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					    IB Committee Update
                             PTA Meeting
                             May 25, 2010

Dr. Rosmarie T Bovino
Dr. Adele Pecora-Dusanenko
IB Committee 2010-11
   Theresa Augello        Janet Muhlstein
   Dean Bacigalupo        Kathleen O’Driscoll
   Rosmarie Bovino        Dorothy Pace
   Christine Chu          Adele Pecora
   Patricia Collins       Barbara Ried
   Gabriel D’Auria        Lisa Roberts
   Patricia Fernando      Jacob Russum
   Toni Ann Hodge         Laurie Scimeca
   Beth Kimmelman         Phyllis Spector
   Nancy Lester           Thalia Venditti
Rationale for the IB Exploration
    Find a district-wide program of distinction that
    embraces school-wide enrichment.
    Provide honors-level opportunities for all
    students while remaining inclusive.
   Recognize assessments other than state
   Apply a framework that focuses on 21st
    century skills while using district’s current
What are the Components of the
International Baccalaureate
The IB Continuum
 Diploma Program (HS): 1968 = 43 yrs
 (Ages 16-18)
 Middle Years Program: 1994 = 17 yrs
  (Ages 11-16)
 Primary Years Program: 1997 = 14 yrs
 (Ages 4-11)
    Conference and Meeting Dates
   October 17, 2009 – 13 teachers and administrators attended
    the IB Guild Conference in Mystic, Connecticut
   November 2, 2009 – At Faculty-Administration meeting, evaluation
    data from IB conference was reviewed; recommended establishment
    of IB committee of teachers and administrators
   November 18, 2009 – IB Committee meeting
   December 3, 2009 – Committee recommended visitations
   January 2010 – IB school visitations to 8 schools
   February 8, 2010 – IB committee reviewed visitation presentations
    and developed survey.
   March 2, 2010 – Survey results informed IB committee
    recommendations to full faculty and Board of Ed
   March 16, 2010 – Presentation to entire faculty
   March 17, 2010 – Faculty recommended IB continued exploration5
    and staff development
    Conference and Meeting Dates
   May 10, 2010 – Kindergarten staff visited IB PYP/MYP school
   May 24, 2010 – Committee presented recommendations to BOE
   August 28-29, 2010 – 29 teachers and administrators attended
    the PYP Workshop offered at LOMS.
   December 3, 2010 – FXH teachers visited the Rogers Int’l School
   December 2010 – FXH teachers start to write Units of Inquiry
   January 6, 2011 – Educators attended NYC IB Guild Workshop
   January 14, 2011 – LOMS teachers visited Commack Middle School
    January 26, 2011 – IB Committee met to review visitations
   February 2, 2011 – IB Committee discussed faculty presentation
   February 15, 2011– Committee presented update to full faculty
   April 27, 2011 – IB committee members updated Board of Education
Long Island IB Schools are
Diverse: IB
IB Schools assume the culture of the community.
    Long Island Schools offering the Diploma
    Programme (HS) include: Bayshore, Rockville
    Centre, Commack, Northport, Locust Valley and
    Long Beach
   Rockville Centre is currently pursuing the Middle
    Years Programme
   There are some IB parochial schools in Brooklyn

St. Edmund’s Mission
Statement - Brooklyn, New York
 “Saint Edmund Preparatory High School is a
 Roman Catholic college preparatory school
 for young men and women. Our mission is to
 instill the Gospel values in our students so as
 to empower them to become confident, self-
 disciplined, active participants in society. We
 educate according to the needs of each
 student and challenge each of them to
 achieve academic excellence through
 practical learning experiences.”              8
Other IB Parochial Schools

St. Ann Catholic School
West Palm Beach, Florida
   Offers both the PYP and MYP Programmes
   The school website describes the
    significance of the IB Programmes:
   The mission of Saint Ann Catholic School is to
    provide excellence in education and Christian
    spiritual development through a strong curriculum
    rich in Catholic tradition, academics, international
    awareness, the fine arts, physical development and
    life learning skills
 U.S. Department of State
 Department of Defense Educational
 Activity (DoDEA)
“…curriculum and instruction must not exist in a
 vacuum, but must be informed by measures of
 success for 21st Century learning communities”
 The International Baccalaureate Program is a non-
 profit educational foundation that encourages
 students to develop their intellectual, personal,
 emotional and social skills to live, learn and work in
 a rapidly globalizing world. The program is
 international in scope with 3,202 schools in 140
 countries – recognized worldwide for improving
 education. – (DoDEA,33)                             11
Primary Years Programme
The International Baccalaureate Primary Years
Programme (IB PYP):

