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									The Underlined words below are the links to websites about
the Civil War. Press Ctrl + Left click to follow the link.
United States Civil War Center - a site managed by Louisiana State University that is attempting
to locate, index, and make available all appropriate private and public data on the Internet
regarding the Civil War.

The Underground Railroad -                                         Don't know much about the Civil War site
99/railroad/                                                       The Valley of the Shadow

John Brown's Holy War from PBS                                     University of North Carolina’s Civil War
                                                                   Experience – provides links on: COOKING,
American Civil War Homepage                                        MUSIC, MEDICAL CARE, WEAPONS AND
                                                                   ARTILLERY, ARTIFACTS, NORTH
The American Civil War                                             CAROLINA HISTORY.

Civil War Homepage                                                 Civil War Soldier Home Page – variety of
                                                                   links and information on A DAY IN THE LIFE                                           OF A SOLDIER, WOMEN IN THE WAR,
                                                                   WEAPONS, AND GENERAL FACTS.
The Civil War – “The daily
newspaper for all things Civil War” with links
and primary sources available to read.

What is a primary source?
A primary source is a document (newspaper, diary, advertisement, poster, picture,
letter, etc.) that was created at the time that history happened.
Where can I find a primary source on the Civil War? Here are very trustworthy
o   The U.S. Library of Congress -
o   The U.S. National Archives -
o   The U.S. Civil War Center -
o   The University of Virginia library a good site for Southern Primary Sources -
o Selected Photographs of the Civil War from the Library of Congress –

How do I make a citation for a picture?
Here is a link to the Library of Congress web page that presents picture citations
in MLA format:


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