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					                           Rapid Impact Strategy Score Card
 Business:                           Owner:                                                      Complementary Coaching Session Date:

Directions: This Score Card has been designed to help you evaluate your implementation of the Rapid Impact Strategies in your business.
Please rate your business according to the following a scale for each of the Rapid Impact Strategies.
(5) Excellent/Always, (3) Fair/Sometimes, (1) Poor/Rarely. Deliver the completed Score Card to your coach when complete.

                                                    Excellent/Always = 5                                           Poor/Rarely = 1
               Apprenticeship         Every manager is actively coaching subordinate team         Managers work in isolation from other team members.
Time                                  members on how to execute their responsibilities. New          New team members learn how to execute their
                   Plan                 team members are systematically apprenticed by              responsibilities on their own by trial and error. No
                                      managers and a strong apprenticeship culture exists in        apprenticeship culture exists in the business and
                                                         the business.                                      everyone fends for themselves.

               Operations and           The Operations and Training manual is current and         An Operations and Training manual is non-existent or
                                     revised on a quarterly basis at minimum. Team members        hopelessly out of date. Team members do not consult
               Training Manual         refer to the manual regularly for information on how to     with written documentation for information on how to
                                                    execute their responsibilities.                             execute their responsibilities.

                  Time               Every shareholder and manager operates according to a Shareholders and managers operate on a reactive, fire-
                                      default calendar and prioritizes their activities based on fighting basis each day, focusing on completing urgently
             Management Plan         high importance items first and urgently important items      important tasks firsts and working on high importance
                                                              second.                                       items whenever they can fit them in.

               Comprehensive          Shareholders are monitoring the value of the business      Shareholders have no objective, market-based valuation
                                        on a quarterly basis at minimum, hold managers            of the business and managers are not measuring and
                Exit Strategy         accountable for increasing shareholder value, and are       managing the company based on shareholder value.
                                       entertaining offers from qualified industry buyers to       Business is not being marketed to qualified industry
                                                     purchase the business.                                              buyers.

                 Employee                 A specific manager is managing and constantly            No one is proactively managing multiple recruitment
Team                                    improving the effectiveness of at least 10 recruiting    strategies. The flow of qualified candidates applying for
               Acquisition Plan      strategies. The recruiting pipeline always has more then     open positions is sporadic at best and the candidates
                                          enough qualified candidates for open positions.                 generated are usually under qualified.

               Psychometric          All candidates are screened using psychometric profiling    Candidates are not screened using psychometric
                                      bench-marks and a skills-based, test-drive process to     profiling bench-marks and a skills-based, test-drive
              Profiling Process        screen out non-performers before they join the team.    process. Post-hire performance data is not measured
                                        Post-hire performance data is collected and used to   and used to monitor the effectiveness of the hiring model
                                                       refine the hiring model.                           and the mis-hire rate is very high.

                     KPI                The 5 to 10 most important numbers indicating the     No numbers have been identified as Key Performance
                                     performance of the business have been identified as Key Indicators and no metrics are being measured, reported,
                    System           Performance Indicators and are systematically measured or managed other than those derived from basic financial
                                       and reported on a daily or weekly basis. Every team   statements. Team members have only a general idea of
                                         member knows which numbers are being used to         how their individual performance is making or breaking
                                              measure their individual performance.                                 the business.

                     Lean             All team members are rallied around a commitment to        Team members have no commitment to eliminating
                                       eliminate wasted time, movement, and materials to       wasted time, movement, and materials to compete more
                Manufacturing        continually improve efficiency, cut production costs, and   effectively. Efficiency is not measure, managed, or
                   Program                          compete more effectively.                                          rewarded.

                 Performance          Every team members has an incentive package that       Employees leave their passion, motivation, and creativity
                                      motivates them to work as hard as shareholders and     at home each day and contribute the minimum required
                Incentive Plan        managers. A blend of base and at-risk pay is used to      effort to keep their jobs. Employees and managers
                                       incentivize commitment, and creativity and team       expect base pay and benefits with nothing at-risk and no
                                     members care about the business as if it was their own.                      incentive to care.

                Strategic Plan       A written strategic plan clarifying the vision, mission, and A written strategic plan has not been developed, so the
                                         values of the team, annual and quarterly financial       vision, mission, values, and objectives of the team are
                                      targets, and strategic objectives is monitored weekly by       poorly defined and constantly changing. Strategic
                                     managers and updated with input from all team members direction and decisions are made by the shareholders
                                                 on a minimum of a quarterly basis.                        without input from the rest of the team.

                Leadership             A plan to identify and intentionally develop emerging        No plan exists to identify and intentionally develop
                                       managers and leaders is carefully monitored by the         emerging managers and leaders as high value human
             Development plan         shareholders and executives. All key stakeholders are      capital. Long-term commitment is actually disincentivized
                                       incentivized for long-term commitment with a profit-       by a turf-protecting culture and a win-lose approach to
                                       sharing plan and a plan for leadership succession is                            compensation.
                                                           clearly defined.

