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SGA Formal Meeting Minutes Novem


									                           SGA Formal Meeting Minutes
                                November 6, 2011

Executive Board Report

Laura: Campus-Wide Survey will be sent out to dorm presidents to be sent out to
residents this week.

Justin: Lane and Justin have been working with athletics to get buses to travel to
Bowdoin Saturday at 10 am and 10:30 am to watch the cross-country races and the
football game. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday there will be tables for sign ups. If
you are willing to work an hour anytime from 11 to 2, talk to Justin after the
CAC passed the Bias Incident Report Protocol. Justin will send out the link for what
it is…by definition it is the college’s way of responding to hate crimes and biased
incidents at Colby.
CAC also approved changing dorm locking hours to 1 am every night of the week. As
a community, a dorm can change what their dorm locking hours are individually if
they would like an earlier lock time.
Informal meeting next week will be Q & A session on Bias Incident Report and the
Gender and Sexual Diversity Resource Center.

Ray: Beer and Wine Night was on Friday… numbers are not in yet but it seemed
successful. The next one is December 9.

Jess: *See committee update report

Lane: Finance committee has come up with idea to get Keurig Machines for the
library. They also want to give a holiday bonus to a certain organization or club on
campus for a college-wide event. Clubs will be able to apply for this bonus, which
will be $2000.

Morgan: Morgan is currently working on an Athletic Honor Code to work on
attacking the root of the dorm vandalism issue: the problem of athletes being
associated with dorm vandalism on campus.

Dean’s Report with President Adams and Dean Terhune

President Bro Adams:
Bro feels the year has gone well so far and feels a positive energy on campus. The
issue he is currently concerned with is residence hall vandalism. It’s both vexing and
disappointing to him but he is gratified that SGA has been talking about the issue,
and Justin and Laura have been talking about it with him. The issue is particularly a
question of student culture…in that regard student leadership matters a great deal.
Do not underestimate the degree to which you can serve as leaders with respect to
this issue. He thinks the damage comes from a very small number of people that he
does not take to represent Colby as a whole. He does worry about the reluctance of
students to share information about the people who are committing dorm
vandalism. When it comes to something this contrary to our values, it is up to the
student body to say that this is not acceptable and we will not accept it. Students
have much more power on this issue than the administration. Students care more
about what other students say. Bro is happy to help in terms of the CVC donation
initiative and if there are any other ways he could help he would be welcome to do
so. Bro thinks that a lot of progress is being made on gender and sexuality issues,
moving the campus in a positive direction. The college is moving forward in many
other ways as well with certain projects and initiatives…the museum, the biomass
plant etc. The board has approved a new psychology building that will most likely
be started next summer.

Bro opened the floor for a question and answer session.

Tracey Tomlinson asked if Roberts would still be turned into dorms eventually. Bro
and Jim confirmed this but they are not sure of the time frame. The top two floors
will become residences, probably adding up to about 50 beds.

Claire Grady asked about the possibility of putting security cameras in the
apartments. Bro has not heard anything of this suggestion. He understands that
there is a very sensitive privacy issue there and for that reason alone cameras would
never be able to be installed. Jim Terhune has been a part of discussion about the
camera issue; there has been real concern over the last few weeks about the
increasing occurrence where life safety systems are the targets of attack. There has
been some talk of putting cameras temporarily in front of these systems (exit signs,
fire extinguishers etc.) to protect residents of those buildings.
Bro believes there is a better way to solve it: the student body needs to establish the
norm that dorm vandalism is not okay.
Claire Grady brought up the campaign against vandalism that she is working on,
which will display leaders like SGA, CAs and athletes “standing up against dorm

Ginger Brooker asked about frat row renovations. Bro and Jim responded that there
are only two left to renovate… one will be done this summer. After frat row is done,
other buildings on campus will start to be examined.

Peter Landsman asked about Mayflower Hill Drive and its positioning. Bro replied
that there is an extensive plan that will rebuild Mayflower Hill Drive so that it is a
very different experience but in the same place…. including curbing, sidewalks,
speed bumps etc to make it look like a nice campus road. Bro does not know the
time frame for this issue just yet. The project will start at the center of campus
between Colby Green and the Miller Quad.

Lane McVey asked if there are any plans in place to renovate the athletic center. Bro
replied that it is probably included on the five to ten year track for renovation. Bro
would like to renovate the field house completely at that point. The pool recently
went through renovations to solve problems short-term. The hockey rink was re-
done about 6 years ago. The project is very expensive so we do not know when that
will be possible.

