PHA’95                            Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Burgin        Rosemary Pantalone Grealish,
   FAS’70; EDU’82                       Charles Samuel Tressler, PHA’75      Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Burkholder          PHA’71
Leonard Joseph Pirilla, Jr., PHA’74     Mr. and Mrs. John W. Tull            Gregg L. Carmen, PHA’95               Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gross
Leo Morris Pomerantz, PHA’49            Jeanne A. Tuttle, PHA’79             Ugo F. Caruso, PHA’52                 Wilbur Blair Grove, PHA’39
Ethel Baran Ritzman, PHA’58             Nancy R. Twigger, PHA’75             David Scott Claycomb, PHA’92          Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Grunewalder,
Raymond Earl Rodgers, PHA’62            Susan Ross Van Buren, PHA’75         Sanford Cohen, PHA’57                    PHA’83
Jack Wade Rohland, Sr., PHA’67          Lawrence Nelson Varner, PHA’80       Burton Harry Cohn, PHA’62             John F. Grunewalder *
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Donald Roman,         Jennifer Gazo Vermillion, PHA’96     Kim C. Coley, PHA’87                  Susan Guttendorf, PHA’89
   PHA’58; PHA’72                       Jeffrey Alan Wagner, PHA’97          Harry M. Corrin, PHA’50               Karen Ginther Harbut, PHA’91
John Paul Rosa, PHA’82                  Marcia Clark Walberg, PHA’70         William A. Cotton, PHA’36 *           Robert George Heidenthal, PHA’86
John C. Rosencrance, PHA’60             Paul Gabriel Walsh, PHA’52           James George Craig, PHA’93 *          Max Helfand, PHA’38
Phyllis Rosenfeld                       Charles Simpson Warne, Jr., PHA’52   Reginald Cummings, PHA’98             Craig A. Hinden, PHA’96
William R. Rowse, Jr., PHA’71           Arnold L. Weisband, PHA’54           Susan Cunneen                         John F. Hines, PHA’86
James F. Salmon, PHA’55                 J. Herman Weiss, PHA’43              James Martin Curcio, PHA’73;          James Morely Hirsch, PHA’49

