Harrisburg Speech and Debate Awards Final 2011

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					          2010-2011 Harrisburg HS
             Speech and Debate

           Team Accomplishments
2 Place SF O’Gorman Speech Criterion Class A
        2nd Place Stars and Stripes Class A
       2nd Place SFW Warrior Invite Class A
  3rd Place Rough Rider Debate Invite Class A
           2nd Place McGovern Class A
           1st Place Region Oral Interp
 Team Excellence Award at State – Oral Interp
            3 Superiors at State Interp
       3rd SFL Silver Bowl – Class A Debate
           Hosted Rushmore Challenge
       2 Qualifying PF Teams – NFL Quals
        State Champion Original Oratory
  SDHSAA Academic Excellence – Oral Interp
      SDHSAA Academic Excellence – Debate

Harrisburg Speech and Debate Awards 2010-2011
                Top Varsity Debater
                 Brittany Sandberg

                Top Novice Debater
                 Conner Monsees

                   Top Varsity IE
                   Abby Flanders

                  Top Novice IE
                  Keren Kabambi

                  Partner Supreme
                   Alexis Karow

                  Tiger Dedication
                   Brittnee Lint

                    Top Interper
                    Sadie Jensen

                Top Novice Interper
               Tristan Chasing Hawk

               Top Congress Debater
                  Andy Hatcher

                  Most Improved
                  Danielle Emmett

                 Clod of the Squad
                    Dr. McKee

                   40 Win Club
                  Conner Monsees

                   30 Win Club
                  Keren Kabambi

                    20 Win Club
  Brooklyn DeVries, Dani Emmett, Brittany Sandberg

                 Top NFL Points
                Keren Kabambi 448

                                  NFL Officer
  President Brittnee Lint      Treasurer Emily Zimmer     Secretary Tristan
                                                          Chasing Hawk

                                NFL Members
                              Degrees and Points

Outstanding Distinction     Honor                       Merit
Taylor Yseth      1039       Hailey Brewer       119    Ashley Williams    71
                             Rachel Andresen     119    Josh Gardner       67
Special Distinction          Jarren Saxon        119    Nichole McGinnis 66
Molly McAllister    675      Brett Bauman        112    Brooke Sattler     65
Brittnee Lint       557      Gabby Emmett        112    Kyle Dummer        64
                             Alex Mayer          108    Conner Bollweg     64
 Distinction                 LeAnn Bushar        97     Cade Berry         61
 Keren Kabambi       448     Austin Sattler      96     Conner Dunteman 59
 Conner Monsees 410          Heather Hotchkin    87     Kali Bendix        58
 Brittany Sandberg 408       Shelbee Tullis      87     Brandon Appeldorn 58
 Sarah Bachman      378      Trevor DeSchepper   79     Tyler Bowen        57
Tristan Chasing Hawk 362     Abby Flanders       77     Jakob Hertel       57
 Ashley Gaspar      355                                 Scarlett Maynard 55
 AJ Morrison        333                                 Joey Burg          55
 Sadie Jensen       284                                 Brady Marsh        55
 Dani Emmett        253                                 Cole Rotert        55
 Meridith Gould     250                                 Shelby Bruggeman 52
                                                        Brandon Miller     52
Excellence                                              Alisabeth Robertson52
Brooklyn DeVries   218                                  Tyler Johnson      49
Alexis Karow       218                                  Hunter Wallace     49
Caitlin Hanson     218                                  Madison Fedt       49
Hailey Lanners     204                                  Terence Fryer      49
Emily Zimmer       194                                  CJ Gray            49
Andy Hatcher       177                                  Cole Thompson      46
Jessica Skogen     167                                  Ryan Creel         46
Macy Moir          151                                  Jessica Galinanes 45
                                                        Kelsey VanderPoel 45
                                                        Trase Fisher       45
                                                        Trevor Tecklenburg 43
                                                        Keeley Kotula      37
                                                        Kyle Glazier       34
                                                        Ellen Sundstrom    32
                                                        Donavon Barry      31
                                                        Matt Blow          30
               Debate Results for 2010-2011
SF Washington Warrior IE Only
2nd Place Team Sweepstakes Class A

SF Roosevelt Rough Rider Debate
3rd Place Team Sweepstakes Class A
Lexi Karow - Conner Monsees - 4-0 3rd place
Connor Bollweg - Hunter Wallace 4-0 7th Place

Mitchell McGovern Debate and IE
2nd Place Class A Sweepstakes
Lexi Karow & Alex Mayer - 5th Place Novice PF
Molly McAllister & Brittany Sandberg - 5th Place JV PF

Harrisburg Novice Policy and PF
Conner Monsees & Tyler Bowen - Top Speakers - 2nd place 3-1 record
Brooklyn DeVries & Cade Berry - 3rd place 3-1 record
Dani Emmett & Connor Bollweg - 4th place 3-1 record
Macy Moir & LeAnn Bushar - 3-1 record
Lexi Karow & Kali Bendix - 3-1 record

Harrisburg Novice Policy and PF
Conner Monsees & Keren Kabambi - 4-0 2nd place
Brooklyn DeVries & Cade Berry - 3-1 4th place
Tyler Johnson & Kyle Dummer - 3-1 6th place

