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					                            Adelaide Theological Library (ATL)
                            Information for Distance Students
Library Address:                        34 Lipsett Tce, Brooklyn Park, SA 5032
Phone:                                  (08) 8416 8416
Fax:                                    (08) 8416 8410
Librarians’ Email:            
ATL Webpage                   
Flinders Library Webpage:     
Library Catalogue             
iFlinders                               via Flinders University student page at:

   Adelaide Theological Library’s Opening Hours in 2010-2011

Long Break 2010 – 2011                            Mid Year Break
27th November 2010 – 27th February                2nd July – 24th July
2011                                              Monday-Friday: 10.00-4.00
Monday-Friday: 10.00-4.00
Closed Christmas / New Year18th                   Second Semester
December 2010 to3rd January 2011                  Third Term
inclusive                                         25th July – 16th September
Closed Wednesday 26th January 2011                Monday: 10.00-5.30
                                                  Tuesday-Thursday: 8.30-5.30
First Term 2011                                   Friday: 8.30-4.00
28th February – 10th April                        Saturday: 1.00-4.00 (weekend access
Monday: 10.00-5.30                                via lift only)
Tuesday-Thursday: 8.30-5.30
Friday: 8.30-4.00                                 Mid Semester Break
Saturday: 1.00-4.00 (weekend access               17th September – 2nd October
via lift only)                                    Monday-Friday: 10.00-4.00
Closed Monday 14th March                          Closed Monday 3rd October

Mid Semester Break                                Fourth Term
11th April – 26th April                           3rd October – 25th November
Monday-Friday: 10.00-4.00                         Monday: 10.00-5.30
Closed Easter 22nd – 25th April                   Tuesday-Thursday: 8.30-5.30
Closed Easter Tuesday 26th April                  Friday: 8.30-4.00
                                                  Saturday: 1.00-4.00 (weekend access
Second Term                                       via lift only)
27th April – 1st July                             Closed Monday 3rd October
Monday: 10.00-5.30
Tuesday-Thursday: 8.30-5.30                       Long Break
Friday: 8.30-4.00                                 26th November –
Saturday: 1.00-4.00 (weekend access               Monday-Friday: 10.00-4.00
via lift only)
Closed Monday 13th June

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                     About the Adelaide Theological Library

Formed in 1997, the Adelaide Theological Library (ATL) supports the teaching and
research of the Adelaide College of Divinity, an activity of the Anglican, Catholic and
Uniting Churches in South Australia.

The collection includes over 60,000 volumes and 230 current periodicals. The library is
open to the public and all materials are available for on-site use. Community borrowing
cards are available for purchase (currently $45.00/year).

Adelaide Theological Library is affiliated with the Flinders University Library.

          Joining Adelaide Theological Library / Student Card

Students currently enrolled with Flinders University are entitled to borrow from
ATL using a Flinders student card. The student card is required to borrow books from
ATL, Flinders and other university libraries, to obtain an academic transcript, and to
obtain student concessions from businesses.

Conditions and procedures for applying for a card by post are detailed at

Continuing students may obtain an updated date sticker for the student card by ringing
Student Enrolments on (08) 8201 3950 to have it posted out.

Students currently enrolled with the Adelaide College of Divinity through the
Uniting College for Leadership & Theology are entitled to borrow from ATL using an
ACD student card. You need to complete a Borrower’s Registration form
( and return it to the library either by post or

There is no joining fee for ACD or Flinders students.

Important: the barcode number on your student card will also be your only login for
off-campus searching of electronic and web resources on the ATL web page.

             Library Catalogue (Voyager Information System)

About 60% of the ATL collection is listed on the Flinders University Library’s
catalogue at the following web page:

Note: Many older books are still listed only in card catalogues. Ask staff for assistance.

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                                          My Record
                                 By entering the barcode on
                                 your library card, you are
                                 able to renew loans, etc.

         Click on “Search the Catalogue” to conduct a search.

                                               Other Libraries
                                     Search the collections of other

                                                                       1 2. Search In:
                                                                           Select your search

                                                                         4. Search Catalogue
1. Search For:
  Fill in your search
  terms                        3. Quick Limit:
                                  Select Adelaide Theology Library
                                  to restrict results to items in
                                  ATL’s collection

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However, when you are conducting a search for a general topic, it is quite useful to use
a Keyword Search. There are three steps to setting up a keyword search and also to limit
your search to find materials only in the ATL collection:
   1. Click on Adelaide Theology Library in the Quick limit box
   2. Click Search Catalogue
   3. Click on the Keyword Search tab

                                  Keyword Search

This is the keyword search screen (with search limits set). Type your keywords in the
“Search for:” box (you don’t need “and”), and click “Search catalogue”.

