9th August 2011

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					                             STELLA MARIS P & F
                             MONTHLY MEETING
                               9th August 2011
Meeting opened:            6.15 pm.
Chair:                     Tracey Carmody.
Prayer:                    Glenda Morgan.
Apologies:                 Per attendance book.
Present:                   Per attendance book.

Previous minutes:          Minutes of 11th July 2011NOT tabled & read.

Secretary’s Report:

Correspondence In:

      Sponsorship request letters from – Ellis Family, Wright Family and Hudson

      Thank You Card – Luke Parnemann thanked the P&F for organizing the
                        Morning Tea for Grandparents Day.

      Thank You Card – Year 7 students, teachers & parents for the P&F
                       Sponsoring the year 7 commemorative shirts.

Correspondence Out:


Business arising from previous minutes:

      There was no business arising from previous minutes.

Policies and Procedures:

Treasurer’s Report:

Payments to be ratified

General Account MYOB Balance 29/07/2011: $18,747.45

Credit        Interest                            $     90.26
Credit        Pie Drive 2011                      $     62.40
Credit        Pie Drive 2011                      $     96.90
                                                  $    249.56

Debit         Allocation of Armband $ (to AU)     $ 260.00
Debit         Fathers Day Stall merchandise       $ 1,024.00
Debit         Final payment – Entertainment       $ 340.00
Debit         Returned Cheque (Pie Drive)         $    96.90
Debit         Grandparents Day                    $ 218.85
                                                  $ 1,939.05

Tuckshop Account MYOB Balance 29/07/2011: $23,359.11

Regular tuckshop food sales, purchases and expenses.

Art Union Account MYOB Balance 29/07/2011: $8,448.43

Debit         Monthly Merchant Fee         $ 12.00
Debit         Melco Storage                $248.00
Debit         Bomb Bags                    $196.46

Outstanding Cheques                        $1,398.49

Credit        Interest                     $ 36.86
Credit        Arm Band Sales               $ 454.00
Credit        Donation – F. Simpson        $ 60.00
Credit        Raffle                       $1,197.20
Credit        Raffle                       $ 845.00

Term Deposits MYOB Balance 29/07/2011 $25,000
Art Union             $20,000       Maturity 9/08/11
Tuckshop              $5000         Maturity 8/09/11

Art Union Term Deposit options;
6 months – 5.80%
3 months – 5.50%

Tuckshop P&L
Principal’s Report:

Tues 9 August 2011
    Letter from Bella and Leanne re Bella’s Bling
    Coles and Woolies fundraisers
    Fair Thank you
    New BCE and School Strategic Plan – meetings for data gathering and feedback
    Pond area landscaping – including bush tucker
    Garden expansion, class lessons, water tank and shed
    Sporting and Cultural successes – Speech and Drama, Sport – AFL, rugby league,
       MusicFest. Debela Savimaki – 100m and 200m State Athletics Champion
    Grandparents’ Day thank you
    Book Week 22-26 Aug – parade on last day of term in Hall
    Year 7 PDE Night - 30 August. Jennifer Mason
    Camps – Yr 5 (7-9 Sept) and Yr 6 (31 Aug – 2 Sept)
    Show Holiday next Wed 17 August
    Pastoral care and wellbeing – consultant, Maree Machin, will carry out an assessment
       of where we are at.

General Business:

Catering Supplies – Tracey Carmody advised that we are not a huge catering
school. However, when we have functions on there is a lack of serving platters and
jugs. She would like to see these items bought and put in a locked cupboard in the
kitchen. Anyone needing these items would have to sign a key out with the Admin.

Urn – Tracey Carmody advised that the urn used at Grandparent’s Day tripped the
power and made it very stressful getting the water hot in time. She suggested that
we buy a new one.

Tuckshop –Slushie Machine made on 99% Juice ordered for Tuckshop. Action –
After much discussion, Steve voted that as the machine comes with no contract,
however we have to buy the 99% Juice from the supplier. We should put it in the
tuckshop on trial and over the summer months.

Shop for Schools Programs – This became a very heated discussion. Where as a
school do we stand on letting so many companies’ advertise through the school
system. Action - It was agreed that there should be a policy made on how many
programs the school should participate in each year.

Fair Wrap Up – Tracey Carmody congratulated Andrew Small and Michelle
MacDonald together with their committee on a great fair.
Andrew was very pleased with the running of the fair. He said it was great to see
everyone pull together and work so hard to give our kids and the wider community a
great and memorable day at Stella Maris...It was a bonus the weather was
Jodie O’Rourke made a great comment..That she was so impressed by the amount
of teachers & staff who worked on so many of the stalls on the day. Well done!

Meeting Closed 7.35pm.
Confirmed ___________________

____________________________               ___________________________
President                                  Secretary

Position       Name           Telephone    Email
President      Tracey         5452 7173
               Carmody        0414 939 913
Vice President Nicci MacMinn 0438 430 020
Secretary      Michelle       5451 1311
               MacDonald      0411178411
Treasurer      Stephen Austin 5451 0731
                              0457 506 388

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