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									  Employee Time
Card/Clock Training
The State of NH and the Federal
Department of Labor REQUIRES that we:

Record payroll information so that your time card
reflects the time your shift began and ended.

• It is against wage and hour law to clock in or out for a fellow
  employee. Any employee caught doing this could be subject to
  disciplinary actions up to and including termination

• It is an important part of your employment with FPC that you punch
  in and out daily. Because of the distance you work from the time
  clock, you must write in your lunch period on the back side of your
  timecard daily.

• Any notation to your time card must be dated and noted on the back
  side of your card.

• Do not write in the accounting box
                                                                        Emp. #                               MM/DD/YY


•   Regular time in and time out is to be recorded as indicated in
    this example. NH Labor laws require that we offer you a ½                          8.5 3/28       8:00-4:30
    hour lunch break if you work more than five consecutive hours.                     NL
    If your supervisor has given you permission, you may eat while
    you work through your lunch break. You must indicate no                            8       3/30    8:00-12:00
    lunch taken on your timecard as NL on the applicable date.                                         12:30-4:30

•   This is how time is recorded if you left during your work day for                  5       4/1     8:00-11:00
    reasons such as a doctor, dentist or for personal appointments.                    3S              2:30-4:30

•   Summer hours are recorded by writing the total hours actually
    worked. In the Total hours worked column, you may indicate
                                                                                      6.5      4/2    8:00-12:00
    ‘Summer Hours’ by using ‘S.H.’ You will also note that your
    lunch break needs to be documented on your time card.                             1.5 SH          12:30-3:00

•   Other time can be used, such as personal (P), sick (S),
    vacation (V), holiday (H) and floating holiday (FH). Indicate the                  8       4/6    Sick
    hours you want to use and the instance you are using it for.

•   This example shows a partial day worked, which would be 3.5
    hours and then 4.5 used for vacation. Again, please be sure to
    always indicate what ‘type’ of time you want to use for hours
    not worked. This method would also be used if you wanted to                       3.5      4/7    8:00-11:30
    use time for missed hours due to an appointment, etc. as                          4.5 V
    indicated in the example above.
Changes to your timecard
    • It is vital that when you (the employee) complete
      your timecard you must by law initial any
      changes that are made.

    • If upon review, the supervisor believes that an
      employee’s time was incorrectly recorded on
      their timecard, the supervisor must meet with the
      employee to discuss the potential error. Once a
      resolution is made, any alterations must be
      initialed by the employee.
                Important Tips

• It is your responsibility to submit your timecard to your supervisor
  immediately following the end of the pay period. Failure to do so
  could result in disciplinary actions up to and including termination.

• You are not allowed to use white-out on your timecard

• Pencils cannot be used, all timecards must be done in blue or black
  ink only

• If you need to make a correction on your time, cross out the time
  with one line through the time (5:00 pm)
       When employing a student worker you MUST:

•   Have completed the student work papers and have submitted them to
    the Financial Aid Department PRIOR to the student working for you.

•   Upon hiring the student, it is your responsibility to go over the FPC
    timecard training with the student to insure that they know how to
    complete a timecard. You will also want to go over your procedures for
    timecard submission.

•   It is a good idea to question the part time employee/student to see if they
    are working for another Department at FPC. (Overtime issues could
    occur if a student employee works more than 40 hours collectively at the
                                     7 & 7 RULE

This chart can quickly assist you in determining whether you are paid to the next quarter hour
or not. For example: If you arrive at 8:07, you will be paid from 8:00am. If you leave at
4:39, you will be paid to 4:45.

               M INUTES                         M INUTES                         M INUTES
                          01                               23                               38
                          02                               24                               39
                          03                               25                               40
     .00                  04                               26                               41
                          05                               27                               42
                          06                               28                               43
                                     .50 or
                          07       30 minutes              29                               44

                                                                       .75 or
                          08                               30       45 minutes              45

                          09                               31                               46

                          10                               32                               47

                          11                               33                               48

                          12                               34                               49

                          13                               35                               50

     .25 or
  15 minutes              14                               36                               51
                          15                               37                               52
                          16                                                                53
                          17                                                                54
QUESTIONS         ?????
      • Any     payroll related
        question please contact
        Kerry Bergeron at ext.

      • Any questions about FPC
        policy or payroll laws,
        please contact Sharon
        Burke at ext. 4077

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