Keith Love asked about SGA budget and SPB budget and how that is looked at and
budgeted and how it will be done in the future. Bro replied that those budgets are
not under his jurisdiction and he has not been in conversations about them. Jim
Terhune asked for more specific budgetary questions.

Lane asked about PCB and why it still has such a small budget even though they
have evolved into a programming board. Jim began with explaining student activity
fees at other schools. At Colby we treat this kind of money as allocated directly to
student organizations.

PCB and SPB budget are treated the same way as the other college budgets, like for
academic departments for example. At the end of the year if there is extra money left
it goes towards balancing the general budget.

PCB, according to Bro, was always imagined as a programming board and always
had a budget. Until last year this budget was never spent. Jim believes that they
never have spent it because PCB events are often co-sponsored by other
organizations on campus. Jim knows that Dr. Bradley’s approach has been to use the
money and if there is justification for asking for more money they will. Jim and Bro
are supportive of budget increases if they are necessary.

Jack Mauel brought up talks of a campus-wide smoking ban. Bro went to a
conference that discussed national crisis in health care recently. Bro would like to
encourage overall health on campus, in terms of diet etc. He also would like to check
the waters for a complete cessation of tobacco products on campus. Bro feels that as
an employer, paying for health care of employees, he would like to lead people away
from smoking. If we could prompt healthier habits in students it would also be
beneficial. When Bro arrived here smoking was permitted basically everywhere on
campus. Bro considered that employees and other students were being exposed to
smoking risks all over campus. After a discussion with faculty, they decided to ban
smoking in all buildings on campus. Now he would like to ban it from campus
completely. To do this, we would have to help employees who smoke become non-
smokers and we also have to have some kind of conversation with students who
smoke. He is sure this is in the long term interest of the college to go in this
direction….nothing has formally been done at this time but discussions are
happening with the health care advisory committee.

Tracey Tomlinson asked about designated giving through organizations on campus.
Bro says that there are specific “buckets” like athletics, etc. that donators can give to
specifically to donate to certain activities. It gets complicated in the club system
because there have been several established areas to donate to certain
organizations to enhance their budgets but they do not encourage a lot of these
types of donations.

In regards to the smoking ban, Miia-Liisa brought up the fact that it may be a bad
time to institute a smoking ban right after the hard alcohol ban. Bro thinks this is a
good point that should be brought up with the committee. Bro stands by his general
opinion that health care is a huge cost to the college and it would be beneficial to
improve the overall health of campus.

Peter Landsman asked about the limitations of the smoking-ban in campus buildings
because he believes that there are a lot of violators who constantly smoke right
outside of certain buildings. Bro replied that yes, there is. Banning smoking all
together would eventually eliminate these problems.

30% of Colby’s investment portfolio is transparent, another 30% is transparent, and
the remainder is in cash, bonds etc. that would not be relevant enough to make it
transparent. Keith Love asked why some of it is confidential…Bro replied that this is
standard as far as investments and standards of business.
Justin Rouse says that an idea is being considered to invite Doug Terp to a meeting
to discuss financial details of Colby to bring a greater understanding.

Keith Love brought up the Spontaneous Fun Day plans. He asked Bro to talk about
the benefits of such an event on campus and how it can be institutionalized.
Bro went to a college that had an event like this (Mountain Day) and is familiar with
Mountain Day at Williams. He says that canceling classes would be a more serious
conversation. Johnson Pond Day used to be an event on campus similar to these
events. Jim and Bro think this should be brought up in CAC and AAC…they think a lot
of support will be shown. Faculty need to know so that they can plan their courses
around it.

Tracey Tomlinson brought up that she heard that Jim Terhune would be teaching a
class on higher education next year. Jim says that this is indeed a concept being
discussed with him and Jed but is not well developed just yet.
Tracey asked if Bro would teach a course. Bro replied that he taught a philosophy
class in 2006, which was great. Bro found it very trying…the students were great but
his schedule was very tough. Bro reminds us that he is available to come to classes
and he often does.

Jim says that there will be an announcement and an Echo article this week to engage
a conversation about the underground fraternities at Colby. A week from Tuesday
will be the first meeting. As Jim has previously mentioned, there have been a
number of people expressing concern about underground groups and how they are
divisive to the community. Jim wants to start an open conversation about what is
really going on and why the college policies are the way that they are. There is a
clear relationship between fraternity culture and gender issues, which have also
been of growing concern in recent years.
Lane asked how SGA can help remedy the divisiveness of campus that fraternity
culture seems to cause. Jim replies that the more we talk about what our values are
as a community as opposed to what we do as a community. There is a clear attitude
that fraternity culture does not foster the kind of community that people want.

