RULES OF THE GAME

                       Revised June 22, 2009

THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA                                        OFFICE OF INTRAMURAL SPORTS

                   Intramural Sports Mission Statement
The mission of The University of Alabama Intramural Sports is to provide students,
faculty, and staff with the opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive
recreational sports in a safe environment; to promote and provide quality service and
facilities; to facilitate the wholesome and worthwhile use of leisure, healthy lifestyles,
and wellness; and to create opportunities for the growth and development of the social,
physical, and mental skills of all participants. The desired outcome is achieved via
participation in individual and team activities in a controlled environment, regulated by
the policies established in this handbook.

The purpose of this handbook is to establish policies and procedures that govern
participation in the Intramural Sports program. Please note that it is the responsibility of
each team/participant to know and understand these policies and procedures. Ignorance
of any Intramural Sports policy is not an excuse for failure to comply. The Office of
Intramural Sports reserves the right to modify these rules in whole or in part at any time
as necessary. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for these rules or the
intramural program in general, please contact the Office of Intramural Sports.

                 Intramural Sports General Information
 The Intramural Sports Office is located in the atrium of the Student Recreation Center.
                 Office Hours: Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM
                                    Phone Numbers:
                             Rain Hotline: 205-348-2708

The Rules of the Game for Intramural Badminton                                                 2
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA                                          OFFICE OF INTRAMURAL SPORTS

                                    Rule 1: Eligibility
Section 1: Participation
Participation is limited to currently enrolled, fee-paying students, faculty, and full-time

Section 2: Action Cards
Participants must have a valid Action Card in order to participate in Intramural events.
The card must be presented to the Intramural staff member at the time of the event.

                                 Rule 2: Playing Rules
Section 1: Scoring
Fifteen points constitute the usual game, except for women's singles (in which 11 points
are played). When the score is tied at 13-all, the side reaching it first chooses to finish the
game at 15 or to set the game at 5 points. When tied at 14-all, he/she chooses to play 1 or
3 points. Similarly, in 11-point games, the score may be set at 3 when the score is tied at
9 and at 2 when tied at 10.

Section 2: Serves
       A. The service must be delivered to the diagonal service court. A bird that lands
           on a line is considered good. In singles, the bird must land in the long, narrow
           court and in doubles in the short, wide court. A let serve is one in which the
           bird touches the top of the net but lands in the proper court. A service that is
           let is served again. It is a fault unless it lands in the service court.
       B. Only one service (trial) is allowed per inning (not like tennis, where two trials
           are allowed), unless the bird is missed entirely or it is a "good" let. The
           service alternates to courts starting in the right-hand court for doubles at all
           times. In singles, the service starts in the right-hand court at the beginning of
           the game, but thereafter service is made from the right-hand court when the
           score is even (for that side) and from the left-hand court when the score is odd
           (for that side). Only one hand is allowed the side beginning the serve in
           doubles the first inning and two hands are allowed each inning thereafter.

Section 3: Faults
It is a fault (loss of service or hand for the serving-side and loss of point for receiving-
side) when:

The Rules of the Game for Intramural Badminton                                                 3
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA                                         OFFICE OF INTRAMURAL SPORTS

        A. Service is illegal; i.e., the bird is struck when above the waist or the head of
           the racket is higher than the hand when hit.
        B. Service or played shot lands outside the specified court, passes through or
           under the net, or hits a player or obstruction outside the court.
        C. Server or receiver steps out of his proper court before delivery of the serve or
           feint in any way before the service. Only the person served to may return the
        D. A player reaches over the net to hit a bird (he/she may follow a shot over).
        E. A player touches the net with his/her racket or any part of his/her body.
        F. A player hits the bird twice or momentarily holds or throws it with his/her
        G. A player fails to return the bird to the opponent’s proper court. (He/she cannot
           hit a doubtful bird and call "out," as permitted in some sports.)
        H. The server steps forward as he/she serves.
        I. The bird is hit on the rim or neck of the racket - called a "wood."

Section 3: Score Reporting
It will be the responsibility of the winning participant to turn the scores into the
Intramural office by 12pm (Noon) on the play-by date.

                       Rule 3: Game Times and Reservations
Section 1: Game Times
The Intramural Sports Department will not schedule times for the matches to be played.
Participants must play the match and turn in their scorecard into the Intramural office by
12pm (Noon) on the play-by date. The play-by dates will be included on the league
schedule. If the score has not been turned in by noon on the play-by-date the game will be
double forfeited. We will not accept any late scores.

Section 2: Reservations
Participants are encouraged to reserve times to play their matches. Indoor courts can be
reserved at no cost.

Section 3: Contacting opponent
You will need to pick up a contact sheet at the captain’s meeting that will have
everyone’s contact information. If you cannot get in touch with your opponent for that
week you must notify the office two days prior to the play-by-date. If by the play-by-date
you have still have not been able to play your match you will receive the win.

                                   Rule 4: Equipment
Section 1: Racket

The Rules of the Game for Intramural Badminton                                             4
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA                                                  OFFICE OF INTRAMURAL SPORTS

The Intramural office has rackets for rent if you do not have your own.

Section 2: Shuttlecock
Participants must supply their own shuttlecock.

                                 Rule 5: Sportsmanship
Sportsmanship is an important part of intramural sports. Any player who uses foul
language, violently protests a call, or curses an official or staff member, will be removed
from the game and will automatically be suspended from his/her team's next game. In
addition, he/she will have to meet with the Coordinator of Intramural Sports during office
hours (Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) before he/she is eligible to
participate again. Any player who touches an official or staff member will be placed on
suspension from all Intramural activities for a minimum period of one calendar year from
the time of the incident.

  University Recreation makes every effort to protect all participants, however volleyball is a sport and
   injuries are a possibility. The University of Alabama, the Division of Student Affairs, University
   Recreation, and Intramural Sports (and employees thereof) assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for
                       injuries. Basic First-Aid will be available for participants.

The Rules of the Game for Intramural Badminton                                                              5

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