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									The University Corporation for
   Atmospheric Research

        an overview
UCAR as the Management Entity for NCAR

• Provides a streamlined, effective business & legal
  framework in which NCAR flourishes.
• Engages the best of the academic community in
  providing advice and high-level strategic &
  managerial decision making.
• Conducts managerial practices that develop
  human capital, reward achievement, & value
• Complements and supports NCAR programs with
  excellent companion efforts in:
   – Education                – Community service
   – Government affairs       – Technology advancement
   – Public-private partnerships
Walter Orr Roberts

   “I have a very strong feeling that science
       exists to serve human welfare. It’s
   wonderful to have the opportunity given
   us by society to do basic research, but in
    return, we have a very important moral
    responsibility to apply that research to
              benefiting humanity.”

                         Walter Orr Roberts
                         NCAR Mesa Lab
                      in Boulder, Colorado

Architect I.M. Pei
modeled the
laboratory after
the cliff dwellings
of Mesa Verde.
  a non-profit corporation formed in 1959 to serve
the atmospheric and related science and education

   The UCAR mission

      to support, enhance, and extend the capabilities
      of the university community, nationally and
      internationally; to understand the behavior of the
      atmosphere and related systems and the global
      environment; and to foster the transfer of
      knowledge and technology for the betterment of
      life on earth.
            UCAR’s Six Goal Areas
• Science--foster a broad scientific     • Advocacy, public policy, and
   program of highest quality to           communication--in cooperation
   address present and future needs of     with other institutions, play a strong
                                           role in developing enhanced and
   society                                 more effective methods of
                                           communication among scientists,
                                           policymakers, and the public in order
• Research facilities--develop and         to foster the use of science in the
   acquire state-of-the-art scientific     service of humankind
   research facilities
                                         • Technology transfer--in
• Education and training--devote           conjunction with the UCAR
                                           Foundation, transfer appropriate
   significant attention to education
                                           UCAR technology to the public and
   and training, with emphasis on          private sectors
   women and minorities

                                         • Research and operational
                                           partnerships--strengthen the
                                           relationship between the operational
                                           and research communities
     UCAR Values
•   Integrity     •   Diversity
•   Excellence    •   Flexibility
•   Fairness      •   Innovation
•   Hard work     •   Creativity
•   Service       •   Leadership
•   Risk taking   •   Accomplishment
•   Teamwork      •   Employee
        UCAR Governance
• Membership: 66 member North American
  universities with appropriate doctorate program;
  19 Academic Affiliates

• Governance: 132 Member Representatives, Board
  of Trustees and associated committees

• Guidance: advisory committees and review
  panels and significant university involvement in
  every UCAR program

• Peer Review: 5-year review by NSF and UCAR
  Scientific Programs Evaluation Committee
                      UCAR Members
University of Alabama in Huntsville     McGill University                           University of Texas at Austin
University of Alaska                    University of Miami                         Texas Tech University
University at Albany,                   University of Michigan-Ann Arbor            University of Toronto
      State University of New York      University of Minnesota                     Utah State University
University of Arizona                   University of Missouri                      University of Utah
Arizona State University                Naval Postgraduate School                   University of Virginia
California Institute of Technology      University of Nebraska, Lincoln             University of Washington
University of California, Davis         University and Community College            Washington State University
University of California, Irvine              System of Nevada                      University of Wisconsin- Madison
University of California, Los Angeles   University of New Hampshire, Durham         University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
University of Chicago                   New Mexico Institute of                     Woods Hole Oceanographic
Colorado State University                     Mining and Technology                     Institution
University of Colorado at Boulder       New York University                         University of Wyoming
Cornell University                      North Carolina State University             Yale University
University of Denver                    The Ohio State University                   York University
Drexel University                       University of Oklahoma
Florida State University                Old Dominion University
Georgia Institute of Technology         Oregon State University
Harvard University                      Pennsylvania State University
University of Hawaii                    Princeton University
Howard University                       Purdue University
University of Illinois                  University of Rhode Island
      at Urbana-Champaign               Rice University
University of Iowa                      Rutgers University
Iowa State University                   Saint Louis University
The Johns Hopkins University            Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UCSD
University of Maryland                  Stanford University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology   Texas A & M University
UCAR Board of Trustees
 Otis Brown, University of Miami, Chairman*
 Richard Anthes, UCAR President
 Leo Donner, Princeton University
 Kelvin Droegemeier, University of Oklahoma
 Barbara Feiner, Washington University at St. Louis
 Eugenia Kalnay, University of Maryland
 Charles Kennel, Scripps Institution of Oceanography*
 Ron McPherson, American Meteorological Society
 Neal Lane, Rice University
 Mary Jo Richardson, Texas A&M University
 Paola Rizzoli, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 Soroosh Sorooshian, University of Arizona
 David Skaggs, Center for Democracy and Citizenship
 Ronald Smith, Yale University*
 Orlando Taylor, Howard University
 Gabor Vali, University of Wyoming
 *term expires in February 2003

