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					      AUCTEX Reference Card                                     Multifile Handling                                                                            Math Mode
                     (for version 11.86)
                                                                Save Document                                  C-c C-d
                                                                Switch to master file or active buffer           C-c ^                     Variables
Conventions Used                                                Query for a master file                         C-c
                                                                                                                                         All math mode commands are under the prefix key specified
Carriage Return or C-m                      RET                                                                                          by LaTeX-math-abbrev-prefix, default is ”‘”.
Tabular or C-i                              TAB                 Command Insertion                                                        You can define your own math mode commands by setting the
Linefeed or C-j                             LFD
                                                                                                                                         variable LaTeX-math-list before loading LaTeX-math-mode.
                                                                Insert Section                                 C-c C-s
                                                                Insert L TEX environment
                                                                        a                                      C-c C-e
Shell Interaction                                               Insert item                                    C-c LFD                   Greek Letters
                                                                Insert item (alias)                            M-RET
Run a command on the master file             C-c   C-c                                                                                    α      (\alpha)        a      υ     (\upsilon)    u
                                                                Close L TEX environment
                                                                       a                                       C-c ]
Run a command on the buffer                  C-c   C-b                                                                                    β      (\beta)         b      φ     (\phi)        f
                                                                Insert TEX macro \{}                           C-c C-m
Run a command on the region                 C-c   C-r                                                                                    γ      (\gamma)        g      χ     (\chi)        q
                                                                Insert double brace                            C-c {
Fix the region                              C-c   C-t C-r                                                                                δ      (\delta)        d      ψ     (\psi)        y
                                                                Complete TEX macro                             M-TAB
Kill job                                    C-c   C-k                                                                                           (\epsilon)      e      ω     (\omega)      w
                                                                Smart “quote”                                  "
Recenter output buffer                       C-c   C-l                                                                                    ζ      (\zeta)         z      ∆     (\Delta)      D
                                                                Smart “dollar”                                 $
Next error in TEX/L TEX session
                   a                        C-c   ‘                                                                                      η      (\eta)          h      Γ     (\Gamma)      G
Toggle debug of bad boxes                   C-c   C-t C-b                                                                                θ      (\theta)        j      Θ     (\Theta)      Q
Toggle debug of warnings                    C-c   C-t C-w       Font Selection                                                           κ      (\kappa)        k      Λ     (\Lambda)     L
View output file                             C-c   C-v                                                                                    λ      (\lambda)       l      Ξ     (\Xi)         X
Commands you can run on the master file (with C-c C-c) or the    Insert bold text                               C-c   C-f   C-b           µ      (\mu)           m      Π     (\Pi)         P
region (with C-c C-r) include the following (starred versions   Insert italics text                            C-c   C-f   C-i           ν      (\nu)           n      Σ     (\Sigma)      S
are not available in all modes):                                Insert roman text                              C-c   C-f   C-r           ξ      (\xi)           x      Υ     (\Upsilon)    U
                                                                Insert emphasized text                         C-c   C-f   C-e           π      (\pi)           p      Φ     (\Phi)        F
TEX                                        *TeX                 Insert typewriter text                         C-c   C-f   C-t
 a                                         *LaTeX                                                                                        ρ      (\rho)          r      Ψ     (\Psi)        Y
                                                                Insert slanted text                            C-c   C-f   C-s           σ      (\sigma)        s      Ω     (\Omega)      W
ConTEXt (once)                             *ConTeXt             Insert Small Caps text                         C-c   C-f   C-c
ConTEXt Full                               *ConTeXt Full                                                                                 τ      (\tau)          t
                                                                Delete font                                    C-c   C-f   C-d
Makeinfo                                   *Makeinfo            Replace font                                   C-u   C-c   C-f key
Makeinfo with HTML output                  *Makeinfo HTML                                                                                Symbols
Appropriate previewer                       View
Print the output                            Print               Source Formatting                                                        →      (\rightarrow)   C-f    ⊇     (\supseteq)    ]
BibTEX                                      BibTeX                                                                                       ←      (\leftarrow)    C-b    ∅     (\emptyset)    0
MakeIndex                                   Index               Indent current line                            TAB                       ↑      (\uparrow)      C-p    \     (\setminus)    \
LaCheck                                     Check               Indent next line                               LFD                       ↓      (\downarrow)    C-n    ∪     (\cup)         +
Make (PostScript) File                      File                                                                                         ≤      (\leq)          <      ∩     (\cap)         -
                                                                Format   a paragraph                           M-q
Ispell                                      Spell                                                                                        ≥      (\geq)          >            (\langle)      (
                                                                Format   a region                              C-c C-q C-r
Delete intermediate files                    Clean               Format   a section                             C-c C-q C-s
                                                                                                                                         ˜      (\tilde)        ~            (\rangle)      )
Delete all output files files                 Clean All                                                                                           (\nabla)        N      exp   (\exp)         C-e
                                                                Format   an environment                        C-c C-q C-e
                                                                                                                                         ∞      (\infty)        I      sin   (\sin)         C-s
                                                                Mark an environment                            C-c .                     ∀      (\forall)       A      cos   (\cos)         C-c
TEXing options                                                  Mark a section                                 C-c *                     ∃      (\exists)       E      sup   (\sup)         C-^
                                                                Comment or uncomment region                    C-c ;                            (\not)          /      inf   (\inf)         C-_
TEX runs can come in various types, which may be toggled and
                                                                Comment or uncomment paragraph                 C-c %                     ∈      (\in)           i      det   (\det)         C-d
are indicated in the mode line.
