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                                      Unit IV: World War I


1. To explain the growing role of the United States in world affairs from the presidencies of
Roosevelt to Wilson.

2. To articulate the causes of America’s entry into World War I.

3. To explain the role of propaganda in “engineering consent” to American intervention in World
War I, and to identify distinct themes in American propaganda of the period.

4. To identify the positions various groups held on America’s role in World War, and to explain
why those groups held those positions.

5. To explain the War’s effect on the African-American life in the United States, especially as
expressed through the Great Migration.

6. To determine why the United States Senate failed to ratify the Treaty of Versailles.

7. To determine why the first Red Scare happened following the end of World War I, and to
identify the effects of the Red Scare on American society.

Essential Question:

“What role, if any, should propaganda play in a participatory democracy?”

Time Period:



November 8
American Foreign Policy from Roosevelt to Wilson cartoon analysis
HW: take notes on pp. 429-433

November 9
America Enters the Great War ppt.
HW: read propaganda essay, answer attached questions
November 10
American Propaganda and World War I ppt.
HW: read and take notes on pp. 433-438 in OoM, INITIAL BIBLIOGRAPHY due on Friday!

November 11

November 12

QUIZ I (on pp. in OoM, foreign policy lesson and propaganda

American Propaganda and World War I through film
HW: read and answer questions on “Progressivism and the World War I” article

November 15

Progressivism and World War I source analysis
HW: Labor and World War I primary sources,

November 16
Labor and World War I primary sources
HW: read and takes notes pp. 438-443in OoM

November 17
The Great Migration: watch “Up South: African-American Migration in the Era of the Great War

QUIZ II (on pp. in OoM, labor and great migration lessons)
(notes are allowed)
HW: Versailles Sources

November 18
The Treaty Conflict: The Treaty of Versailles source analysis
HW: Red Scare Handout

November 19
The Red Scare cartoon analysis
HW: Work on Presentation

November 22
Propaganda Presentations!
HW: Study for test, bring research materials to class tomorrow

November 23
World War I Test
HW: bring research materials to class tomorrow

November 24
Research Day IV: Writing the Research Paper
HW: read and takes notes pp.445-450 in OoM

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