 Term begins 2003: Eric Barron, The Pennsylvania State University
              Len Pietrafesa, North Carolina State University
              Lynne Talley, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
                              University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
                                                                                  Member Institutions

                                                                                      Board of Trustees

                          Finance &                                                                                                                 Corporate
                        Administration                                                UCAR President                                                 Affairs
                         Katy Schmoll, VP                                                  Richard Anthes                                         Jack Fellows, VP

                                             NCAR                                          Education and                       UCAR Programs
                                                                                             Outreach                         Jack Fellows, Director
                             Tim Killeen, Director
                       Steve Dickson, Associate Director                                  Roberta Johnson               Kathryn Strand, Manager, Budget
                                                                                                                              and Administration

                                                                                                                  Cooperative Program for       Constellation Observing            Digital Library
    Atmospheric               Atmospheric                 Advanced Study           Climate & Global                Optional Meteorology         System for Meteorology            for Earth System
  Chemistry Division       Technology Division               Program               Dynamics Division              Education and Training          Ionosphere Climate              Science (DLESE)
       (ACD)                     (ATD)                        (ASP)                    (CGD)                            (COMET)                       (COSMIC)

                                   David                        Al                     Maurice                          Timothy                            Bill                        Mary
                                   Carlson                    Cooper                  Blackmon                          Spangler                           Kuo                        Marlino

Environmental             High                   Mesoscale &                Research             Scientific
  & Societal            Altitude                  Microscale                                     Computing     GPS Science                  Visiting Scientists    Joint Office         Nat’l SMETE
                                                                           Applications                       & Technology                      Programs
Impacts Group          Observatory           Meteorological Division        Programs              Division                      Unidata                            for Science          Digital Library
   (ESIG)                (HAO)                      (MMM)                                          (SCD)      Program (GST)                       (VSP)              Support               (NSDL)
                                                                             (RAP)                                                                                   (JOSS)
                                                                                                                Randolph           David           Meg                                    David
   Robert                Michael                     Robert                   Brant               Al Kellie      Ware              Fulker         Austin             Karyn                Fulker
   Harriss               Knölker                      Gall                    Foote                                                                                  Sawyer
                                                                                                                                                              Denotes President’s Office 10/01
                  • Advocacy, Public
• Science           Policy and
• Facilities        Communication
• Education and   • Technology Transfer
                  • Research and
STARE & Hubble
15 March-5 May

  by 130
  scientists from
  12 countries;
  22 universities
  and 12 other

             NCAR ATD and UOP Joint Office for Science Support (JOSS)
             provided research aircraft, support for field ops planning,
             implementation, logistics/administration, documentation, and
             ongoing access to ACE-Asia data worldwide.
Aerosol Assimilation
Model for ACE-Asia

Courtesy Phil Rasch (
• Science         • Advocacy, Public
                    Policy and
• Facilities        Communication
• Education and   • Technology Transfer
  Outreach        • Research and
     Facility Enhancements
                                                      Required Sustained GFLOPs from this RFP



• Advanced Research                          800

                          Sustained GFLOPs
  Computing System                           600



                                                    2001       2002        2003        2004     2005

• High-Performance
  Airborne Platform for
   High-Resolution Global Modeling

Animation courtesy of NCAR SCD Visualization and Enabling Technologies Section
• Science           • Advocacy, Public
• Facilities          Policy and
• Education and     • Technology Transfer
  Outreach          • Research and
Education and Outreach Strategic Plan

In partnership with the
university community, UCAR
promotes scientific literacy and
advances all levels of
education and training in
subjects related to Earth’s

Significant Opportunities in
Atmospheric Research
and Science (SOARS)
        Tom Windham, Director

Goal: Significantly increase the
number of underrepresented
groups in the atmospheric and        Class of 1996
related sciences.

