How to Make a Hair Bow: Tips and Ideas

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					How to Make a Hair Bow

Many moms and grandmas have decided that they want to learn how to make a hair
bow instead of buying expensive boutique and store bought bows. Once they see
how easy it really is (and fun!) to learn this new craft with beautiful ribbon, they are
hooked. Beyond that, the cost to get started and the ongoing costs are minimal
because supplies like ribbons, glue, and hair clips are very inexpensive. Imagine
creating your own hair accessories in the exact style, size, and colors that you want
to match any of your favorite little girl’s outfits. You’ll be so happy that you can have
a bow for every new pretty shirt and beautiful dress that you purchase. What is
better than having a great accessory to match an adorable outfit that really makes it
come together perfectly? Hairbows in stores (or even online boutiques) can sell for
up to $30 EACH. Wow I’d never want to spend that much money for just some
pieces of ribbon, now that I know how to make them. For that same price, you can
create at least 5-10 of your own; that sounds much more reasonable to me. Ribbon
is often on sale (at 50% off typically) and even available at dollar stores which make
hairbows a very inexpensive craft. Also you can try sites like Ebay to find lots of
ribbon wholesale if you want to get a whole bunch at one time for pennies on the
dollar. Beyond that there are online stores that sell ribbon in wholesale, if you
choose to make lots of bows all at once. This would be really great for those that
want to sell bows or just make a bunch of matching bows for kids birthday party
favors, a whole sports team of girls, or something similar. If you’ve ever wanted to
learn how to make a hair bow, now is definitely the time to explore boutique hair

Typically spring and summer are the most popular times for hair bows since the
ribbon options are just beautiful and very plentiful so now is great to learn how to
make a hair bow. Pinks, purples, floral designs, and more are options for beautiful
bow making. Beyond that though, don’t forget about the fall and winter for hair
accessories because holiday bows are very popular and often times more
extravagant and decorated than everyday bows. Wouldn’t you love to make a
gorgeous handmade hairbow for your daughter’s first Christmas? Imagine a
beautiful green and red boutique layered bow with korker embellishments and
some other jewels as decorations. Whatever color the dress and style of outfit she’s
wearing for a special day, you’ll be able to create a hairbow that matches perfectly.
Just bring the outfit to the craft store with you as you choose the ribbon you want to
use as you learn how to make a hair bow. Your older girl will even be able to help
choose the embellishments she wants on her special bows, which makes your
holiday photos even more special and memorable. There are so many cute button,
gems, feathers, and flowers that will be a great way to really make your creations
uniquely yours and so beautiful. If that sounds exciting to you, you’ll definitely love
this ribbon craft. I bet you can’t wait to start learning how to make a hair bow now!

The best thing about bow accessories is that girls are never too young or too old to
wear accessories with their outfits once you have learned how to make a hair bow.
I’ve seen girls as young as just a day old wearing hair accessories and girls as old as
high school teens doing the same. Since there are so many types of bow styles you
can really accessorize any type of outfit depending on your girl’s age. I was really
surprised to see how many teenagers are wearing small trendy bows lately. Now,
for younger girls, if your daughter doesn’t have enough hair yet to attach a clip,
simply slide the clip of the bow onto a crochet or nylon headband and have her wear
it like that. Then once she gets older and has more hair, she can wear that same bow
just clipped onto her hair. The bow really can grow with your daughter because
girls of all ages are wearing bows of all sizes. Don’t worry if the bow is too big or too
small; it seems that any size is just your own preference. I’ve seen newborns with
bows nearly bigger than their head! Since the ribbon is lightweight, it is just a
matter of preference for which size hair bow you chose for the age of your daughter.
Older girls (even high schoolers) enjoy wearing smaller styles like tuxedo bows and
jazzy sequin cheer bows to school and sporting events. That gives you about
eighteen years to enjoy hair accessory bows made from ribbon. How exciting! What
is your favorite size of bow? Small butterfly bows? Medium sized Korker bows?
Large layered boutique bows? It’s so exciting that there is such a large variety of
choices you can make when learning this ribbon craft. Are you ready to learn how
to make a hair bow?

Description: Tips and ideas on how to make a hair bow for girls.