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					When he was born:

       Bugs Bunny was "born" in 1938 according to his official biography. His first feature toon was "A
Wild Hare" which debuted July 27, 1940. His "father" was Ben "Bugs" Hardaway, and his uncles were
Robert McKimson, Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, Bob Clampett, and Fritz Freleng. His voice was the legendary
Mel Blanc for over 50 years.

       Brooklyn, New York, created by Tex Avery (who directed A Wild Hare, Bugs Bunny's debut) and
Robert McKimson (who created the definitive Bugs Bunny character design)

         Bugs bunny is loved by millions of Americans because he has been here since WWII and most of
America’s hard times. He has been on many commercials, he has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame,
he is already the mascot for Warner Brothers ,he even has his own postage stamp, he is such a hard
working character.He would make a good president because he is wise and lead this nation into victory!

       Dirty laundry:

       1) How is Barbie supposed to lead a nation if all she cares about is making the world a pretty
          place when we need to spend money to help end poverty and end all of the problems that
          we face now?
       2) Mickey mouse is all for public nudity because he pees on houses. Who would want a
          president that does that?
       3) If G.I Joe was to become president the nation wouldn’t last long because he would always
          want to start wars with other countries therefore the country wouldn’t last long.
       4) How could Mr. Potato Head lead the nation if he can remove his lips and eyes and not see
          the problems we face or hold speeches about them, he might be very forgetful so he might
          leave his brain at home. He wouldn’t be a good president.

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