                                                                                                                                         ×      (\times)        *      lim   (\lim)         C-l
PDF/DVI mode                                C-c C-t C-p                                                                                  ·      (\cdot)         .      tan   (\tan)         C-t
Stop on errors (Interactive mode)           C-c C-t C-i                                                                                  ⊂      (\subset)       {      x
                                                                                                                                                                       ˆ     (\hat)         ^
I/O correlation (S. Specials, SyncTEX)      C-c C-t C-s                                                                                  ⊃      (\supset)       }      ∨     (\vee)         |
                                                                           Copyright c 1987, 1992, 1993, 2004, 2005, 2008,               ⊆      (\subseteq)     [      ∧     (\wedge)       &
Miscellaneous                                                                    2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
                                                                                     for AUCT X version 11.86

Read AUCTEX manual                          C-c   TAB           Permission is granted to make and distribute copies of this card pro-    Miscellaneous
                                                                vided the copyright notice and this permission notice are preserved on
Math Mode                                   C-c   ~             all copies.                                                              cal letters                           c letter
Reset Buffer                                 C-c   C-n
Reset AUCTEX                                C-u   C-c C-n
                  preview-latex                                    Customization from LTEX
                                                                                       a                                                                  RefTeX
                                                                   Customization is done in the document preamble (you need to     Activation
Activation                                                         load preview.sty explicitly) or in prauctex.cfg (which should
                                                                                                                                   RefTeX is part of [X]Emacs. To activate and make it interact
                                                                   load the system prauctex.cfg first). Commands:
                                                                                                                                   with AUCTeX, insert the following lines in .emacs.
                                                                   Preview macro              \PreviewMacro[{ args }]{ macro }
preview-latex is part of AUCTEX. If it is active, you should                                                                       (add-hook ’latex-mode-hook ’turn-on-reftex)
                                                                   Preview env           \PreviewEnvironment[{ args }]{ env }
see an entry “Preview” in the menu bar when editing L TEX
                                                                                                                                   (add-hook ’LaTeX-mode-hook ’turn-on-reftex)
                                                                   Skip macro               \PreviewMacro*[{ args }]{ macro }
files. If you have a “LaTeX”, but no “Preview” menu, add the                                                                        (setq reftex-plug-into-auctex t)
                                                                   Skip env            \PreviewEnvironment*[{ args }]{ env }
following to your .emacs file:
                                                                   Diverting material from float environments                       Table of Contents
(load "preview-latex.el" nil t t)                                  Snarf stuff      \PreviewSnarfEnvironment[{ args }]{ env }
                                                                                                                                   The table of contents is a structured view of the entire doc-
                                                                   Values to be used within args :                                 ument. It contains the sections, and optionally labels, index
                                                                   Optional argument                                          []   entries, and file boundaries.