• 4-year program for ~20 protégés
• ~60 UCAR-NCAR-UOP staff
  participate as mentors
• Nominated for 2001 Presidential
  Award for Excellence in Science,
  Mathematics and Engineering
• Sponsors: NSF, DOE, NOAA, NASA
                                     Class of 2001
• Science         • Advocacy,
• Facilities        Public Policy,
• Education and     Communication
                  • Technology Transfer
                  • Research and
UCAR Office of Government Affairs Web Page

• Latest information on Federal budget process
• Summary of UCAR’s activities on behalf of
  the community through Action Alerts,
  Appropriations and other Testimony, Letters
  to Congress, Hill science briefings
• Lists of Members of Congress and leadership
  of key committees
• Links to all Congressional Office web sites, all
  key agencies and partner organizations
Submitted annually on the following budgets:

         NSF                              DOE

         NASA                             FAA

         NOAA                             USGS

                        Rick Anthes testifying before the House VA
                        HUD Sub. on FY02 Budget
                      Hill Briefings
• Purpose to relay to Members and staff current research results based on
  societal applications

• Expert panelists drawn from throughout the community

• Always hosted by a congressional office or committee and often
  cosponsored with the American Meteorological Society and the
  Congressional Natural Hazards Caucus

• Recent examples include:           “Hurricanes: The
                                        Danger, The
                                       Impacts, The

                               “Energy Policy
                                and Weather
                     Transition Documents for new
                     Administration and Congress
 A National Priority: Building
Resilience to Natural Hazards

                                   Produced by
                                 UCAR, AMS, and     Produced by
                                  Congressional       AMS and
                                 Natural Hazards       UCAR
The time has come for a          Working Group
new national approach to
    natural hazards
Produced for the
community following
September 11th attacks

Sent to the Office of
Management and
Budget, the Office of
Science and
Technology Policy, the
State Department, the
Office of Homeland
Security, and agencies
             Participation in Hill events
 Coalition for National Science                    Breakfast Honoring
Funding Exhibit/Reception for                 House Science Committee Chair
Members of Congress and Staff                      Sherwood Boehlert

 Representative Vern Ehlers and Tim Killeen
• Science         • Advocacy, Public
• Facilities        Policy and
• Education and
  Outreach        • Technology
                  • Research and
ATD Systems: GPS Dropsondes

ATD Systems: GPS Dropsondes

                          Thanks to James Franklin,

• Science         • Advocacy, Public
• Facilities        Policy and
• Education and     Communication
  Outreach        • Technology Transfer
                  • Research and
   Weather Support to Deicing Decision Making

Operational system to
support ground icing
Research for FAA

Real-time nowcasting
of snowfall rate,
humidity, wind.

Based on science that
won UCAR publication
prize in 2000
                   Community Input to UCAR
•   Overview. For the past three years, the UCAR Members' Meeting has focused on
    how the UCAR community should position itself to meet the opportunities and
    challenges of the next several decades.

•   1999 Forum. Considered these challenges as framed in the 1998 BASC Report
    and the NSF Geosciences Beyond 2000 report. The issues raised formed the
    basis for a UCAR survey of the community in 2000.

•   2000 Forum. Areas of interest identified in the Community Survey
     –   Observational Facilities, Instrumentation, and Field Program Support
     –   Computing Facilities/Community Models
     –   Real-time and Archived Data, Data Sets, Data Streams
     –   Education and Training
     –   Recruiting Graduate Students

•   2001 Forum. Focused on NCAR and E&O Strategic Plans and how we can
    increase the NCAR/UCAR-community collaboration in a broad range of areas.

•   2002 Forum. Will focus on academic-private sector relationships.
  UCAR Community Survey

• Web-based survey sent to 2048 people in

• 599 responses (29%)

• Fall UCAR Quarterly President’s Corner
Number of responses      1     2    3
Atmospheric sci/meteor   305   76   25
Atmospheric chemistry    25    39   20
Climatology              32    92   37
Oceanography             61    23   17
Astronomy/solar phys     30    16   10
Solar-terrestrial        35    24   10
Biological sciences      5     8    10
Computer science         22    23   35
Social sciences          2     0    0
Engineering              17    22   11
Physics                  25    34   27
Hydrology                4     20   23
Geology/geophysics       24    15   12
Other                    20    19   14
Relationship with UCAR past 10 yr
     Collaborator                            235
     Visitor                                 241
     User of community model                 177
     User of data set or data stream         274
     User of obs facility (e.g. aircraft..)   84
     User of computational facility 153
     User of UCAR software (e.g. NCAR
     graphics..)                             187
     User of educational facility or product
     (e.g. COMET, Skymath….)                 111
     Member of adv panel, committee          130
     Participation in advocacy activities     72
     Participation in SOARS                    9
     Sponsor of a UCAR program                24
What additional or increased areas of service to
   the community should UCAR consider?
       Observational facilities             149
       Computational facilities             139
       Instrumentation                      155
       Community models                     155
       Data sets or data streams            221
       Educational/training matls           204
       Support for field programs
       (planning, logistics, ops and data
       mgmnt)                               112
       Advocacy on behalf of community      135
       Provide RT data to univ              166
       Community workshops                  180
       Help with recruiting grad students   158
       Other                                 17
       None of above                          7
        UCAR and NCAR 1960-2000

40 years of
with the
NSF and
                UCAR 40 forty
              Highlights 2002

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