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This search is for both keywords feminist theology, occurring anywhere in the catalogue
record of items held in ATL. A much more precise search would be feminist trinity.

You can also search for roots of words, eg femin? would find feminine, feminism,

Where there is only one copy, the location, call number and status (in, on loan, etc.) will
be in the white line underneath the title. To get further information about a title, click on
the title link or the adjacent number.

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Your results can be sorted in various ways, e.g. in the “Sort by:” box, click on Publish
Date Descending.

             Borrowing from the Adelaide Theological Library

Undergraduate students enrolled with the ACD or Flinders may borrow up to
15 items from ATL and Flinders branches (Central, Sturt and Medical); higher degree
students may borrow up to 25 items. Books in the reference and rare books collections
and periodicals are not generally available for loan.

The initial loan period will usually be extended by a week to cover postage for students
studying by distance.

Demerit points for overdue library materials accrue at a rate of 1 point per day on a four
week loan item, and 2 points per day on 7-day loans.. A borrower accruing 60 points
will be suspended from borrowing all library material for 14 days beginning after the
last item is returned. At the end of 14 days, 60 points are removed from the total, and
borrowers are reinstated. Students can check their demerit points balance on the library
catalogue, using the link to “My Record” in the top menu (see diagrams on page 3).

                                Email is Important

The library can issue courtesy and overdue notices by email. Please consider supplying
the library with your email address, and let us know if and when you change it.

Failure to read and act upon library emails may incur demerit points, which may affect
your borrowing rights.

Especially for Flinders students

All Flinders students are provided with an email account (i.e. username and password)
on enrolment. Your email username is the same as your FAN (Flinders Authentication

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Flinders Libraries and ATL use your FAN / email account to issue any overdue notices
and to provide you with access to some library databases and full text electronic

Flinders provides email via a program called IMP which is accessed through an Internet
browser such as Mozilla, Netscape or Internet Explorer, at

It is possible to set your Flinders email to forward email to another address, e.g. a work
or home address, from

                        Flexible Delivery / Distance Service

ATL offers a limited postal service for students living outside the Adelaide
metropolitan area. Costs for photocopying (10c/page) and postage to and from ATL
are to be paid by the student. Requests may be made by email or phone (see contact
details on p. 1). ATL is able to make return phone calls to reduce the cost for the library

Access to books may need to be negotiated according to current demand by internal
students. Generally, books will be available for four weeks loan. If material is unable to
be lent, a photocopy of a periodical article or no more than 10% of a book (within
Copyright Act limits) may be supplied. You will need to complete a Patron Document
Delivery Request Form – please contact the library.

If you are enrolled as a Flinders External student, please contact Flinders University
Library Flexible Delivery Service in the first instance. See details at

A limited range of core texts is available in a separate collection for loan to students
studying by Distance Mode.

                                 Renewing Loans

Courtesy notices advising of books becoming due and overdue notices are sent by email
or mail.

Students may renew their loans from the main collection twice using the library
catalogue at

                                         Click once on My Record
                                         and be prepared to enter
                                         your barcode

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                                                                    Complete the details under
                                                                    Login using FAN or
                                                                    Login Using Barcode.
                                                                    The barcode is on your
                                                                    student card in the form
                                                                    10100…; then type in your
                                                                    family name (lower case),
                                                                    and click Login

Click next to the items you would like to renew, then click the Renew Items button.

In some instances, you may not be able to renew an item, e.g.:
     The item is already overdue;
     The item has been reserved by another patron;
     The item is part of a collection not able to be renewed.

In these instances, please contact staff.

Important note: Overdue materials incur demerit points that may affect borrowing

                              Reciprocal Borrowing

Other Universities

Current students are entitled to borrow from the libraries of Adelaide University and
University of South Australia under the terms of the SA University Reciprocal
Borrowing Agreement. Users of this service may borrow up to 5 books as part of their
total quota from either of the other libraries on presentation of a current student card.

Australian Lutheran College

Theology students enrolled with Flinders or the ACD are able to register to borrow from
Löhe Library, Australian Lutheran College (Jeffcott Street, North Adelaide).
An application form is available from library staff. Löhe’s catalogue is through their
web page at

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     Acknowledging Sources — Referencing & Bibliographies

It is necessary to adopt a consistent referencing system to cite the work of others when
writing papers. A humanities notes and bibliography system is generally preferred by
the Flinders School of Theology and the ACD.

A handout giving basic examples can be emailed to you, purchased from the ATL at a
cost of $2.00, or downloaded from the ATL webpage under “Student Resources –
Acknowledging Sources” (

                                       New Books List

The New Books list is updated on the ATL web page every fortnight.

