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					                        ASUO NEWSLETTER
                         ASUO NEWSLETTER
                     NEW NEWS
  The Nana Asuo Gyebi Festival started with the
  initiation of five new trainees Okomfowaa Kojo Menu
  (Nana Asuo Gyebi) under the teachings of Nana
  Okomfohemma Akua Amoabaa Botwe I, Okomfowaa
  Nyo (Tigare-Techiman) under the teaching of Abusia
  Payin Nana Kojo Ayesiu, and Nana Esi Okomfowaa,
  Nana Asuo Gyebi Okomfowaa, and Nana Adade Kofi
  Okomfowaa under the teaching of Nana Nsia
  Oparebea. This included early morning herbal baths,
  and practices with the community, Nanas and senior
  priest. We ask the Akan community to continue this
  community support by welcoming and encouraging the
  new initiates as they begin the journey to serve God,
  the Abosoms, Nsamanfos and the community.

                                                                            THE FESTIVAL
                                                          The festival was opened up on Saturday night with the
                                                          pouring of libation, and lighting of Nana Asuo Gyebi’s
                                                          fire. One cow was presented (donated by The Temple of
                                                          Nyame) and slaughter to Nana Asuo Gyebi. Nana Payin
                                                          came and stated all the Okomfos should do a general
                                                          clean up to avoid accidents, illness, and injuries of the
                                                          priest. Based on this Nana Payin was presented a sheep
                                                          paid for by all the Okomfos (in Ghana and America
                                                          (money was input on your behalf)) to purify and cleanse.
                                                          A herbal bath was prepared for all the Okomfos to
                                                          cleanse. Please see Nana Akosua Baakaan
                                                          Okuokuoropong for more information.

             THE NEW OKOMFOS

 Three Okomfos were graduated on Friday, Okomfo
Akosua Baakaan (Nana Esi) Temple of Nyame, Okomfo
Abena Baakaan (Nana Asuo Gyebi) Oparebea Shrine
House and Okomfo Akua Nsia ( Nana Esi)
A.S.U.O/Nana Asuo Gyebi Shrine Larteh. Please
congratulate them on their hard work and

                                                                                       We’re on the Web!
                                                                               See us at: Web site address

                                                                                   ASUO Newsletter 2011
                     ASUO NEWSLETTER
                                                                                       40 YEARS OF AKOM
                                                                    In celebration of the 40 year anniversary of Akom in
                                                                    America, we have an entourage of Ghanaian Senior
                                                                    Okomfos and support coming in the summer. We are
                                                                    asking for a $65 tax deductible donation to assist with
                                                                    visas and other expenses. Attached is the itinerary. For
                                                                    more information Contact: Okomfohemma Akua Amoaba
                                                                    Botwe I. To send a $65.00 contribution:

                                                                    Make checks or money orders out-to: ASUO
                                                                    (Contributions includes the Western Union Transfer Fee).
                                                                    Mail Contributions to:

                                                                    12310 Marleigh Dr
                                                                    Bowie MD 20720

Ghanaian Itinerary

June 4, 2011         Nana Asuo Gyebi Festival                           Clinton, MD

                                                                                                Akan Spiritual United
June 25, 2011        Caribbean/African Festival                         Washington, DC
                     Graduation Ceremony for Akan Priests                                                Order

July 2, 2011         Nana Akonnedi Advisory Board Meeting Brooklyn, New York
                     And Welcome Ceremony
                                                                                                Nana Okomfohemma

July 3, 2011         International African Arts Festival                Brooklyn, NY            Akua Amoabaa Botwe I
                     Nana Asuo Gyebi Afahye
                                                                                                Head Spiritualist (MD)
July 10, 2011        Lecture: African Systems and                       Bowie, MD
                     Socialization of the People                                                and Okomfohemma
                     Bowie State University
                                                                                                Nana Asuo Gyebi Shrine

July 17, 2011        Seminar: Purification and Water Therapy            Lusby, MD               Larteh, Ghana
                     As an Intervention Model for Healing

August 6, 2011       Nana Esi Festival                                  Clinton, MD
                               and Initiation of New Priests

                                                                                                5202 Zephyr Ave
August 14, 2011      Beach Rituals and Prayer Service                   Annapolis, MD
                                                                                                Clinton MD 20746
August 21, 2011      40 Anniversary of the Akan Priests in Queens, New York

September 3, 2011    Odwira, Celebration of Chiefs             San Antonio, Texas

                                                                                              ASUO Newsletter 2011

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