20        Pharmacy Alumni News
Kristin Ann Hofer, PHA’87           Bonnie Bruck Meiggs, PHA’73            Mr. Martin Jay Shulik, PHA’80          City Drug Employees
Leonard Stone Holman, PHA’49        Gary Milkovich, PHA’73                 Debra Wentzel Shultz, PHA’93           John P. and Constance Curran
Mr. and Mrs. Rodger A. Howells      Constance Lynn Mininger, EDU’73        Robert J. Sklenar, PHA’58                 Charitable Foundation
Rhonda Rae Huisenga, PHA’90         Barbara Alloway Minter, PHA’57         Rosalind Roth Sky, EDU’62              CVS Corporation
Sheldon D. Ickes, PHA’43            Robert Joseph Monte, PHA’79;           Myron Snider, PHA’62                   Drug Emporium
Margaret Doelfel Jackson, PHA’52       KGSB’92                             David George Spenik, CAS’69; PHA’74    Eckerd Corporation Foundation *
Dr. James Mark Jaffe, PHA’68;       Joseph Kevin Montgomery, PHA’86        Elizabeth Ann Stefanik, PHA’74         Eli Lilly and Company Foundation *
   CAS’69; PHA’70; PHA’72 *         Maxine Morell, PHA’93                  Mr. and Mrs. James Stein, PHA’40       Employees of Pamela’s & Laferia’s
Amy J. Jamison, PHA’93              Christina Murphy Moyer, PHA’95         Rodney L. Stephan                         of Shadyside
Sheryl Dentel Jeffers, PHA’76       Amy Louise Myers, PHA’83               Henry Stern, PHA’37                    Glaxo Wellcome, Inc. *
Danna Degruttola Johnson, PHA’78    James Robert Neidlinger, PHA’73        Regina Zeolla Summerville, PHA’59      Hoffmann-La Roche Foundation *
Mr. William Frank Johnson, III,     Eric Louis Nestler, PHA’67             Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Swanson         Department of Speech
   PHA’85                           Mr. and Mrs. Morris Edward Ogun,       William Martin Swanson, PHA’65            Communications, Ithaca College
Robert T. Kauffman, PHA’77             PHA’60                              Thomas A. Thompson, PHA’76             Kiwanis Club of Sheraden
Susan Carla Kaye, PHA’80            George William Oleyar, PHA’56          Thomas Richard Thompson, PHA’77        K-Mart Corporation *
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Kelly        Edward Stephen Pacy, PHA’81            William J. Tranick, PHA’58             Ligonier Pharmacy, Inc.
Kevin Andrew Kerr, PHA’90           Frank D. Palmiero, PHA’53              Mr. and Mrs. Harry Joseph Travis,      Lincoln Enterprises
Andrew T. Klan, PHA’94              Vincent Anthony Pasquarelli, PHA’94       PHA’77                              Lucent Technologies Foundation *
Joseph E. Knapp                     John Robert Payne, PHA’79              David Anthony Trinclisti, PHA’77       Merck Company Foundation *
Gordon W. Knight, PHA’53            Henry P. Perciballi, PHA’51            Carl Michael Trosko, PHA’72            Morris Cody & Associates, Inc.
Mr. Charles G. Koller, PHA’55       Mr. and Mrs. James H. Pierce           Robert E. Tyler, Jr.                   NACDS Education Foundation
Diann Mechenbier Kuder, PHA’71      George Michael Plummer, CAS’73         Barry T. Uhron, PHA’97                 Novartis U.S. Foundation *
James C. Kuhn, III, LAW’74          Vincent John Politi, PHA’84 *          Michael T. Umbleby, PHA’96             Owen Healthcare, Inc.
Vincent Clair Kwiatkowski, PHA’74   Mr. and Mrs. John Dimitri Popovich,    George Philip Walker, CAS’73; PHA’76   Pfizer Foundation, Inc. *
Mrs. Mary Shaffer Laatsch, PHA’83      PHA’77                              Jack Wassam, PHA’62                    Pfizer U.S. Pharmaceuticals
Joseph William LaRue, PHA’93        Neil M. Port                           Stanley John Wawrynovic, Jr., PHA’73   Pharmacia & Upjohn Foundation *
Richard K. Latshaw, PHA’54          Richard J. Ptachcinski                 Robert Kenneth Wentzell, PHA’52        Pharmacists Mutual Insurance
Patricia Sherman Leaman, PHA’82     Holly Ann Reider, PHA’87               Richard Waide Wilson, PHA’60              Company
Duane C. Lenart, PHA’55             Joan Lee Ringeling, CAS’76; PHA’80     Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bernard Wysocki,   PPG Industries Foundation *
Charles James Lester, PHA’77        Ronald A. Roberts, PHA’54                 PHA’87                              Residential Care Services, Inc.
David Leszunov, PHA’78              Theresa Bonari Rodriguez, PHA’92       Brian Yurochko                         Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Pharm, Inc. *
Amy Miller Lowey, PHA’91            Jeffrey Eugene Roth, PHA’80                                                   Rite-Aid Corporation
Mary Catherine Lupinacci, CAS’92;   Lynda Fisher Saxon, PHA’83             Donors to $49.99                       Schering-Plough Foundation, Inc. *
   PHA’97                           Shellina Rawji Scheiner, PHA’84        Thank you to the 365 donors            School of Pharmacy Class of 1998
Robert L. Maher, Sr.                Shari A. Scholze, PHA’91               who made gifts of up to                Sel-Lo Oil, Inc.
Harry Michael Marchewka, PHA’78     Tracie Weiss Schortemeyer, PHA’84      $49.99.                                Sisters of St. Francis
Jeffrey Alan Markovitz, PHA’78      Dr. and Mrs. Edward D. Schultz,                                               Thrift Drug, Inc. *
Steven Mark Markovitz, PHA’77          MED’63                              Companies, Corporations,               Wagner Investment Company
Steven Josef Markowitz, PHA’89      Mrs. Sandra Blockstein Schwarzbart,    Foundations, and Organiza-             Walgreens
Stanley Frederic Marks, PHA’61         CAS’58; EDU’62                      tions                                  Wal-Mart
David Edward Maszkiewicz, PHA’86    Lisa M. Schwarzmeier, RPh, PHA’92      Abbott Laboratories *                  Warner-Lambert Company *
Ronald Edward Matson, PHA’81        Edward Carl Seidl, PharmD,             American Association Colleges          Zeneca Pharmaceuticals Group *
Constance C. Mazzoni, PHA’79           CAS’85; PHA’89                        of Pharmacy
                                                                                                                  * Special thanks to those corpora-
Thomas McCants, GSPH’82             Anita Marie Sellers, PHA’84 *          Angelus Convalescent Center
                                                                                                                  tions that provided matching gifts to
Marilyn Ann McCarty, PHA’90         Mrs. Theresa Krautheim Sendi, PHA’59   Boc Group *                            increase support.
Linda Vickery McConahy, PHA’84      Robert Earl Sheehan, III, PHA’72       Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation *      † deceased, honored posthumously
Kevin P. McKinney, PHA’79           Max Sherman, PHA’53                    Cardinal West, Inc.
David Allen McLucas, PHA’78         Brent Lewis Shields, PHA’94            Carter-Wallace *

