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AP Notecard Identifications Ch_10


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									                              Completing Note Card Format for AP U.S. History

Note cards will be completed throughout the academic year. As is the case with much of the work assigned
in AP U.S. History, the value of the note cards will be proportionally related to the quality of the effort you
put forth in their completion. The note cards will be a valuable study tool for you only if you devote the time
necessary to do them well.

Each student is expected to complete note cards with no assistance from any other students. “Shortcuts” in
completing note cards will not only short change your opportunity for learning, but may also jeopardize your
academic standing as plagiarism will not be tolerated.

Each note card is to include the name of the card, the number of the card, the broad category to which the
card belongs (social, political, economic, diplomatic, or cultural), the text source and page number, an
identification of the topic of the card, and most importantly, the significance of the topic. The significance
for most items will be a sentence explaining why the topic is important.

When completing the note cards for the summer assignment, please adhere to the following directions and format:

1) Use 3 x 5 cards (do not write the identifications in notebooks or on paper).
   You MAY write on front and back of cards.

2) Write the information on the cards in black or blue ink (DO NOT TYPE).
3) Number each card with the number provided. Keep the cards in that numerical order.
4) Sample format                                                                                    4
  Name of card, card number, and           Treaty of Tordesillas                             Diplomatic
  Category on top line

  Identification area should follow         The 1494 treaty signed by Pope Alexander VI, Spain and
  the pattern of describing the             Portugal giving preeminence in Africa (later Brazil) to Portugal
 “when”, “who”, and “what”,                 in exchange for Spanish preeminence in the Americas.
  and be concise yet thorough,
  relevant, and accurate

  Significance area should describe         This treaty allowed the Spanish and Portuguese to focus on
  “why” it is important, what               colonization and subjugation of natives without the threat of war
   impact if had; why it is                 or raids by each against the other.

 Cite the name of your text or                                                               Norton, p. 21
 Source, including page number
                                AP U.S. History Ch. 10 Note Cards

Number your note cards according to the numbers provided. See the other side of this sheet for directions
and sample format. Be sure to provide both the content identification AND an explanation of the

141.   King Cotton and the Slave Trade
142.   Industrial Revolution
143.   Gang System
144.   African American Community
145.   Second Great Awakening
146.   Gabriel’s Rebellion
147.   Nat Turner’s Revolt
148.   Black Codes
149.   White Man Majority
150.   Planter Elite and Plantation Life
151.   Proslavery Arguments
152.   Denmark Vesey’s conspiracy
153.   Changes in the South

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