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					Love As Strong As Ginger
Assessment practice

  1. Which best retells the passage?
      A. Spending every Saturday with her grandmother,
         the girl wants to be like her grandmother.
         Grandmother wants her to follow her dreams.
         Grandmother takes her to the crab factory where
         she works. The girl sees how hard her
         grandmother works.
      B. The girl spends every Saturday with her Chinese
         grandmother. Grandmother wants her
         granddaughter to work in the crab factory_ just
         like she does. So Grandmother takes her to work
         with her one day.
      C. Grandmother can not speak English. She works
         in a crab factory, cracking crabs. Her skin is
         baggy around her fingers. She wears a nylon net
         over her head at the factory.
      D. Grandmother taught the girl how to cook and
         crack crabs. Grandmother wanted her
         granddaughter to be whatever she wanted to be.
         The girl wanted to be a movie star.

  2. What is the setting at the end of the passage?
      A. at the crab factory
      B. on the bus
      C. at Grandmother’s in Florida
      D. at Grandmother’s in Chinatown
3. What is the author’s main purpose for writing this
     A. to entertain the reader with a story about a
        young girl and her grandmother
     B. to inform the reader about crab factories
     C. to persuade the reader to follow their dreams
     D. to entertain the reader with a story about crab

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