Report Card Process by gegeshandong


									Report Card Process:

   1. Applications>Report Cards>Processing>Synchronize Schedules Run the process

   2. Applications>Report Cards>Processing>Build Control Table
      Build Sort courses like the book says p 12 Run the process
3. Error Scan—Applications> Attendance> Daily Attendance> Verify Attendance—
   this must be run until there are 0 errors

4. Application>Report Cards>Processing > Transfer Class Attendance – run the
5. Daily Transfer???? We did not transfer class attendance to daily although this was
   in old steps for hs and ms
   6. Application >Report card>Processing>Create/update rank

   7. Applications> Building Admin>Demographics> Homeroom Assignment by

Reminder that for MS and HS that the students need to be assigned to homeroom before
run report cards
8. Reports>Report Card> Gen Report Card (blank paper) (Custom)

Reminder to:
Change the marking period
Alignment Form 2
Check to make sure ―Sort Students‖ is by Homeroom

Reminder: Text set-up is : Application>Bldg Admin>Report Card>Report

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