Old Business

Motion 1: Monica Davis of East Quad moves to adjust all automatic light timers on
campus to turn on at 4 pm and turn off at 3am.

General discussion followed about different alleged light shut-off times around
campus. Peter Landsman moved to amend the motion to add the word indoor
before automatic. Phil Hussey seconded this motion.

Hand vote passed unanimously to discuss the amended motion. Cole Yaverbaum
brought up her knowledge that EnviroCo really needs our support to pass this
motion since they often have a struggle with PPD.

Tracey Tomlinson moved to amendment to sunrise to sunset instead of 4pm to 3
am. Justin Rouse replied that logistically this wording would not be exact enough for

Sam Andler is concerned with the safety of having lights off since students, while not
very many, are still roaming around campus and it is necessary to keep them safe.

Justin Deckert supports the notion that a specific time must be decided.

Phil Hussey moved the question with a second from Tracey Tomlinson.
The motion was still voted on as is with the “sunrise/ sunset” wording. Roll call vote
was passed with Keith Love abstaining until more research is done on the current
college policy.

Motion 2, which regarded replacing bleached paper products, was tabled due to an
inconsistency in EcoRep’s data.

Motion 3: Ginger Brooker of Piper, propose that Colby College purchases a GPS for
permanent use in the Jitney to increase efficiency. Ginger has been using the Jitney
frequently to complete 60 hours of local school volunteering to complete a class
research project. She has noticed that drivers often don’t know where locations are
besides the basic locations like Walmart.
Lane will bring up the issue at Finance Committee since she thinks this is a great
idea….she can not specifically choose to fund the GPS since the Jitney is not for a
campus club specifically.
Roll call vote passed.
New Business
Tracey Tomlinson will be meeting with Jim Terhune to help give students a more
significant voice on budgeting funds on campus. Justin Rouse recommended that she
also talk with Debbie Dutton, who is the director of development. If any other
students want to get involved, email Tracey.

Laura reminds prescouncil to include the survey that we will be sending out tonight
in your dorm newsletters.

Erika Hinman reminds us that the registered party task force will meet on Thursday.
At Middlebury, they have birthdates on their Colby Cards which might be something
we should be considering to make registered party ID checking easier.

In regards to smoking on campus, Justin Partridge encourages any suggestions to be
emailed to himself or Trevor Sherbourne to be discussed in the next Healthcare
Advisory Committee meeting.

John Williams thinks it would be interesting if each club or maybe all clubs
contributed to a collective blog where they discussed their activities and events to
publicize their activities to the Colby community and students looking at the college.
Keith Love suggests that John should talk to JJ to see if his organization will be
willing to fund and contribute this project.

Justin Rouse clarified the bell issue: There is a bell on the third floor of Bob’s that
has been traditionally rung when a football team wins a match. The bell cracked last
year and funds were raised to buy a new bell by the football coach, which was then
supplemented with $10,000 from Bro. The “bells” ringing on campus are simply a
speaker system that is also an old tradition. They only didn’t ring temporarily
because the speaker system was being fixed. Bro stands by his funding of the
football bell because it has been such a strong and important tradition for the
football team and Bro wanted to help them out. Laura reminds us that they are not
advocating Bro’s financial decisions they just want to clarify the issue.

Johnny Swinehart, who is a member of the football team, brought up that the
football coach considers the bell so important that he would “not be able to sleep” if
the bell could not ring because it has been so important as a tradition over the years.
Johnny reminds us that the bell will be there for a very long time and the football
team is so grateful that they are able to continue their thirty-year tradition.

Phil Hussey thinks it would be worthwhile to make some kind of official statement
of defining the bell issue. Lane replied that there was an Echo issue last week on the
topic and that is sufficient.
Ethan Crockett brought up that the speaker system “bells” have changed their
schedule slightly since the rewiring. Claire Grady thinks the bells are definitely
louder and this should be discussed.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Additional Notes from Pass the Gavel: Sarah Baresse is our new Echo writer since
Dan Sunderland, our former SGA liaison, has been promoted to assistant news

Emma Suojanen met with the Waterville police on Friday…the first of many
conversations that will eventually be opened up to the whole campus.

Justin Partridge reminds everyone to come out to Timeflies this weekend, which will
be Saturday November 12 at 10 pm in Page.

Tracey Tomlinson encourages everyone who is 21+ to come to Mainely’s for
Barnight Thursday. 10% of all profits will be donated to the Mid-Maine Homeless

Kira Novak brought up an idea for a motion to replace the plastic Grab and Go
containers since they are wasteful. Phil Hussey replied that they are being changed
to the cardboard Spa to-go boxes.

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