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					Persuasive writing
What is persuasive writing?
  Persuasive writing is…
• An essay which tries to convince a
  reader to believe what you believe
  about a certain topic.
    Some DOS and DON’Ts
•   Do:                                 •   Don’t:
•   Divide ideas into 5 paragraphs      •   Begin with ―hello my name is___
•   Have a thesis statement in your         and I’m going to write
    introduction                            about____‖
•   Come up with 3 main points to       •   Be wishy washy. Pick a side.
    support your argument—these will    •   Forget to acknowledge the
    be your 3 body paragraphs               opposite side of the argument
•   Take out the word I (instead of I       (counter-argument/rebuttal)
    think we shouldn’t wear uniforms…   •   Forget to support your opinions
    say ―Uniforms should not be             with facts and examples
•   Have a conclusion that contains a
    clincher statement and a ―Call to
•   Come up with a catchy title
     Stages of writing
• Prewriting (brainstorming/thinking
• Outline Your ideas
• Rough draft (pencil)
• Revising/editing
• Final draft (typed MLA format)
       Thinking Maps/
• With persuasive writing, no argument is
  wrong! This type of writing is made to
  support multiple opinions.
• When brainstorming, write down as many
  arguments both supporting and against the
• After you have a list of ―pros‖ and ―cons‖
  then decide which position you want to
  write about…and WRITE!
These are things that make
a fabulous persuasive essay
• A terrific title
• A thought provoking thesis statement
• An interesting introduction with a hook
• 3 banging body paragraphs with innovative
• Tremendous transition words between
• A killer conclusion with a clincher
  statement (call to action)
      What is a thesis
• A thesis statement is one sentence
  at the end of your introduction that
  states your opinion on the given topic.
• It needs to be strong.
  Which one is thought
• This essay describes the difference
  between being a student and being a

• School board policy should be
  changed in order to implement cell
  phones into the curriculum.
An interesting introduction
    with a great HOOK
• Never say ―Hello….blah, blah, blah‖ or ―This essay
  will be about…‖ BORING!

• You never get a second chance to make a first

• Some GREAT HOOK techniques we will learn
   – Anecdote
   – Riddles
   – Fragment technique
   – Quotations
   – Shocking statement
        Unusual detail
• Begin your introduction with a
  creative and interesting detail:
Manitoba, because of its cold climate,
  is not thought of as a great place to
  be a reptile. Actually, it has the
  largest seasonal congregation of
  garter snakes in the world!
• Get your reader’s attention with a
  challenging thought.

• What’s plain, and boring? What makes all
  students in a school building look the same
  and lose their individuality? If you
  guessed UNIFORMS, you’re correct!
    Fragment technique
• Uses 3 short fragments to create an

• Example:
• A brand new fishing pole, a bucket of
  worms, and a warm spring day! These
  things were present on the day I caught a
  record-breaking keeper.
• Conversational
―Mom, I’ve signed up to fight for my
• Famous Quote
"War is nothing without a solider to
 fight it."
 - Unknown
• A short story within an introduction to
  make the point clear.

• Example:
• Sally got out of bed and looked at the
  alarm clock. She was running late! She
  would have to hurry to catch the bus. This
  was one of those days that she was glad
  that her school had a uniform policy…she
  wouldn’t have to waste much time picking
  out an outfit.
   Shocking Statistic or
Provides statistics or facts that startles
  readers to pull them into your story.

• Example:
  Can you believe that over 90% of students
  polled at our school are dissatisfied with
  school lunch, but only 5% are willing to
  pack their own lunches?
• The whole world watched as the
  comet flew overhead !
 3 banging body paragraphs
    with innovative ideas
• You should come up with three points
  to support your opinion
• Each of the points will be your TOPIC
  SENTENCE for your body paragraphs
• Try to think of ideas that no one else
  would think of…(be creative)
  3 banging body paragraphs with
          innovative ideas
      (sample writing prompt)
• Your school has a uniform policy. Some
  people argue that uniforms in schools are
  beneficial because they cause less
  distractions, and some argue that they are
  not a good idea because they take away a
  student’s individuality. Do you agree or
  disagree with uniform policy? Make sure
  to support your position
• (Now you try…You need 3 reasons to support your opinion!!!)
3 banging body paragraphs
 with innovative ideas (an
• Thesis: Uniform policies are beneficial in schools,
  and should be implemented nationwide.
Reason 1: Allows for less bullying based on
Reason 2: Students will concentrate more on school
  and less on attire.
Reason 3: It cuts down on cost of school clothes
  and time spent getting ready in the morning.
  Tremendous transition
• Transition words move from one thought
  to the next
• Usually at the beginning of 3 body
• Avoid the same weak transition words
  (first, next, last)
• See packet***for lots of great examples!!!
A killer conclusion with a
   clincher statement
• Clincher statement is the last line of
  your paper. It should almost shock
  your reader and leave them wanting
  to MAKE a change. That is why it is
• Conclusion should leave a lasting
A killer conclusion with a
   clincher statement
• In conclusion, over 95% of parents polled
  are in agreement with a school wide
  uniform policy. Uniforms allow students to
  be who they are, not what they wear.
  After all, shouldn’t school be about
  academics rather than apparel? It’s time
  our nation got back to reading, writing, and
  arithmetic….not Baby Phat, Apple Bottom,
  and FUBU. Call your state senator and help
  bring uniforms to our public schools.
                     A review…
•   What are some dos?
•   What are some don’ts?
•   What are these things…
    – A terrific title
    – A thought provoking thesis statement
    – An interesting introduction with a hook
        •   Anecdote
        •   Riddles
        •   Fragment technique
        •   Quotations
        •   Shocking statement
    – 3 banging body paragraphs with innovative ideas
    – Tremendous transition words between paragraphs
    – A killer conclusion with a clincher statement
    How will I be graded?
•   On these areas:
•   Focus and Meaning
•   Content and Development
•   Organization
•   Style & Language
•   Conventions
Persuasive Writing…
    Writing Prompt
       Writing Prompt:
• Do you want Fame?
• Some people spend their entire lives
  seeking the rewards of fame and fortune.
  Others shy away from the spotlight due to
  the downsides of celebrity. If you had the
  opportunity, would you want to be famous?
  Why or why not?
• Task: Write a multi-paragraph essay taking
  a stand on whether or not fame is really
Prewriting/Thinking Maps
• Circle Map   ―FAME‖
                           • Circle Map
                                          ―NOT FAME‖

• ―Fame‖       Reason #1
                           • ―Not Fame‖   Reason #1

               Reason #2                  Reason #2
• For the previous prompt, create an outline
  – A terrific title
  – An interesting introduction with a hook
  – A THESIS statement with 3 supports for your
    position or claim
  – 3 banging body paragraphs that each begin
    with a topic sentence from your thesis
  – A Counterargument that addresses the other
  – A killer conclusion with a clincher statement
    and a call to action
        Get moving!

• Completed Outline is DUE at the
  end of the period!
        STOP HERE!!!
Slide show is now over!!!!
You should be working!!!!!!
  Writing situation appears first
Writing Situation
  The Department of Education is considering a ban on the
  use of cell phones in public schools. Students would not
  be able to bring phones into school buildings for any
  reason. Many teachers and school administrators approve
  of the plan because they believe that cell phones are a
  distraction and disrupt class. Students and parents, on
  the other hand, feel that schools are limiting the ability
  of parents and children to keep in touch in case of
Writing Directions
    Write a letter to your principal either
 supporting or opposing the cell-phone ban. Provide
 convincing reasons and specific examples to
 support your position.

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