                   Team              A rhythm of regularly scheduled team meetings for goal- There is no rhythm of regularly scheduled team meetings
                                       setting, reporting, and accountability take place on a    and the communication from shareholders and
              Meeting Rhythm           annual, quarterly, weekly, and daily basis. Decisions     managers is inconsistent and inefficient. Off-site
                                     made by shareholders' and upper management cascade           planning meetings are rare and decisions are
                                         through the organization quickly and efficiently.    communicated haphazardly throughout the organization.
                             Rapid Impact Strategy Score Card
 Business:                              Owner:                                                     Complementary Coaching Session Date:

              Organizational Plan Managers carefully you evaluate your implementation of the is given to the system of work in in the
Directions: This Score Card has been designed to help monitor the system of work flow in Little thought Rapid Impact Strategiesflowyour business.
                                                                                              organization. No
Please rate your business according to thethe organization. Organizational charts and job Impact Strategies.formal organizational charts or job
                                           following a scale for each of the Rapid
                                      descriptions are regularly updated
                                                                         the completed Scoredescriptions when
(5) Excellent/Always, (3) Fair/Sometimes, (1) Poor/Rarely. Deliver to prevent waste and        Card to your Role confusion among the
                                        duplicated effort. Everyone on the team knows their role   creates wasted and duplicated effort. Authority has not
                                          and sphere of authority and work moves smoothly            be clearly delineated or delegated, so work moves
                                                           through the business.                              inefficiently through the business.

                     Team               A system for understanding and maximizing the inherent There is little or no awareness of personality differences.
                                        synergies of personality differences has been embraced       The team is continuously plagued by irritating
                Building System         by the team. Communication is healthy and conflicts are communication patterns and conflicts remain unresolved.
                                             resolved easily as team members adapt to the         A culture of frustration with the unadapted behavioral
                                                behavioral style of other team members.                    style of other team members exists.

                    Current               Managers monitor and update the business plan on a       Managers have no business plan to forecast cash-flow,
Money                                   quarterly basis to forecast cash-flow, determine working determine working capital requirements, and calculate
                 Business Plan          capital requirements, and calculate the company's ability the company's ability to pay back debt and make a profit.
                                        to pay back debt and make a profit for shareholders and Planning is done only in reaction to the immediate needs
                                                                investors.                                             of the business.

                  Break-Even              The managers have implemented a plan to cut fixed   Managers have allowed fixed costs to bloat and sales to
                                          costs enough to stop the bleeding and quickly spike decline to the point where revenue is below break-even,
                     Plan               sales to above break-even so owner drawings and fixed   essential costs are not being covered, and debt is
                                              costs are covered, and debt is being repaid.                    increasing continuously.

                 Revenue and               The managers have developed a month by month               The managers have no month by month budget to
                                         budget to forecast the amount of revenue required to        forecast revenue and expenses and deliver desired
                 Profit Budget               deliver desire EBITDA net of owner drawings.              earnings and owner drawings. Management and
                                           Management and financial decisions are made in           financial decisions are made based on bank account
                                         consultation with weekly budget versus actual reports.                 balances and sales estimates.

                     Cash                    Managers carefully monitor their plan to improve      Managers have allowed receivables to grow unchecked,
                                        collections, lengthen terms with vendors, increase prices vendors have tightened their terms, and price pressures
                    Gap Plan              as aggressively as possible, and eliminate operational    and inefficiencies have cut gross margins. Cash flow
                                        inefficiencies. Cash is being used to invest in growth and problems are increasing indebtedness and investments
                                                         high interest repay debt.                                   are being postponed.

                    USP                     Shareholders and managers have identified and         No Unique Selling Proposition and a Guarantee exists in
                                        persuasively articulated a Unique Selling Proposition and the minds of shareholders, managers, team members,
                and Guarantee            a Guarantee to compel ideal clients/customers to pay a     clients/customers, and prospects. The only point of
                                         higher price instead of dong business with competitors. differentiation is price so the business has no significant
                                           The entire team is aggressively communicating this     value proposition. An unclear and confusing message is
                                                     message to the targeted market.                             communicated by the team.

                     Sales                The sales force has a well tested, carefully scripted  Those involved in sales have no formal or tested sales
                                         sales process and their activity is coordinated with an process and their activity is not coordinated, measured
                  Management            appropriate customer relationship management software     or managed on a regular basis. There is a large gap
                    System               solution which measures and reports conversion rates        between high and low performers. Sales force
                                        and results on a weekly basis. Sales force compensation   compensation is structured around salaries with little
                                                    is based on actual sales results.                       emphasis on delivering results.

                   Tactical              Managers have developed an aggressive, measurable             No marketing plan exists to produce a predictable
                                           marketing plan to produce a predictable number of       number of leads, improve conversion rates, increase the
                Marketing Plan           leads, improve conversion rates, increase the average         average revenue per transaction, and increase the
                                         revenue per transaction, and increase the transactions     transactions per customer. The results of spending on
                                         per customer so profits increase exponentially. Results         marketing and advertising is unmeasured and
                                         of the marketing plan are being measure and improved         unmanaged. Managers are doing virtually nothing to
                                                           on a weekly basis.                                  proactively drive revenue growth.

                                                                                                                                             Total Score       0

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