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									                                         UNIVERSITY OF GREENWICH

                                   HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT

                                           STAFF RESOURCE CARD

Procedure for obtaining a Staff Resource Card

All members of staff of the University should obtain a Staff Resource Card. The provision of
the resource card enables the following:

         access to secure buildings
         creation of staff record in the Student and Finance system to allow
              o access to Self Service systems (BannerWeb)
              o where appropriate, payment of expense claims
         notification of computer user id, for access to email and networked services
         access to library services
         access to electronic learning resources
         confirms identity as a staff colleague for access to other services, e.g. student union,
          Sparrows Farm and discount in some areas
         if appropriate, access to WebCT

In order to produce your Resource Card you have to attend the Student Centre to have your
photograph taken. The necessary processes should have been completed to allow you to
attend the Student Centre on your first day of employment. It is advisable to telephone the
Student Centre, however, to ensure they have the information they need to produce your card.
Contact numbers are:

Avery Hill                        Tracy Willows    ext.9591

Greenwich Maritime Maureen Donnelly ext.7857

Medway                            Margaret Baum   ext. 8722

The Student Centre will advise you of the most convenient time to attend.

When you attend you will be asked to provide some proof of identity. Presenting your letter
of appointment will be acceptable. Once you have had your photograph taken the Resource
Card will be produced while you wait.

Once you have a Resource Card you should keep it securely. When you leave the
employment of the University you should return it to the Human Resources Office for

Hourly Paid Lecturing Staff
Allocation of email account on the University system

To be allocated an email address and use of the University email system you should contact
the Computing Helpdesk on ext 7555. Once you have provided them with details of your
employment and they have checked that you feature on their database your email address will
be allocated.

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