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					This is for the Affiliate Marketer who wants to start generating money fast. Web
skills are necessary however this site will provide all the information you require to
take advantage of this great marketing tool. As stated in my opening piece I have
only been involved in Affiliate Marketing for a short time and although I could see
the benefits I was struggling with content and traffic, the two keys to success. I had
signed up with plenty of Affiliate Programs, built a couple of websites, submitted
them to the popular search engines, and sat back and waited. Guess what
happened? Nothing!

I was obviously missing something, but what? I had seen and heard all the stories
off the enormous success of various Affiliate Marketers, most of which were
believable. I was about to give up and put it in the all too hard basket, but my
competitive nature pushed me into doing more research. If other people could do it,
then I must be able to achieve success as well. I needed to gain knowledge from
experienced Affiliate Marketers. Then there it was; I am not even sure now how I
stumbled across it and it was only a week ago, maybe some sort of divine
intervention. Affiliate Resurrection was just what I was looking for in that it met
my immediate needs.

I had many questions i.e. where should I host my site? what platform should I use?
what plug-ins do I need? etc. Affiliate Resurrection went several steps further, it
provided a 25% discount coupon for domain hosting with HostGator, and
streamlined the whole setup procedure. As well it provides video tutorials and
webinars, while not perfect, gave me enough information to continue to setup this
site with confidence. The information on setting up the SEO was particularly
useful, and the big one for me was the pre-packaged WordPress plug-ins, and how
to configure them.

Another big plus is the custom Affiliate Resurrection plug-in that can be
configured to automatically produce posts from several leading Affiliate Programs
including Amazon, ClickBank, etc. This is a great feature although I have only
been able to get two of them to function at this time. OK so there will be people
reading this that will say all the Affiliate Resurrection features and information can
be found on the web if you know where and how to look. That might be so but
these days there is so much information available it is very easy to suffer from
overload, and you need to know what you are looking for, which in my case I

The thing that nearly stopped me buying it was the terrible drawn out sales pitch
which was then difficult to get away from due to annoying messages when you try
to close the web browser, and then the full on up sell to various add-ons which I
can't see a need for at this time, but that could change. The price of Affiliate
Resurrection is posted at $49.00 however if you attempt to leave the presentation
you will instantly be given a $10.00 discount to induce you to purchase, which I
did. If you decide to purchase Affiliate Resurrection program, my advice is that as
soon as you have completed the transaction (at $39) to close your web by whatever
means necessary to escape the terrible up sell campaign and then just wait a few
minutes for your email to arrive with all the relevant information you need to get
started with Affiliate Resurrection. You can always purchase the add-ons later if

Take your time viewing the tutorial videos before you attempt your first
installation. The videos contain some really basic stuff and leave a few things out
but they also contain some vital information including the setting up of Search
Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to configure your Domain with several
Hosting sites including HostGator. Affiliate Resurrection have a Support facility
available and I have posted two tickets for problems I was having, one was sorted
quickly, the other I am still waiting (2 Days) for a response.

There is a lot of negative publicity about Affiliate Resurrection at the moment (just
do a Google search) which will put some people off purchasing it. In my case I feel
like I have got my money’s worth already, it took me 2 days to go thru the
tutorials, setup the hosting, install and configure the site ready for content. Without
Affiliate Resurrection I would have messed around for two weeks and probably
still uncertain that I was on the right track, so I am way in front.

Its early days but I am very happy that I chose the Affiliate Resurrection path. Do
your research and proceed if you are comfortable with what you find.

Click here to watch the terrible promo. You can leave it anytime and promptly get
a $10 discount.The money you spend will probably save you a weeks work and get
you well on your way to having a functioning Money Making site.

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