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					       First Round VISTA
    Interview Score Card                                                    .

                                        Name         Jane Doe         Jane Doe         Jane Doe          Jane Doe
                             Interview Date/ Time    3/26/10; 1 pm    3/31/10; 1 pm   4/2/10; 11:30 am   4/7/10; 10 am
Each category is graded 1- 10 and the total
is divided by 7 to give the final score
                  Resume/ Application                     8                8                 7                9
  Quality of resume, application and writing                          much detail;       not very
  skills (including: content, layout, grammer                        some grammar        detailed
                       and overall readability)                         errors

                  Relevant Experience                     9               10                 9                8
Ability to work in multiple areas or expertise      has done a lot ability to work in has worked in   socy, econ
                                  in one area        of outreach;        various       banks; has   major, but not
                                                     worked with     capacities;       accounting       a lot of
                                                     people from    various orgs.         cert.        practical
                                                        varied                                      know.; diverse
                                                    backgrounds                                     work/leadershi
                                                                                                       p exper.

                         Communication                    9               10                 9               10
        Ability to relay information, personal good speaker           well spoken     answered all       well spoken,
                    appearance and manners by not succinct                             questions         comfortable,
                                                                                       succiently          genuine

         Knowledge of Organization                       10                8                 9               10
         Understanding of mission of and of know about the broad    had been on related well to
                   economic development SCS; econ. & understanding web site; knew mission and
                                             soc. Justice           of financing,   values

      Knowledge of VISTA program                          8                8                 8               10
Understanding of Americorps and mission -                                basic         has applied       best answer
        beyond "non-profit" - and previous                           understanding       twice;               yet
                  community involvement

                    Interpersonal Skills                  9               10                10               10
        Abilty to solve problems and work in             very            conflict     felt it was her RA experience
 different capacities within teams (including        personable,     resolution exp.; best strength'
                      hypothetical situations)      likes to learn   much vol. exp. psych degree-
                                                     from others                       understands

                               References                 8               10                 7               10
                 Total Score                              61               64               59                67

                       Final Score 87.14% 91.43% 84.29% 95.71%
                                         Notes                                         only had one
                                                                                      complete; did
                                                                                        not submit
                                                                                      writing sample
                                                                                      as requested

         Final Recommendation
  John Doe         John Doe          John Doe          Jane Doe           John Doe          Jane Doe
  4/7/10; 11 am    4/14/10; 11 am   5/6/10; 3:30 pm   5/13/10; 3:00 pm   5/14/10; 3:00 pm   6/3/10; 10 am

       6                 9                 7                 8                  8                8
   no a lot of                       resume not                             some
detail; grammar                     descriptive at                       grammar on
& factual errors                     all; app. Ok                         application

       7                10                 8                 8                  9                7
   outreach &        Has been       Econ major;   Major relevant; has worked at     a little fund
 entrepreneurs working in family Treasurer &      some financial      a bank;    raising exp.; no
  in family; not restaurant for 12 Pres. Of Rugby experience in    parents are     grant writing
 finance/tech.        years              club        sorority     entrepreneurs;         exp.
   background                                                      acc't major

       8                 9                 8                 7                  8                6
  good oral,     presented           writing skills   gave very short gave detailed not fluid; lots of
genuine anws.;     writing           good; short       answers with answers; was          likes
 written no so sample/study on       answers in         little detail  personable
      good       a web site;          interview
       7                 8                 6                 7                  9                6
     basic        knew of small       only knew           basic          obvious that
 knowledge of business aspect,      about helping       knowledge        he had spent
 social & econ. low income - not     entrep. Get                         time on web
    Justice        too detailed        started                               site

       7                 8                 6                 6                  8                8
    basic          pretty good       help people  if she knew she new the facts
  knowledge                         who need help    didn't tell us

      10                10                 9                 7                  9                7
positive outlook;    customer    referee skills for Said she was         energetic yet
  able to take    service exp. @   Rugy; prob.      personable, but         calm
   criticism;          rest.;         Solving       seem very curt
                   management                          and cold
                  exp.; research
                        10                 9                 8                  9                9
       45               64                53                51                 60                51

 64.29% 91.43% 75.71% 72.86% 85.71% 72.86%
  Jane Doe

 resume very

MBA; business

 writing good;
 several ums,

 said that had
  viewed web
site; but did not
 elaborate well

someone who
 has done it

   has had a
 variety of work
expere. Dealing
w/ diff. types of



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