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Ronald W. Gregory, II.                                                                                   1 Board  Certified Business
George M. Osborne                                                                                                  Litigation Lawyer
Ana-Maria Carnesoltas                                                                                   2 Also Licensed in Colorado

       May 26, 2004

       Via Certified Mail & DHL Express

       Bill Fornits
       Ginger Fornits
       305 Lenawee Avenue
       Monessen, PA 15062

       Re:      boycottsembler.corn

       Dear Mr. and Mrs. Fornits:

       As you may already know, our office enjoys the honor of representing Melvin and Betty Sembler. In this regard, we have
       reviewed you website and the fact that it contains and is publishing false and defamatory matter concerning our clients.
       The purpose of this letter is to provide you with a single opportunity to retract your statements, issue a public apology and
       comply with the presuit requirements of Florida Statutes §770.01.

       In the site, you, clearly associate our clients’ photographs with the banner “Child Rapists”. Moreover, you wrote that they
       are “…Federal Unregistered Criminal Offenders … wanted in connection with the Daily Molestations
       of more than 500,000 children.”

       As you well know, all of these statements are false. The Sernblers are not rapists and are not Federal criminal offenders.
       Moreover, they are not wanted by any authority and have never molested any child. Each of your statements is without any
       factual basis whatsoever and is published with malicious intent. It is clear that you knew that these statements were false at
       the time you made them. While you have every right to espouse your opinion with respect to whatever it is you feel the
       Semblers did or did not do to you or others, you cannot publish information which is blatantly false and worse, which you
       know to be false and malicious.

       We, therefore, provide you with this only opportunity to retract the statements. Within the next fifteen (15) days you must:
       definitively and unequivocally retract the statements by acknowledging they were false and apologize for publishing them.
       This retraction must be in the form of a letter and E Mail website publication of equal dignity to your current web page,
       that is pre-app roved by this office and our client both as to content and dissemination. Additionally, the false and
       defamatory matter must be removed from the websites. Finally, to the extent that you have published these false
       statements in other publications or to other individuals, these too must be disclosed to us and retracted.
Bill Fornits
Ginger Fornits
May 26, 2004
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You are given fifteen (15) days to do this. If it is not done, you will be afforded with an opportunity to explain your fiction
to a Florida Circuit Court judge. We will initiate a defamation action in the Circuit Court of Pinellas County, Florida,
seeking compensatory and punitive damages against you and your business, Fornits’ Workshop. Moreover, we will
initiate appropriate actions to secure injunctive relief, both temporary and permanent.

Your website explanation about the history of the Workshop would seem to indicate that you take pride in the success of
your business. We trust that your attorneys and insurance carriers will relate to you that insurance will not cover you or
your business from intentional or malicious acts, such as continued publication of false and malicious information, nor
will it respond to a judgment for punitive damages. In short, you are exposing your business and your assets to a judgment.

Absent a published retraction, further correspondence or communication from this office will only take the form of legal
pleadings. Please govern yourself accordingly.

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