                                                                                                                                    Fall 1998         21
School of Pharmacy Brick Walkway:
Caring Carved in Stone

        hrough the generosity of many, a          Pharmacy entrance. You even receive a              Questions may be directed to:
        major undertaking, phase I and II         certificate commemorating your gift. Your            Renée M. Pekor
        of the School of Pharmacy Renova-         donation may be made all at once or over a           Director of Development
tion Project, has been completed. The new         two year period.                                     School of Pharmacy
School of Pharmacy entrance to Salk Hall             Join the 280 individuals who have already         (412) 383-7434
is open and heavily utilized. It leads to new,    taken their places in the Walkway. With your         e-mail: pekorrm@msx.upmc.edu
modernized classrooms and laboratories            help, the School will remain in the vanguard
essential for an excellent educational program    of pharmacy education, and your name will
and breakthrough research taking place within     become a permanent part of the School of
the School.                                       Pharmacy entrance, a visible and lasting
   But more remains to be done. Today’s           demonstration of your commitment to the
educational methods require transforming          next century of University of Pittsburgh
some additional space into smaller seminar        pharmacy graduates.
rooms, adding state-of-the art media and
video equipment to more than one classroom,       Bricks also make wonderful gifts.
increasing computer access and capacity, and        Please note that your gift to the School of
creating a reserve for on-going facility and      Pharmacy Brick Walkway is tax deductible to
equipment enhancement.                            the fullest extent of the law.
   You can participate. You can help by mak-        If you are making your gift in payments
ing a donation to the Brick Walkway pro-          over time, a reminder will be sent to you for
gram. In return for your completed                each gift payment due.
contribution of $400, a brick will be inscribed
with your name and graduation year and
added to the Walkway outside the School of

Thank you for your gift.                          Please check one option and enclose appropriate gift payment.
                                                  s        Enclosed is my check for $400
Make your check payable to the University         s        I would like to spread out my contributions over two years by sending:
of Pittsburgh and mail it with this form to:               s $200 now and $200 next year
          School of Pharmacy                               s $100 now and $300 more in three installments of $100 each every six months
          Development Office                               s $50 now and $350 more in seven installments of $50 each every three months
          University of Pittsburgh
                                                  If you are making your gift over a two year period, for your convenience a reminder will be sent
          1104 Salk Hall
                                                  to you for each gift installment due.
          Pittsburgh, PA 15261
Name:                                             Please print the name to be inscribed in block letters:

Graduation Year (if applicable):

                                                  First Name
                                                                                                                              Middle Initial

Telephone: (          )
                                                  Last Name

Fax: (         )

E-mail:                                           s s s s
                                                  Year (Optional)

22         Pharmacy Alumni News
      In Memoriam
                                                     lease send us information about your career advancements, papers presented,
                                                     honors received, appointments, and further education. We’ll include your news in
                                                     the Alumni Notes section as space allows. Please indicate names, dates, and location.
          Nick Bassar, Jr ’67
                                              Photos are welcome. Please print clearly.

        Arthur Blackburn ’49
          Earl P. Collins ’55
                                              Degree and Year of Graduation:
        David Degenhardt ’63
                                              E-Mail Address

           James T. Daw ’29
                                              Home Address:

        George D. Holden ’51

        Bernard J. Marks ’51
                                              Home Telephone:

        William McMullan ’44                  Business Address:

         Albert H. Perrin ’35

       Lawrence A. Rehanek ’28                Business Telephone:

The late Lawrence Rehanek was a lifelong
donor and friend to the School of Pharmacy    Position(s):

and the University of Pittsburgh. An avid
football fan, he attended every Pitt home
football game. The one-time owner of a
prescription drug store in Mount Pleasant,
Rehanek had to sell the store due to health
complications after being struck by light-
ning on a golf course. Rehanek went into
the banking business and eventually be-
came president of Mount Pleasant State
Bank. Dedicated to his community, he was
chairman of the Finance Committee of the
Westmoreland County Mental Health and
Retardation Board and director of the Jacob
Justice Free Dispensary, the Rehabilitation
Center and Workshop of Western Pennsyl-
vania, and the Westmoreland County
Children’s Home. In 1994 the University                                        Please complete and return to:
of Pittsburgh at Greensburg dedicated the
Ronnie Andrews Fitness Center in recog-                                        Pharmacy Alumni News
nition of Mr. Rehanek’s generosity. Mr.                                        Attn: Laraine Kuchma
Rehanek was Andrew’s uncle.                                                    1104 Salk Hall
                                                                               Pittsburgh, PA 15261
                                                                               Phone (412) 648-3304

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