• Includes students aged 4-11
• Focuses curriculum on whole child (academic,
  social, physical, emotional and cultural needs)
• Addresses 21st century challenges of learning
  about an interconnected world where knowledge
  is constantly developing
• Prepares students to be active participants in a
  lifelong journey of learning
Learner Profile:
   Inquirers
   Thinkers
   Communicators
   Risk Takers
   Knowledgeable
   Principled
   Caring
   Open-minded
   Well-balanced
   Reflective      13
12 Attitudes
•Appreciation of the wonder and beauty of the world and its people
•Commitment to their learning, persevering, and demonstrating self discipline and
•Confidence      to take risks, and apply what they have learned to make appropriate
•Cooperation     leading or following based on the situation
•Creativity      in their thinking and in their approach to problems/dilemmas
•Curiosity       about the nature of learning and of the world around them
•Empathy         imaginatively projecting themselves into another’s situation in order to
                           understand their thoughts, reasoning and emotions
•Enthusiasm      enjoying their own learning
•Independence    making their own judgements based on reasoned principles
•Integrity       having a firm sense of fairness and honesty
•Respect         for themselves, others and the world around them
•Tolerance       towards differences and diversity in the world and being responsive to
the              needs of others

Assessment within the PYP is Ongoing
Assessment is both formative (short-term) and summative (long-term).
Some methods are:

• Observations
• Performance assessment (demos, labs, etc.)
• Authentic assessments using checklists, inventories, etc.
• Selected response assessments (tests and quizzes)
• Open-ended tasks where children are asked to communicate an
  original response
• Portfolios of children’s work

Middle Years Programme
The International Baccalaureate Primary Years
Programme (IB PYP):

• Includes students aged 11 to 16

• Provides a framework of academic challenge

• Encourages students to embrace and understand
  the connections between core subjects and the
  real world

• Fosters critical and reflective thinking      16
The Curriculum

   Language A - English
   Language B – Second Language
   Humanities (ELA and Soc.St)
   Technology
   Performing and Visual Arts
   Mathematics
   Physical Education
   Science
The MYP curriculum provides a comprehensive framework for
whole school curriculum alignment and instructional unity. All
the work of an MYP student is internally assessed by their own
teachers. However, IB provides an optional assessment called
the Personal Project, undertaken in year 4 of the programme,
leading to an MYP Certificate.

Possible Personal Project Topics:
    How might I start a recycling program in my school?
    How can I use my skills at writing poetry to help
     children with cancer at LIJ?
    Is there something I can do to improve the school
     bathrooms and keep them looking good?

Becoming an IB World School

Interested                  Application
             Form, Part A
School                      Form, Part B    Authorization
Form-                       or

    Previous Recommendations
    Recommendations 2009-10                Completed 2010-11
   File Interested Schools Form for      Interested School Forms for PYP
    PYP and MYP Programmes                 and MYP filed 3/19/10
   File Application A: PYP               Application A filed on 4/1/10
    Programme                             Workshop with 29 teachers (FXH
   Provide Level I PYP Workshop           and LOMS) 8/28/10 and 8/29/10
    for FXH and LOMS teachers             FXH teachers visited Rogers Int’l;
    Summer 2010                            LOMS went to Commack
   Continue school visitations by        Updated faculty 2/15/11 and the
    FXH and LOMS teachers                  Board of Education 4/27/11
   Continue working as a committee       FXH teachers started writing
    and provide updates to school          Units of Inquiry
    and community                         Educators attended NYC IB Guild
         Recommendations for 2011-12
• Continue Exploration and Workshops
   1. PYP – Level II and Level III Prof. Dev.(July 2011 – April 2012)
   2. PYP and MYP Prof. Dev. with Dr. Battaglia (July 2011)
   3. MYP – Level I and II Prof. Dev. (July 2011, Fall 2011)

• Continue visitations by LOMS teachers to MYP schools

• Invite PTA Executive Committee and Site Based Members to school

• Continue work with IB Consultant Martha Kinard to develop Units of
  Inquiry for PYP that integrate new NYS CCLS (May 2011 – April 2012)

• Provide updates to the school and community

• Consider filing Application for Candidacy for LOMS MYP (April 1, 2012)

• Consider filing Application B for FXH PYP (April 1, 2012)             21
Thank you for attending this


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