                            Latest Issues of Selected Journals

This is a list of about 50 journals to which the ATL subscribes, with the latest issue
available in electronic format, i.e. you can read or print the articles from a web page.
Back issues are also frequently available.


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When you click one of these journal links, the screen below will appear and you will be
required to login using your student card barcode:

                                                                         Note: Your login will not
                                                                         work if you have books

This list of journals is followed by a list of theological journals which are freely
available on the internet.

                                     ATL Online

The ATL web page is the access point for several significant electronic resources for
theological research. These include indexes and a collection with the full text of many
journal articles. Below is a brief introduction. For more details refer to the online help
tools, or the library handout Finding Articles Online.

When you click on one of these research databases, the screen below will appear and
you will be required to login using your student card barcode:

                                                                         Note: Your login will not
                                                                         work if you have books
                                                                         overdue, or if you have
                                                                         not paid student fees

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Searchable Citations and Articles

    ATLA Religion Database – information on topics such as biblical studies, world
     religions, church history, and religion in social issues; coverage from 1949 to the

    Catholic Periodical and Literature Index (CPLI) – covers all aspects of the
     Catholic faith and lifestyle; coverage from 1981 to the present.

    Religion & Philosophy Collection – coverage of such topics as world religions,
     major denominations, biblical studies, religious history, epistemology, political
     philosophy, philosophy of language, moral philosophy and the history of
     philosophy; includes full-text articles; coverage from 1975 to the present.

                                                               Note: Better searching options
                                                               are available if you search the
                                                               databases separately; however,
                                                               they may be searched

                                                               There are help tools available
                                                               online as well as printed search
                                                               strategies from the library.

    Australasian Religion Index (ARI) – an author and subject index covering over
     eighty religious and theological serials published in Australia or New Zealand and
     representing all religious traditions; indexes articles, notes and book reviews in
     religious studies, theology and related fields in the humanities and social sciences.

   AULOTS (Australasian Union List of Serials In Theological Collections) –
    a database of the serials holdings of theological and religious libraries in Australia
    and New Zealand. It contains existing holdings for over 5,000 serial titles held in
    96 libraries. AULOTS can be searched by serial title, and entries provide links to
    both library holding statements and contact details.

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   Oxford Biblical Studies Online – a dynamic online resource for students, scholars,
    community groups, and librarians. Key features include:

        Six Oxford editions of the Bible, as well as the books Apocryphal New
         Testament and Apocryphal Old Testament and the entirety of Oxford Bible
         Commentary, with the ability to compare bibles and biblical commentaries.
        Two concordances with special functionality.
        5,000 A-Z reference entries.
        Materials providing visual, geographic, and social perspectives on biblical
         studies, including full-colour maps and hundreds of illustrations.
        Timelines of biblical rulers and biblical history, and links to relevant content
         within the site.
        Tools & Resources area, including tables, charts, links to Internet resources,
         recommended further reading lists and editorially-selected links to authoritative
         web sites.

Google Scholar – Google has a database which searches for scholarly and academic
literature. If you use Google Scholar via the Flinders Library’s databases page, search
results will indicate which articles can be sourced through the electronic journals paid
for by the Flinders Library. (NOTE: ACD students are unable to access Google Scholar
via the Flinders Library offsite, but can access it via or by
using computers in the ATL. Direct access to the articles in individual Flinders
databases will only be available to ACD students by using computers in the ATL).

        Click on the G in the A-Z listing on the Library Databases page
        Scroll down the alphabetic list to Google Scholar.
        Click on Google Scholar and do your search as you would in Google.
        If there is a Linkit@Flinders option next to an article in the search results, you
         may be able to click on the title link of the article to open the text without it
         requesting payment.
        Alternatively, you can click on the Linkit@Flinders link and then the red “GO”
         button under “Get it now” to access the text.
        Some articles may also be freely available on the web, and clicking on the title
         link may access the full text.

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                             Offices                                       Reserve/Reference
                                                                              New books &

         OR VIA LIFT
                                                                    
                                             Kids Coll’n
    After Hours Return Chute
       Adjacent to the main
       entrance of the ACD                                              Last 10 years
      Campus on Lipsett Tce

                                                      Main (Post 1960) Collection
        Upper Level (Main)                            (Mostly print, some videos)
       Entrance via stairs or lift

       Ground Level (Stacks)
        Pre 1960 publications
       For access — see staff

                                                                       Hymn Book

                                                           Quiet Study
                                                             Room         
                            Emergency Exit

                                                           Processors          Post-Grad
                               Emergency Exit                                    Room

                                                                       

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