SF Roosevelt Novice Oratory and Extemp
Conner Monsees 1st place in Novice Oratory
Keren Kabambi 2nd place in Novice Oratory

SF Washington Novice Policy and PF
Cade Berry & Kali Bendix - 4-0 2nd Place
Tyler Bowen & Trevor Tecklenburg - 4-0 3rd Place
Andrew Hughes & Connor Bollweg - 4-0 4th Place
Conner Monsees & Keren Kabambi - 4-0 5th Place
Lexi Karow & Macy Moir - 3-1 6th Place

Brookings Bell Debate and IE
3rd place Class A Sweepstakes
Brooklyn DeVries & Dani Emmett - 4-0 1st place Novice PF
Conner Monsees & Lexi Karow - 4-0 3rd place Novice PF
Macy Moir & Molly McAllister - 3-1 2nd place JV PF

CFC #2 Debate and IE: Lennox
Meridith Gould & Brittany Sandberg - 4-0 1st place Varsity PF
Keren Kabambi & Alex Mayer - 4-0 1st place Novice PF
Brooklyn DeVries & Dani Emmett - 4-0 2nd place Novice PF
Lexi Karow & Conner Monsees - 4-0 3rd place Novice PF
Keren Kabambi - 1st place novice original oroatory
Conner Monsees - finalist novice original oratory
Emily Zimmer - 1st place Dramatic Interp

SF Lincoln Silver Bowl Debate or IE
3rd Place Class A Sweepstakes
Conner Monsees & Keren Kabambi - 6-1 1st Place Novice PF
Dani Emmett & Brooklyn DeVries - 4-2 Semifinalists in Novice PF

Watertown Speech Fiesta Debate and IE

CFC #3 Debate and IE; Brandon Valley
Brittnee Lint - HI Finalist
Jessica Galinanes - DI Finalist

Harrisburg Rushmore Challenge Debate and IE
Keren Kabambi - 3rd Novice Original Oratory
LeAnn Bushar - 3rd Novice LD

NFL Rushmore Quals SF Lincoln Debate and IE
Conner Monsees & Keren Kabambi - 2nd Place PF - National Qualifier
Brittany Sandberg & Meridith Gould - 3rd Place PF - National Qualifier

SDHSSAA State Tournament Brookings Debate and IE
Conner Monsees - 1st Place Class A Original Oratory
Keren Kabambi - Finalist Original Oratory
Conner Monsees & Keren Kabambi - Quarterfinalists PF Debate

                       Oral Interp Results for 2010-2011

SF O'Gorman - Novice Interp
Deuel Invitational
Congrats to Sadie Jensen (7th - Prose), Caitlin Hanson (8th -Poetry), and Abby
Flanders (10th-Poetry) for finishing in the top ten of their divisions. The team
finished 4th just outside of sweepstakes.

SF Roosevelt - Novice Interp
SF Lincoln Stars and Stripes Spectacular
2nd place Class A Sweepstakes!
Sadie Jensen - Semi-finalist Prose
Caitlin Hanson - Semi finalist Poetry
Sadie Jensen & Emily Zimmer - Semifinalist Duo

SF Washington - October 19 Novice Interp
SF O'Gorman Criterion- October 23
2nd place Class A Sweepstakes!

SF Lincoln - Novice Interp

Yankton Fall Festival
Sadie Jensen - 1st Place Prose
Keren Kabambi - 2nd Place Non-Original Oratory
Tristan Chasing-Hawk - Finalist Prose
Sadie Jensen & Emily Zimmer - Finalist Duo

SF Washington Warrior Invitational
2nd Place Class A Sweepstakes!

Region Oral Interp in Harrisburg
CONGRATS to the Tigers for Taking First Place in the Region 1A Oral Interp
The squad tied with Tea Area.
Advancing to the SDHSAA State Festival:
Sadie Jensen - Serios Prose
Cailtin Hanson - Poetry
Emily Zimmer - Serious Plays
Emily Zimmer & Sadie Jensen - Duo
Tristan Chasing-Hawk, Keren Kabambi, & Brittnee Lint - Readers Theatre

SDHSAA State Oral Interp in Aberdeen
Team Excellence Award!
Caitlin Hanson - Poetry - Superior
Sadie Jensen - Serious Prose - Superior
Sadie Jensen & Emily Zimmer - Duo - Superior

2010-2011 Debate Major Letter Winners
LeAnn Bushar
Tristan Chasing Hawk
Brooklyn DeVries
Dani Emmett
Meridith Gould – 2nd year
Alexis Karow
Keren Kabambi
Alex Mayer
Molly McAllister – 2nd year
Macy Moir
Conner Monsees
Brittany Sandberg – 2nd year

2010-2011 Oral Interp Major Letter Winners

Hailey Brewer
Tristan Chasing-Hawk
Jessica Galinanes
Caitlin Hanson – 2nd year
Sadie Jensen – 3rd year
Keren Kabambi
Brittnee Lint
Scarlett Maynard
Molly McAllister- 2nd year
Emily Zimmer


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