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					                                      War Unit Anticipation Guide

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Directions: Place the letter A for Agree, and D for Disagree next to each item below.

__________1. All wars are usually justly fought.

__________2. The decision to go to war is usually made as a just decision.

__________3. Most nations go to war to gain power, land, or wealth.

__________4. A major cause of war is the conflict between freedom and tyranny.

__________5. Ordinary people bear often bear a greater share of the human cost of war than leaders.

__________6. Poets, artists, musicians, and filmmakers create images celebrating the glories of war.

__________7. The human imagination is captivated by heroism and the horrors of war.

__________8. Nothing good comes out of war.

__________9. There are more books written and movies produced about war rather than about peace.

_________10. Alienation, apathy, and boredom often lead to violence.

_________11. Larger countries have a duty to step in and assist weaker nations if they are attacked.

_________12. A reasonable peace-loving soldier can be persuaded to commit devastating war crimes.

_________13. Do you agree with this statement by Bertrand Russell, “Nobody minds a war once in a

                while if it doesn’t last too long and isn’t in your own neighborhood”?

_________14. People become closer when war is being waged.

_________15. Civilians on the Home Front should sacrifice and give up the luxuries of life to support

                the war effort.

_________16. Combatants should never involve non-combatants (civilians) while waging war.

_________17. Bystanders (those who witness war, but ignore it) are just as guilty as those who wage

                wage war.

_________18. All men and women in our country have a duty to serve our country in a time of war.

_________19. Women should not have to go to war.

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