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Name: David Robert Joseph Beckham OBE
Date of Birth: 02 May 1975
Birthplace: Leytonstone, London
Nationality: English
Height: 180 cm (5ft 11in)
Weight: 67 kg (10 stone 8 pounds)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Residence: Hertfordshire and Madrid
Martial status: Married to Victoria
Current club: Real Madrid (Spain)
Position: Midfield
Squad number: 23

1991 - Signs as a trainee for Manchester
 England     Manchester United  Real Madrid

1993 - Signs as a professional for Manchester

2000 - Appointed the English national team
      Articles &
•History of hair

 David Beckham is an icon and
 role model to many people.
 His eye for fashion and often
 unique looks make him stand
 out from the crowd and
 someone to imitate. Let’s
 look at his different
 hairstyles .
  A more slick look
  A little neater and
  slicked back..
  Growing Longer
  David's hair grew longer as
  he tried a more Japanese
  Back to a more floppy
  streaked look
  David started to grow
  his hair.
  World Cup Sweep
  A swept spiky look with a
  hint of blonde.
 The rough 'n' ready look
 David's latest style.

 Short but sweet
 The number one returns with
 a couple of extras.

 Beckham goes Mowhawk
 The infamous one!!
 Short back and sides
 David throws the
 hairstylist in a dizzy,
 shaving his locks off.
Hair style
  The darker days
  David's hair at the time of
  his engagement to Victoria -
  it’s windy
  Windswept and cool.

  Getting longer and fairer
  David's hair started to
  develop the trademark look.
  The young Beckham
  The quiff and centre
With the birth of his son Brooklyn, Beckham began
on a process of showing his love and affection for
his family by having an increasing number of
tattoos on his body.
          Beckham's first tattoo was dedicated to hi
          son Brooklyn. It is located at the base of
          his back.
         Guardian Angel
         The Brooklyn tattoo was followed by the
         Guardian Angel. With a shaven head, like
         Beckham had at the time, the figure
         stretches across his shoulders and down
         his back looking down on the name of
 This tattoo on his left arm is dedicated to
 his wife Victoria. The tattoo is written in
 Hindi. It became a controversy as it was
 reported that it had been incorrectly
 spelt with an additional "h" in the name.
Beckham's fourth tattoo is the Roman
numeral VII representing the number 7. It is
on the inside of his right arm. This is
obviously a reference to the shirt number
which he wore whilst playing for
Manchester United and which he still wears
Latin 1
for England.
In May 2003 Beckham had a further two
tattoos added to his arms written under
the VII tattoo. In Latin, the two words
“perfectio in spiritu" mean spirituaL
Latin 2
On his left arm he has written "Ut Amem Et
Forveam", meaning So That I Love And
Cherish under the Hindi tattoo spelling

Wings & Romeo
The Guardian Angel has been enhanced
with the addition of wings stretching
across his shoulders .The name of his
second son, Romeo, has also been added
above the head of the Angel.
     Beckham’s cars
David Beckham loves cars. He has expressed
his taste in vehicles from the family Lincoln
Navigator to fast and stylish Ferraris. We
will take a brief look at the cars Beckham
has driven.
 and campaigns
• David Beckham has become just
  as big a star off the pitch as
  for his football star status
  on it. His unconventional dress
  sense, various magazine
  shoots and his celebrity
  marriage to Victoria have
  made him a fashion and style
  icon around the world and
  very much in demand by the
  marketing departments of
 Cheung Chi Wai
  Chu Kin Ping
   Ku Chi Wa
  Lee Chi Fuk
 Wong Hoi Ming


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