Usage and keybindings                                              Mandatory argument                                         {}   Show the table of contents1              C-c =
                                                                   Optional star                                               *   Recenter *toc* buffer to here1            C-c -
preview-latex operation only affects the display of the buffer,      Conditionals             ? token { if found }{ if not found }
not its contents. It runs only on demand, using the target         Skip next token                                             -   Crossreferences, Citations, Index
dvi or PDF files in the process. The first command in the            Transformation               #{ macro args }{ replacement }
following list (also on the toolbar button) will (as applicable)                                                                   Insert unique label1                      C-c (
                                                                   More options and explanations can be found in preview.dvi or    Reference a label1                        C-c )
repreview an active region or a single modified preview, toggle
                                                                   the Texinfo manual.                                             Insert citation with key selection        C-c [
the visibility of an unmodified preview or generate previews for
a surrounding buffer area up to the next preview.                                                                                   . . . prompt for optional arguments       C-u C-c [
                                                                                                                                   Index word at point with default macro    C-c /
Preview at point                           C-c   C-p   C-p                 Folding Source Display                                  Insert an index entry                     C-c <
Preview environment                        C-c   C-p   C-e                                                                         Add word to index phrases                 C-c \
Preview region                             C-c   C-p   C-r         Toggle folding mode                      C-c   C-o   C-f
                                                                   Hide all items in buffer                  C-c   C-o   C-b        Visit index phrases buffer                 C-c |
Preview buffer                              C-c   C-p   C-b                                                                         Compile and display index                 C-c >
Preview document                           C-c   C-p   C-d         Hide all items in region                 C-c   C-o   C-r
                                                                   Hide all items in paragraph              C-c   C-o   C-p        View cross reference1                     C-c &
Remove previews at point                   C-c   C-p   C-c   C-d                                                                   View cross reference with mouse           S-mouse-2
Remove previews from region                C-c   C-p   C-c   C-r   Hide current macro                       C-c   C-o   C-m
                                                                   Hide current environment                 C-c   C-o   C-e        View cross reference from BibTeX file      C-c &
Remove previews from buffer                 C-c   C-p   C-c   C-b
Remove previews from document              C-c   C-p   C-c   C-d   Show all items in buffer                  C-c   C-o   b          Standard keys in special buffers
Cache preamble                             C-c   C-p   C-f         Show all items in region                 C-c   C-o   r
                                                                   Show all items in paragraph              C-c   C-o   p          RefTeX’s special buffers have many active keys. The common
Switch off preamble cache                   C-c   C-p   C-c   C-f
                                                                   Show current item                        C-c   C-o   i          ones are:
Read Texinfo manual                        C-c   C-p   TAB
Copy region as MML                         C-c   C-p   C-w         Hide or show current item                C-c   C-o   C-o        Display summary of active keys          ?
                                                                                                                                   Select this item                        RET
The last keysequence will copy a region with previews into the                                                                     Rescan the document                     r
kill buffer in a form fit for sending in Emacs’ message-mode.             Outlining TEX Documents                                    Display location in other window        SPC
                                                                                                                                   Follow mode                             f
                                                                   AUCTEX supports outline mode by defining section, subsec-
Customization within Emacs                                         tion, etc. as heading levels. You can use M-x outline-minor-    Multifile actions
                                                                   mode RET to toggle outline minor mode. All outline minor mode
                                                                   commands are under the prefix key specified by outline-minor-     Since RefTeX scans the entire (multifile) document, it can pro-
You can use M-x customize-variable RET or the “Preview/
                                                                   mode-prefix, default is “C-c @”.                                 vide commands that act on all files of a document. Check the
Customize” menu for customization. Worthwhile settings:
                                                                                                                                   Ref->Global Actions menu for these commands.
                                                                   Hide all of buffer except headings        C-c   @   C-t
If you have dvipng available:                                      Show all text in buffer                   C-c   @   C-a          Variables
Set to dvipng                             preview-image-type       Hide body following this heading         C-c   @   C-c          To tell reftex about your own macro definitions, customize the
                                                                   Show body following this heading         C-c   @   C-e          variables
Keep counter values when regenerating single previews:
                                                                   Hide subtree                             C-c   @   C-d
Set to t                        preview-preserve-counters                                                                          reftex-label-alist
                                                                   Show subtree                             C-c   @   C-s
Cache/Don’t cache preamble without query (preamble caching         All subheadings visible                  C-c   @   C-k          reftex-section-lecels
is done using mylatex.ltx and might not always work. Use the                                                                       reftex-index-macros
                                                                   next visible heading                     C-c   @   C-n          reftex-cite-format
appropriate key sequences for overriding the following setting):   previous visible heading                 C-c   @   C-p
Set to t/nil                   preview-auto-cache-preamble         forward to next subheading               C-c   @   C-f          1 An argument of C-u triggers a document scan first.      This
                                                                   backward to next subheading              C-c   @   C-b          can be necessary if file content and RefTeX’s knowledge are no
                                                                   up one heading level                     C-c   @   C-u          longer consistent.

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